Harem Chronicles: Season 1 Episode 4

Harem Chronicles: Season 1 Episode 4 Harem Chronicles: Season 1 Episode 4

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure


Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure


Jubei is sure Rika and Sayna are still involved with the Klaww Gang and is determined to get some answers to the whereabouts of the senior founders are stationed. The same one who turned against him. But who said he can't have some fun and a little vengeance with Rika and Sayna. And even Azula herself isn't spared his wrath.


Jubei is sure Rika and Sayna are still involved with the Klaww Gang and is determined to get some answers to the whereabouts of the senior founders are stationed. The same one who turned against him. But who said he can't have some fun and a little vengeance with Rika and Sayna. And even Azula herself isn't spared his wrath.


Submitted: January 17, 2016

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Submitted: January 17, 2016



Episode 4: Divine Punishment


My gun left my holster swiftly. I squeezed off a round intent on maiming my former furry friend. Her speed was her blessing she moved much quicker than a even most humes. She evaded it effortlessly. This only irritated me.

"J...Jubei." Sayna pleaded throwing her hands up in surrender. "Wait, don't shoot." I aimed again and fired, again catching nothing but air.

"Dammit Sayna! Stop jumping around and let me shoot you!" I yelled frustrated.

"But...But I'll die!" Tears fell from her eyes as she bounced from wall to wall. Her massive chest was being flung back and forth from her repeated acceleration.

"That's the whole point! I'm trying to kill you! Now stay still!"

"Rika! Jubei's trying to kill Sayna. Help please!"

Rika had already warmed her up a cup of tea and began sipping on it. "Relax Sayna, if he really wanted to hit you he would have already done it instead of wasting bullets. Valuable and expensive bullets." I fired a bullet that blew right through Rika's dark hair just as she took another sip from her teacup. "See? He doesn't want to kill us, so what is it that you do want?"

I lowered my gun and smiled devilishly. "You're right. I don't want to kill you just yet. Death is too merciful. No I plan to torture you relentlessly, you will tell me everything I want to know, and then I'll allow you to kill yourselves." My eyes burned with conviction. 

"What did they ever do to you?" Azula's innocently questioned.

"I'm glad you asked. Nothing directly. Quite the tale with a fair share of plot twist. It centers around a group of small group of thieves, killers, and bandits. The group consisted of primarily Humes who were only trying to fit in in a world they no longer belong in. Hated and shunned by the human race..."

"...they turned to theft and murder.” She interrupted. “Went from small clan of cutthroats to massive notorious gang in a matter of months. Dangerous and ruthless. They are known to use violence and intimidation for extortion. The Klaww Gang!? You were apart of that?”

“I’m getting to that. There’s an art to storytelling!” I yelled. “Now no story is complete without  compelling lead. There was a boy, no more than fifteen. He came across them exiled and near starvation. The founding eight took him in an raised him as their own blood.”

“Can we skip to the point.” Rika sighed

“Interrupt me again Rika, see what happens!” I clapped back. “Where was I? Oh yes. With his abilities he quickly rose through the ranks and earned a spot among the elites. It was rumored that a large cache off lost technology was being researched in four key cities. His leader was fascinated and wanted them to investigate the rumors. Lost tech is pretty valuable you know. The investigation was yielding positive results. It seemed to be legit. We found a doctor working with something. Then, without warning, the family he had loved turned their weapons against him and left him for dead.”

“Wait, I feel something is still missing from this story. What did you find and why did they try to kill you? And what’s that got to do with Rika and Sayna?” Azula blocked my path as I tried to line up a shot.

“ They’re Klaww Gang! Now get out of the way. They can tell me where I can find the heads of the organization.” I shoved her to the side.

“We aren’t with the Klaww Gang anymore, Jubei!” Sayna was trying to plead backing away from my menacing approach.

“Shut it Sayna!”

“What if she is telling the truth?” Azula was inching again defending them did she forget I’m here master and no one else I’d have to teach get the position she is in.

I turned back to Sayna, “Let’s find out.” I fired a shot, which missed. Then another. And several more. All misses. But each time I increased my own speed forcing her to do the same until...

Sayna cried out in pain as she fell to her knees clutching her chest. "It...It hurts..."

"Ha your tits are too big. Bigger isn't always better. Thankfully you're too stupid to pace yourself properly."

"Sayna's...not...stupid..." She huffed out of breath.

"That's debatable."

"What do you think you're doing jerk!" Azula hand drew back and came forward slapping my cheek.

My body twitched through varying degrees of anger. I snatched her up by her throat. "What the hell? Learn you place." I threw her to the ground and noticed Rika tip-toeing away. I frowned. "Hey! Where you going?"

She twitched to a halt turning around slowly with a nervous and unsure smile. "Let’s make a deal. My freedom for Sayna's? What do you say?"

"Rika don't abandon Sayna" Sayna cried out.

"No Dice Rika. I've spent many lonesome nights just plotting my revenge. On you two especially."

Azula shot back to her feet, not catching on to her place. "You can't just torture the Sheriff!"

My hand came down swiftly, lightly chopping her in the forehead as I calmly talked. "Down Zuzu. These two shouldn't even be qualified for sheriff. Nothing but liars, thieves, and killers the both of them."

"We told you already,we turned a new leaf."

I frowned. "Shut it Sayna." I turned back to Azula with my face still twisted. "Besides it’s not like you're completely spared from punishment."

Azula took several strides backwards bumping into the desk. "What...what do you mean? I did nothing wrong." She said visibly shaken.

"You're here aren't you? And enjoying quality time with my enemies. I think that warrants it no?"

"I agree, No."

"Don't get snippy you." Rika began to tip toe again. I fired a round blowing one of the tea cups on the desk to pieces.

"That was my favorite tea cup!" Rika raged, then quickly reverted back to her usually self. "This makes us even now right." She folded her arms

"Not even close."

It didn't take me long to subdue the three of them and force them into submission. I stepped back pleased with what I actually accomplished. It took real creative talent to orchestrate this one and lucky for me Rika and Sayna both had a hidden collection of playthings that were right for the occasion.

I had strapped Sayna in a bent over position, wearing nothing but her top, on the desk and cuffed her hands away from anything she could touch. Her legs were spread wide and just behind her a mechanical dildo drilled into her garden. She wiggled in desperation. Either out of fear or lust, both would serve my purpose.

She yelped each time the machine entered and held her breathe each time it came sliding out. Her pussy was being beaten into submission. Her overflowing cum was creating a loud smacking sound as she was getting penetrated.

Rika on the other hand, was stripped naked and chained upside down to an inversion table. Her hands where chained and she was hanging stretched out with a blindfold. She was panting erotically feeling the mini vibrators I'd taped to both her nipples and clit. All three vibrators were set to high. With the blood rushing to her head every one of her erogenous zones were being overwhelmed. She began to drool uncontrollably. I imagined her eyes, much like Sayna's, started to roll. She was drowning. 

"I...I can't take anymore..." Rika’s soft voice pleaded in a whisper.

"Please...forgive us." Sayna followed still gushing onto the floor.

"It's hasn't even been fifteen minutes Rika. This isn't nearly enough."

We don’t know anything.” Rika was breathing was heavy. I walked over to her and ran my hand down her leg until I reached her valley and invaded it with a finger. It went in easy. She was soaked like she had pissed herself.

“If I knew anything...you know I’d tell you.” I gently rubbed the spongy part of her insides. She tensed and came again. “God! Please stop making me cum. I beg of you.”

My tongue entered her. She gasped. I ate her with vigor. The called out in pleasure. Her breathing was quick as if she was unable to catch up with it. She had a fruity and tart tart taste. It was unique not bad at all. I liked it. Her pussy shivered as I  licked at the bean between her legs. 

She shutter and grew wetter. Her lips parted more given me access. She wanted more and I knew from prior experience her list was at a point of no return.

I loosened the chains to her ankle straps. Her legs immediately wrapped around my head and her hands pushed my head deeper into her fortress. My tongue was hitting the her hidden spots I had uncovered growing up with her.

“Amazing Jubei, no one can hit my buttons like you can. You’re driving my insane!”

She begged for more as she came and came and came. No rest for the wicked. The spasms ceased and she went limp. She was on the verge of fainting. Being eaten was Rika’s weakness.

She had lost control of herself. The pleasure broke her mind. This is exactly where I needed her to be. I freed myself from her thighs. She cried out.

“ Now that I have your attention Rika…the Klaww Gang.”

She huffed as she sporadically squirmed on the table that was now laying flat. “I told you…we fell out of Contact…please Jubei I need more…” She called out.

“Once you give me the whereabouts of the seniors I’ll be happy to oblige.”

“I don’t know…I don’t know…I don’t KNOW!” she screamed.

“Then you have nothing to bargain with.”

I stepped back and headed to Sayna. 

“ Wait Jubei please don’t go away!”

I ignored her request. “What about you Sayna?”

“We left the gang ages ago Jubei you have to believe us.” 

“Not the answer I want to hear.” I shoved all of myself into her fleshy center. 

She moaned with her might as I reached all the way inside to knock at her womb. Her cunt was fat and dripping with her cum. It felt almost incredible. I didn’t remember it feeling quite like this. Like Rika, I remember most of the tender spot in her guts. I grabbed her tail and squeezed it. Her legs nearly gave out on her. If Rika’s weakness was been eaten Sayna’s would be having her tail played with.

I began to thrust harder into her flesh, using  Her tail as a harness just the way she used to love it. She still loved it from the sounds she made. I was destroying her vagina and she was being swept away by it. Sayna was an idiot without question so just fucking  her long and hard would be enough for her to spill her secrets.

“ I love this Jubei. Your cock is the best. Sayna is going to die.”

I fucked from behind even deeper, pounding her guts while she fucked me ball y with the same fever. “ Where can I find. Xane? Abel? Cenah? Anyone of the founders?”

“Sayna doesn’t know. She wasn’t the smartest person! No one would trust her enough to tell her anything.”

“Dammit. You have a good point I can’t argue with.” I pulled out and exhaled in frustration. “This was a waste of time.”

I removed my long red and black trench coat and stalked over to Azula. She was expertly tied in a combination of the crouch rope and the frogtie. She too was blindfolded and sitting in the desk chair, her breathing heavy. "Don't think I've forgotten you Zuzu. Your master has a very special treatment for you."

The sounds of my voice made her tense and shudder. She let out the sweetest voice. It was like a symphony from the angels above. "You...are not...my master..." She panted trying not to move and failing. Some more moans escaped her lips.

"Try not to move so much otherwise that rope between your legs will continue to rub against your sensitive spot."

Her lip trembled as she tried to speak. "You can...go die!"

"You won't get off that easy Zuzu." My gun rolled down her sweat covered back as she sucked in air.

I pressed my member to here mouth. She refused me. Even turned her nose up at it. I pinched her nipples and gently twisted. Her moth opened  to let out a mellow screech. I eased in.

“A proper slave should know how to use her mouth to please her master. Show me what you have learned these past few days.” She tried to pull away but I quickly gripped the back of her head pulling her back. “Now I shouldn't have to tell you not to bite down, do I?.”

Azula's struggled against me for a moment before realize she had already lost the battle. When she stopped fighting and allowed me to dominate her the difference almost made me cum. She was becoming more tamed.

She had started to move her head on her own. I twitched. “Coil your tongue around the head when you take me in.” Shockingly she did exactly as she was told. Her tongue was liquid gliding around my cock. Her motion was soothing. It was hard to imagine she was but a novice not long ago. A testament to me as a trainer.

Her head weaved back and forth as she slurped me. She was was growing more bold as she began to notice how close I was, enjoying the control she now had on me. My grip on the back of her head tightened when her mouth’s attack on my erection grew stronger. I was cumming. I grabbed her with both hands and forced myself deep into her shooting my milky semen down her throat. It felt like gallons and she swallowed it all before I pulled from her.

“I'm impressed. You drank it all without coughing any back up this time. You will be perfect before you know it.” 

Azula was panting, out of breath. She performed great but it was still a difficult undertaking. Although she would probably deny it, she was a really slutty girl. I smiled. I'd have to reward her with something

"Wait...Jubei...don't you hear that?" Sayna's gasped. Barely able to form correct sentences.

I was rubbing my dick against Azula’s starved pussy."Not now Sayna, its Azula's turn, no need to be so selfish." Before I could even finish my statement a gas canister broke through the window and landed in the middle of the room spreading its contents in the air. "What's this?"

The door exploded open. In the doorway holding what looked like a swivel cannon from an airship, was a middle-aged many more than likely early thirties. His arms were large and he towered at almost seven feet. With a light green tint to his skin, I knew he wasn’t human.

He paused taking in the scenery. The three girls tried their best to stop their voices from leaking. Their scents melded together creating a undeniably intoxicating musk in the air.

I tried to remember where I had placed my gun, but the memory escaped me. The mutated cells in my body activated and my senses went into overdrive a became like a spider sense on steroids. I had just popped my first nut all night and I was hyper focused.

“Uh, dude kinda busy right now could you come back during business hours.”

“Are you the one called Jubei?”

My eyes narrowed. “Who wants to know?” 

“I am known as the Jinzo the cannoneer. I am coming bringing death!” His cannon went off and a large metal pellet flew for me.

I smiled just as it got into arm length then moved out of the way with Azula in arm with my full speed. In a blink of an eye, I was behind him. A long blade, I always kept strapped to my boot, sat under his chin.

“What's going on?” Azula's voice was strained from the rope pressing pressing into her. She was still blindfolded and could only make out the commotion that was going on. 

He swing his cannon around but I was already gone. My gun holster was hanging on the door of one of the cells. Once it was equipped. I walked slowly to the center of the room. My eyes were sharp and as deadly as the first time I had killed.

“I will only ask once then I’ll get violent. Who sent you after me?”

His answer? Another cannonball. I fired two precise shots that put cracks into the ball and then a third that shattered it completely. He blinked in surprise. Before he knew it I was right up on him. My gun now resting in the poison my knife had been moments earlier.

He tried to raise his cannon one more. He took the gamble so I rewarded him by blowing off his thumb. His screams echoed through the walls.

The cannon dropped to the floor with a thud. Jinzo dropped to his knees the next second. I but the still hit end of my gun to his forehead branding it was the circular imprint of the barrel.  He broke instantly.

“Don’t kill me I’ll tell you everything I know!”

I smile wickedly like a devil. “Of course you will.”


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