Harem Chronicles: Season 1 Episode 1

Harem Chronicles: Season 1 Episode 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure


Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure


In the post apocalyptic aftermath of world war III, mankind has been separated into two factions. There are Humans, those untainted by the radiation of nuclear warfare. Then there are those whose cells have been infected and mutated, known as Humes. The segregation has caused unrest fueling a great deal of proxy battles. Jubei is a former gunslinger of one of the most notorious gangs in the new world. Former in the sense his old partners in crimes betrayed him and left him for dead. Now he only seeks revenge. Along the way he meets many beauties whose destinies become entwined and swept along with his. this is the tale of one Hume who becomes an unlikely hero.


In the post apocalyptic aftermath of world war III, mankind has been separated into two factions. There are Humans, those untainted by the radiation of nuclear warfare. Then there are those whose cells have been infected and mutated, known as Humes. The segregation has caused unrest fueling a great deal of proxy battles.

Jubei is a former gunslinger of one of the most notorious gangs in the new world. Former in the sense his old partners in crimes betrayed him and left him for dead. Now he only seeks revenge.

Along the way he meets many beauties whose destinies become entwined and swept along with his. this is the tale of one Hume who becomes an unlikely hero.


Submitted: January 11, 2016

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Submitted: January 11, 2016



Episode 1: Slave Girl



The sun was positioned high. It was already noon. I had been walking for almost two weeks trying to reach the nearest town and I was at death's door when I finally made it to the tavern. I made my way to the bar and ordered the strongest drink they had.

I looked around sipping on my drink, no ice. The light from chandelier fanned out across the wood walls. The place was filled with life, laughter, booze, and women. Just my kind of place. I downed the rest of my glass.

"And when I showed him what I was carrying..." In the center of the massive crowd was a big brute who pulled out a sawed off shotgun the size of my arms, but compared to his size it looked nothing more than a hand gun. "I swear when he saw it he shit himself." The crowd erupted into laughter as the big oak gloated with the rest of his crew.

One of the girls approached me. "I've never seen you around here before."

I smiled. "Yeah. Guess you can say I'm new to town."

She ran her peach colored hand up my back and then through the numerous strands of my dark dreadlocks. "If you'd like, I can show you all the best things to do here in this wonderful town of Akihiko." She let her tongue roll seductively.

My lips turned into a wicked grin. "Yeah? How much is it gonna cost me?"

"For you? A specialty price. Twenty-five gold pieces."

I reached into the pockets of my coat and brought out a few gold pieces. "I only have...seven."

She turned her head away. "Hm. Your kind is the worst."

"Come on dammit I've been out in the desert for over a week trying to get here. Can't you be a bit more flexible?" I yelled out standing to my feet.

"I'm not some low tier. I've got to make ends meet, I can't waste time on you." She turned and went back to the work trying to find another mark.

“Dammit. If I don’t get some ass soon I might go crazy.” I sat back in my sit and ordered another drink this one not as strong as the first.

“That's three gold pieces.” The bartender grinned.

“Yeah, yeah.” I threw down a couple.

He picked them up and placed a glass in their place. “You know if you are looking to fulfil your needs today is the day where new girls are brought here to be trained. They go for almost nothing.”

“Oh? Sounds like I should stick around.”

The doors swung open. All chatter came to a halt when they walked in single filed. Covered in black hooded cloaks and secured together by chains, they were ushered in by a band of five.

Three of them were about average build brandishing the latest in automatic weapons a pod fed Gatling gun. A smaller one stood at the head of the line leading in the sheep, a makeshift RPG strapped to his back. And covering the rear was a big guy who even managed to tower over the bragging brute from earlier.

“Hello again Akihiko. We are pleased to return to your lovely little town.” The small one began. “Today of course we bring some really exotic treats for you, recently purchased or course.”

The rest of the band uncovered their flock. I count twelve. Twelve uniquely flawless pairs of tits with equally impressive nipples. There were peach one, cream ones, white ones, and even black. Each one was lovely and even if they weren’t, just seeing a pair of boobs at this point was pleasing. It’s been too long since I last touched a pair.

The loud ape from before was the first to approach the new arrivals. He got a good whiff of them all. “They smell quite a bit.”

“True they haven’t been washed since we began the shipping. It’s to be expected.” The little one spoke again.

“I assume that will knock off the price a bit more.”

“Of course. I am issuing a limited time offer. Every girl goes for only 3 gold for the night. Get them now before the price goes up."

Three gold pieces? Am I in luck or what? That’s right in my budget. I was going to do what I had to in order to empty my sack. A loud smack echoed through the wood and metal of the room. One of the girls gave the big ogre a nice good slap, with excellent form from the hips.

The crowd of buyers erupted as the teasing began. He rubbed his cheek and subsequently his ego. “Bitch!” He wrapped his large hand around her neck and lifted her to the sky.

Her owner paced back and forth slowly a delighted look on his face. “I don’t mind discipline, but if you cause any permanent damage you will answer for it. Of that you can be certain.” He whipped his dark hair back and smiled wickedly.

One of the men with the ogre’s entourage spoke up patting the small six shooter on his waste. “Watch your tongue. Do you not know who this is? This is Ginja of the Klaw Gang. Show some respect.” Ginja smiled boasting his chest proudly.

“The Klaw Gang? Interesting.” He snickered amused. “Are you sure?”

Ginja stood to his feet aiming the shotgun. “You mock me shrimp?”

He laughed, then spoke sarcastically. “Oh I wouldn’t dream of insulting a member of the Klaw Gang. It’s…suicide ya know?”

“Good. At least you have since enough to know better.” Then he chuckled. “Still you must make amends for you manners. I’ll be taking two of this women to bed tonight, on the house. These two will do.” He grabbed the bustiest one her could find and then the one whom had just slapped him. Turning his evil grin on her he said. “I will enjoy teaching you your position most of all.”

“Let go, I’ll never go somewhere with the likes of you!” She swung to slap him but he caught it.

“Come you will grow to love pain.”

Both his eyes and hers went from focused and poised for battle to becoming stunned and plain confused. I had come up behind her and flipped her cloak up revealing her perfect white ass. Her bare skin was as pure as an angels wings. It was plump and proportionate to the rest of her short 120 maybe 125 pound body and from my kneeled position I had the best view of her wonderfully beautiful pussy in all of its shaven pinkness.

“Damn. That has to be the nicest ass I’ve seen in my 22 years.” I rubbed my short goatee. Her eyes were wide and became teary as she quickly tried to cover herself up. It was something cutely erotic about a women who tries to be modest. Or so the saying goes. Me? I couldn’t give a damn about modesty. “I’ll take this one.” I held out three gold pieces.

“Very well sir. Please enjoy.” He took the gold and motioned me along with my purchase.

I didn’t even make it to the staircase leading to the upstairs in before Ole Ginja decided to cut me off.

“You must be new ‘round here? The way we do things is if I want it then I get it? Got it?”

I stopped and looked up with a smirk. “Yeah? So what is it you want?”

“That girl has a date with me.” He palmed the shotgun holstered on his hip.

“I’m not going anywhere with you!” She screeched.

“Sorry I have to listen to the lady on this one.”

“Good cause I’m not going with you either!”

“I’ve already paid, so it can’t be helped.”

Two of his guys hand gathered on both of my sides and one was behind me each at least one pistol on them. Six shooters, not the much harder to come by semi-automatics.

On me I had one heavy pistol. It was a hybrid. Designed with the feeding chamber, firing mechanics, and power of a heavy revolver with the physique and stability of a semi-automatic. But it wasn’t the gun that made the man.

Ginja reached for the girl. I reacted quick and sharply. Grabbing his hand I flipped him through the air sending him crashing into one of the many tables. His men hesitated for only a second before going for their tools. Too slow. I was already on the one behind me.

He began to pull the trigger just as I came into point blank range. Still my quickness was unmatched. He fired but by then I had shifted his aim to one of one of his buddies then dropped him. After he went down I dashed to the remaining. He lined up his shot, but I had already predicted its trajectory and ducked underneath it. His limp body sunk to the ground with a well placed neck chop.

Because of the mutated cells within my body, I defeated them all without once drawing my revolver. Ginja stood up fear in his eyes. I smiled. “I’ve enjoyed our little chat but I really must be going. Don’t worry though when I’m done I have more questions I need for you to answer about the Klaw Gang. So don’t even think about running away.”

The small slave owner finally spoke with a smile. “Long black hair…a scar that runs down his right eye…interesting.” He noted my looks.

I looked at him sideways. “Is there a problem?”

“None. You just reminded me of someone. Please carry on.”

Once upstairs in my room. I began to undress. She looked defiantly into my eyes. “You can’t expect me to willingly give myself to you.”

I removed my shirt and scoffed. “You do know I already paid for you and I intend to get my money’s worth. Now take off the cloak.” I kicked my boots off and placed my gun on the nightstand.

“I refuse!”

I laughed. “You refuse? Look Girlie, I haven’t gotten my rocks off in days. That changes today, with or without your participating consent.” I stalked over to her. She backed up a bit frightened by the seriousness in my eyes.

“Hey…I’m serious. I will not give myself to you…” She stuttered tripping over the bed. I hovered over her. Her short hair was as deep as a raven shining brilliantly black one moment and midnight blue the next. She blushed unsure as what to do next as I spread her legs apart with my knee.

I slid my hands down her leg till I reached her valley. One finger slid in, then two. She was already wet from anticipation. “I see while your mouth protest, your body is being truthful.”

She became flustered. “It’s…not like that.” She gasped each time my finger probed her.

“If you’re like this already, no need to spend so much time on foreplay.” I removed my pants, my boxers followed in the same motion. My dick sprung forward full of life and raging to go.

Her eyes became fixated and frightened. “What…What do you plan to do with that thing?”

“Well…two plus two isn’t a difficult question to answer you know.”

“Th…that thing will never fit inside of me…I’ll die if you try!” Her pleas fell on deaf ears.

“I’ve told you from the start…” My eyes went cold. “This happens with or without your participation.”

“Wait…” The rest of her sentence caught in her throat when I pressed my head into her pussy. “Please. You can’t.”

“No way can we stop now.” I pushed myself in further. It was tight almost unbearably. Even with the extra lubrication she was excreting, every inch was a battle. Maybe it was impossible but I wasn’t going to give up just yet. One final push.

I pushed all the way to the base. Here screams were sharp and tears fell from her eyes. I looked down to admire my handiwork and noticed small trickles of blood. No way! She couldn’t be.

“I told you not to do it…” She cried.

“You’re a virgin!? That’s…rare in this day and age.” But what was done was done. Only thing to do now was to finish up. I began to pump.

“Noo…you can’t move…I’ll break…” She begged.

Despite her begging, the muscles inside of her were tightening. Each one felt as if they were sucking me off. The deeper I reached the more fluids spilled from her. Each stroke made her spasm as she came. She was starting to meld to me. Our pace sped up.

“No if you go that fast…” She began but then bit down as she came again. “Please you have to stop.”

“But you’re enjoying yourself.”

Her face was flushed. “No. I’m not. How could I enjoy being raped?”

I let out a wicked chuckle. “Raped? Haven’t you noticed your hips have been thrusting upward to reach me?” I had already stopped myself and allowed her to swallow me at her own pace. It was the easiest method. Though I never imagined a virgin could enjoy it to this degree.

Even upon her realization, she hadn’t halted her hips. “I can’t. Stop. My mind is going numb.” Her eyes rolled as she slowly lost herself to the pleasure.

She came again, throwing her arms around my neck as picked her off the bed and stood. I was able to reach deeper into her canal. “For a virgin to be enjoying herself to this extent on her first time is kinda of slutty wouldn’t you agree?” A slammed inside all the way to the base. My rod kissed at her womb. She shuddered.

“No way…you’re banging my womb…I’m gonna lose it. I’ll cum.” Drool etched at the corner of her mouth.

I fell back on the bed giving her access to the top. “Admit it, you enjoy having this slutty hole of yours penetrated don’t you?”

She covered her face with her hands as she rode me. “That’s not true.”

“Yet you haven’t stopped fucking me. Has the pain of your hymen already ceased and only pleasure remain? This is all a part of the training too. I’ll overload your system with pleasure.”

“I…can’t think clearly…why does this feel so good!?” She called out climaxing once more. I thrust in at the exact moment. She looked as if she might explode. “Stop it please, I just came. I’m too sensitive right now!”

I became a piston piercing her, hitting her soft insides. They coiled around me, gripping and sucking me in with fever. It was hot and wet. The sounds were as seductive as a siren’s call. It gave even more vigor to my libido.

Her mouth burst open. She clenched her eyes closed and moaned. I was swelling up and was ready to burst. “Here I cum!”

She regained herself momentarily. “Please. Don’t do it inside. I beg of you!”

“I’m cumming!” One powerful grunt and I went over the edge filling her to the brim with my semen. Days of buildup released in a single shot. She came again and then again.

My semen leaked out of her. “There’s so much.” She was in a delusionary state still having mini spasms.

My first load in nearly two weeks had left me drained. I went to the grab a bottle of water off the tray by the bed when I heard the faint clicking of a round entering the chamber of a gun. It was easily missed by normal humans, but I wasn’t a normal human anymore.

I jumped on the backside of the bed, dragging the delirious girl down with me, just in time to avoid the automatic gunfire. “What the hell is going on now?” I yell out over the rattling of machine guns.

Dammit I was going to need to reach my gun. They took a second to reload. Enough time for me to grab my gun. The door gave way to a boot. I squeezed the trigger missing anything vital.

Someone fell and screamed in agony. My marksmanship had been second to none ever since my reawakening. The fireworks halted as thunderous footprints approached.

“I hope you enjoyed that little moment. It’s about to be your last.” The voice was distorted but it still rang a familiar tone.

“Ginja!? That you buddy?” I called out.

“You will pay dearly for attacking me, Ginja of the Klaw Gang. Are you prepared to die?”

“Can’t say I am Ginja. Speaking of the Klaw Gang, you came at just the right time to tell me all about them. More specifically where it is I can find your leader.”

“Ha! If you can manage to make it to me without getting shredded I’ll tell you everything.” He laughed goading me.

“Okay Ginja, you asked for it buddy!” I poked my head out and was surprised to see that Ginja was nearly three times bigger than he had been previously. “Ginja, what have you been eating?”

The girl stood up still kind of dazed but coming down from euphoria just as Ginja and crew riddled the room with more bullets. Moving faster, I grabbed her and fled through the window landing softly on the ground below.

She looked around confused. She was out of it earlier and didn’t even know we had been in a small shoot out seconds before. She squealed. “Why are we outside? Take me back inside now!”

“You know for such a slutty courtesan you do have a weird since of modesty eh?”

“Hey!” Ginja called down to me from the window I leapt from. “You’re forgot something.” One of his men pulled out some extreme firepower, a bazooka.

Her eyes widened. “Is that a bazooka!?” She pointed. “Why are they pointing that thing down at us?”

“You really weren’t paying attention when these guys were shooting at us?” I looked at her.

“We’re going to die!”

“Don’t be so dramatic.” I fired a single shot at the same time he did. My bullet punctured the rocket and it exploded not far from the launcher. “Stay here, I need to go have a little chat with our new friends up there. Back in a sec.”

I jumped up with superhuman skill and landed in the room inside of the window. Bodies lay thrown about. I didn’t mean to kill em. There goes my only link to the Klaw Gang. I sighed. Just my luck.

“You really are quite the interesting person eh?” My gun whipped in the direction of the voice. It was the small slaver again.

I lowered my gun and smiled cockily. “Seems you’re pretty interesting yourself. Tell me…” I turned serious and lifted my gun again. “Just who are you?”

“No need for hostilities.” He held up his hands in surrender. “After all it seems we have similar goal…Second Captain of the Klaw Gang, Jubei. Or should I say former Second Captain?”

My eyes instantly narrowed. “You have me at a disadvantage.”

“Right, it is only fair I introduce myself…” He bowed arrogantly. “…I am Sanoe of the Klaww Gang.”

I smirked. “You have a death wish or something?”

“Oh on the contrary, as I stated we have similar goals Jubei. I offer my assistance in ascertaining what you want. The destruction of the Klaw Gang.”

“Yeah? And why would a member of the Klaw Gang want to help me destroy his own organization?”

"I have my reasons of course but it doesn’t interfere with your plans of vengeance so it’s of little consequence to you. So do we have an accord?”

I thought it over a second. Then I lowered my gun. “Alright. Let’s see where this goes.”

The door came open. “You left me out in the streets…with nothing to cover myself with!” She yelled with flames spitting from her mouth.

“Oh yeah. Nearly forgot about you there.”

“Forgot!? The world would be a much better place without men like you!”

“You don’t have to yell ya know?” I dug in my ear for emphasis.

“I’ll yell whenever I damn well please!”

Sanoe laughed. “You two must’ve hit it off quite nicely indeed. Please accept her as a token of our new ‘partnership’.” He walked pass us to the door.

“Hold it! Tell me everything you know on the Klaw Gang.” I demand.

“In due time Jubei. For now Hyruichi City is a place that will surely…peek your interest.” Then he vanished down the staircase.

“Hyruichi City, huh? Okay I’ll check things out. Hey you…” I turned to the girl who was attempting to escape to the window. “What the hell are you doing!?”

She froze when she realized she had been caught. She rushed to the window. “I will never give myself to you I’d rather…”

“Die?” I cut her off. “Cause that exactly what happens if you try to jump from this height. It’s impossible for humans. Plus you already have."

She looked down and became unsure yet still defiant. “You…You did it…I can too.” She stuttered.

“You can't be that stupid, I’m not human. At least not anymore.”

“What…are you?

“Well I suppose right now I am your master.” I cuffed her chin and brought her lips to mine sealing the deal. Our tongues entwined with one another. I stamped her with my seal and labeled her mine. She went weak and drop to her knees.

Footsteps came rushing up the staircase. The owner slid in with the town Sheriff. “What did you do to my room!? I hope you can pay for the damages?”

“Shit let’s get out of here!” I picked her up and fled out the window.

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