A Totally Unromantic Love Story

A Totally Unromantic Love Story A Totally Unromantic Love Story

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


The question under consideration here is, “Does a single snapshot tell you all that you need to know about who a person is?” Or in simple terms,” Should first impressions be lasting ones?” That is what I am playing with here. The story begins under the most prejudicial possible circumstance. Then it evolves based on who the protagonists REALLY are. It definitely isn’t romantic. But it IS a love story. This is the first in a series of four stories. It is built around a family of exceptional women and it tells each of their stories individually. There is not much back-story in each of them. But if you read them in the order that they were written I think you will get the picture.


The question under consideration here is, “Does a single snapshot tell you all that you need to know about who a person is?” Or in simple terms,” Should first impressions be lasting ones?” That is what I am playing with here. The story begins under the most prejudicial possible circumstance. Then it evolves based on who the protagonists REALLY are. It definitely isn’t romantic. But it IS a love story.

This is the first in a series of four stories. It is built around a family of exceptional women and it tells each of their stories individually. There is not much back-story in each of them. But if you read them in the order that they were written I think you will get the picture.


Submitted: April 11, 2016

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Submitted: April 11, 2016



A Totally Unromantic Love Story

I heard Mattie before I actually saw her. I was at one of those interminable twenty-something parties. The hour was late. People were dunk. And strange and disturbing things were taking place in dark corners. Naturally, none of that involved me.

I was hanging around the fringes because I had not quite made the commitment to take up Holy Orders. Nonetheless, the chances of my solving my chastity problem weren’t looking very good. My abstinence was a matter of OTHER people’s choices, not mine. It wasn’t that I was Quasimodo. I just didn’t have that light flirty touch. In fact, I don’t have a subtle bone in my body.

Women have told me that I am way too honest. I kind-of get that. Everybody expects some beating around the bush, at least in the feeling-out stages. To me, life is short. Or perhaps I am THAT insecure. Anyhow, I am not subtle. Apparently, nobody wants that; nobody female that is.

I had worked on my game throughout my twenties. And I had gotten enough pussy to dispel MOST of the rumors that I was gay. But it wasn’t until my twenty-ninth year that I actually bagged a woman.

I always get the needy ones. Linda was attractive, beautiful actually. But she was almost as socially retarded as I was. She was one of those girls who wanted to pick out the wedding china on the third date. I thought she was “the one”. That was mainly because she didn’t run screaming into the street when I told her that I had absolutely no problem with doing that.  

It was obvious from the beginning that she was the best I could do. Our personal deficiencies just played into each other. In fact, we meshed very well. Unfortunately, we meshed so frequently that she was knocked up two months after we met. It seems she didn’t believe in birth control. And I was simple-minded enough not to ask.  

Her view was that if she was spreading her legs it was for a meal ticket. Frankly that was fine with me. Marriage at that stage in my life was something you just did. Sort of like joining the boy-scouts when you were eleven.

I already had a very successful career. I am in the pen testing business. I break into other people’s computers and tell them how I did it. Companies pay a lot of money for that knowledge. It is probably the only job that a socially dysfunctional nerd like me can excel at.

So Linda and I set up housekeeping in a condo in Germantown, Maryland and pretty soon baby made three. That’s when I discovered to my absolute astonishment and delight that I really loved the little guy.

I admit that, up to that point I was a real nowhere man. I drifted along, grabbing targets of opportunity wherever and whenever I found them. Nothing interested me, at least not enough to care very much. And there was no actual emotional investment in relationships; EVER. That included my marriage.

Bill junior changed that. I knew that I was hooked the instant that I laid eyes on him. I spent a lot of his early months just playing with him. I would do anything to make Billy smile.

Most of what I did was in the virtual world. So I was around the condo more than Linda was. She had a big-person job at NIST, which was right down the road in Gaithersburg. And she was gone from morning to early evening. I didn’t care because I had my little guy and my very well paid, zero knowledge, cybernetic universe.

In fact, Linda was always more of a roommate with benefits, than she was a wife. I don’t know what I expected from that arrangement. But, what I GOT was divorce papers. It seems that Linda had been handed a better offer from a guy she had met at a party in DC. All the time that I was watching the kid they had been fucking. Honestly, I was relieved. Fact is that, once she birthed Billy, she went back to being a spectacularly self-centered bitch. Neither Billy, nor I, needed her.

So we split the DVD collection, which was pretty-much all that we jointly owned. She took her clothes and disappeared into the wilds of Reston. I wished her the best.

Of course that returned me to my horniness problem, which I had been trying to solve for months.

That night, Billy was at my parents. In the time since his mother went MIA my folks had been his only family. Like me, they loved the little guy. Nonetheless, they both wanted me to couple up. They said that Billy needed a woman in his life. So they were more than happy to take care of him any time I went looking for a replacement.

We would do the IHOP thing in the morning. But tonight was my night to prowl.

The hunting was sparse. So I went upstairs to take a last piss before heading back to my place. That’s when I heard loud sexual noises coming from across the hall. My ears pricked up, along with something else. Voyeur that I am I had to see this. I slowly eased the door open. I didn’t really need to be delicate. There were four guys in various stages of arousal and undress wandering around the room.

None were wearing pants. Most were still wearing shirts. Except the fifth guy who was between the legs of the woman on the bed. Her toes were pointed at the ceiling fan, which was slowly turning over their head. She was emitting the loud moans that had brought me there in the first place. Occasionally she came up with an even louder, “Oh Yesss!”

There was a running play-by-play going on among the two guys who were actually watching the action. The one said, “Look at that bitch fuck.” The other told the person fucking her that he should hurry up because it was his turn. To which she added, “That’s it! Fuck me harder baby!”

I sat down in a handy chair to watch. At that point it was self-education as much as it was prurient. Of course I knew about gang-bangs. I had just never witnessed one. I was truly interested in the motivations of the participants.

It was obvious that the guys wanted to get their rocks off in a real pussy. Most guys my age would fuck a hole in the wall. So the enthusiastic involvement of those five wasn’t a mystery. Nevertheless, it was not clear what the woman was getting out of it, except a whole lot of sexual stimulation.

Mind you, I am not saying that sexual stimulation is a bad thing. It was just that by headcount alone she must have been going at it for at least two hours. So you would imagine that some of the edge might have been taken off of her arousal.

Nonetheless, she was still fucking back at her partner like she had never had a cock in her before. Based on all of the fluids that were smeared on her she apparently had no problems with messy either.

The guy currently doing the honors let out a loud grunt and I could see his butt flex for a few seconds and she muttered a satisfied, “Yeeaaah!” Then he reversed off her. It was almost like he was holding the door for the next fellow. The guy following in line replaced his buddy and smoothly inserted himself.

At that point he and she were off to the races again. It didn’t seem like she even broke stride. She just emitted a lurid groan of satisfaction and went back to slamming her pussy up to meet the new intruder.

That went on for another twenty minutes. The garish moaning and cries of passion were getting so monotonous that I almost dozed off. During that time all of the guys, but one, had pulled on their pants and left. The last one seemed to be waiting for his buddy to finish.

Finally, I heard an, “Arrrrrrghhhh” from him and a “Give it to me baby. Give it ALL to me!!” And the last guy made his own contribution to the girl’s already overflowing receptacle.

He slowly withdrew as she continued to loudly cum. Then he began to dress. He was doing it leisurely, like he was getting ready to go off to work. She was writhing on the bed, finishing herself with her fingers. Both guys left, joshing each other about their performance. It was a truly touching moment.

She was lying quietly on her back now, knees bent outward. She looked totally used. She had that thousand-yard stare that people get when they have come to the end of their physical rope.

I couldn’t honestly say that her pussy was leaking because she had so much cum on various parts of her anatomy that it was hard to tell. Meanwhile her chest was heaving with exertion. I noticed a dandy set of round, full tits puddled out on that chest, big brown nipples still erect.

She finally got back from whatever mystical journey she had been blown to. She said almost casually, “So are you going to fuck me or not?” I said just as nonchalantly, “No, I was just curious.” For a change my mind filtered out my usual response, which was that I wasn’t into catching things.

It was an odd situation. This was clearly a slut on the hoof. She wasn’t drugged, tied up, or even very drunk. How a woman who had just willingly fucked five men to death could look THAT vulnerable was beyond me. But I was actually feeling sorry for her lying there. The main emotion though was curiosity.

She said, “Well if you aren’t interested in fucking me can you at least give me a ride home?” This whole conversation was going on like we had just run into each other at a Starbucks and she was about to order up a taxi. It was eerie.

I said, “I would be happy to, if you take a shower first.” I thought it would be a little tasteless to tell her that I didn’t want my car seats stained.

She rose wearily from the bed. I have seen the exact same faltering gesture from people who had just finished a marathon. She groaned and said with a rueful grin, “I’m going to hate myself in the morning” as she disappeared into the bathroom.

I said, “I’ll bet you will” trying to hold down the sarcasm. It was like we were discussing the weather. I noticed that the naked ass that was disappearing through the doorway was as exquisite as the set of big, beautiful round tits that preceded her.

I wondered why a girl with such a smoking hot body would feel like she needed to pull a train of smarmy policy wonks to get attention. That piqued my interest.

She was in there for a while but she had a lot to scrub off. She appeared back in the bedroom looking fresh and pink, wrapped in a towel and drying her wet hair. Her face was as world class as her body. It was a perfect oval with thick auburn hair framing it, big dark eyes and a wide sensual mouth.

This woman was a once in a lifetime babe. She should have been riding in a fancy litter, with those guys bearing her like a queen, not wantonly fucking them. Now I was truly curious.

I don’t have a degree in psych. And I am not a rescuer. In fact, I don’t give a shit about the human race in general. But this woman’s behavior was way too bizarre. She was a puzzle that I HAD to solve.  

I was thinking that she might be a hooker. She had on expensive clothes. Maybe they PAID her to do that? She certainly was handling the gang-bang like a pro. It was as if fucking five men for almost two and a half hours was no big deal.

All the way out to the car she was bouncing along next to me prattling about how it looked like a beautiful spring. She was only about five-two. So I was looking down on her from almost a foot over her head. She had not put her bra back on. Her big full breasts swayed tantalizingly as she walked.

She kept cutting me flirty glances. I finally said a bit more gruffly than I had planned, “Give it up. It ain’t gonna happen.”

She looked confused. It was like she didn’t know what I was talking about. She said, “What’s not going to happen?”

I said, “You know.” She clearly didn’t.

I opened the door. She hopped in. She said, “Nice car.”

It WAS nice. Like I said, I live in a condo. I make a lot of money and I don’t have anything to spend it on except the kid. So a lease on a Range Rover is not too extravagant. I drove. She provided the directions. We ended up at an apartment complex in Chevy Chase. She definitely had money.

I said, “What do you do for a living?”

She said nonchalantly, “I’m a lawyer with the FDA.” I thought Holy Shit! I was glad that I DIDN’T blurt out, “So you’re NOT a hooker?” Instead I just stared.

She added, “Would you like to close your mouth and come up?”

I said, “Sure!” I might be socially retarded but I am not stupid.

We entered an almost palatial lobby and rode up to the top floor in an elevator that would have done the Willard downtown proud. I was gazing around her hallway like a yokel who had never seen a luxury building before.

Her place had the “single girl with a lot of money” look that suggested she had more than a career as a GS 13. I wandered around it touching things. She had nice things. Her place had floor to ceiling windows. The view of the emerging dawn was spectacular.

She said, “Do you want a drink?” It was hospitable not sultry.

I said, “I really have to be getting back” and yawned.  

She said, “Why don’t you just stay here? Miss Kitty is too sore tonight but I will be ready to go tomorrow bright and early.” I didn’t know how to address that elephant in the room. Hell, it wasn’t an elephant. It was a Wooly Mammoth. 

I said, “Maybe some other time. But I have to pick up my son in the morning.”

She said, “I never thought! Are you married?”

I told her the entire gory story. I only omitted the part about my being a candidate for the short bus with women. She seemed fascinated. She was a fantastic listener. The sun was coming up as I talked. It had been a very long day. I finally said, “I have to get Billy in Gaithersburg in two hours.”

She said. “Great, let me change and we can go get him together. Why don’t you take a shower to wake up and we can get some breakfast on the way?” I was beginning to look around me to see if I hadn’t inadvertently fallen into a “Twilight Zone” episode.

I said astonished, “You don’t even know me and you want to come with me to pick up my kid?”

I didn’t add that I was a little weirded out by her attitude. I mean we weren’t exactly buddies. In fact, we weren’t even acquainted. After what I had just witnessed, I might be a little over-familiar with her physiology. But I didn’t actually know her name. 

I said, “I don’t even know your name.”

She said, “That’s easy it’s Maddie, short for Matilda.” I thought that her parents must have had an exquisite sense of humor.

Then without missing a beat she added, “I love children. We can take him to the DC Zoo. The Pandas are out now.”

I had no response to that proposition. I had the feeling that, control-wise I was up that proverbial creek without a paddle in this relationship. The woman might have some very odd sexual practices but she was a force of nature.

What she said made practical sense though. Given the hour I might as well go directly to the IHOP from her place.

Her lavatory looked like it belonged in the Taj Mahal. In fact, the potty gave new meaning to the term “throne”.  I dragged my weary ass into her shower, which was about the size of my whole bathroom. I was soaping myself when the shower door opened and she appeared naked behind me.

She said, “Let me do that” and began to lather up Old Lucifer. Her giant tits with their stiff nipples and her tight little body were pressed against my back as she industriously polished my rod. The traitorous organ immediately stood straight out for her.

I turned to face her. She was laughing merrily. What we were doing did not feel explicitly sexual, even though we were both stark naked. It was more like we were engaged in a pillow fight or some other form of naughty teenage hijinks. She was giggling.

I held her at arm’s length. She looked inquiringly at me and I kissed her. I couldn’t help it. She was so alive and full of joy. Our tongues dueled for a few seconds. Then she pushed herself away, chest heaving. She smacked me on the arm and said, “We don’t have time for this. We have to pick up your child.”

I thought to myself, “She participates in an all-night gang-bang and NOW she is the responsible one?”

I dried off with a towel that must have denuded an entire cotton field. She got herself ready in her own room. I thought to myself, “This woman has serious money.” Her contradictions were driving me nuts.

The hot shower and the even hotter stimulation had my blood pumping again. I was waiting in her living room when she reappeared. She was the girl next door, complete with pig-tails. She was a stunning beauty. I couldn’t reconcile the fresh scrubbed look with the gang-bang queen of several hours ago. It was getting Byzantine. I was fascinated.

We went back through the lobby and walked out to the car. She cheerfully grabbed my arm and squeezed it against the side of one disturbingly full, floating boob. It was a possession move, almost like she had adopted me as a boyfriend.

As we walked across the parking lot all I could think about were the five boyfriends she had fucked last night. There was a struggle going on inside my head.

I couldn’t reconcile my feelings. I should have been grossed out by her. But instead I was wrapped in a sense of the comfortable ease that you have with a long-time friend and companion. She was reinforcing that idea with her jaunty familiarity.

I drove to the IHOP in Gaithersburg. It was where I had planned to meet my parents. She wanted to know everything about my kid.

I told her that he was an inquisitive three-year old. I told her that his mother had lost interest in him about ten minutes after he was born. And I had done all of his child care. I added that the only thing that Linda did in the eight months before she left was the actual breast-feeding. And that was only because she had the relevant technology.

Billy is a bright little boy. He was overjoyed to see me. I was even happier to see him. He was sitting in his high chair with a big pile of crackers on his tray. My parents were sitting together on one side of the booth in anticipation of my arrival. I slipped in opposite them with Maddie.

They looked confused. I got it. Needless to say, they had never seen me with a woman as attractive as Maddie; at least one who seemed to have the slightest interest in me.

Maddie was acting like we always hung out together on a Saturday. I was wondering if I was witnessing another instance of a slipped cog. My parents just looked at her like she would excuse herself and leave, once she realized that she had sat down in the wrong booth. In the meantime, she was already fooling with Billy.

Billy is normally very shy. I was waiting for him to start to cry. Instead, he looked puzzled and then some little switch toggled in the “mommy” recognition center of his brain. He produced the brightest, ear-to-ear grin and held out his arms to her. He wanted to be picked up and hugged. Maddie picked him up and the two of them smiled and cooed at each other.

The three other people in the booth looked poleaxed. I was flustered, but I had enough cool to say, “Mom and Dad, I want to introduce my friend Maddie.”

She smiled politely at my parents and went back to playing with Billy.

She was absolutely wonderful with children. She had told me that she was like that. But I didn’t believe her. I was thinking, “Okay, I can see that she is smart enough to be a lawyer. I witnessed the slut part, even if she is WAY too beautiful to be used like that. But where did the motherly thing come from?”

Billy looked like he wanted to go home with her. My son was clearly a lot quicker on the uptake than his old man. That was at the ripe old age of three. Of course Billy didn’t have his old man’s long track record of dismal failure to color his perceptions.

My parents obviously wanted to know where this vision of loveliness had come from and what pictures I had to blackmail her into being with me.

After what I had witnessed last night I could have produced a few. But I didn’t get the impression that she was with me for any OTHER reason than the fact that she WANTED to be there. And she loved my child.

I said as diplomatically as I could, “Maddie and I met at a party last night and we were thinking of taking Billy down to the DC Zoo to see the Pandas.”

Maddie added, talking strictly to Billy, “Do you want to see the funny little bears?”

Billy knows what bears are. He lit up like a searchlight. My mother looked at me with skepticism. It was like, “where did you find this wonderful woman and how much are you paying her to be with you?”

I had enough presence of mind to NOT tell her that I had run into her last night while she was pulling a train of guys. Maddie’s paradoxes were driving me out of my mind. I had to find out who she REALLY was. So I said, “We have to go. Thank you for watching him” and began to get out of the booth.

Both parents said, “NO, we want to get to know your new friend better.” Maddie favored them with a serene smile. I thought. “Oh my God she’s going to tell them!”

Maddie said, “Bill and I met at a party last night and we hit it off right away. I was hoping we could spend some time getting to know each other today. He is SO deep and interesting.”

I had two thoughts. The first one was, “There IS a God!” The second was, “And mine has an incredible sense of humor.”

The very last word I would use to describe myself is “interesting”. I might go with “deep” since I am just as shy as my little boy. And I am not glib.  People sometimes mistake my silence for profundity; instead of what it really is which is tongue-tied.

I tried to give everybody a thoughtful look. I said, as self-effacingly as I could, “Maddie really doesn’t know me very well.” I could have said the same vice-versa for her. She clearly had a screw loose up there somewhere.

My dad said, “So where do you live and what do you do?”

Maddie said, “I graduated from Harvard Law. I have been a lawyer with the FDA for the past six years. I specialize in compliance litigation although I sometimes handle product lawsuits. I live in Chevy Chase. But that is because my daddy set me up with a very adequate trust. I couldn’t afford to live where I do on my salary as a government lawyer.”

My dad said with incredulity dripping off of every word, “So how did you meet Bill? He is some kind of stay-at-home geek.” My parents both nodded sympathetically, like they felt sorry for anybody who was as deluded as Maddie must be. 

My dad owned a hardware store. He would never understand that a pen-tester was a very well-paid covert professional. A lot of my work was for the alphabet agencies under the Director of National Intelligence. But I also do things for the military and the State Department. And I am on the speed dial of most of the CISOs at the big banks.

Maddie said, “I met him last night. I came with some of the guys from my golf club. They left me there and Bill offered to take me home. He is a true gentleman.” I was incredulous. The guys she had fucked were in a golf club with her??!!

I know enough about guys to understand why they would dump HER. It is a matter of respect for the woman. But I was wondering what was going through Maddie’s mind. 

I really didn’t want to sit around and be insulted any longer. I could embarrass myself on my own, without help from my parents. And I had to get away and think about this a bit. So I said, “It’s a long drive down to Rock Creek and Billy will need a nap so we had better get going.”

Maddie scooped Billy up like a veteran mother and we said our good-byes. We walked back to my car with Maddie carrying Billy on her hip. He was babbling away to her about bears. She actually looked like she was listening. She buckled him in his car seat. I thought, “She has done this before, a lot!” And then she slid in next to me.

Her face was blissful. I said, “You weren’t kidding. You really like kids.”

She said, “I LOVE kids. I want dozens of them.”

That looked like an opening. I said, “I never asked. Is there somebody special in your life to have them with?”

She said, “Maybe; YOU” and she favored me with a loving glance.

I had never seen a look like that from a woman before. It was the sort of fond, secret smile that a wife might give a husband when she was suggesting something momentous. It appeared to be genuine affection. That concept rattled around in my skull like a 22 caliber bullet.

I spluttered, “How can you say that? We don’t even know each other.” I refrained from adding, “And why would you think I would have kids with a slut like you?”

I was in a real quandary. If I had met this woman under any other circumstance, I would have already fallen head-over-heels in love with her. She radiated happiness. She was smart, witty, alive, energetic, caring and nurturing to my child. Plus, she was absolutely gorgeous. Even more astonishingly, she seemed to have imprinted on me in some kind of peculiar baby duck fashion.

At this point most women, even the homely ones, are checking their watch. Instead, this girl was talking about having my kids. And even worse, I had never felt more comfortable with another human being in my life. The fact that neither of us had slept for the past 24 hours simply didn’t register on me. It was like we had been married forever and we were out for a Saturday afternoon with our boy.

Even more bewildering, Maddie was so beautiful she could easily attract better guys. I am one of those kinds of people who live by the old Groucho Marx line, “I don’t want to be a member of a club that would accept ME as a member.” Yet this woman was going out of her way to be with me. I felt like that damn elephant was now ramming his tusk up my ass.

I wanted to change the subject. I said conversationally, “Where did you get your obvious skill with children?”

She said, “We’re Irish Catholics. I’m the oldest girl of five children. My parents both worked long hours and I had most of the childcare duties growing up. I loved it.”

I added cagily, “Didn’t you miss out on all of the fun in your teenage years?”

I know I’m stupid. I didn’t seriously expect her to admit that she had been trying to catch up on all of the fun that she had missed by doing guys in bulk now.

She said, “Oh no! I really enjoyed nurturing my little brother and sisters, watching them develop and learn. It was a real pleasure experiencing life through their fresh young eyes.” Okay, so she actually WAS Mother Theresa.

I gave up. There was no way I was going to learn anything about her motivations using THAT approach. I tried another tack, “So you play golf? Are you any good at it?” I admit, that might have been a little transparent but I am anything but subtle.

She said, “Oh yes, I am in two different leagues. I played it inter-collegiately when I was at Harvard.” She looked thrilled that I had asked. Things were going so well that I didn’t have the heart to inquire which foursome she had been banging last night.

I had to cut to the chase. I said, “So what brought you to the party? Do you know Ed Jones?”

Ed was last night’s host. I know him because we have literally done time together. That was for some teenage hacking exploits. It was just a few days in County and our record was expunged after a couple of years. Our paths diverged at that point. I commercialized my skills and Ed got into selling weed. Fifteen years later he was still way ahead of me financially, but my profession had more of a long-term up-side.

She said puzzled, “No who’s he?”

I said, “He was the one who threw the party. Who did you come with?”

She said, “I came with Charlie Schneider. He and I work together at the FDA.” I almost said out loud, “Annnnnnd?”

She smacked herself on the forehead and said, “Oh yes! I know who he is now! How do you know him? Charlie told me that he provides most of the marijuana for the Federal Government. Or at least he does for the areas I work in.”

I knew it was an innocent question. But I was seriously on the defensive. I decided that my heavy handed probes about her attitudes toward sex could wait for a more opportune time. We were crossing the Klingle Valley Bridge. I said, in order to change the subject, “Look Billy, There’s the zoo!”

Billy was making excited noises as we pulled off of Connecticut and into the zoo parking lot. Maddie got him out of his car seat and carried him on her hip all the way to the entrance, where we rented a stroller.

She had magnificent round hips, which went along perfectly with her truly superb butt. There wasn’t a male anywhere who hadn’t noticed what was tightly encased in her jeans. The way she was interacting with Billy and me; any stranger looking at us would have just assumed that we were a young married couple out for an afternoon at the zoo. It was an absolutely marvelous day.

She made Billy the happiest little boy in the world. I was not far behind. She had a million cute little observations about the animals. She perfectly balanced her attention to both of us. Since I love Billy with all of my heart, her care for him was getting all mixed up in my mind. She was so tender and loving with him that it was hard for ME not to fall in love with her. That seemed like a very bad idea, knowing what I knew.

Nonetheless, if there was ever a more ideal partner anywhere, I didn’t know where I would find her. I reasoned to myself, “It doesn’t matter how potentially slutty she is in her spare time. What matters is how she makes us feel when we are together.”

Of course I was also aware that a woman who would so casually and expertly fuck five strange men would no doubt break my heart if I let her in.

I wanted to ask her if her work mate Charlie was one of the guys she had fucked.  I wanted to know how the whole gang-bang thing had gotten started. And I REALLY wanted to know what had motivated her to do something like that. She was just BETTER than that.

Unfortunately, none of that was forthcoming. It was like she ended every date by pulling a train of guys; like a peck on the cheek at the door. I didn’t think it was a submissive, or self-concept problem. She was an utterly solid human being, decisive and upbeat. It was like sport sex was one of the many things that she was good at.

I thought, “Maybe that’s the explanation and we can go forward from there!” At which point my little voice snickered with contempt and said, “You really ARE a weenie aren’t you?”

I decided to let all thoughts about my new friend’s proclivities go and just enjoy our brief time together. It would probably be the one day that I would have with her.

She looked sad when we got back to her place. She said tentatively, “Would you two like to come up? I have some things that Billy might like and there are a lot of children’s videos he can watch.”

I said regretfully, “No, he is getting tired and he has to sleep in his own room.” Then I blurted out impulsively, “This has been one of the best days of my life.” I couldn’t help myself. It HAD been.

She looked hesitant, like she had been thinking about something for a long time. Then she said with apprehension in her voice, “I can come over to your place if you give me a second to collect some things. Tomorrow is Sunday. I can spend the whole day with you two if you would like.”

Easy choice, I knew I would most definitely “like”.

I said, “I would love to have you over but I haven’t slept in 30 hours so it would just be to sleep.”

Billy was making eager noises in the back of the car. He said, “Can mommy sleep over with us.”

His confusion about who Maddie actually was provided a miserable commentary on his ACTUAL mother’s role in his life.

The last thing I wanted to do was dig myself in even deeper with this woman. She was getting seriously under my skin and into my heart. And frankly I suspected everything about the circumstances and her motives. But looking at the two eager faces in front of me I could only say, “Maddie can stay with us if she wants to.” They both just glowed with happiness.

I have a nice place. It is nowhere near as luxurious as Maddie’s but it is decent sized. It is what is called “open plan” meaning there are no walls between the front door and the patio doors. I have a little bathroom downstairs and two bedrooms and a full bath upstairs. Little Seneca Lake is right off the patio deck and I have a 22-foot pontoon boat and a Sunfish on the hoist of the dock at the foot of my lawn. She was delighted.

Billy had his own room appropriately decorated. It is sort of a proto-mancave for a three-year-old boy. She carried him upstairs and we stood there as he got into his jammies, brushed his teeth and climbed into bed.

She kissed him tenderly on his forehead. He said in his sweet little boy voice, “Good night mommy.’ I looked at her. Her eyes were filled with tears. I thought, “Fuck it! I don’t care how many gang-bangs she’s participated in. This woman is the real deal!”

We went back downstairs. She looked radiant. I said, “Would you like a drink.”

She said, “No, I am very sleepy. Can we go to bed?”

I said, “Absolutely! Why don’t you sleep up there and I will bunk on the couch?” She looked at me like I was an idiot.

She said, “No silly, I want to sleep with YOU.”

I said, “We are only sleeping, right?”

She re-affirmed, “Only sleeping - TONIGHT.”

I was back to worrying about STDs. My little voice laughed at me. It said, “Okay, so you are about to plug into the sexual history of at least five AKC pedigreed cockhounds. But they have antibiotics for most of those diseases and if you die of AIDs it will be worth it.”

We went upstairs. I sleep in my boxers so I dropped my jeans and shirt and climbed in. She came out of the bathroom in a linen number that ended about three-quarters of an inch below her butt cheeks.

She had long muscular legs, which seemed to go on for 90 feet or so. They were incredible. I already knew what they looked like from last night. But it is sort of like listening to the opening notes of Beethoven’s Ninth. It still moves you every time you experience it.

The nightgown was frilly and white and it looked modest, even though there was nothing under it but an extremely hot woman’s body. I marveled. She said, “You like?”

I wanted to play it cool. I didn’t say anything but the puddle of drool on my chest probably gave me away. I have a big bed. Linda was a light sleeper. She tossed and turned all night like a boated tuna fish. So the money that I spent to create the maximum space between us was worth it. That is, if I wanted to sleep.

Maddie snuggled into the bed and scooted over next to me. In that respect, most of the rest of the bed was unoccupied. We were lying on our backs, shoulders touching.  She said tentatively, “Good night.” I could sense that she was nervous.

I rolled impulsively over on one side and kissed her tenderly in the lips. She gave a little gasp and then utterly opened herself to me. It was nothing but a goodnight kiss and it was perfectly innocent and tender. Nonetheless, it was a complete giving of herself.

The kiss itself didn’t convey the slightest hint of wantonness. But when she kissed me she was totally and completely “there” in the moment. It left me with the sense that there was no other person in her world at that point except me. It was like she was reaffirming a bond.

The loving, intimate kiss was disturbing. It upset me for two reasons. First, I had only met her 24 hours earlier. That was in circumstances that could be diplomatically described as “unromantic”.  I was not sure how getting close to a beautiful and accomplished woman who pulls trains for sport could possibly be good for me.

Even worse the intimacy and sheer affection in her lips were pulling me into a scary dark place. I was beginning to feel far too comfortable and close to this woman. That was a dangerous situation to be in. Since all of the evidence pointed toward potential emotional disaster up the road.

I snapped off the light with those thoughts in mind.

Then it was morning.

I could hear my little boy just starting to stir in his room. Maddie was almost completely draped on top of me. She had one arm thrown across my body, one huge soft tit pressed into my chest, her tousled head was resting under my chin and one leg was thrown over mine. For such a voluptuous woman, she was light as a feather. I was speculating, “Maybe she has hollow bones like a bird?” 

She was making rhythmic little sighs as she slept. I eased gently out from underneath her. She stirred and went back to sleep lying on her back. She looked like Snow White waiting for her Prince.

I leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. She awoke like a cat. The instant her eyes blinked open she was completely aware of her surroundings. I was standing there mostly dressed. I said “Good morning sleepyhead. I need to get my son. Take your time and I will have breakfast for us.”

That thought energized her. She said decisively, “Let’s get him together.” She bounded out of bed. Her nightgown had ridden up as she slept and the flash of gorgeous leg, shaven pussy and tight muscular flanks gave me other ideas. It showed.

She whacked me and pulled a Ralph Lauren robe on that looked pure cashmere. She said laughingly, “LATER”, and we went in together to get the kid.

Billy was standing up in his new “big-boy” bed. He said with absolute delight in his voice, “Mommy, you didn’t go away!” And he threw himself into her arms. She hugged him kissing his head. She murmured to him over-and-over, “I will NEVER leave you my little boy.”

It was touching evidence of Billy’s personal anguish. Billy needed a mommy. It was utterly pathetic. I looked at Maddie. She could see the hurt in my eyes. I could see something very disquieting in hers. She was looking at Billy and me with the same kind of deep commitment that a woman would have for her family.

At that moment, she was the most important person in Billy’s life. It was as if she had always been Billy’s mother and my loving wife. She wasn’t of course. And that was problematic.

Nonetheless, this would have been one of those Kodak moments. That is; if I had dated her in high-school, married her in college and made this wonderful child with her. Then I would know that I could trust her to not betray us. But that wasn’t the reality.

Up to this point, she had been an absolutely reliable, praiseworthy friend and companion and a loving and nurturing care giver for my son. She was the feminine element. She was cherishing and reassuring. She was the rock that our family’s happiness was founded on. We both needed her.

If it had just been me, I would never hesitate to buy into that fairy-tale. I am a nerd. And because I live mainly in my head I am relatively impervious to harm in the real-world. Unfortunately, my little boy had invested his love and trust in her.

I knew that what I felt was probably an illusion, an artifact of the odd behavior of the woman who was presently standing next to me hugging my child. But the fact was that I had only met her two nights ago. And that was in a way that didn’t exactly inspire confidence. In fact, it indicated that I actually had NO idea who this person really was.

Logic told me that it was suicidal to stake our happiness on her emotional stability. That conclusion was based on the complete set of events of the prior night. Don’t get me wrong, I am no prude. But in my opinion, women who have sex with multiple men are not good bets in the long-term. I had to protect my son from the person who I saw in that room.

The person I had been interacting with from the moment that she returned from the land of endless orgasms was reliable. She was worthy of our trust in every way. She was in control. And in that respect I didn’t give the slightest damn that, sex-wise she might have a few monkeys fucking in her attic. I was more than happy to accept at face value the loving nurturing woman who was presently comforting my child.

The fundamental problem was that in less than a day we were beginning to form a family bond. I could understand why I was doing that. I am impulsive and probably more than a little stupid when it comes to women and their wiles. It was not clear what was motivating Maddie.

She seemed to want a close relationship and I was more than happy to get as close to her as I could get. She was the hottest female I had ever known. That wasn’t the issue though.

It is lonely being a single parent.  You have plenty of emotional reward raising a child. Their unqualified love provides a focus to your own life. But you ache to share the child’s experiences with the only other person who loves him as much as you do. Linda had robbed both of us of that. And when it comes to loving your child it is a crapshoot to rely on the instincts of any other woman except the mother.

Maddie was holding Billy and rocking him while he clutched her and cried with happiness. My mind’s eye zoomed right past the woman’s incredible beauty to the sense of peace and comfort that she had wrapped both of us in.

If I could trust her to be the person who I was seeing at that moment, then she was the best thing that had ever happened to me and Billy.  If she was the person who did things that were fundamentally self-destructive, then she was a dangerous narcotic.  And the sooner I got her out of our system the better. I was going to get THAT discussion on the table and concluded today.

In the meantime, I said heartily, “Who’s up for a horse ride down to breakfast.” We made our way downstairs with Maddie leading the way. My little jockey squealed with delight. I couldn’t help but notice the sensual swaying of those hips as I galumphed along behind her.

She turned left into the kitchen area while I proceeded to the front of the living space. My little boy needed his morning cartoons stat!! Within five minutes he was sitting there riveted by the adventures of Hiccup and Toothless. I made my way back to the kitchen where she was industriously pouring pancake batter on my griddle.  She was constructing a perfect Mickey Mouse shaped pancake.

Her rabid concentration on making something delightful for Billy gave me a hard-on. Her thick dark hair was tousled. She had absolutely no makeup on and her face was just gorgeous. She is relatively small but her huge tits swaying under that robe made her appear more substantial than she actually was.

I walked up to observe the work of art that she was creating. She looked at me. Then she turned and threw her arms around my neck. She pressed that hard little body with those big soft boobs against me and gave me the most satisfying Sunday morning breakfast kiss a wife has ever given her husband. It said, “Thank you for this moment of peace and contentment.”

She pulled back, with her arms still draped over my shoulders. She looked intently at me with those deep intelligent eyes and said, “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

Given all of the thoughts in my head at the moment, that question was not something that I wanted to deal with. So I said, “Can we spend the rest of the day talking about it?” She looked disappointed. She clearly wanted a resounding, “Yes.”

She turned and went back to fixing a large stack of Mickey Mouse pancakes for us. She seemed upset and for the first time she was not radiating the utter joy that I had experienced from her almost from the second we met.  Instead she seemed very sad. I didn’t know what to make of that.

It was like she had been bitterly disappointed by what I thought was a reasonable answer. All I had said was that I wanted to better understand where we both were emotionally before we made any commitments.

When it came to interacting with a female, this was some kind of new first for me. At this point in the relationship I would have normally hauled out the ring box. Instead I wanted to honestly talk about our motivations and what that all meant for our future. Feeling deeply for somebody besides Billy was very dangerous territory for a nowhere man like me.

But it didn’t stop us from having a happy breakfast. Billy loved the pancakes. He is a clever little boy and he understood the shape right away. So we took turns eating chunks out of Mickey to create different looks. Maddie made Billy laugh by carving out eyes and nostrils in her pancake. He carved out a big mouth. I carved out a mouth with sharp teeth in mine.

Billy wasn’t so sure he liked my sense of humor. Maddie scolded me for disturbing him. She said, just like his mother would, “You KNOW he’s sensitive.” Billy decided that he liked her a lot better than he liked me. 

We went back upstairs to dress. Maddie came down in a simple shorts and a sleeveless jersey top outfit that showed off her perfect muscular legs and her stunning breasts. She has such a ripe body that it would be hard for her to dress in anything that DIDN’T make her look hot. But this outfit managed to seem both demure and smoldering at the same time.

She had her thick auburn hair tied back by a bandana. It was some kind of suburban housewife do. Her perfect face just glowed with energy and cheerfulness. She was holding Billy’s hand. He was looking at her with pure adoration. I was both gratified and worried. She had him dressed in kid shorts and a little polo shirt with an alligator on it and deck shoes. He looked like the preppiest kid in the entire nursery.

She absent-mindedly kissed me on the mouth and we walked out on the back deck with her still holding Billy’s hand.  It felt like we had been doing this for the past 10 years.

It was a wonderful balmy late spring day in Maryland. The humidity of summer hadn’t set in yet and the air was soft and warm. There was somebody cutting the grass nearby and you could smell it, along with the scent of flowers and the lake. It was as totally peaceful and relaxing as it could ever be.

We were standing on the deck, the three of us holding hands, when the couple from the next door condo came over. Billy plays with their two kids. He is right between their boys age-wise and my neighbors liked to bringing him over to keep the older one from beating too emphatically on his younger brother.

The wife did a double-take. It was kind of insulting actually. She was clearly wondering what a nerd like me was doing with a hottie like Maddie. She covered nicely by saying strictly to Maddie, “Hello, my name is Nancy and this is my husband Tom. We are William’s next door neighbors. We were wondering if Billy can come over for a while and play with our boys. We are doing clay dinosaurs.” 

Tom was surreptitiously checking Maddie out, with pure lust written on his face. Maddie smiled at both of them like they had been exchanging recipes for years and said, “Certainly, then maybe we can all go out on the boat for the afternoon. I can pack a picnic”

She turned to me and said, “Would you like to do that Bill? I think Billy would like the chance to get into the water later.” It was the kind of move that a wife would put on the husband, where the only viable answer would be “certainly dear.”

After they left I said, “Let’s go inside.” She nodded curtly. Her entire demeanor changed. Up until then she had been the loving wife. She was now the hardball government lawyer. I was wondering, “Maybe she’s a human chameleon?”

She made us both a cup of coffee. She sat opposite and looked expectantly at me. I thought, “Dang! The girl is good. She just put the ball squarely in my court.”

I said, “You asked me if I believe in love at first sight. I told you I wanted to talk about it because the truth is that I have never met anybody like you. I have always been an “all-in” kind of fellow and I have learned to regret that behavior.”

I looked at her sincerely and said, “The simple answer is that I believe we have achieved a level of personal closeness, familiarity, comfort and affection that people who are in love share. All of that has taken place after a mere 36 hours, which worries me. But I can get past my unease about whether you share the same feelings I do.”

I added, “You are incredibly beautiful and accomplished. But that is not what is pulling me into your orbit. It is the sense of companionship that I have with you. I have no idea why I feel this intense bond but it is like we have been married forever.”

Then I said in all honesty, “I do not consider myself good enough for a woman of your caliber. I really don’t know you. And I have no reason to trust you. But frankly, I sense such a deep connection to you that I would have already proposed marriage if it were only me.”

The look of indescribable joy that spread across her face was tempered by her next thought. She said, “I don’t understand. There IS nobody but you.”

I said, “No there isn’t. Billy’s mom walked out of his life when he was 8 months old. He has longed for a mother since she left. If I let you into our lives and things didn’t work out I would survive, I always do. But the impact of losing two women who he trusted would be devastating to him. He loves you already”

She began to cry softly. I was truly puzzled. I said, “What?!”

She said, “You two have made me happier than I have ever been in my life. You have no idea how lonely it is to be me. Guys either want to fuck me. Or, they want something from me.  To all of them, I am nothing more than my looks, my position, or my wealth.  Nobody has ever asked me what I needed, or wanted in life. Except YOU, that is. 

She added tearfully, “I knew that you were different the minute I opened my eyes and saw you sitting there. I also acknowledge the state of affairs that you found me in. It was exactly what you are thinking. I had finally admitted that there were no white picket fences for a woman like me. I had utterly given up hope.”

She looked at me with a disturbing amount of emotion and said, “Then you appeared, like some genie out of a bottle, and you granted my every wish.”

She said with self-disgust, “I was totally sober and in control, when Charlie started his infantile games. First it was just him. Then the next thing I knew all of his friends were in the room. He must have planned the whole thing before he took me up there. He likes to brag about the way I can fuck.”

She looked at me, her eyes willing me to believe her, “I had never done ANYTHING like that before. I was totally repulsed by all of them. And more importantly with myself. All I could think of when it started was - if that’s the way they see me I might as well get with the program.”

She said with self-loathing in her voice, “I have no idea what was running through THEIR pea-sized brains as they were fucking me, but I know what was going through mine. You have to understand that I was not drugged, drunk, or a victim of their manly wiles. I was just totally desolate and alone.  My only thought as I was returning from my fourteenth orgasm was, is that all there is? It was the absolute end of the road for me.”

Since I am a person who has been to the end of a LOT of roads, I completely understood what she was telling me. I have visited the end-of-the-line myself and I remembered how abandoned I felt. 

She said, “That was the lowest point in my life. Then I saw you sitting there. You didn’t know anything about me. But you were kind, considerate and caring, no matter how big a slut you thought I was. And you clearly loved your child. You were everything I was missing in my life.”

She brightened, “And I couldn’t have experienced a greater contrast in the hours between the time I finished my little venture into whoredom and this moment sitting here with you. I went from totally jaded self-hatred to an utterly contented feeling of worth and happiness. 

She took both of my hands in hers and said with wonderment in her voice, “In a lot of respects, over the past day I have grown into a different person. My life has meaning in your world and with you and this little boy. I love you for that with all of my heart. I don’t want any of this to go away. And I will do whatever is necessary to preserve our nascent bond.”

She almost looked embarrassed as she said, “I know that it’s ridiculous to feel like I do in such a short period of time. But I also know in my heart that it is right. That’s what I was talking about when I asked you if you believed in love at first sight. More importantly, I don’t want what I am experiencing to ever end.”

I sat back stunned. I could absolutely see how we had gotten to this point. It took brutal honesty on her part to convince me. But I could really see it.

I was also not born yesterday. I could accept that a woman like Maddie was a highly skilled and practiced sexual athlete. She was white-hot. The raw passion that I saw in the bedroom was not out of the ordinary for her, even if the actual volume was.  That was a fact. And I would have to accept it. But she had also given me a persuasive reason to trust her future commitment if we were going build a life together going forward.

I also understood why my first impression of her was of her ultimate helplessness and vulnerability. I still had a hard time accepting that she would debase herself by taking on five men. But I could also understand that you do some very self-destructive and stupid things when you hit absolute rock bottom. Viewed from that perspective I believed that what I had witnessed were the actions of a lost soul coming to accept her fate --- and nothing more than that.

She had followed all of the rules. She was a smart and beautiful high achiever who touched all of the obvious bases without thinking about what that meant for her long-term. She was athletically gifted. She was an academic whiz-kid. She had a trophy career. She was a woman of taste and culture with plenty of spending cash.

She was also likely to be the hottest woman in any room.  Every man who saw her wanted to fuck her. And she loved sex. In fact, she was exceptional at it. I knew THAT from first hand observation. Every woman worth her salt would want to be her.

But she was clearly a woman who wanted something different for herself.  The fact was that she felt unfulfilled. She probably didn’t even know why she was so depressed. She must have spent her days wondering, “What did I do wrong? Why am I so unhappy?” It must have seemed manifestly unfair.

Of course, that was because the life that she was living was not who she really was. When you view the situation based on her history; she was brought up in a big family as the primary care-giver for her siblings. That must have formed her into somebody quite different from the rich, self-centered twit that you would expect with a girl as beautiful and smart as Maddie was.

Basically, she wanted the meaning and reward of a loving family.  And that is what normal people usually want out of life, not high living and a lot of anonymous sex. Actually, that wasn’t so hard to believe. In the words of that great American philosopher, Dean Martin, “Everybody needs somebody sometime.”

Her love of children was obvious. I had concrete proof. You can’t argue with a three-year-old when it comes to recognizing a nurturing woman. That’s because three year olds don’t have the “cynical” filter installed yet. And when Maddie and Billy were together he was relentlessly running the full-out mommy utility. There was no question in his mind what kind of person she was.

Moreover, even though they both worked, her mother and father must have had a close relationship. She had to learn the companionship stuff from somebody. She was good at all of the loving gestures that a woman utilizes to show the man that they share a life. And I don’t think they have a drug for that at the FDA yet.

You might say, “Yeah right, that’s all an act” but if that was the case then the obvious question is, “Why me?” Well, my guess is that I just happened to be in the right place when she hit the end of the line.  And that my particular brand of ordinariness resonated with her need for self-peace at that point in time. Fact is that everybody has to get lucky once in their life.

I was certain that I don’t have any of the basic characteristics of the men who would normally inhabit her world. I am not old-money wealthy, conventionally successful, or particularly good looking. But I am honest and forthright. And I lead a relatively simple and fulfilling life with a wonderful child.

More importantly I had been actively avoiding trying to get into her pants, which must have been a first for her. That was not for the sake of any morality. I am as horny as the next guy. It was just that I was afraid of what would happen if I did. Sometimes not being cool pays off. So I guess I could see why she was sitting at my kitchen table on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon looking at me with fear and expectation.

I said as noncommittally as possible, “I unreservedly share your feelings.” The look of sheer relief and happiness that spread across her beautiful face was something I wanted to preserve into my old age.

I added. “I know that whatever is going on between us is the real deal. But we have a lot of catching up to do.  Since we are a lot further down the road in the way we feel about each other than any sane person would be after a mere 36 hours.

I added with bald honesty, “And if you want to be with us you are going to have to change your life-style, in the short term at least. That’s because I would never just rip Billy out of the life he knows. He is way too fragile for that kind of change right now.”

Maddie reached across the table and took my hand in both of her delicate little hands. She brought it up to her lips and kissed it. Then something changed in her eyes. It was the most sizzling look I have ever gotten from a woman. I had the momentary thought, “Oh-oh, those fires burn very hot.”

She said, “On your deathbed you will not regret committing yourself to me. We will work together to make whatever arrangements we have to make to have a happy life together. I would never change any part of Billy’s life. But he is going to have to get used to being the oldest boy in the batch of other brothers and sisters who I am planning to make for both of you.”

At that point she stood up bringing me to my feet. She threw her arms over my shoulders and grabbed the back of my head. The open mouthed kiss that she planted on me had steam coming out of my ears like one of those old-fashioned cartoon characters.

Our tongues dueled for a second. She pressed her mound down hard against my rapidly growing bulge. Then astonishingly, she started to hyperventilate loudly. Her mound humped agitatedly against my package for a couple of seconds, she started moaning frantically and literally collapsed. It was like her legs were suddenly cut out from underneath her.

I caught her and held her. She was making rhythmic little moans as she shuddered against me in a strong orgasm. That amazed me.  It was the hottest exhibition of female sexuality I had ever witnessed. I was holding her tightly against my chest as she came back to me. She looked at me with a disturbed look on her face. She said puzzled and a little bit frightened, “What did you just DO to me?”

I said with complete honesty, “I kissed you?”

She said, “Nothing like that has ever happened to me before.”

I said with utter conviction, “Obviously me neither. It was our connection. I felt it too.”

She stood there looking up at me with those huge eyes. She seemed hypnotized. She said, “I can’t imagine what’s going to happen to me when we actually get around to making love.”

The doe-like Maddie lingered for another moment and then the spirited and witty Maddie returned. She slugged me on my arm and laughingly said, “You’ve had enough sex. We have to get Billy.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent on Lake Seneca with Tom and Nancy and the three boys. It was idyllic. I kept waiting for Maddie to change back into whatever person she actually was. But she blithely continued on in her eerily unnatural guise as my loving woman.

Nancy and she spent the afternoon good-naturedly teasing both of us about our many failures as men. Only a long-standing wife and lover could get away with something like that without hurt feelings. But Maddie pulled it off like a veteran married woman. It was like we had been together for all of Billy’s years. And my next door neighbors were old friends of ours. The unnerving pretense of intimacy was the result of the affection for us that Maddie just exuded.

It was clear that Nancy was mystified. Nancy is good-looking. But she was not in Maddie’s league and she knew it. What she couldn’t figure out was what such an attractive woman was doing with ME. That was not such an odd question, since that was exactly what was going through MY mind. 

Tom’s thinking was a little more obvious. He was staring with naked lust at Maddie’s superb ass, as she bent over in a motherly fashion to talk to the kids. He kept cutting me guy-to-guy looks that more-or-less said, “I don’t know how you did it but you are one lucky dog!”

Maddie also gave Billy a sense of acceptance that helped him to open up to everybody. I know that some of my appeal to her comes from the fact that I provide a ready-made family.  Billy is a bright, if slightly nerdy, little boy. And his earnest musing about the merits of the triceratops over the stegosaurus were utterly precious to the four adults.

Maddie just glowed with love and pride. It was hard to believe that she had only met him the day before. I might have first encountered her as the star of a cluster-fuck. And I might not really know the woman. But there was one thing about her that I was certain of. That was, that Maddie loved Billy.

We grilled steaks and drank beer in a warm spring evening. I frankly did not know what the future would hold. It was a fifty-fifty proposition that she would come to her senses tomorrow and see how ordinary and boring my life really was. Then she would run screaming back to her luxury condo and her fast-living ways. But I also know that a lot of my problems stem from the fact that I think too much.

What I knew for sure was that she gave me a sense of purpose that I had never experienced before. I realized for the first time that a good woman in your life makes you into a much stronger and more capable man. She made me want to be successful, just to live up to the faith she had placed in me.

I decided. This one would probably break my heart. But I was going to go “all-in” for her. I knew that the decision to marry this woman as soon as possible was either a very brave one, which Billy and I would benefit from for the rest of our live. Or, it was the stupidest, most selfish and naïve idea I had ever had. Nonetheless, I also knew that it was going to happen. Only time would tell.  

A Totally Unromantic Love Story: Part Two

The little tousle-headed woman sleeping next to me is smart, funny, accomplished, and smoking hot gorgeous. I met her at a gangbang. She was the star. Perhaps you can understand why I am a little concerned?

We bonded over the weirdest weekend imaginable. She went from being a slut on Friday, to being an extraordinary life companion by Sunday night. In those 48 hours she made my little boy happier than he has been in his life. And she almost killed his daddy.

Maddie is by far the hottest fuck I have ever known. There are no boundaries, or limits with her. She is always willing to tell you what she wants, often in terms that are urgent and very explicit. She is generous and at the same time utterly consumed by her own hungers. Her body is superb. Her technique is refined. Her stamina is endless.

You don’t have to say it. I know what her world-class sexuality implies. I am not QUITE that naive. And I am definitely not a believer in inexplicable good luck. But unfortunately, you can’t have it both ways. Women like Maddie are the ultimate guy paradox. We want a super-hot woman. Then it occurs to us what all of that hotness does for the rest of the male population. Which in turn causes a modicum of angst in the fellow who is lucky enough to be the recipient of all that.

It isn’t that Maddie and I don’t look right together. She leaves the impression that we met when I pulled her pigtails in the third grade. The actual fact is that I met her a half year ago while she was expertly fucking five very slick yuppies.

Truth be told, I am an unremarkable nerd. Especially when it comes to savoir-faire.  Those guys were way out of my area code based on the coolness factor. Nevertheless, in the 8 months since we have been a couple I have never had the slightest indication that Maddie was looking to trade up.

She called it love at first sight. All I know is that on the Monday after we met, she simply appeared on my doorstep, with all of her things. She never went back.

She was snuggled next to me right now, with a look of utter contentment on her face. She said that she wanted a simple life. If that was truly the case, then I can understand why she was with me. Since I am the king of ordinary.

But I wish I could really believe her about her motives. She has told me over-and-over that it was my utter absence of pretention that made her want to be with me. I wasn’t flattered by her assessment. But I DID have to agree. I am totally deficient in personal awesomeness.

The one ace that I DO have up my sleeve is her love of children. I know for sure that her commitment to my kid is genuine. Nobody could act as consistently loving as she has, for as LONG as she has, without letting THAT cat out of the bag.

She only thinks about what is best for Billy. She made his life full and interesting. With Maddie’s help Billy has grown from a shy little boy to a strong and self-confident four-year-old. Needless to say he worships her in ways that only a child can love his mother.

Which is more than a little ironic, since Billy doesn’t KNOW his real mother. She left us to marry some DC policy wonk when he was eight months old and she has never looked back.

Needless to say, if Maddie was moving in with us we had to consolidate our housekeeping. I owned my place outright and Maddie seemed to have more money than she could possibly spend. So we did a lot of planning to find the best long-term living arrangement. 

Neither Maddie nor I wanted to change Billy’s life, or at least until he had adjusted to her presence. That was probably an unnecessary precaution. Billy would have been happy living in a yurt on the steppes of Outer Mongolia as long as Maddie was with him.

We debated and shopped. Billy came with us on every real-estate visit. He had ultimate veto power. Maddie saw to that. We finally settled on a beautiful little place in Georgetown. It was on the palisades just west of the University and it had easy access to everything nearby.

I sold my condo. I bought it for cash during the downturn and I got a lot of money out of the subsequent sale. So I had a very hefty down payment for a new place. I took sole responsibility for the purchase. Maddie was clearly so far above me socially that I wanted to show her that I could do a few “big boy” things myself.

Maddie leased her place to some pompous dude at the State Department. She said that she was making a fortune on the rent. Being a high powered Harvard lawyer probably helped with the negotiations. 

Commuting was not an issue. I mostly work at home and Maddie quit her job the day she moved in. She said that working at the FDA was something that she did because she had nothing better to do.

Now that she had Billy she said she was doing what she REALLY wanted to do. We went everywhere from the museums to the shops to the playgrounds. I have never seen a woman so happy and fulfilled. It was eerily disturbing.

I have learned to live with the enigma that is Maddie. But I have never come close to figuring her out. Every time I try to dig into her motives I am confronted by a “what kind of moron are you?” attitude. That backs me off. It’s like the answer ought to be obvious. It might be to her. But the happenings in that labyrinth that she calls her mind are definitely not clear to me.

If she wasn’t such a high achiever I would understand why she would dump everything and turn to motherhood like it was a “calling”. But she walked away from a fast-moving legal career like it had no value to her whatsoever.

She must have set the case for female attorneys back a half century doing that. High powered female lawyers are supposed to want to kick ass and take names, not haul kids around. I was listening in when she told her boss she was quitting.  Her boss was Charlie Schneider. I thought with horror, “She was banging her boss??!” 

That led to an even more hair raising thought, “I wonder if any of the other four guys on that train were co-workers?” Those are the sorts of things that are better left uncontemplated. That is, if you want to keep your sanity.

I heard, “Hi Charlie, this is Maddie – no, it’s okay – I got home fine – no, seriously – there’s no problem…

“Hey look. I am going to send you a digitally signed message with my resignation effective today.

“What? Don’t shout – what’s the matter with you? No! It has nothing to do with you and me, or last weekend. I just want to go another direction in my life.

“I don’t care how that will affect my legal career! You KNOW that I don’t need the money.

“Seriously?!! You are being an asshole!! If you try THAT you are going to find out just how much BETTER, I am as a lawyer!!”

Then she slammed down the phone and muttered under her breath, “Whatever possessed me??!!”

We had been together two and a half months when she announced that she was pregnant. Maddie’s pregnancy was one of the most sublime and shocking experiences imaginable.

First, she was happier than any woman has a right to be. She just glowed.

She and Billy would talk to his sister every evening. We knew by then that she would be a girl. Billy would tell her about his day and then kiss her baby bump good-night. Of course since the countdown was still “T” minus five months the “sister” might have been a bit of an abstraction for Billy.

But Maddie insisted that little Chelsea, we had already picked out her name, was somebody Billy had to get to know and love. That turned out to be very wise. Billy approached the impending birth like he was getting a new puppy.

I was flabbergasted when she announced that she was expecting. It might be forgivable to not ask the woman about birth control once. Making the same mistake twice qualified me for Guinness.

So I “manned up” and offered to marry her. She laughed at me. 

I said, “What? Don’t you want her to have a father?”

She said, “That’s not it. It’s just that the 19th Century called and left you a message. They said that you don’t have to do the honorable thing anymore.”

I said, “What if I WANT to marry you.”

That seemed to bother her. She always just radiates happiness. The “disturbance in the force” was obvious. My little voice threw up its hands and said, “I KNEW it!”

She said, “I love you with all of my heart and we have a perfect life together. I don’t want anything to change that. So, YES, I am afraid to marry you. I am worried that we will go the route of all of the married couples I know. And I don’t want that to happen. I want things to always be fresh and intimate between us.”

It was such a clichéd response that I had to throw the “bullshit” flag. I said with more bitterness in my voice than I intended, “Are you sure your hesitation isn’t because you are waiting for a better offer?”

Her eyes flashed. She said, “What the fuck do you mean by that?”

I said, “What I just said. I know that you can trade up with a phone call. Is that the reason why you don’t want to marry me?”

 She said with cold anger in her voice, “That’s absolutely ridiculous. I am unequivocally happy for the first time in my life, at least since I left home for Harvard. I love living with you and I want to bear your children. It would kill me if that ever changed.”

She was clearly pissed now. She said, “I have spent a lifetime interacting with men and frankly it all starts to fall apart when we begin to talk commitment.  I know what you are thinking and YES I can get any man and NO you are not Mr. Perfect. But neither am I.”

She said bitterly, “I will be thirty years old next February and at the point where we met I was sick to death with man-woman politics. The only aim of every man I have known is to fuck me, or use me to further their own career. No man has ever treated me with the respect that you have. You are my confidante and best friend. You give me real happiness and you are a perfect dad.”

She stopped, stared at me with grim determination and said, “So where we stand on the social ladder is totally immaterial to me. I have proven to myself that I can make it in a man’s world and I might want to go back someday, just to keep my hand in. But I have never wanted anything more than a family and a happy home. That is what I get with you.”

Another cliché, my little voice wondered, “Is this woman for real???”

 She was still talking. She said, “Keeping the special intimate bond that I have with you and Billy is my most important priority. When I am around you I feel right about myself. I am accepted for who I am and I am satisfied living that life. I would be insane to try to change anything about my present state of affairs.

The she hesitated, like she was crossing her own personal Rubicon and said, “Nonetheless, if you can promise me that the easy, intimate friendship that we have will never go away I would marry you in a heartbeat.

She added with seriousness, “My one condition though, is that we always trust each other. If you can’t do that I want to cut my losses right here and now. I have way too much of myself invested in what we have and I can’t stand the thought that it was all just my personal fantasy.”

I hadn’t thought about any of what she had just said. My male ego had blinded me as usual. You tend to forget that a beautiful woman like Maddie has her own set of foibles, fears and insecurities. The fact is that I didn’t know anything about her life prior to our meeting. And it never dawned on me that a woman as stunningly attractive as Maddie might suffer from a sense of insecurity.

Of course, only a truly simple-minded fellow like myself would miss the possibility that Maddie had to wrestle with her own problems in life. She is such a strong independent soul that I couldn’t imagine how anything bad could have EVER happened to her in her past.

Of course, I can always invoke the male exemption in her case. We are not exactly the most sensitive creatures; dogs, yes, men no.

A lot of things fell into place at that moment. I said, “I can learn to live with the fact that every male head turns when you walk in the room. I can learn to live with all of the latent yearning that you inspire in our species. I guess I can also learn to live with the fact that you are higher up the social ladder than I am. But I can’t stop asking myself, Why me? Why do I deserve such a wonderful woman?”

I took her hand in mine and looked into her eyes. I said, “I know that I’m insecure. Any guy would be with a woman like you. You have to be realistic. You are a trophy in the male world, a prize. If I was a rich and famous movie star, I might understand why you are with me. But since I am not, I carry around a lot of insecurity about our long-term prospects.

I grinned at her self-consciously and added, “I know that insecurity is a sign of weakness but I never claimed to be a cowboy. I even get that your attraction to me is the simple, fulfilling life that I offer. But I am afraid that somebody cooler and more high-profile will take you away from me. Won’t there be a time when you will want some of the old excitement; booze, endless parties, new men?”

She looked at me like I had lost my mind. It was the first time I saw real concern in her eyes. She appeared almost frightened. From the moment I had met her she had treated me like there were givens in our relationship that I just hadn’t tuned into yet. It was like she saw things that I didn’t

Now she was looking at me like SHE might have gotten it wrong, that there really WAS nothing there. I didn’t understand her odd reaction. To allay her fears, I said, “I know what you’re thinking. And yes, I feel the same profound connection between us. All I was saying was that I just didn’t know why.”

She looked relieved, laughed and said, “You think way too much. Someday you’ll get it.”

THEN I met her family. That event brought a number of things into focus.

She was born and raised in a little Michigan town and she wanted her wedding to be there. It didn’t matter to me where we got hitched. I would have married her in the middle of the Sahara. Accordingly, the following week Billy, Maddie and I flew into Detroit Metro Airport, rented a car and drove the 25 miles to her parent’s house in Ann Arbor.

The wedding was going to be civil. But we still needed a three-day wait for the license. Maddie has a number of useful personas; besides loving mother, superb companion, and world’s hottest piece of ass. One of those is hardball Harvard educated lawyer. That one got us the license with the shortest wait possible.

Her mom was a professor at the University of Michigan, which is located there. Her dad was some high mucky-muck in the research community. Two of her sisters still lived in their house which was as close to a chateau as any place I have ever visited.

It was on a ridge overlooking the Huron River and it featured actual “grounds” not just a lawn. I was scratching my head in amazement wondering if Robin Hood and his Merry Band of Men might be lurking in the extensive woods. She told me to stop gawking. It was embarrassing.

I should have guessed that she came from those kinds of roots. My dad owns a hardware store and my mom raised kids. I was intimidated to say the least.

Her household just enveloped her in love. The pervasive atmosphere of happy and peaceful domesticity filled in a lot of the gaps and answered most of the questions about why she had such a family oriented sense of values.

At that point she changed again, from self-confident woman of the world, to eldest daughter. In many respects the behaviors associated with that role were the same ones that she had shown me, loving and dutiful. But, her parents made it a possession move.

Their interrogation didn’t include waterboarding; BARELY. But it was clear that they were holding an alternative script.

In their script Maddie progressed through several layers of achievement in the field of the Law until the judgeship and then the Supreme Court. Now she was standing in front of them telling them that she wanted to change the narrative. What she really wanted to do was to settle down with me and raise babies.

It was an interesting reversal from my blue collar universe. In MY world the normal plot with daughters is to push marriage and kids. But these were high achieving WASPS, both with PhDs. Naturally, their attitude toward the idea of her raising a family just reeked of contempt.

I could see that Maddie’s parents were so against her marrying that our appearance on their doorstep almost got me and Billy exorcised. The fact that their daughter was visibly pregnant and I was the only culprit in sight only made matters worse. Needless to say they were not pleased.

Being me I had to torment the bull. We had the usual pleasantries. Then she and I and her parents sat down over lunch to talk turkey. The fact that there were caterers, or servants, or whatever, SERVING us lunch was not lost on me.

Her father said with hearty, fake bonhomie, “So how did you and Maddie meet?”

The honest answer to that question would have stopped the conversation right then and there. And it would have probably gotten my soon-to-be wife shipped off to a convent on a desolate island. Instead I said, “We met at a party in Falls Church. I gave her a ride home afterward. The people she came with had abandoned her.”

I left the cause of the abandonment up to their imagination, being certain that they would never come up with the REAL reason.

I added, “We bonded over the weekend. She is wonderful with my son and it just seemed so right.”

Both parents looked like they didn’t believe a word of it. Their demeanor was more like our getting-together had involved a non-descript white van, drugs and a head-bag. And that Maddie just hadn’t been able to get her phone out fast enough to stop the kidnapping.

The problem was that explanation ALSO seemed A LOT more plausible to me.

Her mother said, continuing the fake sociability, “So what do you do. Anybody who has captured Maddie’s heart must be a star in the DC firmament.”

I said, “I’m a freelance pen-tester. I break into people’s computers and tell them how I did it.”

I was aware that as far as they were concerned I had just announced that I was a borderline criminal. I was getting a little tired of all of the snotty judgment. Her father said with more gruffness in his voice than he had probably intended, “That doesn’t sound like much of a career. Where did you go to school to learn THAT?”

Truth be told no responsible school would teach what I know. So instead I off-handedly said, “Oh I didn’t go to college.” That was because I was making over six figures annually before I had reached drinking age.  But then again, Mr. and Mrs. Big-Shot PhD didn’t need to know that.

I also didn’t bother to tell him that I was on the speed-dial of most of the CISOs of the big corporations and on a first name basis with the top cyber-guys at the Agency and the Farm. That would have made it too easy for them.

Maddie was looking at me like she wanted to take me outside and beat the shit out of me for being a butt with her parents. She knew exactly what I was up to and why. As far as I was concerned they were not giving her due respect. She was an intelligent and levelheaded thirty-year old woman who had made a choice about what she wanted in life. Her folks needed to give her the proper credit.

She was the one I loved, not them. Surprisingly I found that I had used the word “love”. In my mind’s eye.  She might ultimately break my heart but she was the only person besides Billy who I had EVER allowed in there. The interrogation ground to a halt at that point. Her mother said brightly, like she was just about to lose it, “When is the baby due Maddie?”

Maddie gave her an enigmatic smile; one that was probably last seen on the Sistine Madonna and said, “Little Chelsea will be part of our life in early September. We can’t wait for her to join us. I want to have four more.”

Maddie made the pronouncement nonchalantly, like she was discussing sightseeing plans. I thought her mother was going to actually faint dead away. Maybe Maddie was getting a little tired of her parent’s attitude too.

They excused themselves. I heard some frenzied conversation and a few raised voices in the house.  Then about a half hour later Maddie’s youngest sister Milly appeared on the patio.

Milly is short for Millicent. Maddie’s full name is Matilda. That led me to believe that Maddie’s parents either had an exquisite sense of humor, or they were the most pretentious human beings on the planet. We both looked at her expectantly.

Milly is like a younger, more athletic and taller version of Maddie, equally smart. She said with some irritation in her voice. “They want to hold a party tomorrow night to celebrate your marriage. I don’t get it. I told them that you would be able to do that AFTER the wedding. But they insist on doing it before.” 

I GOT it, if Milly didn’t. They were hoping to illustrate to Maddie all of the things that she would be giving up if they ACTUALLY disowned her.

We both smiled at Milly and said with bogus enthusiasm, “That sounds wonderful.” Maddie is a very intelligent woman. She GOT it too.

Milly grinned and said, “The guests of honor are ordered to appear at 7:30 sharp tomorrow night. Why don’t you two take one of the cars and Maddie can show you around town. I would like to keep Billy if it is all right with you. He is so cute and Mary and I want to play with him.”

Mary was two years older than Milly. Her actual name was Marigold but nobody called her that. All three of the girls in that family had the same love of children. And Billy had already adopted them as aunts. Milly and Mary wanted to take him to a pony farm just north of there.

We spent an ideal day touring the Ann Arbor area. I knew about the University of course. But there were a million neat yuppified experiences in a high priced town like that. I was particularly interested in the area around the farmer’s market. I had wondered what had happened to the 1960’s era hippies. It was very gratifying to see that they were “the Man” now.

We were at her castle dressing for the party at 6:30 the next day. I hesitated to call Maddie’s family place a “house”.  There had been some angst generated in her parents when Maddie insisted that all three of us bunk in the same room. I would have been willing to sleep alone in my bedroom, with Billy on the floor in a sleeping bag. That was our normal mode of travel.

The problem was that Maddie insisted in sleeping with us. That caused some old-fashioned grief. Apparently non-married people did not sleep in the same room in THAT house. That led me to wonder if they had actually made the connection, between me and her baby bump.

Maddie had already dressed Billy. He was in something that was slightly more preppy than a Kennedy offspring. He was downstairs playing croquet with Milly and Mary.  Maddie was walking around the room in a bra and thong outfit trying to decide which classic little black dress to put on.

She is the hottest looking female I have ever seen in the flesh. And I used to hang around the beaches of South Florida in my younger days. There is not an ounce of fat on her five-foot-two-inch frame but because her boobs are so big and her hips are so wide she looks like she is more substantial than she actually is.

It isn’t until you see her without a stitch on that you realize what a perfect hourglass figure she has. Her body is completely tight. The muscles under that smooth silky skin are toned without looking over-worked-out. But her real glory are her legs.

She has been in dance her whole life and her legs are not the typical skinny female ones. They are fully muscled and perfectly developed with calf muscles that stand out like little cannonballs when she is wearing her normal four inch heels.

She was in the same kind of black thigh-high stockings that she was wearing the night I met her. Of course those and a pair of patent leather pumps were all that she had on during that encounter. And those gorgeous legs were wrapped around several guys.

A semi-naked Maddie was just too much. So I grabbed her and kissed her. She opened herself to me the way she has ever since our first kiss. When we kiss she is totally in another world with me. She also burns at a slightly higher temperature than most mortals. It is probably a matter of a fraction of a degree but when you kiss her she is literally hot. That is also true for the other end of her.

Our tongues dueled for a short period and then she gave a loud moan and plastered herself against me.

I was walking her backward toward the bed, still kissing her as she began to tear at my belt. She broke the kiss when the backs of her legs hit the bed. She suddenly pivoted and placed both hands flat on the mattress and elevated her butt.

The sight of those two big solid globes and the smell of her arousal made me a tad harder than titanium.

She was whispering savagely, “Do it!!! Put your big hard cock in me! Make me cum!”

She is hard to deny when she is in one of those moods. So I fixed bayonets, pushed her thong aside and even muttered “charge” under my breath.

Sliding into her is as amazing as kissing her. She is hotter and tighter than any experienced thiry-year-old woman ought to be. And she was also amazingly well lubricated. She must have been thinking about me the past couple of days.

She gave a muffled growl and pushed back hard. That led to ten minutes of my pounding that perfect butt, which didn’t even ripple as I was doing it. During all of that time she was making little moans and whispering over and over rapid-fire, “Oh-god-oh-god-oh-god!”

Then she began to hiss, “Yesssss cumming, cumming” and she jammed her hips backward hard in an orgasm that knocked her arms out from underneath her and left her quivering and shaking face-first on the bed.

Needless to say I came in ways that must have changed the atmospheric pressure in her womb. She lay there with me lying on top of her smooth muscular back like a limp dishrag. She was panting like she had run a world’s record 100-yard dash.

We stayed like that for a blissful minute, as I shrank out of her. Then she turned underneath me. It was easy because we were both covered with a sheen of sweat. I was now lying between her spread legs. Her huge bare tits were squashed between us

She gave me an almost panicked look and said, “Promise me that this will never change, that you will always be mine and I will always be yours; that nothing will EVER come between us.”

She hesitated and said even more emphatically, “PROMISE ME!!!” It was like she had a premonition of things to come.

I chuckled and said, “That is the easiest promise I will ever make. You are my ideal woman and I will do whatever it takes to keep you in my life.”

It’s funny how life changes-up on you in a few short hours. I remembered that promise with some bitter anger a bit later in the evening.

I was dressed well before Maddie made her appearance. She has been working on my wardrobe since we have been together and I look a lot more Harvard Yard than Laytonsville, Maryland now.  However, it is a medical fact that it is hazardous to a male’s health if they hover while the female of the species is preparing herself for presentation. So I went down to the party.

Her sisters grabbed me and waltzed me over to where Billy was. Milly is still young enough to have all of the cool kid games on her computer and that was where Billy would be before Milly put him to bed in our room.  But I was allowed to see him before Milly took him upstairs.

Billy is Maddie’s pride and joy. She has treated him like her natural born son since the instant she saw him. Her sisters had adopted him for the night and they were in no mood to suffer foolish arguments about his actual parenthood.

That speaks volumes for Maddie’s womanly sensitivities. And over the past half year she has spent a lot of money developing him socially.

As a result, in public he has gone from a wounded almost frightened little boy. To a kid who is really social and naturally at ease around adults. He was earnestly expounding about dinosaurs to a small group of the girls’ amused friends.

His face lit up when he saw me and he ran over to give me a precious little-boy hug. I kissed him on his cheek and said, “How were the ponies?”

He said, “They were fascinating daddy.” I thought, “What kind of four-year-old uses the word ‘fascinating’ to describe his day?”

Then Maddie appeared on the steps. She was breathtaking. She was in one of those traditional, cashmere, little black dresses with a simple string of pearls. But THAT classic oval face and THAT spectacular body made her look like Cinderella entering the ball.

Her beautiful auburn hair framed her huge intelligent hazel eyes like the curtains on the stage of the Met. She has amazing clear dusky skin, which she was showing off all the way past her bare shoulders and down to the deep cleavage of her dress.

She had the girls hoisted up to “stun” and those mounds jiggled delectably as she walked. But the pièce de résistance were those magnificent, muscled dancer’s legs in their sexy black sheath.

The whole room stopped and watched her descend serenely and gracefully. She shone with a special blend of happiness and sexuality.  I was proud of her. She was mine and no other’s.

She made her love crystal clear as soon as she saw me. Her face lit up and she walked toward me with her eyes never leaving mine. She took my arm and squeezed it against those magnificent breasts. She said to me, as if she had dressed only for me, “You LIKE, my love?”

I looked at her with awe and said gently, “I like.”

Her parents immediately annihilated THAT special little moment. They swooped down on us like a flock of seagulls at a dump. Then they proceeded to drag us around the room to meet every single one of Maddie’s “friends”.

During that tour they made it clear that they were introducing me to her REAL peers. I got their point. None of those people were even remotely like me.

The herd of preppy princesses and Joe college types was endless. They were polite to the peasantry. Noblesse oblige required them to be polite. Some even appeared friendly. They had one thing in common, great genes and lots of good breeding. They also had money and status.

The “old friend” of Maddie’s who was the least friendly was a Tom Cruise lookalike named Chad. My little voice said sarcastically, “Seriously??! Chad?!!!”

He was my height, but much heavier. I got the impression that he worked out a lot. He was in the traditional garb of the preppy, blue blazer, gleaming white cotton shirt, rep tie and khaki slacks, boat shoes and no socks. He had that easy self-assured air of assumed superiority that marks their species. His perfect white teeth glistened as he shook my hand. He visibly communicated that he thought that Maddie had lost her mind.

Both parents made a point of letting me know that Maddie and Chad had been an “item” throughout prep school. They also dropped a heavy-handed hint that Maddie had handed him her cherry. They told me that the two of them had graduated together from Harvard. Maddie had gone off to Law School and Chad was Harvard Business.

He was living in Omaha, of all places. That was because he was a rising star at a little firm by the name of Berkshire-Hathaway.

I gathered that Chad’s unfriendliness was mainly due to the fact that he had an unrequited love “thing” still going for Maddie. My conclusion was based on the fact that he greeted her with a combination of melancholy, loss, ennui and sheer lust that made me want to retch.

Maddie responded to him like a person who had just had a 12-foot diamondback rattlesnake rear up in front her. She gasped and I could see real fright in her eyes. Her dramatic over-reaction was puzzling to say the least.

I didn’t get a chance to think about it any further. That was because at that precise moment her dad roped me out of the herd like a pro. It was like he wanted to create some space so the two old lovers could “reminisce “.

He grabbed me in a hail-fellow-well met embrace and said, “How about a taste of a real Cuban Bill?”

Then he proceeded to drag me into a wood paneled library that had me looking around to see if Ulysses Grant and J.P. Morgan were going to join us for after-dinner cigars. There were four other older men in the room all drinking Johnny Walker Blue at $500 a bottle. Her dad handed me a real Cohiba and three fingers.

I “got” it. He was having the obligatory “man-to-man” talk with the new son-in-law. I had to admit that the whole thing was an experience and both the cigar and the scotch were priceless. I was in there for a couple of hours, fending off questions about what I did for a living. The old guys were movers and shakers in the Defense community and friends of Maddie’s Dad. Most were NASA types but there was one DISA administrator who fell into the realm of my own special little universe.

So I dropped enough hints to give him the idea that I was a lot more than whatever Maddie’s dad had portrayed me as. The look of intelligent understanding in his eyes was gratifying. I had a feeling he would fill Pops in as soon as I was out of the room.

The party was going strong when I got back to it. Maddie was out on the dance floor draped in Chad’s predatory arms. That was a real surprise. I had gotten the impression that she both feared and loathed him. What had changed in the two hours that her father had held me captive?

I am the sort of guy who will absolutely NOT stand there while somebody else romances his woman. So I walked straight across the floor and cut in. Chad looked pissed. Maddie looked hammered. I thought, “What the fuck? One night probably won’t hurt the baby but I understood she didn’t want to drink at all during her pregnancy?”

Maddie looked at me dazedly, like she didn’t recognize me, giggled and said, “I’m drunk”

I said with some irritation in my voice, “I can see that. How did that happen?”

She looked stumped for a second. Then she said, “Dunno, only had one glass?” Then she hiccupped and added blearily, “Tha’ I can rembrr” and giggled some more.

At that point one of Maddie’s “friends” cut in on HER and I found myself dancing with somebody else. It was almost like the whole thing was choreographed. I was rapidly waltzed away. Chad stepped back up to the plate with Maddie.

He proceeded to drag her into an embrace that could only be described as intimate, both arms around her, both hands resting on the globes of her ass and with her huge tits squashed against his chest. She dropped her head onto his shoulder and looked totally out of it. I was disgusted.

The song ended. The next song began. I started back over there to break things up again. Instead I found another preppy princess standing eagerly in front of me. I was pretty sure that the explanation for all of the interest was NOT my devastating charm. Instead it felt like a pick-play, executed on Maddie’s behalf. My new partner danced me to the far side of the room.

I lost sight of Maddie at that point.

The new chick was so blue blooded that I wondered whether she had arrived in a coach and four. While I was dancing with her, she was telling me about the madly passionate fling that Maddie and Mr. Chad had while they were in college.

Apparently everybody in their “set” simply “assumed” that they would get married when they graduated. But Maddie had caught Mr. Chad serial cheating. Then to make matters worse he had come over to her place one night “just to talk” and had ended up raping her.

Her “friend” added, “Or at least that’s what she claimed. Of course it was her word against Chad’s so we didn’t know who to believe. We talked her out of filing a police report. It would have been sooooo detrimental to Chad’s career if she had done that to him.”

I thought to myself, “Some friend.”

The song ended and I excused myself once again to find Maddie. This time I didn’t have any stray aristocrats interfering with my search. That was actually a little disturbing. Maybe I had lost all of my charm? Maybe something else was going on?

I did an entire circuit of the dance floor and there was no Maddie. There were yuppies of every shape and size out there. But I also didn’t see that cocksucker Chad. I smelled a well-groomed, 200-pound preppie rat.

There were about 10 million rooms in her house and short of going room-to-room on each floor I was out of luck finding them. I was beginning to get seriously worried. Maddie was way too drunk to be on her own.

Then I ran into Mary. She is the bigger and taller version of Maddie. She also might have the largest tits in the history of Ann Arbor society. Where Maddie’s are the Rockies, Mary is the Himalayas. They were squeezed into her own little black dress.

I said, “Have you seen Maddie?”

She looked disgusted and said, “Last time I saw her she was walking outside with Chad.” And she pointed in the direction of the patio doors. I thanked her and scooted out onto the patio.

It was warm and summery out there, very dark once you got away from the glow of the house lights. I saw a few people standing around on the lawn and walked in their direction. I didn’t recognize any of them though.

I spied movement way off to my left toward the river in a little ornamental gazebo. I wandered uncertainly in that direction. I truly thought, “Maybe they’re out there admiring the river in the moonlight?”  I know that I’m stupid but the alternative was way too painful to contemplate.

There was a manicured path leading through the trees. It was paved with cedar wood chips. Nobody could hear me approaching. However, I really didn’t have to be quiet. I could have ridden up on an elephant, while playing the trombone. The two occupants of that little structure would never have noticed me.

I heard a loud groan followed by a prolonged moan. Then the liquid sound of bodies slapping together. Maddie was lying back on one of those expensive outdoor couches with an arm thrown over her eyes and the other held at her side.

Her little black dress was hiked up around her waist with the top rolled down and her big beautiful breasts were exposed and bouncing all over her chest as her lover pounded her.

Her powerful legs were wrapped around Mr. Chad’s ass as he fucked her and she was writhing around on the couch cushions like a snake moaning rhythmically. She was almost crying with need, “That’s it! That feels so good, harder, harder.” Then she went off in a frenzy of bucking and cumming.

As I was making my way quickly back the way I had come I heard a loud “Arrrrrrghhhh” from her partner and a frenzied “Oh My God, Oh Yes!!!” from her. I suppose that I should have seen it coming. She really WAS way too far out of my league. But nonetheless, the pain was unimaginable. Death would have been far preferable to me.

I must have looked like I felt when I walked back into that godforsaken ballroom. Mary rushed up to me concerned. Maddie had only been gone for about 30 minutes. But Mary was already organizing her own search party.

I said with utter defeat in my voice, “They’re out there in the gazebo.” She looked downright panicky and rushed out the door with two of the friendlier preppy men in tow. 

I didn’t have a clue about what I was going to do next. With every other woman before Maddie I would have just packed up, roared out of there in the rental, and never looked back. But of course there was Billy. He was a major complication.

It was precisely what I had been afraid of. And it was what I had wanted to avoid at all costs.

I couldn’t just suddenly spirit Billy away in the middle of the night without some serious emotional repercussions. So I had to get Maddie to somehow send us off, like nothing had happened. She owed both of us that.

I do not run away from a fight, never have, never will. I had walked away from that ghastly encounter earlier, because I didn’t want to disturb Maddie’s special “moment” with that asshole. I was not going to be the weenie begging my woman to tell me WHY!?

The “whys” of the thing were painfully obvious. She had finally reconnected with her former lover. I thought to myself, “Her parents are behind this. They must have set it up. And Maddie must have enlisted her friends to keep me occupied while they cemented their connection.”

It seemed like a lot of trouble to go to in order to get rid of me. And as far as I was concerned I was way too easily discarded. I needed to confront her and make arrangements before we both dealt with Billy. I thought, “What the fuck! If those three are going out there I might as well, go along too. We should get this over with sooner than later.”

So I followed the three of them back to the scene of the crime. I was catching up to them when I heard Mary gasp and wail, “Ohhhhh Nooo!” I ran the last few yards.

Dick-face was gone. Probably already bragging about his exploits back at the party. Maddie was lying where I had last seen her. Her arm was still over her eyes; her legs were spread as wide as humanly possible. Except now her feet were resting flat on the floor and her pussy was leaking cum. She was totally passed out.

Mary ran to her frantically and said, “Maddie, wake up, what happened?” It was all too obvious what had happened. But Mary wanted an explanation.

I got the impression that she and Milly liked me a lot and that she knew what that little tableau meant for our future. Her two male friends looked utterly embarrassed. Mary closed Maddie’s legs and began to pull her to a sitting position. The guys moved forward to help.

One of them turned to me and said with genuine sympathy in his voice, “I’m sorry”. It was comforting to discover that a few of them weren’t assholes. I was indeed very sorry.

As they were struggling to get her to her feet I walked sadly away and back to the house. Maddie was so out of it that I knew that I would have to wait until morning to talk. However, I was not in whipped dog mode. I was planning on breaking off my first chunk of fuck-face.

In my humble opinion, the absolute worst enemy that you can make in today’s world is a super-hacker. Unfortunately for Chad that is exactly what I am. And he had a lot of sins to atone for. The amazing aspect of my art is how little time it takes for very bad stuff to start to happen to the person I target.

He was standing in a laughing group of his buddies, right in the doorway to the patio. They were watching a clip that he had recorded on his phone. I heard a faint female voice shouting, “That’s it! That feels so good, harder, harder” from the phone and they all laughed uproariously.

It was nothing for me to port-scan him and drop a common piece of malware on his phone using his Bluetooth receiver. His data plan would take a hit but I owned him now.

Then, I emailed the clip that they were watching to his wife, and everybody else on his extensive list of contacts. The message line said, “Look Who I Just Finished Doing.”  I put a “high priority” on the message. I wouldn’t want anybody to miss it.

That little bit of mischief took me almost two minutes of furious typing while I was walking across the patio.

The idea of Chad explaining THAT to his wife, friends, parents and hopefully his boss and his priest temporarily satisfied my lust for revenge. But I was determined that his over-privileged life was about to turn to absolute shit as soon as I got to my REAL gear back home.

There were a lot worse things that I could do to him. And all of those were going to happen. I walked up to the group and put a hand on his shoulder. He turned aggressively like he thought we were going to fight. I looked him over with a wicked grin on my face.

He sneered back at me and said, “I always said that Maddie was the best piece of ass I’ve ever had. She was really hot for it tonight. It was just like old times. She just loved having my cock in her. Maybe I’ll do her ass tomorrow.”

I said vey mildly, with fake compassion, “When bad things start to happen to you please think of me. And I want you to remember that you brought this on yourself.” Then I patted him sympathetically on the shoulder. And walked away

He said something to his buddies as I trudged up the stairs toward my room. They all laughed uproariously again. His phone rang. I smiled bitterly to myself.

I walked into our room. Billy was asleep in his sleeping bag at the foot of our king-sized bed. He was an innocent angel cuddling a ratty teddy-bear. Losing Maddie would be devastating to him. Fuck it! It was devastating to me!!!

I had to admit that at the ripe old age of 34 I had finally joined the human race. The excruciating pain that I was feeling was a new experience for a nowhere man. The agony and injustice of it all just overwhelmed me. My heart broke and I cried for the loss. It was like the end of the world. In many respects it was for me.

I didn’t want Billy to hear me. So I was lying face first on the bed with my head buried in a pillow. I was sobbing as I sensed the door opening and Mary and Milly coming quietly into the room. They were supporting a nearly unconscious Maddie, who was draped in between them with her arms resting on their shoulders looking for all the world like a wounded warrior.

Before she could tell what I was doing Mary said with a laugh in her voice, “What did you do to Chad. He had some kind of intense argument with his wife on the phone. Then he rushed out of here like the devil was chasing him?”

I knew that he wasn’t going anywhere involving air travel. That was because I had added him to TSA’s “No Fly” list and CAPPS II, as I was walking sadly up the stairs and to my room. I sat up and looked at her, my eyes were overflowing with tears. I sniffled and said, “You’ve got THAT right. But he hasn’t seen ANYTHING yet.”

Both Milly and Maddie realized what I had been doing. Their faces turned white with shock and fear. Mary “got” it. She said with anguish in her voice, “You have to give her a chance to explain! I’m begging you!”

I said, “I don’t think that there is any explanation for what I saw. I am done with her.”

I said with tears in my voice, “I knew that it was going to happen and I did it anyway! I can’t believe I was so cavalier with my little boy’s feelings.”

Then I added grimly, “WHEN she sobers up please tell her that I am going to give her the opportunity to help me deal with Billy’s pain. You need to convince her that she has to make this up to Billy or the awful things that are about to happen to her friend Chad are going to seem like a fun day in the park for her.

I finished with, “And if there are any long-term repercussions for Billy I am going to add your parents to my special little project. Since I am pretty sure that they had something to do with this too. You can leave her here. I will find another room for Billy and me to sleep in.”

They dumped Maddie on the bed. She sighed and curled up in a ball. She was still wearing her little black dress but at least it was pulled back down and her tits were returned to where they belonged. She flopped over on her back, which revealed to everybody that her panties were still missing. Then she started to snore.

In the meantime, I had scooped up Billy, sleeping bag and all. He fussed a little bit and then went back to sleep in my arms.

Mary stayed in the room to get Maddie under the covers. Milly followed me out into the hall and into the empty bedroom across from ours. She was wringing her hands with grief. She actually fell to her knees in a beseeching gesture, “Maddie loves you. It will kill her if you leave her. You need to talk about this with her.”

I said, “What’s there to talk about Milly? I saw her fucking her childhood sweetheart. And she seemed to be enjoying the experience immensely. She might claim that she was drunk but the effect is still the same. It took her three hours to forget about me and spread her legs for that asshole.”

Milly started to cry. She said, “Please, I’m begging you. There has to be some OTHER explanation. After what he did to her in college she hated that guy. He would be the last person in the world she would fuck around with. I don’t know what happened but you have to give her a chance to explain.”

I smiled at Milly and said with real affection in my voice, “You are a good sister and a wonderful woman but there is just no way to explain what I saw other than the obvious.

I said with regret, “Billy and I will be out of your life as early as possible tomorrow morning. I am going to tell him that Maddie is having so much fun here with her sisters that she decided to stay for a while. He won’t like it but he will buy that explanation if Maddie reinforces it.”

I added with a threat in my voice, “THEN I am going to hope that he forgets who Maddie is. I know that won’t happen but she can work with me to make him feel less abandoned. If she refuses to do that. Or plays games to get me to forgive her. I am going to expand the hurt to include all of you.”

I said mildly, “That is not a threat. It is just what is going to happen. Now please leave. I don’t want Billy to wake up in the middle of my arguing with you.”

She looked totally distraught. She wasn’t the only one. She turned and closed the door. Anguish was written on her face.

I put my sleeping angel back on the floor. I climbed into bed and turned out the light. I thought that sleep would be impossible. I wouldn’t exactly call it sleep. But I instantaneously crashed. Total system shock has that effect on a human being. My dreams were filled with more feelings of sadness and desolation than I could bear. But at least I wasn’t thinking about my bleak future for a while.

A Totally Unromantic Love Story: Part Three 

When you have been a parent as long as I have, your kid waking up is like an alarm clock. And Billy was starting to stir. The sun was streaming through the windows. It would have been a beautiful day except for the events of the night before.

I had not had the happiest of dreams. But on this day the transition from sleeping to wakeful was the most unpleasant experience of my life. Reality hit me like an NFL linebacker with rabies. And the road ahead was paved with nothing but profound desolation and dark despair. 

Billy was still slowly coming around. So before I got him up I took a piss in the ensuite, brushed my hair and teeth and pulled on a t-shirt and jeans. I was ready to deal with things now.

Billy was looking up at me with his bright blue eyes. He said puzzled, “Where’s Maddie?” His reminder of our loss triggered a momentary throbbing in my head that nearly stroked me out. But I had to hide it. You can do those kind of super-tough things for your kid.

I blithely lied, “Oh, she was so happy to see her sisters that she wanted to spend the night with them. I know that you will want to do that with little Chelsea when she gets bigger. Now how about some breakfast. Milly can’t wait to play with you.” 

He smiled his beautiful little-boy smile and said with absolute sincerity, “I LOVE aunt Milly.”

I said, “She loves you too. She wants to take you to the University’s museum today. They have ACTUAL dinosaur skeletons there. You can see them.”

His eyes went wide and he said with hushed reverence “Really???”

I laughed with sheer love for my little nerd. My life will always have meaning as long as I have Billy. I brushed his hair and dressed him in a pair of shorts and a polo shirt with an alligator on it. He slipped on his miniature topsiders. He fit in this new preppy universe a whole lot better than his daddy.

We went out into the hall. Maddie’s door was closed. Mary was sitting in a chair outside our door reading a Kindle. She looked like she had been posted there. She was extremely nervous. I didn’t blame her. She must have been waiting for Billy and me to get up.

I gave her a warning look and said cheerily, “Oh here’s Mary. She can’t wait to take us to breakfast. Maddie will be along as soon as she wakes up. She had a lot of fun last night and I know she must be a lot sleepier than we are.”

Mary caught the drift. She said, “Oh yes, Maddie had such a good time last night that she is exhausted. So she wanted to sleep for a little while longer.”

I said, “I told Billy about Milly’s plans to take him to see the dinosaurs.”

Mary looked puzzled.

I said lightly but with meaning, “Don’t you remember the thing we discussed last night? Milly told me that they have real dinosaur skeletons at the museum and that she wanted to take Billy away for the day to see them while Maddie and I talk about the fun she had last night.”

Mary “got” it. She said with fake joviality herself, “Oh yes, how could I have forgotten THAT. Milly is downstairs at breakfast waiting for you. Why don’t you two go down there? I was just going to wake Maddie up.”

Billy said, “I thought she was sleeping with her sisters?” That sent a jolt of electricity through me. He was way too perceptive for a 4-year-old. This wouldn’t be easy.

I said, “She did but her sisters woke up before she did. They didn’t have as much fun as she had.” I kept every bit of sarcasm out of my voice.

I grabbed him and said, “I feel a tickle attack coming on!” He squealed with delight and I walked down the stairs, embracing him in a deadly tickle hold, while he giggled ferociously. Milly was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. She had a huge grin on her face but it didn’t reach her eyes. Those were pools of abject misery.

I said continuing the fake jolly mood. “Here’s Milly and she is going to take you to the museum for the day.” Billy jumped out of my arms and ran to her.

He impulsively hugged her around the waist. She kissed him on top of his head. Then she bent down to talk to him and he kissed her on the cheek. Billy announced, “I love Milly as much as I love Maddie.”

Thank God he didn’t see Milly’s look of anguish, or the way her eyes began to mist. Milly said brightly, “Let’s get you two fed” and led us into the dining hall. It was not QUITE that baronial but it was close.

There was a buffet set up in chafing dishes on a side-table, in the same fashion as the classic complimentary hotel breakfast. I scooped out some scrambled eggs and a sausage for Billy. I had a yogurt. That was all I could stomach.

Billy was chattering away to Milly about what dinosaurs he hoped he would see. She was looking at him with sadness. He picked up on it and said, “Why are you so sad Milly?” The shock wave hit me again. This was going to take some intricate maneuvering. He was way too smart.

I said as rationally as I could, “Aren’t you going to be sad to leave Milly when we go home? Well she doesn’t want you to go home either.”

He said in an equally reasonable tone, like he was talking to a total idiot, “Well then, she should come with us.” We both laughed and Milly leaned over and kissed him on top of his head.

She said, “Unfortunately I live here but we will always be best friends, even if I am not with you.” The sense of loss in her voice was palpable.

He looked at her again and said in the sweetest voice, “I love you Milly.” Milly started to tear up.

Mary came downstairs. She said to me, “Maddie’s up and she wants to talk to you.”

I said, “I will as soon as we get Billy on his way to see the dinosaurs. Please tell her to wait up there and I will be up in a minute.”

Milly took the hint and said with considerable jolly energy, “Okay my junior paleontologist, let’s get going. The dinosaurs haven’t had breakfast yet and if we make them wait too long they might eat YOU.”

Billy squealed and took her hand as they headed out the door. He started playfully swinging on her arm the way kids do then they are hanging onto an adult they trust. Milly was laughing with real joy now. She turned to me and the sadness returned to her eyes. She said, “Take your time but remember what I said.” 

I promised her that I would. 

Milly and Billy exited stage left. I heard the garage door open. At that moment Mary and Maddie made their appearance, coming cautiously down the stairs.

Maddie was still walking unsteadily and it looked like she had a monster hangover. She was wearing a simple tennis skirt and polo top with boat shoes and no socks.  She was clearly terrified.

She was beautiful. Even after the night she had just experienced. She had put on a little bit of makeup, eyes and lip gloss. Her hair was carefully pulled back from her face in a ponytail. She wouldn’t even look at me. She walked silently over to the buffet and got some coffee, black.

She sat down opposite me still looking down. Mary sat next to her. She had obviously filled Maddie in about what we had witnessed the night before.

The room was silent for a few heartbeats. Finally, Maddie raised her eyes to me. You could see the absolute desolation written in them. I looked back at her sadly and said, “Maddie, I love you with all of my heart and there will never be another woman in my life. But there is no way I can trust you after what I saw and heard last night.”

She wailed, “WHAT??!! NO!! YOU PROMISED!!!”

I continued with, “Billy loves you. He considers you his mother. It will kill him when I go home without you. All I hope is that you have enough human compassion to do whatever it takes to keep this from ruining him.

I said with determination in my voice, “As much as it is killing me I will work with you for his sake. I can’t help that I am stupid but I will not let my gullibility affect my little boy. Fool me once, shame on me. But there is no going forward from this. I can’t put Billy at risk again.”

Maddie started to cry, “Noooooo.” Then she put her head down on her crossed arms and sobbed with outright abandon. She was like a little child whose heart had been utterly broken. She was so obviously hurting that I wanted to hold her and comfort her. After all, I loved her like my own life.

She raised her head and looked at me beseechingly. Tears and mascara were running down her faultless cheekbones. She said in a voice dulled with wretchedness, “Mary told me what happened. I wish I could explain it. But I have no recollection. You have to believe me when I tell you that I simply don’t remember anything.”

She sniffled, “The last thing I clearly remember was you being dragged off to the library by my dad. Then Bitsy handed me a glass of champagne. I told her that I was not going to drink while I was pregnant. She scoffed at me and told me that one glass wouldn’t hurt. My friends all joined in. They said that they just wanted to toast the happy couple.”

Maddie started to sob again. Then she said, “I took a couple of sips for appearances sake. The next thing I knew I was woozy and about to pass out. That was the last thing I recall. Then I woke up in bed this morning feeling like a truck had run over me.”

She said with disgust and agony in her voice, “I know that somebody fucked me last night. Mary says it was Chad Smithson. That makes this even more dreadful. I am sure that they already told you that he date-raped me in college. It creeps me out to even be in the same room with him.”

She said, “Bill, I love you and only you. I have no idea why I was with that man. You don’t have any concept of how much I hated and feared him. If I was going to cheat on you he would be the last person on earth that I would do it with.”

She said through her tears, “The only explanation I can offer is that whatever I was given completely wiped out my memory and removed all of my inhibitions. What you saw was a pure animal reaction. It wasn’t a conscious response. You and Billy mean everything to me.”

She looked at me pleadingly, “You have to believe that I would never willingly let that evil son-of-a-bitch touch me.”

I said, “You are obviously planning to go with the drugged defense. And maybe it’s true. I don’t know. But I imagine that whatever drug you were given is probably out of your system by now. So we will never be able to find out.

She looked at me like the noose was around her neck and I was about to pull the lever. I added quickly, “But fortunately I have the whole thing on video.”

Both Maddie and Mary gawked at me astounded.  I ducked my head in embarrassment and mumbled something apologetic, along the lines of, “I didn’t have the stomach to listen to this last night. So NOW we are going to find out exactly what happened” and I punched the play button on the I-Pad that I had put on the table between us.

When I force-paired Chad’s phone I had copied the souvenir that he had made of his pas-de-deux with Maddie. That was what I had sent to his wife. The clip started several seconds after he had pushed his cock into her. He must have taken out his phone when he bottomed out. And then videoed the rest of their little tryst holding it in his hand.

The first several seconds featured a prolonged gasp and moan. It showed asshole-breath’s cock, which was impressive, buried to the hilt in Maddie’s slit. From the perspective of the phone you could see his shiny rod start to emerge and then disappear again between her outer lips. She threw her pussy up to meet him and they got a good rhythm going. The focus was on his cock sliding in and out. Her moaning was continuous.

Maddie wailed and started to reach for the I-Pad to turn it off. Mary took a gentle hold of her hand. She shook her head. Like me, she knew that we had to get the entire thing out on the table.

The cinematography was remarkably good; given that he was fucking her at the same time. This was obviously a trophy fuck, rather than one for his personal enjoyment. He was concentrating on the photography instead of the act itself. You could hear Maddie grunting and moaning loudly over the very liquid slap of flesh on flesh. She was repeating, “That’s it! That feels so good, harder, harder.”

The perspective shifted to Maddie’s face. She was in the throes of extreme ecstasy. Her head was thrown back, lost in a frenzy of erotic sensation and unrestrained abandon Maddie burns white hot. And when her buttons get pushed the inevitable outcome is what we were seeing.

I froze the picture. I said, “This was the point where I left the scene of the crime. I witnessed everything we have seen so far in the flesh.” Maddie blanched with shame.

I added, “Up until now your story COULD be true. But I have never seen the video. And there might be something really incriminating after this. Are you strong enough to hear the rest?”

Given the stakes I was definitely not sure that I was.

She gave a quick fatalistic nod. It looked like she had just put her entire happiness on one throw of the dice. I pushed “play” again.

There were extreme effort noises, the sounds you would expect when two people are finishing off a really intense fuck. Then we heard Maddie’s voice loudly imploring, “Oh God Yesssss! I love your cock! MORE, MORE, give it to me Billy. Give it ALL to me. I’m yours!! I’ll always be YOURS!!” Then there was the sound of two people loudly cumming.

There was a short silence with a lot of panting in it. Then there was some jerky moving around as fuck-face pulled out of her, still holding the phone. She moaned loudly from the loss. He chuckled at her response.

Then he stood and muttered something like. “You won’t remember this. But I’LL always know how much you loved having my cock inside of you again.” Across the table Maddie’s face was a mask of horror.

My selfish emotion was joy. She HAD been drugged.

We heard the sound of him reassembling himself, the picture jerked crazily as he did it. Then he stumbled off up the path wobbling like he had just gone a couple of rounds with Iron Mike Tyson. From extensive personal experience I knew that a bout with Maddie can do that to you.

He focused back at her for one last shot. She was lying in exactly the same position where we had encountered her, out cold. As the clip ended he was chuckling, totally pleased with himself.

I made a solemn pledge that I was going to pull out every trick in the hacker handbook to make his pathetic life absolute shit. Most importantly, we all understood what those last few seconds meant. Maddie thought that she was fucking ME.

It is a fact that the Titanic sent the first SOS. The operator transmitted to the bitter end. He didn’t want to die without describing his tragic situation. The last few seconds of the fuck had the same brave quality to it. Catastrophe had struck Maddie’s conscious but her subconscious was still active. And it could STILL forlornly transmit her deepest feelings.

It was obvious that this was NOT some clever ploy to cover up her cheating. In the state Maddie was in there was no WAY that she could be THAT devious. First, she was barely conscious. Secondly she obviously didn’t know that she was being filmed. And finally, there was nobody else there to hear her except the piece of shit who was actually fucking her.

Fortunately, the dumb-shit had RECORDED it. And that recording was irrefutable proof that she had NOT betrayed me.

To say that BOTH Maddie and I were relieved was an understatement. She looked like the Governor had called with the reprieve. And I felt like bright skies had come out after a force five hurricane. There had probably not been so much relief written on two faces since the end of World War II.

Then as if it was scripted, the culprits walked in for breakfast. They must have heard what I had just been playing. Both of them looked thunderstruck. Mary gave them an outraged stare. Her voice had steel in it as she said, “Mother and father, we have to talk.”

The mother looked defiant. She said, “You don’t tell me what I HAVE to do young lady.”

Maddie looked at her mother with absolute contempt and said, “Sit down mother!!!”

Her mother saw the look. It was pure unmitigated loathing. Her father read it. He took his wife’s arm and sat her down at the table. He said, “You knew that we would have to have this discussion sooner-or-later My Dear.”

Maddie’s mother sat down looking angry. I thought to myself, “Maddie got her brains from her dad, not her mom.”

I looked evenly at her father and said, “You know who I am now and what I do, don’t you?”

Her dad said, “Walter filled me in after you left. You should have told me.”

I said, “It was really none of your business. But I might make YOU my business depending on what happens next.”

Her mother snorted with anger and said, “Is that a THREAT young man?!!”

Her dad surprised us all. He said harshly, “For once in your life Martha, SHUT UP!”

I said in my mildest tone of voice. “I just have to know why you did it. You owe us that.”

He looked a little sheepish and said, “Until my conversation with Walter we honestly didn’t think you were good enough for our daughter. You must understand how it looked to us, no education and no discernable career path. You were just not the right sort…”

He added with some emotion, “And a parent protects their child. You would do the same for your son, right? So YES, we conspired with a few of Maddie’s friends to get her back together with somebody who we felt was more suitable.”

Then Maddie’s Mom smiled viciously and said, “At our request, some of her friends contacted her old boyfriend Chad Smithson and he flew all the way here from Omaha on a moment’s notice to try to talk her out of marrying you. They grew up with each other. He is from a good family. He has a Harvard MBA and he has a very promising career. He never understood why Maddie and he broke up in the first place.”

Her father said, “He told us that he had always loved her and that he would do ANYTHING to get another chance with her. He wants to marry her.”

I said conversationally, “Did he say how his PRESENT wife would feel about that?”

Both of her parents said, “Chad’s MARRIED?!!!”

I said mildly, “Probably not for long” and hit “play” again.

While I was still force-paired to Chad’s phone I had recorded one last conversation.

A very angry female voice said, “You TOTAL BASTARD!!! You aren’t on a last minute BUSINESS trip!!! Somebody just sent me a video of you fucking that whore Maddie Wilson. I have ignored your infidelities, because I didn’t have concrete proof. Needless to say I am going to use this clip to make sure that you never see your kids and I am going to take you for all that you are worth.”

Asshole-breath’s voice whined, “Anita, it isn’t what you think. I couldn’t help myself. You know what a slut she was at Harvard. She came on to me. She wouldn’t leave me alone. I’m only human. It was just sex. I love you and only you...”

He had maxed-out the bullshit meter. So he ground to a halt.

She terminated the call with, “And don’t bother to come home. I will have the restraining order in place before you get back!!”

I said conversationally, “Since the last thing I did was to add old Chad, to TSA’s No-Fly and CAPPS II, coming home might take a bit longer than either of them anticipated.” The image of that sleazy piece of shit riding back to Omaha in a Greyhound made me smile.

Maddie’s parents looked stricken. Maddie wailed, “Anita was a sorority sister.”

I honestly thought that was a little beside the point. But it told me how totally messed up Maddie’s mind was at that moment. They had put her through hell and now she had to listen to THAT.

Her mother was staring straight ahead. She looked like she had just gotten a lobotomy. The confusion in the woman’s eyes was gratifying. Apparently the inevitabilities in her over-privileged life weren’t as absolute as they had been a few minutes earlier.

I turned to her dad, who was clearly the only parent who was in command of his senses. I said, “Did you know in advance that he would use a drug like Rohypnol, or Ecstasy to rape her again?”

Both of her parent’s said, “He RAPED her!!!???” Their voices were way beyond shocked. Then almost in harmony they both added quaveringly, “AGGGGAIN???!!”

Mary said with utter disdain in her voice, “He’s always been a predator. Everybody knows that! He raped Maddie back in college. That is why she was so afraid of him. Last night you two just served her up on a platter to be drugged and raped again. I am embarrassed and ashamed to be your daughter.”

Maddie’s mother just kept repeating over-and-over in a ghostly voice, “He raped her? Oh my God he raped her?”

Her father put his arm around her and said, “Come on Martha. We will get you something. You have to lie down.”

Then he turned to me and said, “We have to talk some more.”

I said, “What is it with this ‘we need to talk’ nonsense. I’m leaving for DC the minute Billy gets back. I hope Maddie consents to come with me. This has been traumatic for me and worse for her. We don’t need either of you. Someday Maddie might forgive you. After all, she’s your daughter. But I never will. And if I were you I would pay careful attention to your internet presence from now on.”

Then I turned to Mary and said, “Of course since you and Milly are honorary aunts we want you two to be around our six prospective children as much as possible.” She favored me with the most loving smile.

My Maddie, the love of my life, had been handed over to a predator because her snobby parents didn’t think that I was good enough for her? Well fuck them!!!

I turned to her father and added, “I have nothing to say to you, and you have ABSOLUTELY nothing to say to us. If it wasn’t for the fact that your “right sort” recorded this little keepsake, I would never have had the proof that I could still trust Maddie. And I would have walked away from the best thing that would happen to me in ten lifetimes.”

I added threateningly, “No amount of talking is going to make that go away. You tried to ruin my life and you caused your daughter to be violated in the worst possible way. You know who I am now and I can assure you that you are going to regret that.”

I was not planning to follow up on that threat. But it told me that I was getting way too far over the line. So I took a step back, turned and stormed out onto the patio in a frenzy of anger.

Maddie rushed out to stand apprehensively in front of me. She put her hands on my shoulders as I hyperventilated with fury. She regarded me solemnly with those beautiful intelligent eyes. They were staring deep into my soul.

Then she reached up on tip-toes, gave me the sweetest, most innocent kiss and said timidly, “We’re okay, right?”

It was a simple little question with a world of hope and anguish hidden in it. I had thought that I had lost her. And if it was not for the happenstance of Chad wanting a little something to remember her by, we would have gone our separate ways.

I had made a trip from “blissful”, by way of “shattered”, to “thankful” in a single day. That was as close to walking over a cliff as you can get. I said with infinite relief, “We will always be okay, as long as this never ends. I promise that I will never stop loving you.”

On the other hand, as a result of the past 12 hours I had felt a sea change occur in our relationship. And it was probably a good thing for us.

I had always felt that Maddie WAS too good for me. In the end that insecurity was going to kill our relationship. Married people have to be, as the bible puts it, “Equally yoked.” And to this point Maddie was always the dominant one. She was the one with all of the leverage and in the back of her mind she knew it.

Yet, after I had seen her with Chad I was fully prepared to take Billy and walk away. I had accepted that we were finished and I had moved on in my mind.  She understood that I had made the commitment to leave and was resolved to do so.  And it just killed her. That strengthened my hand immeasurably.

It would be excruciating if I ever had to leave her in the future. But it was always a viable option, which I knew I could take. And Maddie knew it too. In my mind that newfound strength only brought us closer together. That was because we were now on a much more equal footing.

I also think that the events of the past 24 hours had opened Maddie’s eyes and increased her respect for me as a potential life partner.

In every way Maddie is a traditional high-achiever. She has all of the pedigree and college degrees. But it was my unconventional black art that had saved the day. And the knowledge of my clandestine friends and associates was what had her father shitting a brick.

More importantly at this particular moment, our new much closer to equal status was clearly turning her on. I looked into those tawny cat eyes and I could see the hunger and unrequited lust. She wanted a make-up fuck in the worst possible way.

I took her arm, turned her to face across the patio and said, “Let’s take a little walk.”

When we reached the lawn we walked toward the gazebo, which was off in the distance. She said with trepidation stealing into her voice, “Where are we going? I don’t EVER want to go back there. That is where Mary said it happened.”

I said a bit more forcefully then I might have, “That is EXACTLY where we are going. We are going back there NOW to thoroughly exorcise any demons that might be hanging around that place.”

Maddie gave a little sob of relief and hugged my arm, smashing it against one big floating breast.

She said with continuing seriousness, “Do you understand what I was talking about now? Do you see how I grew up and the pressures I was constantly under? If you DO you will know why I want what we have now. I want it with every fiber of my being. You can see that attitude as selfish if you like. But I would never take a chance of losing this blissful state of peace, acceptance and comradeship, and the absolute reward of the many children that I will give you.”

Then she said with sincerity, “We are stronger for having gone through this. But, I would rather that you saw our bond as what it actually always was. You are a good man and I respect you way too much to hurt you in any way. I was yours from the instant I saw you sitting there in that chair. I will always be yours. I would never willingly betray you.”

That was something to think about as we walked. I had always counted on Maddie’s sense of our deep personal connection. But I had never understood her motivations. After spending a weekend with Doctor and Mrs. Doctor Machiavelli and meeting the shallowest and most malicious set of “friends” a girl could ever ask for, I saw exactly WHY she wanted out of that slough of despond.

And I could understand for the first time why she envied me rather than the other way around.

Not many people would have friends who would maneuver you into a situation like Maddie’s had done. Worse, they did it on behalf of a person who most of them knew had committed the unpardonable crime. The old adage, “With friends like these….” definitely applied here.

Maddie and her sisters are genuine, loving people with a strong sense of values and a need to do the right thing. They all adore children, which speaks to their kind and nurturing nature. More importantly they supported each other, unselfishly and without hesitation throughout our troubles.

I could still remember Milly on her knees like a supplicant begging me to not throw Maddie away. Given that she was also 3 or 4 levels out of my league, her willingness to humble herself for her sister’s sake spoke volumes about who she was as a person.

I didn’t need to be any more perceptive to fully accept that Maddie was the woman that I had always thought her to be, kind, generous and totally committed to her family.

The easy rapport and friendship that have been the hallmark of our relationship from the instant that we met was something that long-time married couples have. You can’t learn how to do that. It is just there from the beginning. That is, IF you pick the right mate to start with.

The fact that she was also the hottest fuck in the entire District of Columbia was exactly what you would expect from a woman whose soul burned with Maddie’s bright intensity. And now I was certain that all of that fire was devoted to me. 

I looked down at her as we strolled down that fateful path toward the scene of last night’s crime. I could almost understand what motivated the fucker to do what he did. Maddie is a walking wet-dream.

Her face can only be described as gorgeous, ideally proportioned dark features, huge eyes and that full wide sensuous mouth.  She is shorter than average. But she is substantial, huge breasts, full hips and the world’s nicest roundest and biggest set of rock hard buns.

Nonetheless, it is her overall aura of happiness, her spirit with that unquenchable need to love and be loved. That is what sets her apart and captivated me.

Everybody can see it. I remember the reaction of my next door neighbors the very first day that Maddie and I were actually together. Maddie interacted with me like we had been married for years, which caused a bit of confusion with Tom and Nancy since they had never seen me with a woman before. It was like, “Where have you been hiding your wife?”

We reached the gazebo. She was panicked, freaked out. I could see it in her eyes. I said, “We are going to wipe every vestige of last night out of this place with a blast of true married sex.

She looked terrified. She said, “I was lying on that couch. I saw it in the video but I don’t remember it”

I looked into her enormous, wide-set eyes and I could see that she was both upset at the thought of what had happened there and absolutely craving unrestrained jungle sex with me this instant. I shushed her and turned her to face me. Her massive boobs were rubbing on my stomach their nipples already standing out in steep points.

I tenderly kissed her. I am a foot taller than she is and she had to stand on her tip-toes to do it. But she kissed me back with simple tenderness and affection, the way a wife would.

Then you could feel the sheer desire hit her. It was like she had suddenly been struck by lightning. Her hard little body tensed. She groaned loudly and her mouth opened like a flower. Her kiss became heated, her tongue almost wild. She had one hand behind my head and one arm around my neck making little sighs.

Then she moaned loudly again and literally climbed me like a pole. She swung her strong dancer’s legs up and wrapped them around my butt jamming her pussy against the bulge in my pants. She hunched her mound against me for a count of about five, leaning away with her head thrown back and with her arms clasped tightly around my neck. Then she came like a crazy woman, wailing and moaning.

She was bucking frantically, while attached to my front now, hugging me like a spider monkey. It was all-in all both intense comedy and the most erotic thing I had ever experienced. 

I walked us both over to the couch, with her still writhing against me in the grip of a strong orgasm. Her head was thrown back, arms around my neck almost strangling me. And she was urgently repeating her mantra of, “Fuckme-Fuckme-Fuckme-Fuckme!!” 

I deposited her on the couch. Her legs still wrapped around me holding my crotch to hers. She was wild with passion bucking against me and those ardent legs were about to be a problem because there wasn’t a micron of separation between her panty-clad pussy and my zipper.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to reason with her. She was so far beyond out of control that she was plainly in her own special world. Yet, I couldn’t clear the decks below until I could get her to stop dry-humping me.

I pushed her back onto the couch. She made a deep contented noise, like she had been waiting to be laid on her back. Then she put one arm up to shield her eyes, just as she had done last night. The image of Chad buried to the hilt in her in the exact same position flashed across my mind. The anger overwhelmed me and I temporarily stopped all participation in the fuck.

Maddie was so lost in her own desire that she didn’t even notice what had happened. Her mouth was open in the widest “O”. I couldn’t see her eyes, which were under her arm.She was lying on her back panting and moaning and rhythmically pulling herself into me using her legs, which were still wrapped around my butt.

Then she just shrieked, “Oh-my-God! Oh-my-God! Oh-my-God! Oh-my-God!” and came again; very loudly and wetly, wailing with desire and bucking frantically. The two giant mounds of her breasts were swaying like an earthquake under her polo shirt. Chad had fucked her for an intense fifteen minutes and had not gotten a reaction like that.

She opened her eyes and hissed, “I have to have you inside me, you’ve got to put your cock in my little pussy. You’ve got to DO it. Do it NOW!!” She was in the grip of overwhelming lust, so much so that her voice had deepened. She almost sounded like one of those anime demons.

I pushed her legs apart to unzip my pants and I got Old Lucifer out. He was hard as molybdenum and looked like the Empire State Building. Maddie would do that to any man. But her exceptional need for me in this instance was something special. The smell of her arousal was like a flashing beacon.

I pulled the gusset of her panties aside, which were absolutely drenched, and pushed into the middle of an active volcano. She was hot enough inside to nearly burn me. Her inner walls were churning with lightning strike contractions. Her thighs gripped me like she was riding a bronco.

It was easy to penetrate her to the top. She was so well lubricated that she was dripping down the crack of her ass. She gave a loud snort that could have been heard back in the house and raised her legs in the widest “V” imaginable. I put my arms behind the backs of them and spread her slightly wider, driving her knees back almost to her shoulders.

She shouted, “That’s it baby!! Fuck me, pound me, make it hurt, I loooove you!!”  That was all in a tone of voice like she was at Churchill Downs, it was the Kentucky Derby, and she was encouraging the horse she had just bet on down to the wire. 

I was expending all of my energy driving her hips into the cushions of the couch. Her tits were flailing wildly under her shirt, I heard a loud snap as her bra couldn’t take the strain any longer and disintegrated. Then her boobs really began to bounce on her chest.

All the time the only sound was a very liquid slurp-slurp-slurp, flesh slapping on flesh and Maddie making little ug-ug-ug grunting noises. She was rotating her hips underneath all of that pounding. It was like she was dancing the hula, which had the effect of rotating me inside her in 360 degree arcs.

The feeling of her insides, both hot and silky and also violently roiling, like the ocean in a storm, was getting me there faster than I wanted to get. I looked at her beautiful face. It was lost in passion, her mouth wide open and her eyes rolled up in her head. They were visible now that both hands were frantically clawing at my ass.

Her chest was heaving violently with her huge mounded boobs flopping wildly underneath her shirt. That last vision did it, I completely lost it. I heard myself give a low growl and then it was more like a scene out of Animal Planet.

I was grunting like a wild boar, she shrieked with outright visceral passion and we began to collide at the point where we joined. It was not so much sex as it was cage wrestling.  She writhed like a snake under me. I continued to ram her as hard as I could. As we did it she was shrieking over and over, “More-more-more-more-deeper-deeper-deeper!!!”

Then she spasmed. It wasn’t so much an orgasm as it was a feat of strength. It was an amazing demonstration of the power of her muscular little body. Her back arched in a bow, literally lifting me off the ground at the point where I was buried in her. Then her legs, which I was holding back to her shoulders with my arms broke free of my grip and began to quiver and shake.

She shot them out to the side at an almost 45-degree angle and I could feel them vibrating at a fantastic rate. It was like she was trying to shake something off her legs. Her well-developed little feet were bouncing around on the end of her legs like they were not under her control, toes tightly curled.

Meanwhile she was soaking me with her juices. Her pussy was literally sucking on me, while her whole love channel pulsated. It was about as close to a full body orgasm as any woman will ever achieve.

I couldn’t stand the stimulation any longer and I came. Cumming is not the correct word. It felt like I transferred my male genetalia, cock balls and all into her famished hole. It was an exquisite sensation; maximum pain and supreme pleasure all in one moment.

It took me a very long time to get my awareness back. She was out cold. Lying on her back, breathing like a sprinter and with me slowly shrinking out of her. Her arms were at her sides. Her feet were flat on the floor. She looked as totally fucked out as any woman since Eve. 

It was also almost the exact same position I had seen her in last night when we came to get her. Anger flared and subsided. She opened her eyes slowly. She looked panic stricken. I said with all of the gentleness and love I could muster, “Welcome back my love.” There were a lot of meanings in that statement, all of them sincerely felt.

She smiled wistfully and said, “I adore you.  I have never come like that in my life. It was probably the fear of your loss and the horror of last night but it was beyond earth shaking. I felt like my insides were being squeezed out of me.”

I continued to rest on my knees. I was between her spread legs, with my totally depleted cock lying against her very messy pussy. The heat from her was waking Old Lucifer up. Round two was in the offing.

The languid Maddie was instantly replaced by my spirited partner.

She smacked me on the arm and said, “Get off!!! We have to get back to the house before Billy gets back so we can arrange things. I don’t want him to even suspect what happened. And I have a heck of a lot of cleaning to do thanks to you.” She started reassembling her wardrobe.

I laughed as I was standing up and zipping. The Maddie I knew had returned. We were back together with a gusto. And all of the evil spirits of preppies past had been banished from our world.

We entered the lounge area through the patio.  Thank God Mary was the only one sitting there. We both looked so well-fucked that I am sure her parents would have had us flogged. I had the physically exhausted look of a man who had been through a rousing workout with a Marine Drill Sergeant.

Maddie’s lovely thick hair looked like she had run it through a wind tunnel. Her bra had been so thoroughly destroyed that her tits were swinging back and forth as she walked and she was moving around bowlegged. I didn’t even want to think about why that was.

Mary looked delighted. She said with considerable irony, “Well, I see that you two have worked things out.”

Maddie walked over to Mary and tenderly kissed her on her cheek. She said simply, “Thank you.”

Mary teared up.

Maddie said, “We have gotten past the present disaster and now nothing will ever drive us apart again. We are going down to the court house now to get married and we want you and Milly to come along.”

That was news to me; welcome news, but news nonetheless.  I am a well-trained male. I know who holds the script. Maddie added, “I’m sorry but please do not tell mother, or father. I will forgive them someday but the wounds are too raw right now.”

Billy and Milly made their appearance at that point. Mary must have called her to tell her the coast was clear. Billy was beyond excited. He was clutching half a museum’s worth of souvenir fossils in a plastic bag. He said with delight, “Milly bought these for me. I can curate my own collection.”

I thought, “Seriously? Curate? How old is this kid?”

Milly came up to me and lightly kissed me on the cheek. She said, “This means everything to me.”

I took both of her hands and said, “You were a rock. I will never be able to repay you.” It was Milly’s turn to get misty eyed.

Maddie was back to her usual high spirits. She said, “You all need to get dressed. We have a wedding to attend.” 

I was afraid that Milly’s shriek of delight would attract their parents, but apparently Martha was off somewhere having the vapors and Bud must have been out riding the grounds, or one of the female servants, or whatever the Lord of the Manor does in his spare time.

Maddie went upstairs with Billy.  I walked upstairs with them. Of course I was immediately banished from the bridal chamber. She told me it was bad luck. I was thinking, “Sheeeze! How much worse could our luck get?” But I didn’t want to tempt fate.

I was sitting downstairs reading and drinking a cup of tea when Maddie came down with Billy. I dropped the cup in sheer wonder. She was in a simple vintage Laura Ashley dress. It was pure white linen with a low scoop in the front and it had “my wedding dress” written all over it. The shoes were taupe with four inch heels.

And she had gone all-out with the things women do to make themselves look exceptional.

Maddie’s beauty is a scientific fact. There is a mathematical conceptualization called “the Golden Ratio”, which is a proportional arrangement of things that humans perceive as “beauty”. Mattie’s face is right on that proportion, 1.618 or Phi, and it is hypnotic. I couldn’t stop looking at her.

But I tore myself away from that beautiful face as soon as I saw who she was leading hand-in-hand down the stairs. It was a small boy in kid sized morning dress.  He looked as proud as he could be. Since it had clearly been tailored for Billy it must have been THEIR little secret. She looked at me impishly and said, “I needed somebody to give me away and YOU needed a best man.”

We were driven into downtown Ann Arbor in a big black Suburban, not unlike the ones I see the President riding around in in DC. Milly was in a pure silk floral print that was both simple and screamed expensive. Mary was in one of her usual business dresses. She is a Partner in a CPA firm. Her outfit was classy, while still sexy beyond belief.

The ceremony was performed by a judge who of course knew Dr. Bud and Dr. Martha. Maddie blithely explained that they were not able to make the ceremony.  The judge looked skeptical. Maddie looked lawyerly. The judge performed the ceremony.

At the point where he got to, “Who gives this woman”, a little voice next to her said with firm and unyielding authority, “I do.”

When the judge asked for a ring my four-year-old best man, who had now moved over to stand beside ME produced a brilliant ring that I had made especially for my new wife. She had never seen it. Billy and I can keep a few secrets too.

It was a flawless five caret Blue Ceylon sapphire set between two, three caret diamonds on a white gold band. Based on what I had spent on it I knew that the next several generations would be wearing it at THEIR weddings. It shone like a supernova as I slipped it on her finger.

She gasped in wonder. The two bridesmaids broke protocol to mob her to see it. The judge did his part about pronouncing us man and wife. He then stomped off to his office. My guess was that he was going to give old Bud a call.

Two ecstatic women were milling around the bride. Then Maddie threw herself into my arms, hugged that tight little body with its big soft boobs against me and said with command in her voice, “You may kiss the bride.”

Did I mention that she was bossy? 


It was Commissioning Week. Billy was standing among the steadfast white-clad ranks of Midshipmen. As a Battalion Commander he was at rigid attention in front of his battalion. He had already qualified for Naval Aviation’s advanced strike pipeline.  He would leave for his assignment at NAS Pensacola today.

It was Maddie who had given our son the confidence to be a carrier pilot.  She was standing next to me, my perfect soul mate of a wife, beaming with pride at him. She had raised the damaged little boy, who she had first encountered, into the outstanding specimen of All-American manhood who was standing in front of us now. She had also managed turn a solitary 34-year-old nerd, into a 52-year-old man of some influence and wealth.

My exquisite Chelsea was standing next to me. She was weeping with joy. She and Billy have always had a special bond. Maddie created that. I didn’t think it could be possible for any woman to outshine Maddie for sheer womanly beauty but my beautiful Chelsea had done it. 

Chelsea is going to MIT, rather than off to read the classics at her mother’s alma mater.  Apparently gorgeous 18-year-old girls with Chelsea’s formidable talents in mathematics and theoretical computing are quite rare. I like to think that she got some of that from me but her mother is the smart one.

The rest of my children were strung out next to Maddie, all holding little signs congratulating Billy. They were spaced an ideal two years apart. Both of them were as bright and well-brought up as you would expect from any product of Maddie’s mothering.

Sixteen-year-old Janey is the athlete. She is already taller than average, like her aunt Mary. She was just included on the Women’s Youth Soccer ODP for the National Team. Where Chelsea has Maddie’s extreme sex appeal, Janey comes off more like the Goddess Athena. She has a natural clean-cut almost aesthetic beauty that radiates good health and extreme athleticism. She is interested in boys. But she is a lot more interested in being a female Olympian.

Lanky fourteen-year-old Tom is the one I claim. He is the one who picked up my black arts. Except he did it by age ten. I knew that I had to train him simply to keep him just this side of the line. That was a smart move on my part because he has already surpassed me as a super-hacker. But in cyberspace he is the original good-guy white-hatter. And I am certain that the adults who utilize his skills would faint dead away if they knew how old he actually was.  

Milly and her husband stood on the other side of me. She went into medicine and has been a practicing Pediatrician for ten years. There are other specialties that pay more. But Milly loves kids and they are who she wants to spend her life helping. Her husband is an all-around good guy and s man’s-man. He is an academic and part time with USAID so Milly has had plenty of opportunity to take care of children in some very interesting Third World places. They plan to have their own brood once Milly gets her fill of saving the world.

Mary worked her way into a senior partnership at Deloitte. She never married. She is definitely NOT an old maid though. She seems to like them gorgeous and energetic, with a lot of variety. And with her money she has the pick of the litter. The guy standing next to her was some kind of Brazilian stud, gorgeous and ten years younger. And he might as well have shown up with a leash on him.

Me, I have my perfect friend and life-companion. We raise our kids and live our lives as partners and we spend as much time as possible together visiting interesting places. Maddie still turns heads, especially when we are in Italy. And she is still the hottest fuck in the entire beltway.

I have not had the balls to question my good fortune but I always wonder what would have happened if I had not given in to my voyeuristic nature. I know that some of you are thinking, “How could you go through life with a woman you met at a gangbang?” And I understand your point. But it is hard to argue with a lifetime of results.

There is no moral to the story. Except perhaps the thought that sometimes lady fortune chooses to favor you. And you should never ask her questions if she does. Lady luck doesn’t like questions.


Author's Note: That is first story in the series. If you liked this one, the story continues in “The Short Happy Life of Island Billy”

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