The School Is Our Playground

The School Is Our Playground

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Continuation of After School Special. Deeper characterization. Richer plot. More loveable characters to enjoy. Oliver Moore is still trying to adjust to his high school teacher and all around ice Queen, Dakota Elkins, secretly living life as his "sex" slave. Trying to control her and his adolescent life is more than he expected when his friends start to get curious about the new fling he keeps hidden and an even more manipulative ex girlfriend is out to expose them. But if he can pull it off my be this arrangement will be all he needs to complete his life.


Continuation of After School Special. Deeper characterization. Richer plot. More loveable characters to enjoy.

Oliver Moore is still trying to adjust to his high school teacher and all around ice Queen, Dakota Elkins, secretly living life as his "sex" slave. Trying to control her and his adolescent life is more than he expected when his friends start to get curious about the new fling he keeps hidden and an even more manipulative ex girlfriend is out to expose them. But if he can pull it off my be this arrangement will be all he needs to complete his life.

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Classes for the day had entered their last hour.

Oliver was sitting in the front of the room absentmindedly staring out of the window. He was trying not to make eye contact with her, but her voice would draw his eyes as she went on with her days lesson. 

Dakota Elkins. She was that one teacher that was so impossibly attractive that both students and staff would fantasize about her. She also had gotten a reputation around the school as the the strict Ice Princess because of her cold demeanor and attitude towards others. This made her practically unapproachable. If people only knew her true self as intimately as he had recently discovered.

She was sitting in a stool in front of her desk reading notes off of a print out. She uncrossed her legs, adjusted her position, then crossed them back. At first nothing seemed out of ordinary but then Oliver noticed. From his slouched position, he could see more than a glimpse up her skirt and to her panties.

They were a deep lavender with black lace trimmings. His heartbeat spiked as he jumped up right. She paused mid sentence and knowingly adjusted her glasses. Her expression never changed from the displeasure that she frequently wore.

As far as he could tell no one noticed the gesture. Too busy socializing with friends and not paying attention like high schoolers tend to do. He turned his head from her and blushed. She cleared her throat. Then she cleared it again.

The class took that as their cue to stop the talking and pay attention. But Oliver knew that was a cue specifically for him. He reached in the coat pocket of his school uniform and clicked the button on a small remote.

She dropped the papers into her lap and tensed a few notches. She slowly sucked in air. A look of confusion set across everyone's face. They would never believe their teacher would ever knowingly place a mini remote controlled vibrator inside of her panties. And they certainly wouldn't believe she would give Oliver the remote to it and beg him to use it during her lesson. If it wasn't happening to him right now, he would never believe it himself. But that didn't stop her from giving him the remote early that morning.

One of the female students finally worked up the courage to speak. "Ms. Elkins? Are you feeling ill?" 

She adjusted her frames and once again took up the printouts into her hands. "I appreciate your concern Ms. Crestmere, but I'm more concerned with your grades. Be sure to take adequate notes if you will."

The class chuckled a bit as Alison Crestmere angrily slumped in her desk. Oliver could hear her utter a curse as she did. Dakota cleared  her throat again before getting back to the notes. What was she thinking spacing out like that? Does she want to be caught. Oliver rubbed his forehead.

The bell rang signaling the end of the day. No one moved out of respect and fear. Mostly fear. Dakota considered it bad form to leave without being dismissed and didn't tolerate disrespect of her classroom.

"Tonight's homework is to translate the entire monologue from Act two Scene one into your own styles and be prepared to give a quick presentation on Friday. You are dismissed for the day."

The room stood to their feet and gathered their belongings. A few complained about the assignment while others snickered and joked about starting it at the last minute.

Oliver slipped his books and folders into his bag and threw it over his shoulder as he rose to his feet. His mind instantly went to video games. He planned to get right to play when he arrived home. His little sister had text him, when she arrived home from school, that his rental from GameFly had arrived.

"Mr. Moore could you please stay behind for a minute? I have a matter to discuss with you." Dakota's stern voice gave him pause.

"Can we talk tomorrow? I have to get to my boxing class." He hesitated hoping she didn't catch on to his half lie. While he did usually have classes at the dojo Wednesdays and Saturdays, it wouldn't be open this Wednesday.

"It can't he helped. I simply can not be put it off." She shot back in a tone that didn't leave much choice.

Oliver's longtime best friend Ricardo patted him on the shoulder on his way out. "Good luck my friend." Then he whispered in his ear. "I'll call you in thirty minutes to make sure she didn't devour your soul." Richard nodded his head in confirmation.

Oliver had remained silently for nearly twenty minutes after the room had cleared out. The hall they were on had been completely deserted. Dakota was behind her desk inputting data into her computer. Her crème colored skin had become noticeably sweaty.

He broke the silence. " Uh Ms. Elkins..." She held a finger up, effectively hushing him.

Five more minutes passed. Dakota glanced from her computer to a bored Oliver tapping his foot. She pushed away from the computer and removed her glasses to rub her hazel eyes. She stood and started to walk around the desk when her legs gave out on her. She tumbled to the floor knocking over several items that decorated her desk.

Oliver rushed to her side. "Ms Elkins! Are you okay?"

"That's wrong Oliver. We agreed when no one is around we would use first name's. Please try it again."

"Ms. Elk... Dakota..." He didn't understand it completely but it just felt weird using first name's between the academy's staff. Then again everything between them had become weird. 

Her icy disposition faded as she smirked. "It feels weird doesn't it?"

"Got that right."

"But it's also oddly erotic. Your heart is beating so hard it might jump from your chest." Her hand held his chest. They had locked gazes. Her eyes closed as she moved slowly to his lips. He swallowed his feelings and stood. That was close.

"I'm leaving!"

"Oliver wait. I don't think I can walk." She called out as he opened the door.

"How is that my problem?"

"Because it's your fault I'm like this. Please do take responsibility." 

"Me? What did I do?"

"It's what you didn't do. Like flipping that remote to off."

"Oh crap." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the remote and switched it to off. It was on this whole time and she endured it?

"You left it on for nearly two hours, my legs are completely numb. I won't be able to use them for some time. This is quite the punishment my master." She winked at him.

"Don't call me that!"

"At any rate Oliver would you be a dear and help me remove it. It will be rather difficult to do myself without being able to move my bottom half wouldn't you agree?"

"You can't be seriously way. I couldn't."

"It isn't like I can ask someone else. Besides this is your duty as a master." Her face was stern again. "This was apart of our deal, so take responsibility!"

"Alright, stop yelling before someone hears you." 

He bent down and slid her panties to one side. The musk radiating from her hit him the instant she was exposed. He could taste her on his tongue. It was like tangerines, sweet and refreshing.

He began to pull the toy out by its end. It noisily made a slimy sound as it exited the flooded canal. Dakota's breathing went ragged when the last inch plopped from her insides onto the floor. She moaned under her breath. Oliver could see her lips shaking and the exotic scents made him stiffen below the belt.

She smiled devilishly. "You could always take me right here and now. I wouldn't be able to run. And if you ordered me, I'd never tell a soul."

She rubbed Oliver's erection. He felt like it would explode from just her touch through his pants. She latched onto his zipper and pulled it down, reaching inside. 

He was meatier than Dakota had given him credit for prior. If he continued to use this on her she had no doubt he would break her mind then he would truly own her. He would mold his shape into her. She stroked him faster and faster causing it to spasm for a brief moment. 

He backed away abruptly. She expected as much. He was a honest boy with an innocent heart. She almost didn't want to pervert his world. But he was now her master and she would groom her into a man capable of exercising total control over her.

"Can I help you to your car Ms. Elkins?" Oliver talked in a hurried voice, flustered trying to cover his privates. He was a bit embarrassed he had came from just that.

Dakota raised her hand to her mouth and licked his cream from her fingers. "It's good. Not the least bit salty. It's rare for someone of your age to eat so healthy. Surprising."

"Please don't taste it." He shied 

"To answer your earlier question. I don't own a car you may carry me to the train station around the block."

"I could give you a lift to your house. If that's ok with you?"

She smiled. "I would be delighted. If you would be so kind." She motioned for Oliver to carry her. He lifted her up in his arms. Her arms draped around his neck familiarly. She buried her face deeper into his neck. "You smell good." She inhaled deeply.

"If you do that I will drop you." He warned walking down the hallway.

"You should take the long way around, it would be bad if someone saw us like this." Oliver sucked his teeth. She replied, " You are the one who forgot to turn it off, are you not? No one else is to blame."

They reached the parking lot and headed to his car, a 1973 Dodge Charger. Oliver gently placed her in the passenger's seat then got in behind the wheel.

"Where do you live?" Oliver asked pulling from the school grounds.

She shrugged. ."Have you forgotten already?" He had only been once, the night they had sex for the first time and they had been drinking so it was hard to remember the location. So this was the game she wished to play? Oliver sighed heavily. " You can always force me to tell you. Go on command me."

He shook his head.  "Alright. Ms. Elkins, you mind telling me where you live?" The sarcasm in his voice was thick.

"It's bad form to issue commands with such a lazy tone. No, my lips will remain sealed." She clapped back in her snow queen persona.

Oliver glared. "Seriously I have no time for your games! So cut it out!" He was starting to get annoyed. She had been sweeping him in her games for some time now. It felt good to vent a little.

Normally he wouldn't dare yell at her like that but getting to know her on a more personal level erased most of the fear he had for her. Still he didn't mean to sound so harsh.

She didn't speak at first, just sat quietly with her head hung. "I live on Ashley Drive, just down the street from the Walmart." Her voice was a bit more frail then what Oliver had been accustomed to.

The rest of the trip was in complete silence except for the roar of the engine. Perhaps he should apologize. This soft side was almost as uncomfortable as her promiscuous side.

They pulled up to a small tan and burgundy house. Oliver flipped the Charger into park.  "Is this the place?"

She nodded. "I still can not feel my legs. Would you kindly lend a little more of your time?" Her voice sounded meek.

He couldn't refuse her if she was going to sound so vulnerable. He placed her on the couch once they had gotten on the inside. It was warm. Not too odd, Spring was starting to kick it.

Oliver walked over to the key dish placed on the kitchen bar next to the living room. He dropped the keys into. Dakota's arms reached from behind him and wrapped around his neck.

"Thank you for your support Oliver." She whispered seductively into his ear.

Oliver closed his eyes and gritted a moment. "Ms. is it that you can stand right now?"

"Oops." She smiled.

"Tell me, how long have you been able to walk?"

"The whole time. Maybe?" She winked casually.

"So, what  you said in the car, no more than that, back in the classroom..."

"Was just a trick to get you back here in this spot. It would be troublesome if we were caught doing something at school, wouldn't it? Here we can enjoy ourselves til our heart's content.

Oliver turned intent on scolding her. He was caught off guard when her lips pressed against his as she backed him against the wall. Her lips were amazingly soft. She forced her tongue into his mouth as her arm pulled his head closer, urging his body to the couch.

Her kiss was powerful but not overbearing. It was like it was welcoming him. Challenging him to take command and ravish her mouth. He could feel himself hardening again. He grabbed her shoulder and pulled away.

"We should stop things here."

She pouted angered with glistening lips. "After toying with me for so long? How can you even fix your lips to say that after we have already gone further? Especial while your body is being so honest." She pointed to the bulge in Oliver's pants.

"I should really get going." He tried to bolt for it but she caught his arm.

"At least have a drink as thanks for bringing me home."

"I appreciate that but..."

She pushed her frames up the bridge of her nose and gave him a death glare. "Sit down, I'll only be a minute." The forceful nature of her voice made him second guess leaving.

He sat back down on the off white couch. The house was a little bigger than the outside would suggest. The front door opened up to the living room. Immediately to the right was the walkway leading to the kitchen. About twenty paces directly from the front door was a hallway that lead to a bedroom on the left and another that was turned into an office room to the right.

The living room had a single couch and matching chair. In front of the couch was a glass table. And in front of the table, against the wall, was the entertainment system with a forty two inch flat screen. The walls were painted a dim but airy teal. The entire house was friendly. A huge contrast to the kind of person she was thought to be.

Beer cans littered the table. Nearly half a dozen by my count. She really liked the drink. When he thought about it, he remembered she was wasted the night they entered into this strange relationship. She should really tidy up a bit more. So many empty cans laying about can be off putting

Dakota returned with a glass filled with juice for him and a can of beer for herself. Oliver almost choked. She had taken the liberty of changing. She had taken off her stockings, skirt, and blazer then replaced them with a loose fitting tee with thin straps and a pair of boy shorts. She had taken out the chopsticks holding her bun in place and let her dark wavy hair hang slightly below her shoulders. Her hazel eyes smiled behind her large circular frames.

Like this she easily looked ten years younger than the thirty-two years of her real age. She handed Oliver the cup. "Thanks for waiting. Please enjoy." Her nipples were beading through the thin fabric of the shirt. She had clearly taken off her bra and allowed her ample breast to breathe.

Oliver averted his gaze from her chest and quickly took up the orange juice. "Thank you." He took a swallow. It didn't taste like any orange juice he had tasted. " What. Is this? Taste funny." He looked over the glass.

"It's a protein and energy drink. It's a secret recipe. You are going to a boxing class next right? Be sure to drink it all." She took a few swallows from her can and exhaled satisfied. 

"This is by far the worst concoction I've ever tasted."

"Do not be rude." She sipped this time.

"Well here goes nothing." He chugged it all at once and slammed the cup down. "I think in gonna be sick."

Dakota pressed a finger to her lips. "I think I may have underestimated you."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing. Care for another?."

"That's alright I was about to leave anyways."

They both scrambled to their feet when Oliver lost his balance and fell over on top of Dakota, his face landing softly in her plump chest. She had spilled the remaining contents of her can all over both herself and Oliver. They both stared at one another. She looked away and blushed embarrassed.

Her top was wet and revealed her breasts in perfect clarity. Oliver knew she was aware he was entranced by her, but why is she blushing. This false modesty was confusing him. He began to climb off of her but she grabbed his hands and squeezed them to her chest. Her eyes contained a sliver of sadness.

"You haven't touched me like this since that night..." She trailed.

Now Oliver was the one who had to look away. "It's not like I haven't wanted to...

As he breathed, he took in her scent that was sweet and erotic. He buried deep in her bosom allowing himself a brief moment. He heard her let out a pleased giggle as he massaged her with his cheek.

Dakota  gripped his back and held him tightly onto her. His hair rubbed through her shirt and ticked her nipples. It felt good she wanted to urge him to do more. Even going as far as spiking his juice with leftover liquor from the fridge. She had put a lot in his cup but didn't anticipate him drinking much, let alone finishing it all at once.

She opened her legs wider and allowed him to sink between them. She had taken off her cum stained panties from earlier, so she could feel his hardness press into her flesh. She let out a deeply held gasp.

She hadn't been this anxious for quite some time. Her juices had been flowing like a leaky faucet. She was sure her shorts were getting just as wet as her panties had become earlier. She wanted him to grind against her more. She was dying to have him inside her again, but if she rushed he would try to end things again. She had to wait till the alcohol set in fully.

"You... You put something in that drink?" Oliver's voice was sluggish and heavy. He suddenly felt heat in his blood.

"In my defense, you weren't supposed to gobble it down in one sitting."

Oliver knew it had to be another one of Dakota's tricks. And he couldn't easily get out of it. She felt incredible. She had a firm tight frame but her flesh was soft and smooth. He knew he had lost it the moment his hand squeezed her bare breast. 

Dakota let a low moan escape. Her body was a fire. It felt like she was pulsing everywhere his hand touched. His wet mouth devoured her nipple while her other one was being pinched and pulled. His hand slide into her shorts. It penetrated her. Lightning shot through her core. She came. 

Oliver had no idea what he was doing but he couldn't stop himself. He was mesmerized with playing with her body. Her flavor was divine. As much as he wanted to stop himself, it was like he was locked out of the control room of his brain.

Dakota admitted again to herself she had utterly underestimated the boy. In just five minutes he had her body begging. His touch was sensitive. He touched her with just the right pressure and at just the right angle she thought she would pass out.

She felt his face slither down her stomach as his hands tugged at her shorts. Her hips rose and allowed him to slide them off. He continued downward until he reached her her fountain. She inhaled as his slow breaths tickled the peach fuzz that was well groomed down there.

Oliver paused trying to regain some self control. But the smell of her moistened folds were too overpowering. He needed to know how it taste. Reason was lost. His mouth slurped at her entrance. The taste was as satisfying as grandma's sweet tea.

Dakota was screaming out. Somehow he was even more skilled with his tongue than he had been with his hand. His tongue would run rampant on her clit than alternate to raping her insides and pampering her lips! She bit down hard on her bottom lip trying not to cum again. She couldn't take it anymore.

" Oliver I need you inside me quick..." She panted struggling with his pants.

"That's no way to ask of your master!" Oliver didn't know who was talking in his stead, but he was fading. All he could do was let things play out.

Oliver's commanding voice made the orgasm Dakota was holding back spring free. It was so forceful. This was the Oliver that caught her eye that fateful night after school. She immediately replied. "Please master, fuck this naughty slave until she can no longer walk!"

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