My Slave

My Slave

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Romantic, erotic, controlling encounter


Romantic, erotic, controlling encounter


Submitted: September 25, 2012

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Submitted: September 25, 2012



You sit on the edge of the bed, face turned down slightly, hair hanging over your eyes, afraid to look but listening, desperate for a sign, a signal, a command. Waiting for me to finish my shower, to come to you, to pay attention to you, to worship you.

Your legs vibrate with anticipation, your tight jeans rubbing against your smoothly shaved pussy and ass, no panties to protect your sensitive areas from the rough seams.

Your nipples are hard, painfully hard, brushing against the white cotton tank top you were told to wear. You can smell the heat from your sex, the wetness of your body, both from your own recent shower and your building excitement.

You are curious, slightly scared, but content in your absolute trust in your master. You are here to do what I say, what I command, but you know I am driven by the single goal of providing you with ultimate pleasure.

You wonder what toy we will use tonight, the nipple clamps, the vibrator, the butt plug....or something new, thrilling, delightfully naughty, maybe a paddle. Or will I just use my fingers, my tongue and my cock.

Will I come inside you this time, in your mouth, in your pussy or in your ass. Or will I spread my hot come all over you, rubbing it into your skin, into your pussy, making you come as I do. Or on your tits, your neck and your face letting you taste it. The excitement builds thinking of watching the spurts fly from my cock all over your beautiful face and in your hair.

You squirm a bit, impatiently, causing your erect clit to rub against your pants,. Waves of pleasure course through you. You wonder if you could come, just sitting here waiting, and if you did would I know, would I be upset and would I punish you?

You squirm some more, determined to relieve the pressure building in your wet pussy. Just a small one you think, just while you are waiting, I would be happy you tell yourself.

You reach up and pinch your nipple through your shirt, rubbing your legs together slowly, increasing the friction on your clit, the wetness from your pussy soaking through your pants, filling the room with your scent. You feel yourself fall over the edge, coming in waves now, pinching you nipples hard, making the sensation last, moaning, gasping, trying not to cry out, wishing you could plunge your fingers deep inside your wet pussy and come again and again.

You recover slightly and sit and wait again, breathing hard, trying to recover before I finish my shower, knowing I will be able to tell and worried you will be punished. You want me to lick the wetness from your pulsing clit, want me to make your clit wetter, harder until you come again.

I come out of the shower and see you sitting there. A picture of beauty and sensuality. I can see you wriggling, shaking, I can smell your arousal, I know you are ready to come.

I want to take you roughly, quickly, pulling your hair, holding your neck, sinking my hard cock deep inside you and pumping until we both explode, but I decide that tonight we will go slow. I walk to the bed and grab your chin, turning your head up towards me I kiss you lightly. Worshiping your face, your chin, cheeks, eyelids, finally kissing you on the lips. I feel your lips part and your tongue dart out but I pull back.

I pull back your hair to see your face, marveling at your beauty, amazed that you are mine, mine to do with as I please.

I know you will not say no, to anything. The unspoken agreement is that I will not push you beyond where you are comfortable. It is the searching for the edge, the slow progression towards total abandon, total submission, total pleasure that we both enjoy so much.

What will we do tonight?

I tell you to take off you shirt, I love to watch your breasts as they are slowly revealed under the edge of you shirt, the way they pull up and then fall back down. I love to watch the weight of them, to see how hard your nipple are, revealing your intense arousal.

You flush when you notice my gaze, you are shy even though I have seen you naked many times.

"Lick your fingers and pinch your nipples for me" I command.

You comply, quickly, licking both fingers, pinching both nipples at the same time. I watch your eyes close and your head tilt back. A soft moan escapes your lips. I bring my head down close to your ear and command you not to come. You pinch your nipples harder at the sound of my voice, the desire to be possessed overwhelming you.

I push you onto your back and straddle your waist, watching you playing with your nipples. I am naked and still wet from the shower, my growing excitement obvious from my hard cock now lying softly against your taut belly. I lick my hand and begin to stroke myself, "Look at me" I whisper softly.

You open your eyes and I can see the lust burning in them. You glance at my hard cock and lick you lips. I rub a bit faster then lean forward and grab the back of your neck. I push my cock deep in your mouth, almost losing control and bursting the second your lips touch me. But I hold back, slowly stroking in and out, holding your head, telling you how good you are, how dirty you are.

You let me guide your head, trusting me, knowing I will push to the edge and no further. You open your throat and my cock slips in, pausing deep in your throat until I see your eyes widen. I slowly remove it an allow you to catch your breath before plunging back in. You lick greedily at my balls as they brush against your chin.

I move back down, getting off the bed and working to get your pants off, snap, zipper, each piece of skin revealed getting attention from my hands and lips. You are pushing against me, vainly attempting to get me to lick your wetness. I pull you pants off and throw them on the floor. I can smell you excitement, the desire to plunge into you once again almost overtaking me.

I turn you over and tell you to get on your knees. You ass is now front and center. I push your head down into the bed. I tell you to reach back and spread yourself for me. First one hand then the other reach back, grabbing your shapely ass cheeks. You spread them for me, revealing your pink, hot wetness. Your fingers rub the edge of you asshole, desperate for stimulation, desperate for penetration.

You are very modest and exposing yourself in this way creates massively conflicting emotions....absolute embarassment and absolute desire. I see you stroking your asshole and tell you to stop. That is my job.

I lick my finger and run it down from your tiny little ass hole to your clit, again and again, touching lightly but directly the most sensitive parts of you. I can see the folds of your pussy openning and the wetness inside dripping, flowing more insistently, dripping down your leg. I reach out my tongue to taste you, licking in the opposite direction of my fingers, starting at your clit and ending at your sensitive butt.

Salty, sweet, your taste is everything that I dream of, I can't get enough. I can tell as I lick that you are reaching the point of no return and I back off slightly. I lick both thumbs and push them inside you, pulling your pussy open, stretching you, exposing you further. I lick slowly at your clit, running my tongue up into your gaping pussy. Licking at the sensitive spot where your pussy meets your asshole. I stick my tongue deep inside, lapping out your wetness and then back to your clit. My thumbs working in and out as they continue to stretch your pussy.

Licking two fingers now I push them slowy into you. Stopping at your g-spot for a moment but pushing deeeper inside, probing, pushing exploring your pussy the way you enjoy.

As my fingers return you your g-spot to rub in slow circles I dip my tongue in to you ass. Pushing my tongue inside, in and out. I hear your moans and I know where I am going to finish. But first I need to make you explode.

I continue to move my fingers inside you, adding a third finger to fill you up but still be able to hit your g-spot. I think about the fourth but decide to wait for another night for that adventure.

I move my mouth to your asshole, sucking, licking, rubbing with my tongue, my fingers moving relentlessly inside you. I start whispering about how I am going to fuck you, fuck you little ass and come deep inside you. You push back against my tongue and fingers and I know you are ready. My thumb reaches around to your clit and rubs hard, in time with my fingers inside. I can feel your ass clench, your pussy tighten, your wetness increase. Your hands move to your nipples and pinch hard as you come.

I keep up the intensity, rubbing, probing, licking, you move from one orgasm directly into the next, no time to breath or recover. Again and then again. I wonder how many you can have but I decide it is enough for now. There will be more later.

I turn you slowly onto your back, your face is red, your hair sweaty, you look exhausted but happy and fulfilled.

I tell you to grab your knees and pull them up as high as you can. Pulling them apart you reveal your sweet pink center to me again. I resist the urge to lick your gaping wetness, instead focusing on your breasts and nipples. I kiss your lips and suck on your tongue. I am over the top, lusting of you, wanting you, wanting to taste every inch of you.

I am so hard it is painful, looking in your eyes I push myself slowly into you. Your eyes go wide as I enter your wet pussy. As much as I love to please you this is about me I want to fill you up. I push deep inside you, pumping, thrusting. I push your knees back, opening you further to me. I slam desperately into you, banging up against your cervix, each thrust sending jolts of pleasure through both of us. I can tell you want to rub your clit, to come again, but I tell you not to, not yet.

I reach over and grab the bottle of lube, your eyes go wide, knowing what is going to happen. I pull out, leaving you gaping, pulsing, ready to come. I pour the lube all over rmy cock, all over your ass and pussy. I prop a pillow under your back, your little rosebud fully exposed to me. I am stroking myself, almost ready to come.

I push a finger inside your ass, slowly, you tighten up at first but then relax. I push in and out, slowly opening you up. I push a second finger inside making sure the lube is everywhere. I push deep into your ass, owning you completely, now a third finger, you are bucking against my hand, insane with desire.

I tell you to start rubbing your clit, to get ready to come with me.

I move up close and push my hard cock against your little ass hole. Slowly, slowly I push it inside. You wiggle and squirm but don't say a word. Your eyes are wide but I can see the lust inside, the abandon, the desire to be totally possessed. The head of my cock pops in and I stop, let you relax before pushing farther. The urge to come now burning inside me. I breath and wait. You rub your clit more insistently, passion overtaking you. You grab my legs and pull yourself towards me, desperate to be filled. I start to push inside you, slowly back and forth, deeper with each stroke, faster and faster. I am now buried deep inside you, stroking the full length of my cock in and out of your tight ass.

You rub your clit and tell me you are ready to come, you yell at me to come with you. I increase my insistent stroking, watching your eyes. I can feel you coming, I can feel your ass spasming around my cock and I let myself go, pulsing, throbbing I fill you with come. I can feel your ass clenching pulling me in deeper as you come. I am still inside you, still a bit hard. I push three fingers into your pussy and rub your clit with my thumb again. You buck against me, coming again and then a third time, while I am still inside you.

I pull out slowly and we lie beside each other, covered in sweat and lube, happy, tired, content.

We fall asleep in each others arms.

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