After School Special

After School Special

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


It's a short story I thought to do. Scenes do not contain a lap dance. It does contain sex and blow jobs. WARNING "Boy falls in love with girl. Girl cheats on boy. Boy heart breaks. Forbidden love finds boy. Heart mends?" Apologies for any spelling and grammatical errors my editor didn't get to review the final few paragraphs


It's a short story I thought to do.

Scenes do not contain a lap dance. It does contain sex and blow jobs. WARNING

"Boy falls in love with girl. Girl cheats on boy. Boy heart breaks. Forbidden love finds boy. Heart mends?"

Apologies for any spelling and grammatical errors my editor didn't get to review the final few paragraphs


Submitted: May 19, 2016

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Submitted: May 19, 2016



The world was without sound.

Oliver couldn't immediately process the information his eyes were taking in. Was he sure he was seeing what he was seeing and it wasn't an illusion? Yeah that was it. His eyes were playing tricks on him. That's what he wanted to believe.

But he knew it wasn't a trick. It was real and there she was in the car with a strange man he had never seen before. The innocent girl he had been dating for nearly five months was in the back seat of a blue Mercedes. No mistaking it, the detailed tattoo of two doves on her right shoulder confirmed it. His girlfriend, Elisabeth.

She was on top, straddling the mystery man. The gold skirt of her school uniform had rolled up her waist as she slid up his dick. Oliver could see the exact spot the two were connected. Then she came back down swallowing him whole. She shuddered and her eyes rolled. Her face was contorted. Oliver had no idea she had such a face. 

He never imagined she would be doing something like this. He had known her as a sweet and innocent girl. The version he was seeing was unfamiliar to him. His heart caught in his throat when their tongues flickered in each other's mouths.

Oliver turned away to confirm reality was still behind him. It was. But without sound it still felt surreal. He noticed his best friend Ricardo speaking to him. He too was muted.

He looked back at the car. He wished for a moment he hadn't seen Ricardo sneak into this back alley. He regretted being so curious as to follow him. No he wanted to be back at the gym so he could make the decision to go home instead of stopping by the Planet Smoothie.

" Oliver!" Ricardo forcefully turned Oliver to face him breaking through the void and bringing the volume with him. "I told you not to look man."

Oliver was in shock. He didn't even realize tears had begun rolling down his face. His heart was already crumbling but his mind was late to the party. Then it clicked. His eyes widen. She was cheating on him and he had the misfortune of not just seeing it, he could hear her voice too.

"I love daddy's dick. I love daddy's dick!" Her hips were thrusting hard and fast. The slapping of skin on skin made Oliver shades sicker.

"What about your lil boyfriend? How you think he feels? Don't he treat you right?"

"He is a real sweetheart....Oh...I really like him, but...ah..." Her hands went to pinch her nipples.

" You can't get enough of this dick can you?" He thrust hard enough to lift her up. Here body twitched several times uncontrollably.

"Yes Daddy!"

A sadistic smile set across his face. "If you had to choose him or my dick. Which would you pick?"

"I can't answer...That."

He slowed his pace. "If you don't answer honestly I'll stop right here and leave."

She bit her lip. "Daddy's dick! I chose Daddy's dick! I'd never give that up!"

With that last comment Oliver's soul shattered. He became furious. He stormed towards the car. He was hurt. He had been the perfect boyfriend these few months. Dates at nice restaurants, gifts, flowers, candy. He had given her so much and now this was all he had left to show for it. A heart that had just been ran straight into the planet. He snatched off his half of the lovers bracelet they had bought on his sixteenth.

Ricardo pulled him back. "Let it go man it's not worth it man."

Oliver wiggled, struggling to get free. He screamed and cursed as Ricardo dragged him back around the building, but not before Oliver was able to throw the  bracelet against the window. 

Ricardo managed to get a steaming Oliver to his old school Charger. Then he walked to the passenger door and joined Oliver on the inside. The two sat silently for a long eternity.

Ricardo inhaled then exhaled. " I Can't imagine what's going through your head right now..."

" How long have you known?" Oliver interrupted.

Ricardo looked like he had been slapped. "I'm your best friend O. You think if I knew ahead of time I wouldn't tell you. I just found out when you did. I was at the city library, saw her being extra friendly with the guy. She hopped in his car. I followed them here. Then you show up."

"I'm in pain man. I could never imagine she'd be like that."

"Look man Fuck that bitch. You wanna chill or something to get your mind off this scene?"

Oliver shook his head. "I'm going home."

Ricardo nodded understandingly. "You change your mind you know where I'll be." Ricardo got out of the car and went back to his mom's Chrysler 300.

No one was there when he arrived home. It was empty. No mom. No dad. No little sister. His father had probably left for work and his mother and sister were probably shopping for dinner. He threw his gym bag on the floor in front of the front door. He passed the living room and kitchen and headed right upstairs to his room slamming the door shut.

As soon as he laid back on his bed his heart started to ache. He and Elisabeth had many make out sessions on this bed. They nearly had sex for the first time on it. He chuckled dryly. He had yet to have sex with her and yet she was losing her mind doing it with some other guy. 

He laid back with his thoughts,  losing track of the time. He had been replaying things over in his head for a half hour. Or had it been an hour? He couldn't get her erotic voice from his head. Each time he thought about it a ping would stab his heart.

A faint knock at the door brought him back downstairs. He opened it expecting his mother overloaded with grocery bags. What he got was a smiling Elisabeth. 

What was she doing here? "Liz? Wh...why are you here?"

"I am your girlfriend silly. Do I need a reason?" She forced her way in. It was like nothing had happened at all. She walked into the living room and sat down. Oliver followed her and stood in the doorway. "Where is everyone?"

"Out at the moment." He replied never meeting her desperate need to lock eyes.

"That's good news." She stood and came to him. Her hand went to his chin lifting his gaze to hers. She pulled the back of his head down and her soft lips melded with his. 

Her tongue slithered into his mouth and stomped out any resistant to her he might have been holding onto. She rose to the tips of her feet forcing his back to the wall. Her hand trailed his back. He was getting turned on.

He was being swept away in her pace until her voice played in the back of his mind. "I choose Daddy's dick!"

He gently pushed her away. "I can't do that with you anymore..." He trailed off with his head dropped.

Elisabeth quickly pulled her blouse over her head and started to undo her bra. " We don't have to settle for kissing. We can go all the way this time. If you want."  Her voice trembled a little and her eyes had grown slightly teary as she let the velvet fabric fall from her chest revealing her large breasts. They jiggled slightly after being set free. Oliver had played with them on numerous occasions and the sight used to make his blood pump. Now they caused him pain.

Oliver swallowed almost afraid to ask the question he had been pondering this whole time. "The guy in the Mercedes?"

A tear escaped Elisabeth, a strained smile on her face. She sat back down on the couch and pulled his bracelet out of her bag. "When I saw this on the ground next to the car I knew, even though I prayed that you didnt...I knew you saw." 

Oliver got choked up. "For how long?"

"I fell in love with him my freshmen year. He was a cool, popular senior from another nearby high school. We dated. Then he graduated the next year and went to college. He became someone else, started seeing other girls. I didn't like it but he told me I could deal with it or leave." Tears had begun leaking heavily from her eyes. "I loved him so much I couldn't leave!"

"So why play with my heart?"

" At first I only dated you to make him jealous. But he didn't seem to mind, he actually encouraged that I continue to date you." The stabbing in Oliver's heart intensified. " But today I realize you were the one I needed Oliver. You are the one I truly love. I realized I didn't want to lose you."

Oliver now had tears in his eye too. "I want to believe you...i just can't get your words out of my head. I think it's best if we..."

" No Oliver please don't say it, please don't say it's over. I can make it up to you." Elisabeth scrambled to Oliver's side and dropped to her knees, unzipping his pants. 

They both fell over. Elisabeth freed Oliver's erection in seconds. Before he could even protest she had him in her mouth. All they had done so far was makeout and fondle and that had always been such a big deal for her. She had told him she wanted to wait, that  she didn't want to rush things. For her to be slurping him down like she was, that was a huge jump from what he was accustomed to.

Her mouth was on fire. She was sucking him like he was ice chips to a pregnant mother. She savored him. The taste of his precum a perfect combination of sweet berries, not the least bit salty compared to what she was used to. He ate extremely healthy. She kicked herself for being so focused on the wrong guy. If he forgave her and took her back, she would do everything to make amends.

Her head bobbed like a buoy. Oliver felt the situation slipping from his control. " gotta stop...if you keep going..." Oliver was embarrassed. He wanted to stop it but all he could really do was softly moan like a girl.

She pulled him out of her mouth and stroked him with her hand. " If you want to cum, then do it but I won't stop. I love you." Her mouth wrapped around him again all the way to the base. 

Oliver fought against it and lost. His cum shot down her throat with force. His hips spasmed and euphoria tingled up his spine to his brain. With that his reasoning returned and shame overtook him.

Elisabeth never missed a beat. She swallowed every last drop. Didn't waste any. 



"Mister Moore!" Oliver snapped from his x rated memory. His teacher stood in front of his desk glaring down at him with that menacing stare that struck fear in the hearts of her students. "When you are in this class you are to be expected to pay attention. Nothing I say is ever unimportant."

"Sorry Miss Elkins. I just have a lot on my mind." Namely yesterday's event with Elisabeth. After she finished the deed, she left. He hadn't spoke to her since. Practically avoiding her at all cost.

"Whatever it may be, it has no place in my classroom. Do we have an understanding Mister Moore?"

" Yes." He replied.

She pushed the frames of her glasses up the bridge of her nose with a finger. The sun hit the lens at an angle that gave her evil glare an even more soul shattering tone. "Yes ma'am?"

Oliver quickly adjusted. "Yes ma'am."

"I am not known for mercy, so do not expect it a second time. Clear?" Oliver nodded. Miss Elkins was the coldest instructor to ever earn a teaching degree. She ruled her classes with an iron fist and a razor blade tongue. No one dared challenge her. She was known to be ruthless. As beautiful as she was, she was unmarried because of her personality. She was a cross between Angelina Jolie and Alexis Jordan with the disposition of Satan himself.

The final bell rang and Oliver and the class were finally dismissed to go home. All he wanted was to go home and get his head straight. Too much had happened too quickly and he wasn't conditioned for this sort of stuff.

He received a text on his way to the car from Elisabeth. She asked him, no begged him to meet her tonight at their favorite restaurant. He spent the majority of the day contemplating if he should go or not. He convinced himself that he needed to get closure and to properly end things with her. The trust was gone. They could never be the same again and it would only hurt her worse if he tried.

He sat at one of the booths waiting for Elisabeth to show. His Server had taken his drink and even brought a refill. He checked his watch she was twenty minutes late. He would give it five more minutes.

He people watched to pass the time. The restaurant was packed. It was a French cousine place Elisabeth discovered whose name he still couldn't pronounce. The layout was strategically arranged to give the impression of a loaded venue without actually being crowded.

His eye caught a glimpse of something. He recognized her from the gauges and multiple earrings she always wore, even to class. It was Miss Elkins and she was dressed to impress. Opposite her was an older well dressed guy. So it wasn't impossible for the Ice Queen to score a date after all. Her date got up and walked to the bathroom.

A body slid into the other side of of Oliver's booth and grabbed his attention. He nearly spit his drink all over the floor. He couldn't believe this guy was here. The same man who had fucked Elisabeth just yesterday.

" We finally met." He opened.

Oliver got straight to the point. " Where is Elisabeth?"

" Oh she is back at my place recovering. I laid some heavy pipe ya feel me? I came to let you know she gonna be knocked out for a while."

" You stay away from her. You hear me?" Oliver rose to his feet. Fist closed.

"Slow down soldier, your girl came crawling back to me begging me for some pipe. She freaked out. Ain't loyal to nothing but the dick. My dick." Oliver grabbed him by the collar and stood him on his feet. He did the same to Oliver in response. "Look I came to throw salt in the wounds but  now that I see you, you look like a smart kid who probably deserve better. I'm just trying to tell you to let this one go. I tried to break things off with her but she will do anything to be with me. I even told the hoe to go suck your dick yesterday. So tell me, did you get your dick sucked yesterday?"

Oliver swept the man's hand from his collar and pinned him on the table using the first technique he learned in Aikido. The action drew attention to the two.

A couple of employees came to investigate the disturbance. " I have to ask you two to leave." Oliver noticed the commotion he caused and released his grip.

The man glared at Oliver while nursing his shoulder. " Yeah maybe I will." He turned and walked out the door angrily. 

Oliver sat back in his seat and put his head in his hands. He was so stupid. 

"Sir, I will call the police." The Manager spoke unapologetically. Oliver contemplated ripping his head off. If only to expel the rage he had.

"You may leave him to me." He looked up to see Miss Elkins standing over him. " You are causing quite the ruckus Mister Moore. Have you anything to say for yourself?"

"Miss Elkins?"

"Alright keep him from anymore outbursts otherwise you have to vacate the premises." The manager barked.

"Rest assured there will be no more incidents from this one, will there?" She pointed her question to Oliver who shook his head quickly.

" No."

She adjusted her glasses and shot him with her signature stare down. "Come now. We don't have to be in my classroom to remember our manners do we?"

Oliver adjusted. "I mean, no ma'am."

"That's better." Miss Elkins sat down across from Oliver sitting her drink on the table. " Do you mind terribly if I join you?"

"By all means sit, but what about your date? What will you say when he comes out the bathroom?"

" He already did. He used the commotion you caused to slip out the doors when he thought no one was looking." She gulped her drink. "I was looking."

"I'm sorry about that."

"I wouldn't fret over it Mister Moore. It was a blind date I was doing as a favor. But he didn't interest me in the slightest." Oliver cringed. Ice ran through her veins. "However I did find it interesting he would leave me to foot the entire bill on a teacher's salary."

"Well how much is it? I'd be happy to help with that."

"I couldn't ask that of my student."

"No worries I insist. "Oliver rubbed his eyes trying to wipe away all that has happened in less than two days. His head was spinning he hadn't even stopped to absorb everything properly. "I need a drink."

"I have an interesting proposition for you. I took the train to get here. If you would be willing to give me a ride home I would be willing to get you a drink. But just one."

" You shouldn't offer drinks to your students."

"It's just one. It'll be fine." 

Oliver was skeptical. This didn't sound like the same teacher he knew. It was most certainly a trap. He would be a fool if he walked into this one. But then again he had been a fool for months, what was more more moment compared to that?

Miss Elkins had gone back to her table and retrieved her bottle to share it with Oliver. It was practically empty already but she filled two glass. They loosened up and began to talk. It felt weird to Oliver, he never thought she could converse without coming off as serious and threatening. Oliver had actually learned things about the hard as nails teacher from hell that made her seem more human. He learned that she could produce a smile and even tell jokes and laugh. Then the conversations turned personal.

"Why aren't you married? Time waits for no one you know." Oliver downed the remaining contents of the glass. It burned he clearly wasn't a drinker.

She sipped from her own glass. "Hm, why indeed? In short, men tend to fear a strong woman. Take my date for example, he had a bad habit of slouching and using incorrect diction. He did not present himself in a manner similar to how I had been lead me to believe. He had not been able to withstand mild criticism. Fled without even touching his meal."

"Maybe you were a bit harsh?" 

"Perhaps...I had hoped to end my night on a high note. It's possible I was too naive." Her eyes trailed away. Oliver could tell her date had left her heart a little more bruised that she let on.

"This might sound crazy, but I wouldn't mind being that guy's replacement for tonight."

She tilted her head a degree. "My, that is a bold statement. Has the alcohol gotten to you so soon?"

Maybe it had. He had an extremely low tolerance to alcohol. Normally Oliver wouldn't  dare be so forward, but there was no hesitation in him in this moment. After everything that has happened lately what was one more stupid decision? "I'm not the least bit intimidated by you. Strength only compliments your beauty. And you are already the most gorgeous woman I've met. Besides we are enjoying drinks and leaving together already. Maybe that isn't the end of the night?"

She chuckled under her breath. Her head was hazy from the bottle of wine she had drunk, almost, entirely on her own. She had done a good job of speaking well enough to hide her drunken status, but her face was reddened and gave her away. She was tittering on the verge of committing  a huge taboo with one of her student. And she wouldn't care if he continued to say the right things.

"You are still ten years too soon to suggest taking me to bed." She deflicted.

"It wasn't a suggestion. More like an invitation." Oliver shot back with a strong voice. 

She smirked and whispered in his ear, her voice low and seductive giving in to the alcohol and her growing desire. "I am not opposed. But will you truly take responsibility for your words? I wonder." 

Oliver nodded.




The front door to her house came open and then closed again. They were embracing one another in a kiss that electrified them.  Oliver pinned her against the door. His tongue wrestled with hers while his hand moved to her butt. One of her legs came up and wrapped around his waist to give him a better grip on her ass.

She moaned into his mouth. Oliver couldn't believe he was doing this with his cold as snow teacher. She pulled his neck down closer to him and kissed him deeper. Her tongue tasted like a winery. She had to be very drunk with this much on her breath. It felt wrong to take advantage, but he decided to leave the part of himself that cared at the restaurant. He was erect and nothing he could do would stop what came next

Miss Elkins had began to grind her hips against his member. Her panties had become soaked. It was like she was in heat. She didn't look like she could wait any longer.

Oliver freed himself from his jeans. She was ready without a doubt. Her hand went to the bottom of her dress pulling it to her waist allowing Oliver to slide her black thong to the side. Her thighs were drenched. Oliver entered her with ease. She took him all in.

Her insides clamped down on him tight in quick spasms. She arched her back and grunted through clenched teeth. Oliver's stroke was slow and precise. Hitting at just the right spots. She was grabbing the curtains on the nearby window, panting to his rhythm. Her head burrowed into his neck. She nibbled lightly on his flesh.

The two stumbled over to the couch. She climbed on top of Oliver with eyes that were glazed over with pleasure. She worked her hips. Gliding on his shaft. She had came again and cream was collecting at his base. If you had told him a day ago he would be having sex with one of his school teacher, he would never believe it. Especially f you had said Miss Elkins.

Yet, that wasn't stopping her from enjoying his manhood and moaning for more. She bounced on him faster. Her aggression peaked. And he matched her stride for stride, blow for blow. He felt something powerful building up. Something that was driving him mad. Something that made him go insane.

Her screams of passion filled the space. He gritted his teeth, grabbing her waist and plowed into her field with all his might. Her voice caught in her throat while she twitched. Her body stiffened and her eyes rolled to the back. A small pool of drool threatened to run down her chain.

He went off like a gun, shooting his load with force. At that moment he could feel her muscles contracting. She was still orgasming, unable to utter a sound. Mercury poured down his spine. He shivered a few times. She finally fell over on top of him, her breathing heavy but now stable. Guilt hit him like a punch in the gut. He not only taken advantage of an obviously intoxicated woman but she was also his teacher. How would he be able to face her after this?  

Oliver closed his eyes to battle with his thoughts, when he next opened them the sun's rays were shining through the cracks of the blinds. He had fallen to sleep on the couch. He sat up quickly with his heart racing. Fear was taking over his thoughts. She wouldn't have called the cops on him would she? He didn't come home last night, were his parents freaking out? He checked his phone. Several missed calls from his little sister. He contemplated if he should call back when a figure came into his peripherals. 

Miss Elkins stood there staring down with cold eyes. She had her hair pulled back in a messy ponytail. She was now wearing a baby blue shirt with a photo of the Coco Cola polar bears on it. It was short and didn't cover her bottom half . He could see her white panties. He turned away afraid to make eye contact. He slept with her while she was drunk and was only one step above a rapist. Or maybe she considered him on the same level.

When she spoke, her words were slow and powerful. "Well, Mister Moore. You seem to have placed yourself in quite the predicament. Coming home with me, sleeping with me, and even having the galls to stay the night..."

Oliver interrupted. "I'm sorry."

Her glare intensified. "You are sorry? So you will take responsibility for the sin you have committed?"

Oliver dropped his head and shut his eyes. Of course he would be punished, nothing he could do but face it head on like a man. "Yes ma'am. I will accept responsibility." He still had his eyes shut awaiting her swift justice. Her soft lips kissed his cheek. His eyes opened.

She kneeled beside him on the couch with her hands on his thigh. A cute smile on her face. "In that case, from here on out please take good care of me. My Master."

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