Eternal Possession

Eternal Possession

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Kidnapped and held hostage, Alex finds that there is more than one way to be possessed by someone. Ahriman's soul needs a new host and while he possesses Alex's body, Abby possesses his heart. He must overcome one possession to claim the love of the other. (Book 2 - follows on from where Eternal Covenant finishes)


Kidnapped and held hostage, Alex finds that there is more than one way to be possessed by someone. Ahriman's soul needs a new host and while he possesses Alex's body, Abby possesses his heart. He must overcome one possession to claim the love of the other. (Book 2 - follows on from where Eternal Covenant finishes)

Chapter1 (v.1) - Eternal Possession

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Kidnapped and held hostage, Alex finds that there is more than one way to be possessed by someone. Ahriman's soul needs a new host and while he possesses Alex's body, Abby possesses his heart. He must overcome one possession to claim the love of the other.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 28, 2013




Chapter 1:

Abby stretched, slowly becoming aware of her surroundings.  The cold musty air raked her lungs with the sleepy intake of breath and the hard lumpy mattress beneath her felt familiar in an abstract way, yet these things no longer gave her any discomfort. 

No longer gave her discomfort?  What a strange thought.  Her sleep leaden mind teased her sense of reality so for a brief moment she was unsure where she was or who she was.  She almost believed she was sleeping in one of the abandoned tunnels beneath the streets of Oxford as she often had when she lived as one of the homeless.  Although, there she had never felt this deep anxiety, a gnawing feeling that had stayed with her no matter how deeply she slept.  It was a feeling of desperation to find something.  No, not something,…someone.


The cobwebs in her mind cleared in an instant and she was up and heading for the door in the next.

She’d wasted too much time already and she still had another night of travel ahead of her before she reached the compound where Alex was being held.  What she was going to do once she got there she still had no idea.  No doubt she’ll work it out as she goes. 

Abby’s stomach twisted in on itself with the anxiety that had driven her for the past two days. 

For the first time in two months, since she became a vampire, she felt that her new ‘condition’ was a hindrance, slowing her down since she could only travel at night. 

As a new vampire she was constrained by her inability to remain awake during the day, unlike the older vampires.  What she wouldn’t give right now to be a day walker like her vampire sibling, Saladin, an eight hundred year old arrogant nightclub owner who, fortunately for her employs an intelligence expert with connections here in the Ukraine.

She made a mental note to thank him properly for his help when she got back home.  If she lived that long of course.

Where she was headed there was no guarantee of a return ticket. 

Abby ran her fingers roughly through the short length of her brunette hair, fluffing out the flat, bed bedraggled appearance.  She’d slept fully clothed, right down to her boots, unwilling to be caught off guard. 

It wasn’t the fact that she was a single white female travelling alone in a strange country that made her nervous.  No.  She was more than capable of taking care of herself.  Being holed up in a WWII underground bunker with strangers who call themselves her allies made her nervous. 

The bunker had recently been converted into a restaurant complete with WWII memorabilia, popular particularly with tourists.  The domed stone walls and ceiling remained in their original condition.  The only thing that was new was the flat slate floor which was replaced for public liability purposes.  The old uneven blue stone floor had apparently posed too great an insurance cost for the restaurant which although its primary use was as the Alliance’s Baltic Regional Headquarters, it was also a legitimate business.

The irony wasn’t lost on her.  The Guild of Ascension was, until two days ago, controlled by Ahriman, an evil fallen angel whose previous incarnation had been Adolf Hitler.  The same bunker that previously housed the Nazi resistance was now home to the current fighters against his evil influence.

With everything that had happened recently, she wasn’t prepared to take any chances.  Trust had to be earned.  Experience had proven that even those who you thought were your allies could in fact be your enemy. 

Her unique ability to read people’s thoughts gave her an edge which she intended to take full advantage of, but she would be a fool to put her trust solely in her gift.  It wasn’t infallible.

Regardless, she had no one to rely on but herself.  That’s the way it had always been and that’s the way it would stay.

Until she got Alex back nothing else mattered. And, there was nothing she wouldn’t do to get him back.  

He was her Mate.

To complicate the situation their bond was incomplete, and if his genetics were the same as his sister, Cassie, he was likely to become weaker each day Abby was separated from him. 

Would he die if she couldn’t get to him?  She had to assume, yes.

That wasn’t an option.

Abby prayed that Lilith, the traitorous bitch who betrayed them and kidnapped Alex, would be at the compound when she arrived.  There would be nothing she’d love more than to peel the flesh from her bones one paper thin strip at a time.

She swallowed the lump in her throat as she re-adjusted her weapons.  Her mind drifted back to the night before his kidnapping when they were ambushed by Ahriman’s minions.  Alex had been severely injured.  He’d almost bled to death in her arms from a severed femoral artery. 

The healing hormone in her saliva had repaired the artery and sealed his wound but he’d lost a great deal of blood in the process.  Those precious minutes it had taken to staunch the bleeding had changed them both, bonded them. 

Although Abby didn’t have much experience feeding from humans, she knew it was a pleasurable experience for both the vampire and their donor under normal circumstances.  With the deep attraction she and Alex had felt towards one another before, and the intensity of the situation with his injury, their blood bond had connected them more intimately, creating something…more.  It bound them on a soul level.  They became a part of one another.

But their bond wasn’t complete and it would remain that way until Alex took her blood.  Until then the physical separation from her would drain him of energy, slowly, weaken him a little more every day like a battery without a power supply to recharge it. 

A couple of bags of blood replaced some of what he’d lost through his leg wound, but it wasn’t enough.  He was still weak from his blood loss.  Combined with his separation from her…

A surge of fear pulsed through her veins, perfusing every cell in her body with a violent shudder as she relived the memory of that night. 

She nearly lost him then.  She wouldn’t let it happen now. 

What was happening to him now?

One thing she knew for sure.  The Guild didn’t plan on hurting him, at least not right away. 

They went to a lot of trouble to get him. 

They need him for something. 

Abby stepped through the doorway into the supply room at the rear of the restaurant, the hidden panel sliding neatly back into place.  It was still early and the building was almost deserted.  The Chef ignored her as he searched the shelves for ingredients, giving her no more than a passing glance as he muttered to himself.

Gustav’s deep baritone voice carried to her sensitive ears even though she could tell he was doing his best to speak quietly.  The heated tones of the conversation had Abby instantly on guard.  Her fingers nervously stroked the handle of the blade hidden beneath her jacket.

“Abby.  Hello, I’m Nadia.  I’ve been dying to meet you.” The young woman bounded over to her holding out a pen and notepad for Abby to take, her thick Ukranian accent contrasted with her perfect use of English. 

Abby took a step away in surprise, taken aback by the young woman’s enthusiasm.  Her hand latched onto the dagger reflexively, itching to unsheathe it.

Gruff protests in Ukranian and severe glares threatening reprisal were fired at Nadia who ignored the three men completely and pushed her notepad and pen at Abby a second time, bouncing on her toes with excitement, seemingly oblivious to the danger of her internal organs becoming external accessories.

“Sorry,” Gustav offered apologetically.  “We tried to talk her out of it.”

“Could I have your autograph, please?” Nadia begged.

Her autograph?  Why would she want her autograph?

Had she stepped off the plane into an alternate universe where telepathic vampires had somehow become the equivalent to movie stars?  Not that this girl would know she was telepathic.

Abby stared dumbly at Nadia who once again pushed the notepad and pen toward her.

Abby opened her mind to the girl’s thoughts and groaned inwardly. 

As it turned out, she had become a celebrity of sorts, by proxy at least.  Video footage of her with Sammael or Alaric as he preferred to be known now, the original vampire, at Saladin’s night club on the night of his so-called ‘resurrection’ back into the world, had apparently been forwarded around the globe to practically every supernatural on the planet.

Abby had spent the best part of her life shunning contact with people.  All people.  She had gone out of her way to avoid them to the extent that she had deliberately taken up residence on the streets.  She felt suffocated by people’s attention, their thoughts bombarded her mind with torturous monotony.  It was quiet on the streets. Nobody came near you if you looked like a dirty vagrant.  You simply slipped into obscurity.  It wasn’t always an easy life but it was peaceful, just how she preferred it. 

To find out that she has inadvertently become famous was enough to make her hyperventilate.

Alaric had been a recluse until his ‘coming-out’.  He hated his new Hollywood status among the supernaturals, all the whispers and open ogling he endured. She had chided him for his snarky remarks and eye rolling groans whenever he went into public. 

It wasn’t so amusing when the shoe was on her foot, not his.

Humour her and she’ll go away, Abby thought to herself optimistically.

With a shaky hand Abby discretely released her grip on the dagger and swapped it for the pen, scribbling a short message on the pad and signed, Abigail Dresdan. 

“Thank you.” Nadia squealed as she raced back to the table to show the three men who continued their disapproving glares at her.

“Abby.  I want you to meet Klaus and Sebastian,” Gustav said ignoring Nadia, gesturing first to a heavily built man, Klaus, his beard almost as grizzly as the nasty scar that stretched the length of his face from the edge of one eye, reaching down to just below his jaw line.  He flashed his golden eyes informing her of his Lycan geniality, in case she didn’t already know. 

Next to him sat a fresh faced blonde man with a mischievous sparkle in his eyes, Sebastian.  His lithe frame and nimble movements gave him away as a vampire even before he flashed his pearly white fangs when he smiled.

“They’ll be travelling with you to the Guild’s compound.  Klaus was raised in that region and can guide you through a few short cuts.”  Klaus gave her a lopsided mock grin, deliberately scrunching up his face around the tethered scar giving him an evil ‘Chainsaw Massacre’ look about him.

“Sebastian has a few tricks he can use that might come in handy to get into the compound.” The blonde vampire dipped his head and winked, his opalescent eyes sparkled darkly with playful devilment.

Great.  A road trip with two of Snow White’s dwarves, Grumpy and Happy, if dwarves were around six foot tall, that is.  Ha, there was an oxymoron, giant dwarves.

“Abby, is it true that Sammael is your sire?” Nadia interrupted, scooting across the bench seat and motioning for Abby to sit next to her.  Clearly she wasn’t willing to let any of them have a serious discussion until she’d had her fill of ‘groupie session time’.

“Yes.  That’s true,” she answered simply.

“That’s so cool.”

“Nadia.” Gustav growled.  “Enough.  We have more important things to discuss.  Go and make yourself useful in the kitchen.”  His deep gruff voice took on an edge of warning.  Nadia frowned and pouted but was gone a moment later muttering to herself as she stomped away.

“Sorry about Nadia,” he explained, a little exasperated by his daughter.  “She is a good girl, but a little ah, ah…” his forehead furrowed in heavy corrugation, pulling his thick eyebrows together until they almost touched.  His finger tapped the table in an automated fashion as he searched for the right word in English.  “Excitable.”

“I don’t mind,” Abby lied, doing her best to keep the smile on her face.

Gustav shifted in his seat, pulling a map from a bag beside him and laying it on the table.

“Here,” he pointed to a densely forested area, “is where the Guild is holding your friend.  “There is an old fortress, converted into an Army outpost during the war. We believe the Guild now use it as their headquarters,” he explained in disjointed English.

“They have been shipping in supplies along this river.” Gustav’s finger snaked along the length of the tributary that ended a mile or so from the compound.  “Unfortunately we only have satellite photos of the shipments but we have reports that they have been accruing radioactive isotopes and large amounts of scientific equipment.”

She’d already heard this much from Dray a few weeks earlier.

“Why haven’t you had confirmation of this?” Abby asked.  She wasn’t an intelligence expert, she hadn’t even played any of those ridiculous, time wasting computer war craft games, but even she knew the saying “Know thy enemy like thyself” was the first rule in battle.

Gustav balled his hands in front of him, his eyes darkening with frustration.  Klaus growled, a fierce guttural noise that would freeze an angry bull in its tracks in fear.

“No one we’ve sent in there to investigate has ever returned,” he answered grimly. Their loss weighed heavily on his shoulders.Even though the men he’d sent had volunteered, he still felt responsible for them.

Abby knew this trip was dangerous and she was prepared for any eventuality but she didn’t want to be liable for the lives of anyone else.  It was her duty to free Alex, no one else’s.  The last thing she needed was to be held accountable for the loss of more of Gustav’s men if things went pear shaped.  She was already burdened with enough guilt to sink a battle ship.

 “No disrespect to any of you, but if this is likely to be a suicide mission, I’m going alone.” She stated, eyeballing each man with determined resignation.

“No.” Klaus growled. “You find your friend.  I find my brother,” rolling his r’s with a thick accent.  He leaned across the table menacingly, daring her to deny him his right to go.

Abby didn’t finch a muscle but held his glare for a moment longer before giving him a slight nod. 

“And what’s your excuse for going,” she asked Sebastian whose eyes glittered with roguish glee.  “I’m bored,” he grinned, steepling his hands in front of him. “And, Gustav tells me I annoy the customers.”  He said with a dark chuckle of proud satisfaction. “So, I think it’s time I have a change of scenery.” He added, casually thrumming his fingers together with carefree disregard.

“You realise this could turn out to be a suicide mission, don’t you?”

“Ah, yes.  I am well aware of that.  But that is what makes it so much fun.”

Abby gave Gustav a questioning look.  “I don’t need any foolhardy thrill seekers on this trip,” her eyes shifting to Sebastian with a disapproving glare.

“Don’t worry about Sebastian.  He likes to joke around some but I am sure he will do nothing to compromise your mission, will you Seb?”

“Of course not.”  His shocked look of indignation and disappointment that anyone should doubt his dedication and conviction was almost believable.  Almost.  Except that Abby could read his mind. 

Was he willing to put any of them at risk?  No.  Was he willing to toe the line and behave? Again, no. 

The most interesting thing she’d discovered ploughing through his mind, was that Dray had specifically requested he go with her.  If Dray trusted him, then maybe, just maybe she could too.  Heavy emphasis on the maybe.

After a four hour drive, Abby was dropped off in the middle of no-man’s land with her two new travel buddies, very aptly nicknamed Grumpy and Happy. 

“Smell that glorious fresh air,” Sebastian stretched his arms out wide, expanding his chest to take in a deep breath.  “So much better than your god awful doggy stench.  What do you call that cologne, month old road-kill?” He taunted Klaus.

“You want to die blondie?” Klaus growled, taking a swing at Sebastian.

“Already did that.  What else do you have in mind, but nothing kinky,” he jibed, taking a leap aside to avoid the baseball mitt sized fist heading in his direction.  “I’m not into any man on man shit. So I suggest you put your paws away before you give the lady the idea that you’re after a bit of slap and tickle.”

Klaus’ eyes glowed gold with murderous rage, he peeled his top lip back to reveal a vicious set of carnivore hardware and his fingers stretched into lethal claws.“I’m going to kill you, little cockroach,” he snarled, adding a string of foul curses in his native tongue.  His ebony brows slammed down over eyes that darkened with dangerous intent.

Pivoting, he swung at Sebastian once again.  He blocked, caught him with a kick that knocked him backwards, but only for a moment.  Despite his size he moved with the grace of the wolf inside him, smooth and fluid, dancing lightly on his feet.  Every powerful blow controlled with devastating accuracy.  But it made no difference.

“You won’t be so smug when I separate your head from your body,” he said in a painfully calm voice, as though performing a decapitation was a routine job.

“Good Lord.  If you two don’t tone down the testosterone, I’ll kill you both myself,” Abby yelled, the storm brewing in her eyes gathering strength.

The two men stopped and grinned at each other, clasping forearms in mutual appreciation. 

“Don’t mind us,” Sebastian said. “We’re just limbering up.  We need to be ready for whatever nasty surprises the Guild might have waiting for us.”

A sparring session?  Abby threw up her hands in frustration.

“We don’t have time for this.  Let’s get moving,” her voice cracked like a bull-whip.  She didn’t intentionally mean to sound so harsh, but she was unaccustomed to men behaving like Neanderthals and her nerves weren’t exactly at their best right now.

“Sorry.” Klaus apologised a little sheepishly.  “The liddle lady is right. Get moving,” he said to Sebastian, slapping him hard enough on the back to send him stumbling a few steps, getting the last blow in on their friendly scrap.

Good god, give me strength, she thought.  Six freaking hours of trekking with this pair? 

Maybe she could ditch them. 

Wishful thinking.

At least she knew they could fight It would be better if they focussed on the enemy though, not each other.

Snow flurries fluttered around her face, getting into her eyes and tickling her nose.

For the next few hours they moved in silence scaling steep craggy mountain sides and walking along obscure muddy trails barely fit for mountain goats.  The only sound came from skeletal trees rustling in the breeze, muted marginally by the mountain of snow that coated the ground.

Nearly there, Abby told herself over and over with each step.

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