How to Tame a Snake Lady

How to Tame a Snake Lady

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


The species of the Gemtails – creatures of great beauty who are half human, half snake – is said to be nearly extinct. Only a few remaining exemplars are reported to hide deep in the forest. The young man had imagined them to be appealing, but his encounter with one of the snake ladies showed him that they were even more seductive than anticipated ...


The species of the Gemtails – creatures of great beauty who are half human, half snake – is said to be nearly extinct. Only a few remaining exemplars are reported to hide deep in the forest.
The young man had imagined them to be appealing, but his encounter with one of the snake ladies showed him that they were even more seductive than anticipated ...

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Encounter

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A young man encounters a beautiful snake lady at the well. He can’t resist her lure albeit she’s not all that friendly ...

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 27, 2017



'My sweetheart, my sun, my thousand stars …'

'Oh, shut the fuck up already.'

She shifted on the warm rock, so that the scales which covered the lower half of her body glistened deep blue in the intense afternoon sun.

'Why are you so cruel? What have I done to  deserve such harsh treatment?'

'I already told you a hundred times, you annoying prick. I’m tired of you. You were good company for one night, but that’s it. I have no more use for you, so fuck off.'

Deeply hurt, the young man sank to the floor with his back to the hard rock on which his beloved rested. He buried his face in his hands, his long brown hair fell over his forehead like a curtain that separated the present from his memories.

He had met her in a moonlit night. She was taking a bath in the crystal clear well behind the orange grove. Her beautiful body parted the cool water, her snake tail’s graceful movements allowed her to glide silently and without effort. The water dripped from her perfect breasts and run out of her long black curls as she got out of the small lake and spread out to her full length on the soft grass at the shore.

The young man had wanted to take a cooling bath after the hot day as well, but as he spotted this wonderful creature, he remained hidden between the trees and observed her for a while. He had heard about the Gemtails before: majestic beings with delicate bodies and features, who were human just until down to the hips. Instead of legs they were said to have long snake tails covered with green or blue scales that were hard as diamond. Those tails were worth a fortune if traded on the black market, so they got hunted down until the last few surviving exemplars hid away deep in the forest.

He had imagined them to be beautiful, but the woman that now rested on the grass just a few meters away from his hideout surpassed all of his expectations. He felt a tingly sensation all over his body. He wanted to run a hand through her hair, kiss her full lips, snuggle up to her and caress her firm, but soft breasts …

All of a sudden her body twitched into an upright position, a split tongue darted out of her mouth and the slit pupils of her yellow eyes fixed directly on the surprised man.

'Show yourself!' she demanded in a coaxing, melodious voice that had a faint hissing sound to it. He didn’t want to find out what would happen if he disregarded her orders, so he left his coverage and walked up to her with cautious steps.

As soon as she laid eyes on him, her features softened and she seemed to relax again.

'I see you are unarmed, except for that stately sword you got pointed at me. Not bad for a human' she smirked as she mustered him.

'I don’t have a …' he replied as he looked down at himself, only to notice that his dick had gotten hard at the mere sight of the seductive snake lady and was clearly visible through the thin fabric of his loincloth. She laughed softly at his puzzled look, shook her head and sent cold drops of water flying in all directions. Her boobs bounced softly.

'I, um, I didn’t mean to disturb you, I …' the young man started stuttering and lifted his hands in a defensive gesture.

'Never mind, I’m in a good mood today. And so are you, it seems …'

She moved towards him in one fluid motion and put a hand on the bulge in his loincloth.

'Do you mind if I kiss you? Don’t worry, I won’t bite … at least for now' she added in a playful tone.

'N-no' he managed to utter under his breath. Her hand had started to caress his genitals through the fabric, he felt himself get a bit dizzy as more blood rushed into his penis. She put her other arm around his neck and gave him a kiss. At first, she just gently pressed her lips against his and let him feel their softness. As soon as he started to return the kiss, she moved her mouth with great agility, caressing the man’s lips, cheeks and chin.

Her lips parted and gave way to a split tongue whose ends tickled the man’s skin. Finally he found the courage to open his mouth as well and their tongues and lips proceeded to suck, give way, lick and enjoy each other.

Her split tongue felt strange in his mouth, but exceedingly pleasant. After some moments of kissing he couldn’t resist any longer and placed his hands on her boobs. Her skin felt soft and a little bit cooler than a human’s, albeit that might have as well been due to the refreshing bath in the well.

Her stiff nipples poked against his palms, he started to fondle them gently. She seemed to enjoy this treatment for her kisses got more passionate and she pulled herself closer to his slender, but muscular body.

'How about we take this a step further' she whispered in his ear with a seductive singsong.

'Yes, please' he answered, although he wasn’t quite sure what exactly she meant by that. He found out soon enough as she started to loosen and remove his loincloth with both hands. She now caressed his inner thighs, his balls and his boner with her delicate fingers while her tongue wandered towards his right ear and from there to his neck. Wherever the split ends licked his skin, he felt a tingly sensation that sent pleasant shivers down his spine.

Her fingertips rubbed his glans and its transition to the shaft. She had stopped to use the rest of her hands though as if she wanted to merely tease his cock that was already moist with pre-cum.

'Don’t stop, please, give me more' he begged the appealing snake lady.

'As you please' she replied with a mean undertone, pulled her hands away from his genitals and quickly gave his chest a strong push. Completely taken by surprise he lost his balance and fell over backwards.

He screamed out in shock, waved his arms around and prepared to hit the ground. But instead of falling on his back he got caught by the strong snake tail whose scales felt warm and smooth against his skin.

'Why did you do that?' he addressed her somewhat angrily.

'I just wanted to see your reaction' she replied with a giggle. 'You’re hot when you’re agitated.'

She bent down and rested the human part of her body on top of him while her scale-covered tail advanced in between his spread legs and formed a mattress for his back.

His erection hadn’t lost any of its stiffness due to the incident, quite contrary: it pushed against the body of the Gemtail with even bigger longing than before. The snake lady let a hand run through his long, brown hair. Her other hand felt her way towards his throbbing boner, took it and inserted it into an opening between the scales that he hadn’t even noticed before.

He let out a surprised gasp as his dick slid into her tight, wet pussy. She answered with a moan, pushed her boobs against his chest so that he could feel her hard nipples and rested her head on his shoulder. He tried to move his hips, but they were trapped by her body. She noticed his situation and shifted her tail so that its tip curled underneath his butt. She then proceeded to push his hips upwards so that the whole length of his dick got swallowed up in her.

'Oh, damn, you really are endowed with a huge sword! … for a human' she remembered to add after a short pause.

'Mmh, you feel good inside. Better than a human' he confessed.

'Please, don’t make me stay in this position. I can’t move, and I’m not used to spread my legs like that …'

'Well, too bad, I happen to greatly enjoy this position' she replied gloatingly. Thus said, she begun to move his hips up and down through pushing from below with her strong tail and giving way again.

Helpless he tried to move out of her grip, but soon he accepted his fate and just let it happen. For the first few minutes she moved painfully slow as if to mock his raging boner that twitched almost painfully inside her tight slit.

'Please, let me come already!' he begged as he couldn’t take it any longer. He felt like his balls were going to burst if the snake lady continued to tease him.

'That’s what I wanted to hear' she answered with a smirk. 'As you wish.'
Now she finally increased the pace of her thrusts.

'Ah. Ah! Oh, oh y-yes!' he uttered with an increasing volume. He had never been this vocal during sex before, but he desperately needed an outlet for his increasing pleasure.

Now she couldn’t manage to hide the impact his big hard dick had on her any longer. As it rubbed her clitoris and stimulated her favorite spot on the inside faster and faster, she let out a loud moan each time it penetrated her.

'Yes, hell yes, fu-u-u-u-uck!' he screamed as she moved his hips faster than he ever could by himself. He felt her tail twitch underneath him. Her fingers clawed his back and she opened her mouth so that he could see her frightening fangs as she screamed out in pleasure:

'Aaah, I’m coming!'

He felt a hot liquid run over his crotch as she had an intense orgasm while still humping his cock.

Suddenly the tip of her tail around the shaft of his penis that he hadn’t even noticed being there loosened its grip and semen shot out of his aching cock.

'Aaaaaah!' he cried on the top of his lungs as the unbearable pressure finally turned into long awaited bliss.

As he arched his body on top of her tail in a shaking orgasm, she squirted an even bigger load all over him, screamed louder than before and bit into some of his hair as she came for a second time. After a few more thrusts her body went limp and he came to rest on her tail, panting, exhausted and covered in cum.

He could feel her breathe heavily on top of him, she had let go of his hair and was now resting her head on his chest.

They remained in that position until they both caught their breath again.

'Fuck, that was intense' he remarked after a while and tried to wriggle his body out of her embrace. This time she let him escape.

'I didn’t know snakes could do … this.' He wiped a hand on his stomach, it came back covered in the juices the snake lady had released while orgasming.

'I’m not a snake, I’m a Gemtail' she answered snippy and straightened herself up again.

'You were a nice amusement, human. That’s why I decided not to bite your neck.'

He shivered as he remembered her mouth snapping shut just a few inches away from his face.

'Now go and clean yourself.'

He followed her orders and dove deep into the nearby lake. As he reappeared on the surface, the beautiful Gemtail was gone …

'Hey! Idiot! Are you deaf?'

A harsh voice brought him back to the present. He lifted his head and met the gaze of two yellow eyes.

'As you seem so desperate, I feel pity for you, human. I’ll spend one more night with you, on one condition.'

The split tongue of his beloved darted out of her smirking mouth …

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