Harem Chronicles: Season 1 Episode 3

Harem Chronicles: Season 1 Episode 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure


Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure


Azula found herself in an undesirable position. But is saved from being gang raped by the town's sheriff, the beautiful Sayna. As cool as Sayna seemed to be in Azula's eyes, it's quickly revealed that her aura was all fabricated by her deputy and former superior Rika. The three girls spend the night getting to know each other...very well. Where the hell is Jubei?


Azula found herself in an undesirable position. But is saved from being gang raped by the town's sheriff, the beautiful Sayna.

As cool as Sayna seemed to be in Azula's eyes, it's quickly revealed that her aura was all fabricated by her deputy and former superior Rika. The three girls spend the night getting to know each other...very well.

Where the hell is Jubei?


Submitted: January 13, 2016

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Submitted: January 13, 2016



Episode 3: Whips, Chains, and Handcuffs



The three thugs took a step back before regaining themselves. "It's just one girl."

They eased forward a tad. "We might be able to take her." A second one said.

Her lips turned into a kissy pout. "You boys aren't trying to hurt the Sheriff's feelings are you?" She teased. They flinched for a second as she ran her hand up the space between her breast that were in full view through the two unbuttoned buttons of her top. "In that case, I'll just have you be my playmates for a while." She smiled seductively.

"Fuck her up boys!" They all went for they side arms they had on their waist. Three loud pops rang through the air before their hands could even level their weapons. Their guns landed on the ground behind them in the next second.

The Sheriff blew away the smoke from her revolvers before holstering them on her hip. She was too cool, Azula's eyes radiated with admiration. She moved similiarly to the idiot that, to some extent, but she carried an air with her that was strong and sensual and feminine at once. An undeniable arua.

The Sheriff pushed her hat up and licked her lips purring like a kitten. "No no bad boys. No guns. Make this easier on yourselves, beg me for forgiveness and I'll be light on you." She winked 

"As if!" They say in unison. 

"Excellent choice. I do so hate having to hurt people. Giving up is admirable. " Her hands went to her hips as her chest inflated boastfully.

The three looked amongst themselves confused, and Azula was right there with them in confusion. They finally spoke. "We aren't giving up! Aren't you listening?"

She jumped startling as if she had forgotten something. Her composure dropped. "Eh? You're not?" She went to an exaggerated pose of deep thought. "What was I supposed to say if they resisted?"

"What the hell is she doing?"

"I don't know. Should we, you know, kill her?"

"Well obviously!"

She snapped her fingers. "I got it!" She bent over giving a full show of her massive clevage and going back to her sex kitten demeanor. "You boys sure know how to make a girl feel alive."

They all, including Azula, stared blankly at the Sheriff. "Huh?"

"No that isn't right either. Maybe it was, 'You dare to stand so proudly before the defender of Love and Justice?'. No that's not it. Perhaps, 'You're ten years too soon to challenge me'. Or 'Don't make me bust a cap in yo' ass." She was going in a frenzy like someone hyped up on sugary products fully complimented with unique poses from sexy to gangster to downright childish.

The bandits whispered to themselves. "You know, there is a rumor that the Sheriff is actually...an idiot."

She paused and pouted angrily. "Hey Sayna isn't an idiot." She referred to herself in third person. "She only forgot what Rika had told her to say in this situation."

"Sounds like an idiot to me."

Sayna stomped her feet. "Hey take that back. Sayna's not an idiot, she's not!" She closed the gap between them in a blink of an eye. It startled Azula. She moved even faster then Jubei had, Azula couldn't even see her when she moved.

"It shouldn't matter to an idiot if she's an idiot or not."

"Take it back or Sayna will get really anger!"

Having lost her focus she never even seen the other two guys go for their guns and point it her way. Azula screamed out, "Sheriff, behind you!"

She turned just in time to see the fire spit from the pistol. Her reflexes must have kicked in cause she dropped low and the shell only blew her hat off revealing what was underneath. They popped up once the hat was gone, two light orange colored furry ears planted on the top of her head.

"I knew it. She's a Hume. Kill her." Bryce ordered. He looked over to his boys who were being strangled by a purplish whip until they lost consciousness. "Wha...who the hell are you?"

Stepping from the shadows in a violet kimono she flipped her long silky black hair. "My? Aren't we a rude one?" She smirked. "I suppose my whip and I will have to teach you manners." Her whip cracked.

"Oh Rika. You were here too?" Sayna waved.

"Of course dear, afterall an idiot like you shouldn't be left to her own devices." She shrugged playfully.

"Rika's always so mean."

"Am I" She laughed devilishly. The criminal used the distraction as an opportunity to escape, but Rika's whip was like a spring trap, snarring his leg and pulling him back. "Now now that won't do. We haven't had our fun yet."

She sat on his chest with him now flat on his back. She cuffed his chin and touched her lips to his. Her tongue tangled with his as his body went limp. Then he passed out.

"Oh wow. Rika's power is amazing!" Sayna grinned. "Knocking a guy out cold with just a kiss. Rika is really scary."

"You're both Humes?" Azula blurted out then quickly regretted it.

"Looks like we just have one loose end." Rika stalked over to Azula and cuffed her chin.

"Wait, what are you doing?"

"Relax. I'm a Sheriff's Deputy, I won't harm the innocent." She looked over Azula's attire. "I'm sure there is a valid reason for your clothes how about we discuss things back at the station?" 

Back at the sheriff's station the three women sat in the office right in front of the cells. The Sheriff stood proping herself against the desk while the Deputy sat in the chair behind it. Azula sat on the opposite side of the Deputy.

"Allow me to introduce ourselves. My name is Rika, I am the Sheriff's Deputy." Then she motioned over to the Sheriff. "And this is the Sheriff herself, Sayna."

"Hi" Sayna waved.

"Just who are you and while we're at it what's your story?"

"I'm Azula, a pleasure to meet you. As far as my story goes, it's pretty wild."

"Sayna, make us some tea please."

Sayna jumped up with fever. "Yes Ma'am!" Then she disappeared to the back.

"Shall we begin this story of yours?" Rika asked.

"Uh, shouldn't we wait for the Sheriff?"

"Sayna's an idiot she'd only get confused and her constant questions does a number on my psyche." Azula was still unsure. "Sayna's only Sheriff because I lost a game of Paper, Scissors, Rock. I was trying to be nice and it backfired. She's only the figure head for now. So please." She insisted she go on with her story.


"Jubei, huh?" Rika sipped tea from her favorite cup. "That is quite the jackpot, is it not Sayna?"

"Yup from what she's told us, that certainly sounds like our Jubei." Sayna looked cheerfully.

"You...know him?" Azula questioned.

"Of course. Jubei was our companion, back in the good ole days." Sayna adjusted her skirt.

"In that case..." Rika's gaze went dark as they drilled into Azula's. It reminded Azula of the way Jubei looked at her. "You're Jubei's legal slave. Let's find out just how well trained you are."

Sayna tilted her head delightfully. "We're having a guest tonight?"

"So it seems."

Azula was confused she couldn't figure it out until the two girls began to undress themselves. Rika slid her kimono over her shoulders and let it drop to her ankle. Her peach like complexion was radiant. She stood bare in the cool atmosphere of the station. Her fingers went down and teased her clit.

Sayna stripped off her blouse unleashing her massive tits. They were easily overflowing her F cup and that was a tamed estimation. She sashayed her way over to Rika and took in one of Rika's breast into her mouth. Rika's chest were big but weren't nearly to the same size as Sayna's but both were bigger than Azula's A cup. Rika's body stiffened before relaxing a notch. She leaned back against the desk.

Rika hands etched itself around Sayna's head. "Ooh, Sayna. Don't just play with one of them, do the other as well." Sayna followed orders take to the offensive on her other breast. She drank down Rika's flesh.

"Rika has the world's greatest boobs, no doubt about it." Sayna's tongue flicked Rika's nipples

"I agree, but yours..." Rika squeezed Sayna excessively large bussoms and gently massaged them. Sayna moaned, then reached down and touched her hungry slit. It was making such a pervertic noise.

Sayna gasped when Rika's finger joined with her's fingering her pussy. Sayna adjusted herself and began playing with her tits and allowed Rika to pet her kitty. Ecstasy ran laps along her face. Her hips bucked shallowly against Rika's fingers as her hands tugged at her erect nipples. "Rika! Rika! Sayna feels...weird. She feels sooo good. She'll cum. Sayna's cumming!"

Sayna leaned forward holding herself up against Rika. Her kitten was purring and gushing out a stream of heaven. Her mouth was open and shaking. She dropped to her knees at the end of her trip.

Rika licked her lips. "That was a very nice display. You're really feeling it from being watched huh. What would the people think of their lovely sheriff if they knew she was such a slut?" Rika's evil looking eyes turned on Azula. She waved her over with her still dripping finger. "You'll come join us won't you?"

Azula wasn't attracted to girls, or rather she didn't think she was, but her fountain was leaking like it had a fist sized hole in its pipes. She tried to close her legs to hide that fact but the sound of her soaked thighs coming together gave her away.

Rika face resembled that of a chesire cat. "You have such an honest body, I'm sure he loves such honesty." Rika's hand slid slowly up Azula's thigh until it reached inside and tickled her most sensitive spots.

Azula panted with her eyes sealed. Her hips had begun grinding to Rika's pace. Her sensually slow pace. Every so often her finger would go deep and poke her wettest depths and Azula would shoot out like a water hose. "Mmm...This...how could this feel so good...from another girl?"

"A girl always know the hidden gems to bringing the best pleasure to a dripping wet cunt." Rika had a sadistic grin on her face. She was enjoying her infiltration of Azula's body.

Sayna returned from the grave to sneak up and attack Azula's small but elegant boobs from behind. Her hands were slick and cold to the touch, a contrast to Rika's body that was hot with sexual energy. Azula back arched as her mouth came open in equal parts surprise, pleasure, and lust.

Seeing this Rika turned up the heat and become more aggressive with her fingers, plunging in two before Azula could even react. Azula froze as hot liquid raced down her leg onto the floor. Her breathe had left her while her body erupted like a volcano. She fell over knocking over the chair behind her.

Rika stood over her with her flawlessly pale skin shining brilliantly from the lights overhead. "Impressive. Now it's your turn. You better give as good as you take." Sayna squatted right on Azula's face. Her bare lips smothered Azula. "Eat up, and don't forget to thank me for the meal."

Against the her wishes her body did what it was told she had lost the fight to lust again and her only choice was to set back and enjoy the moment. Azula licked Rika's protruding clit making her moan in joy. She tasted it until the point where it started to twitch.

Rika rode her face hard, bouncing and pinching her nipples. The mix between the pain and pleasure she was showing was exhilarating. Rika was feeling it. Azula ponder if Rika loved to have her clit savored. She considered Rika's peach a rare delicacy, like an exotic fruit.

Azula had found a rhythem and was instilling a fire within Rika. "Yes! That's it. Use your tongue more!" Rika was beginning to succum to desire. She spoke sporadically with her eyes lazed and tongue out. Her hips rapidly adjust its speed from slow to quick and back again for a repeat performance.

Azula felt a power she had never experienced before. She was making the level headed Rika lose her cool. This power made her cum a little several times already.

Rika hunched over and allowed Azula to get her tongue deep into her garden as she began to rain full force all over Azula. Then she took to drinking from Sayna's fountain who was spread eagle and drenching her own fingers in her flowing cum.

The room filled itself with passionate moans and heavy panting. Sayna and Azula where embracing one another with their hands securely handcuffed behind their backs and blindfolded. Their sloppy clits rubbed against each other while scissoring. Rika stood by tending to her precious flower, making sure it was getting plenty of watering.

Azula mind was already numb to anything outside what she was doing. Her "master" had already made her addicted to the build of an orgasm and its denial, now she was being introduced to orgasm splurging. She was in heaven. She might have already died, she wasn't even sure. How many times had she cum now? Three? Four? Five, maybe? She was loosing count.

They alternated from the appetizers to double teaming Rika's flower bed and anus with their tongues, fingers p, and toys. Then they turned on Azula, until she breifly passed out, Rika tortured Sayna by using those magical fingers of hers with the handle of her whip to give Sayna back to back to back orgasm with no rest period. then they switched positions again.

"I can feel you twitching! You're about to cum again aren't you!" Sayna called out to Azula now sharing a double ended dildo.

"Yesss! It's coming out!" The two fucked each other as hard as they could arching up high and releasing everthing they had. "It's here! God...I'm Cumming!"

They both squirted with the force of a tsunami. Their orgasms collided and shot out in every angle for what felt like a millenia. Rika fucked herself even deeper with the handle of her whip after seeing that display. It stretched her open and probed deep into her valley. Her hands moved it like a piston. "I can't stop my hands. I'm cumming! I'm gonna cum watching you two squirt all over the Sheriff Station!" She arched her back and screamed into the air spraying like a sprinkler.

All three of them shuddered and spazzed right before dropping lifelessly to the wood floors when their energy abandoned them. They panted in the otherwise silent room. They were spent and unable to do anything other than chase their breath.

Sayna was the first to speak. "That...was...amazing." She managed to say still catching her breath.

"You...are the real deal alright." Rika sat up cuffing her breast in her arms. "What you just went through would have broken the mind of a novice in two."

"That's Jubei's influence yup, yup." Sayna woofed.

"So it's official. Things might just liven up more than I was expecting." Azula still in a daze looked incoherently at Rika who continued speaking. "That's not enough for you is? Shall we go again?" She started to crawl towards a hapless Azula.

The station doors flew open with a bang. It both surprised and scared them all almost as much as the figure who stood in the door way. Azula didn't expect he'd find her so soon.

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