Harem Chronicles: Season 1 Episode 2

Harem Chronicles: Season 1 Episode 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure


Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure


As Jubei and Azula make their way to Hyruichi City. They find out that the town is under the vigilant protection of the new Sherriff sent from the fledgling Human Government. Jubei finds information that will help him in his conquest but it may be more trouble than it's worth


As Jubei and Azula make their way to Hyruichi City. They find out that the town is under the vigilant protection of the new Sherriff sent from the fledgling Human Government.

Jubei finds information that will help him in his conquest but it may be more trouble than it's worth


Submitted: January 11, 2016

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Submitted: January 11, 2016



Episode 2: The Sheriff



The sun was unforgiving as it beat me down. “Why God? Why must Hyruichi be so far away!?” I yell into the blazing desert.

“This is your own fault you know?” My travel companion hissed underneath the hood of her cloak

“Oh yeah, ‘You’? I remember now.”

“Don’t keep forgetting I’m here!” She shot back. “And it’s not ‘You’, its Azula.”

“Right Zuzu.”

“It isn’t Zuzu either!”

“Your name is whatever your master says it is.”

“I never agreed for you to be my master.” She argued.

“There lies the beauty. The master doesn’t need his slave to agree with any of his decisions.” I peered deep into her eyes down into her soul. She flinched, I won. I turned back around victoriously. Then let out an exhausted breath. “This sun is killer. I’m gonna die from dehydration before I even reach Hyruichi City.”

“You’d…Do that for me?” She looked right at me with puppy dog eyes.

“Hey don’t wish death on your master so casually.” Then I noticed her lack of fatigue, was the sun not getting to her? “Say, what’s your secret?”

She looked startled. “What secret?”

“You don’t look the least bit sweaty even though I’m practically drenched. In fact you actually look like your pretty cool.”

She turned her nose up and laughed. “Hoho. It’s a secret technique used by my tribe to survive harsh climates.” She looked devilishly into my eyes. “I’ll never tell it to you. You can just DIE!”

“Is that anyway to treat your master?”

“You’re NOT my master!”

"Looks like I have no choice. Remember you forced my hands.” I stalked over to her.

Her grin faded as she took several steps back. It was turning into déjà vu. She tumbled backwards on the soft sand dune. “Wha…what’s with that look in your eyes?”

“Two plus two Zuzu.”

“No we can’t!” She blushed. “There’s too much sand, what will I do if it gets inside?”

I smirked. “True, guess I'll settle for a lighter punishment. Be greatful I'm merciful. Up you go.” I swiftly lifted her in the air and sat her comfortably on my shoulders. There was a beauty to the small patch of hair above her canals. The pinkness of her folds glistened from her fluids that he began to escape.

Her protest stopped the moment I tasted her. It was just as sweet as I’d imagine like candy apples. She shuddered holding on to me for dear life as I lapped circles around her erect clitoris. More of her nectar spilled out and I drank it all down. The most delicious serum known to man had to be that which can only be concocted by a high class maiden.

“No! Here it comes. I’ll…I’m going to…” She arched her back and reached for release. But I stopped just short of her goal and eased her back down to the ground. “What? You’re stopping?” She was shocked.

“Yeah. I feel energized now.”

Her gaze dropped. Then she mumbled under her breath. “But…you didn’t finish this time either.” I had been preventing her from achieving full release as a form of conditioning the last few days.

“You say something Zuzu?”

She jumped back. “I didn’t say anything.”

“Well let’s hurry and get to town.”

She pulled on my sleeves. “Um...are you sure you’re hydrated enough? There's...you can have more if you want...

“Hm?” the corners of my mouth turned upwards. “You were close to coming huh?”

“It’s not like that. I just can’t have you die before we get to town or I’ll be lost out here is all!” She waved her hands and shook her head flustered.

“Is that so? Shame, honesty would have worked better. I’ll let this be your punishment once more. Let’s move it Zuzu.”

Hyruichi City. A large city and one of the few left that still retained some of the glory from the lost age before the devastation of the planet. While the vast majority of technology was still lost to us, cities like this weren’t entirely without it.

Airships were still in use as well as rudimentary machinery. But the lack of resources limited the amount of technology that could be recaptured. World War III crippled the world over and would still take centuries to completely recover.

A lot of the buildings in the city were infused with a metallic coating unlike most that were nearly uninhabitable with damage to the inter gritty of their structures. The town’s people were back to using logs for shelter. This was the common thread across the world now.

“Finally we’re here.” I stretched merrily. “I need a drink.” Zuzu only huffed in response.

We entered the pub in the center of town and headed straight to the bar. I sat a lump bag of coins on the counter. “I’ve been dying for this, so only the best stuff got it?”

“Of course sir.” The bartender turned his back and began to pour something from the top shelf of his selection into a small glass.

Zuzu pulled back the hood of her cloak. She had always kept it closed to cover up her body. But underneath she was completely bare. Just the way I liked it.

The bartender slid my drink to me and I took in the aroma. Zuzu sighed. “You are the worst. Only a low life bandit steals money for his own personal gain.”

I sipped. “Guess old habits die hard.” A few days ago we had ran into a traveling caravan that had been ambushed. After rescuing them from would be robbers I simply demanded some sort of compensation. “It was a reward if I remember correctly.”

"You don't threaten people if its a reward."

"I guess you wouldn't want anything from here using this 'tainted' coin. Though personally, I think starvation is the worst way to go."

Her eyes shifted then she dropped her head and sat next to me. "If it can't be helped."

"That's the spirit. Now just say 'Master, your humble slave girl would be honored to feast at your side.' and I'll get you whatever you want."

Her eyes dropped low as she nonchalantly said in monotone. "I'd rather die!" She got up and walked towards the exit.

I smiled. "Must she always be so serious?"

"Aren't you going after her?" The bartender returned.

I swallowed the contents of my mug. "Nah."

"It could be quite dangerous for a young woman to wonder on her own. Even if the Sheriff influence does indeed grow with each new day, there are those who still do as they please."

"Hm? Do tell old man." I signaled for another drink.


That idiot. How could he expect her to say such a thing. She'd never call him master. Not alone and especially in not front of others. She'd starve to death first. That was what she was telling herself anyways, though her stomach was kicking her for being so wreckless.

She had wandered out of the pub and decided to rome the city to take her mind off the hunger pains. The city, given its condition, was clean and prosperous. Not too surprising being a merchant city with a port. It had all kinds of traffic and the trade between cusomers and shops flourished. It was the kind of place where life was brimming with happiness and the townspeople were nice and friendly and the cool breezes of the constant wind gave off a tranquil setting. Starting a new life here wasn't impossible.

Even so, the people seemed just out of reach for her. She could sense it in the way they looked at her as she passed by. It was like they could sense she didn't belong, like she was sticking out like a sore thumb. She had always lived in a small rural comminuty without the conveniences in technology others had. As limited as technology was nowadays her people never even had that much. They had went back to the roots of humankind living from and for the land. Maybe that was it. It was hard to believe they could tell her background from just a first glance, but no other reason sprang to her mind.

"Well, well. Hello there Missy." Azula stopped having been cut off by a group of rough looking rogues. "What's a sweet little thing like yourself doing wondering around the streets on your own?"

She scoffed. "I owe no answers to the likes of you. Now if you would excuse me." She tried to brush by but they wouldn't allow it. She looked up angrily. "Hey! What gives?"

"Excuse us, but you can't fault us for being somewhat curious can you? Especially when you walk around like that." Azula realized that the wind had been spreading the bottom half of her cloak apart exposing her bare thighs and a small glimmer of her recently deflowered pussy. "It's like you're purposely trying to seduce us."

"Yeah right. As if any woman on this planet would try to seduce you low lives. I bet your own mothers can't stomach the look of your mugs." She shot back quickly with fire.

Their eyes twitched with fury. Maybe she took it a bit too far. They cooled off. "You got fire to you, We just so happen to like that. How's about you hang out with us for a while."

"Not a chance."

"I'm sure your master wouldn't mind." He stroked the collar around her neck before she slapped it away.

An image of Jubei flashed in her mind. Then a slideshow of all the moments he teased her bringing her to climax only to prevent her from actually cumming. Despite having just awaken to her sexuality, she was already well versed in the art of that torture know as Sexual Hell. 

She gritted her teeth. "I'd never acknowledge him as my Master!" She incidentally blurted out.

"Oh I see. A runaway eh? Boys things are about to get fun."


"That's an amazing story Old Man. To think the city became so peaceful in just a few short months. And all because of one lone Sherriff and a deputy."

"It is quite a feat indeed. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't been here to witness it with these two eyes of mine."

"Using four pistols simultaneously no less."

"Yup and the fastest quickdraw in the lands."

"Sounds like the kind of person needed to keep order in these chaotic times."

"Indeed." The more we spoke on this Sheriff the more it was sounding like someone from my past. I smiled. Maybe it was the right choice to come here after all. Though its hard to imagine that person being this hero sheriff. Unless...

"So what happened to the band of cutthroats?"

"Oh they're still here and there, though not as prominent as they once were before. They stick to the outskirts preying on the weak. After all the Sheriff is only one body, she can't be everywhere at all times."

"I see." I downed my sixth glass.

"That's why I told you it's dangerous for your friend to be out on her own dressed as she is."

"What do you mean?"

"She was completely nude underneath the cloak am I right?"

"That's pretty perceptive of you."

"When you've lived a long and solemn life as mine your eyes become sharp to such things."

"Ha. So the eyes of a pervert doesn't deteriorate with age?"

"Ohohoho, my dear boy they only grow more experienced." We laughed heartily together. "So what will you do? Those bandits aren't the type to let a girl in such attire go freely. Will you go looking for her?"

I stood to my feet. "Nope. I'm way to hammered for that, I think I need to sleep this off."

"There is an inn directly across from here whose accomadation may be to your liking."

"Thanks." I dropped a fistful of coins on the bar. "If she comes back make sure she eats and then direct her to the inn." I staggered away. I was going feel this in the morning.


Azula found herself tied and gagged behind the back of a building. They had her pinned against the wall with her hands and legs strapped securely to some of the metal piping. Her legs were spread wide placing her slit in full display. This kind of thing was happening too frequently to her.

The three of them wasted no time in devouring her flesh. One tongue slid across her plump breast like slime. Another traced down the inside of her thighs. Their overly calluse hand ran over every inch of her body.

She bit down. She didn't want to, she tried to fight it, but she was starting to feel aroused. Her juices were probably flowing again already. Jubei has always told her she gets to that point really quickly. Plus the fact he had already teased her and gotten her riled up earily, her body was demanding release or rather begged for it.

She shut her eyes tight as a swollen finger entered her. A tear rolled down her cheeks. She didn't want this. It was his fault for letting her go out alone. He had better show up soon to protect her. She pleaded for her thoughts to reach him.

"Her skin taste a bit salty, I bet its been a while since she showered. I like the flavor." One goon laughed before his mouth went to sucking her breast."

"For such a pretty girl you're pretty nasty huh? Look at all this sticky stuff." He pulled his fingers out of her and rubbed the her cum between them. "Does having three men play with your body feel this good?"

He dropped to his knees and kissed her swollen clit. She tensed when the pleasure hit here. She hadn't expected it to strike her so hard. Even without it being as overwhelming as she had grown accustomed to, the pleasure of being licked and sucked was driving her insane. Again this was his fault if he hadn't been denying her of her orgasms she wouldn't be affected so much.

A tongue trailed circles around her asshole catching her by complete surprise. She didn't have time to even react before she lost it. Her inside tightened rapidly. Her eyes rolled. After days of build up the flood gates final came swinging open. She was really cumming now and she couldn't stop herself, it felt so good she wanted to live in that one moment for eternity.

Her pussy lips quivered as she leaked out on his face and soaked the ground under them. He wiped his face and licked the cum from his hand and smiled. "Now for the main event." He dropped his pants freeing his erection. He was big. Despite her first time being with someone even bigger, she was afraid to let that inside of her.

She squirmed trying to get free. He inched his cock closer until it kissed her on her lips. She squirmed to get away almost pushing him in herself, before stopping. The other two stood and watched patiently awaiting their respective turns.

A few more tears fell from her eyes. She prayed again for Jubei to save her. If he didn't come now, she was really going to be raped. Would he even want to keep her if that happens? No, why would he? It's not like he cares for her now with her being his exclusively, he would probably have no use for her if she is tainted by another.

She was practically tainted already. She'd been licked over every place she could be, even the places Jubei hadn't worked up to yet like her anus. And even now her own mositened desire ran down her leg. Her body wanted to be fucked deeply by any means, but her mind didn't want it to be with these scoundrels. Her mind and body battled the whole time but it was looking like she didn't have the luxury of choice here either.

"Here we go, nice and easy." the tip of his dick eased its way inside. She yelled muffled protest but the gag was rendering it useless.

This was it. It was happening weather she wanted or not. All she could do was hope Jubei was just around the corner and was coming for her. As if on cue, a gunshot rang through the air and severed the ropes constraining her hands. With them free she pushed him away before he could get more of himself into her.

She turned to smile at Jubei thankful he had come to her rescue. But her savior wasn't Jubei. Her savior had a wide brimmed hat tilted forward covering her face and matching the brown and yellow color pallete of her top and skirt. Her thick golden brown hair was wavy and glistened with the fading sun. On her chest was a badge, a star, and around her waist were four revolvers.

"Fuck! The Sheriff!" They said sucking their teeth.

She lifted her hat from her eyes, smiling with the stick of a lollipop sticking out between her teeth. "Looks like we have a bunch of low lives still causing truble in my city. That won't do. Prepare for divine punishment."

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