Raven's Lair parts 4, 5 & 6

Raven's Lair parts 4, 5 & 6

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica






Submitted: January 25, 2013

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Submitted: January 25, 2013




Part 4: Have Your way with me (I just want to be loved)

I didn't usually invite guys over here but then again I had been with Malik for the past three years so, technically I had no reason to invite anyone over, also, I had been in Delaware up until just recently. Besides, my mom was very strict about guys in the house when I was a teenager and even when I first started dating Malik but I'm grown and my mother wasn't here to tell me I couldn't.

I knew I couldn't approach JT the way I had done Garvan because he and I barely knew each other and since I hadn't heard from him since that night I kinda figured he had the same mindset as me "get off and go on about his business."

Or, he could have a girlfriend or wife or possibly was a dog like all the rest, but I wouldn't know until I asked questions. So, I channeled Melanie for this I used the journalistic techniques I had become familiar with since she started using them on me. I pulled out my phone and shot him a text. "Hey sexy, damn I was hoping I would hear from you, I guess I wasn't good enough for you that night." I hit send and decided not to mull over whether or not he would reply. I made my way to the kitchen to start dinner.

As I reached in the cabinet to pull out the frying pan I intended to use to make the Parmesan-Crusted tilapia I heard a ping from the coffee table in the living room. I sat the pan on the counter and dashed to get my phone. To my disappointment, the text was from Shelby "Hey Rae bird, Mel said you were thinkin about a girls night in this weekend let me know what's up." I texted back a simple response and headed back to the kitchen when I heard the ping for the second time.

I walked over slowly this time not letting my anxiousness get the best of me. Again, to my disappointment, it was from Malik "Can we talk please?" I rolled my eyes and tossed the phone on the chair. Before I could take another step towards the kitchen my phone rang. Reluctant to answer because I thought it was Malik until I heard "One Night Stand" by Keri Hilson.

It was ironic that this was my ringtone right now but I let the phone ring twice before I answered. When I saw who it was my face and my pussy lit up simultaneously. Since I wasn't expecting him to call me I didn't know what I was going to say to him. So I played it cool. "Hello", I greeted innocently. "Is this Raven?" JT's voice was deep and sexy he sounded like a black version of Robin Thicke. "Yes, who is this?" I asked as if I hadn't saved his number in my phone or better yet just texted him.

"It's JT, you just texted me." "Oh okay hi your number isn't stored in my phone." I lied. "What's up wit you beautiful?" "Nothing just got off of work." "About to cook dinner." "Damn, sexy, educated, can cook and fine as hell!" "Might I add your sex game ain't bad either I was hoping for round two!" He said with a laugh. Knowing that he was serious but not wanting to seem desperate or slutty I laughed in response to his remark. Since he'd opened the door to where I was trying to go I had to figure out how to invite him over without it coming off obvious. Still channeling Melanie I asked him questions.

After going through the boring stuff about our work day and random curiosities I felt I could reel this baby in. "Well, since you don't have plans tonight I was thinking maybe we could get together and really get to know each other better." "That's coo." "How about I be there in an hour?" He replied with a hint of expectation in his voice; little did he know our minds were on one accord. "An hour is perfect I should be done the cooking by then."

I ended the call and returned to the kitchen. Since JT was the first guy I would be cooking for since Malik I wanted to give him the works. I realized I was overdoing things a bit and I was being highly unrealistic about this because I knew nothing about this guy but his name; I just wanted to feel good at least for tonight. An hour later I'd managed in between cooking and straightening up I found a way to make myself look irresistible in a modest sort of way. My hair was loose with big curls and the dress I had on was a form-fitting black mini that I'd gotten from Dots last week.

I decided since I was in my apartment, shoes weren't necessary. Since this place was carpeted I had no use for them I smiled to myself thinking about how much hell Eddie raised when my mom decided she wanted a plush white carpet in here as opposed to anything else. I often missed my apartment back in DE but only for a second especially after that travesty. Besides this apartment was much more spacious. It was home. My mother loves jazz and shows she had an old artist friend of hers paint her a portrait of Miles Davis that hangs on the wall over our television set where the picture of my father used to hang.

My mother also loved colors but because she didn't think it wise to put color on the living room walls with a plush white carpet she left them as they were, instead of adding a dash of color and flare in our furniture.

Our sofa and love seat were leather sky blue to be exact her favorite color and two white chairs that sat adjacent to the main pop of color in the living room. On the glass coffee table sat two candles with the aroma of lavender waltzing through the apartment. I'd just sat the plates on the table When I heard my apartment being buzzed I dimmed the lights a little to present a relaxed atmosphere.

When I opened the door I was turned on immediately. JT was so sexy, even sexier than Garvan. He had a custom fit light blue button down and tan khaki pants his muscles rippled just enough so that I could see his form through the shirt and seal the deal he had on dress shoes. I was impressed and more than anything,

I couldn't wait to get through dinner so I could get to him. Better yet so he could get to me. He had a low cut with waves that were just perfect not too deep just visible enough. He had a nose that gave him an almost feminine look with the most beautiful eyelashes and when he smiled he sort of had an overbite but it wasn't disfiguring.

His eyes were gray and his lips! I couldn't wait to know what they felt like on every part of my body. Inviting him in, I directed him to have a seat. He handed me the roses and bottled wine he bought for me which I thought was sweet. That gesture alone made me want to scratch the sex idea. That is until he followed me into the kitchen as I put the flowers in a vase of water. My back was to him but I felt him burning a hole through me.

I decided it wasn't a good idea to turn around so I didn't. It was quiet for a moment until JT said, "This is a nice place you have." "Three bedrooms, huh?” "You ballin like that?" Still not looking at him I answered, "No I lived here with my mother and younger sister but they are living in Virginia now taking care of my grandmother." "Oh I see" "So, let me ask you something." "Sure" I replied absentmindedly.

"Why are you single?" "That's a long story I answered truthfully without hesitation." "Fine, he said, I'll take that for now." "You have no choice," I said flirtatiously finally turning to look at him. "Oh really?" he said moving closer to me. "Yes, really" I replied moving towards the kitchen door. "Let's go eat our food is getting cold," I said trying to direct him to the living room. "After you sweetheart," He said stretching his arm and bowing in front of me.

"Before we go in there though I have one more question for you." He said reaching for my arm. "What is it?" I asked, caught off guard and shivering from his touch."Can I make love to you tonight?" Not knowing how to respond to that I let my actions do the talking. I pushed him up against the counter aggressively and started pulling at his shirt but he stopped me. He looked me deeply in my eyes and said "You didn't hear me," What I should have said is, "I'm going to make love to you tonight."

Floored by his sincerity I let him lead as was my plan anyway. At this moment my hunger for food had dissipated and all I wanted was him. He instructed me to lift my arms so that he could remove my dress when he did, he smiled. He was close to my ear when he said, "Your body is beautiful!" He removed my bra to get a better look at my perky C cup breasts. As soon as the cold air hit my body my nipples hardened, at that moment I moaned in delight and felt the moisture between my legs pool from a deep place inside of me soaking my panties. He removed my underwear and laid me on the countertop. His hands rhythmically caressed my entire body slowly and passionately I had never experienced anything like this. It was unbelievable how wet I was just from these light unaggressive strokes.

He hadn't kissed me, fondled my nipples or even fingered me yet and I felt like I was going to explode. Unbuttoning his shirt and removing it his remarkably ripped body made me moan outwardly once more and he smiled in response. "Glad you approve Raven." As he removed his pants I watched with anxious excitement. There was something about looking at a man's dick that did things to me I could never explain verbally. When he pulled down his Calvin Klein boxers my eyes nearly popped out of my head. I couldn't believe it.

I don't think I'd ever seen one that big or taken one that big to be honest I guessed that he was about 10 inches. I almost cried when he pulled his boxers back up. I wanted to ask why the random peep show but I decided to let this game continue without all of the questions. As if he had been reading my mind he said: "I decided to show you the merchandise before you tested it for the second time I'm fully aware that you were unaware of my girth at the bar considering I didn't supply with all of it." Finding my voice I smiled and said: "I am looking forward to testing it, again, all of it this time!" Without another word he made his way to the freezer as if he'd been here before and pulled out a single ice cube. I watched with intense curiosity

When he made his way back over to me, he instructed me to close my eyes so I did. Instantly I felt the cold ice cube hit my skin my stomach, in particular, my body tensed up immediately. "Relax baby it's all about you he moaned. "I felt a warm sensation where the ice had been I felt a squishy liquid and his warm breath and hands traveling down my body. I assumed it was lubricant but again didn't ask any questions. Although I was curious as to where he'd gotten it from sex was part of his plan too obviously since I'm sure he brought it with him.

I moaned my appreciation when I felt his lips on mine and his fingers probing in my most feminine place. I had never had the urge to come this soon during sex and I was kind of annoyed by it. up until I heard JT say, "Let go, baby, this is only round one." His fingers swirled around inside of me so slowly I couldn't take it. He pushed deeper inside and I felt like I needed to pee.

"JT, stop I whimpered I need to go to the bathroom." "No, you don't" he replied seductively. Confused, I responded, "Stop I do I need to use the bathroom." "No you don't he said again in that same seductive voice you're about to squirt," he informed me. Still confused because this was something I'd only heard about happening to others but I never experienced it. Too overwhelmed by such pleasure I felt the rush of my orgasm cascade through my body and I felt my body shatter around his fingers when he removed them I saw something I wasn't expecting to my juices squirted all over the countertop.

I closed my eyes tightly and let it happen. "MMMMM, Ahhhhhh, shit!" At that moment JT said, "Now you're ready!" He took me off of the countertop and into the living room. "Which way to the bedrooms and which one is yours?" Towards the back first room on the left. "Wait, I managed to say still trying to catch my breath the candles in the living are still lit." He blew them out and carried me into the bedroom.

He made his way towards me and I felt my anticipation building he slid into bed next to me removing his boxers as he did. That jewel I had recently gotten acquainted with in the kitchen was free and exposed once more.

In that instant, I was wet again but this time wanting to feel him inside of me. He pulled me closer to him kissing me slowly. I felt like a virgin about to make love for the first time. In many ways I was, any guy I'd ever slept with including Malik was rushed and selfishly executed. Meaning they didn't care if I got off or not.

I had never been this turned on from just kissing I was so wet it was mind-blowing. I caressed his body as our tongues danced passionately with each other. I moaned sensually against his mouth. He pulled away briefly.

I managed to catch my breath and ask "Do you have a condom?" "Of course" he answered reaching into his pants pocket that he brought in from the kitchen and pulled out a condom holding it up in my direction, after what he'd done to me in the kitchen with two fingers, an ice cube, and a bottle of lubricant I felt it necessary to return the gesture. I took the condom and said, "Let me put it on." "As you wish my lady," he replied handing it over to me. I contemplated getting up and grabbing a towel from the hall closet but I changed my mind because I didn't want to spoil the mood.

Before I rolled it onto him I needed to taste him. So I swirled my tongue around the tip he tasted salty and sweet at the same time. Overcome by sheer lust I took him into my mouth slowly because I wasn't sure if all of him would fit. The suction from my jaw was pulling him in it felt right to me. I heard him suck in his breath and let out a sigh of passion.

"Ahhh, damn girl!" He pulled my hair gently and threw his head back in ecstasy. I took my time with him as he had done me because I wanted him to get as much pleasure from what I was doing to him that I had from what he'd done to me. He thrust in and out of my mouth moaning the entire time. "Fuck," he exclaimed I'm cumming!"

Deciding that one sperm slushy was good enough for me I released him from my mouth just in time because he exploded onto my sheets. It was too late now but I actually wished I had gone with my first mind and gotten the towel.

I couldn't take anymore I needed him inside of me. I rolled the condom down his shaft. Kissing him from his pelvis midway to his chest he stopped me flipping me over and hovered over top of me he kissed me hard.

Taking those same skilled fingers; probing them deep inside of me. "MMMMMMM!" I cried out in overwhelming lust. "Yes, baby he encouraged cum for me!" "Ahhh, shit!" I moaned in response I felt my orgasm building When JT removed his fingers and placed them in his mouth tasting me.

I almost cursed when he stopped but he slid inside of me pushing deeper and deeper. I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist unable to meet his thrust because I was swaddled in ecstasy. I closed my eyes tight and drove my nails into his broad masculine shoulders.

The orgasm ripped through my body "JT!!" I screamed out gripping the sheets and whatever else was around to bring me back to planet earth. Deciding he didn't need to catch his breath he rolled off of me reached into his pants pocket again.

I was beginning to think he thought this was going to be an all-night excursion until he said: "This is the last one I have let's make this work for both us this time." "Okay", I agreed still overcome with lust. Before tearing it open he gently parted my legs and disappeared between them he sucked my clit so gently I almost cried.

His tongue dodged in and out like a skilled seamstress fixing a skirt. His tongue was thick and stiff he hit all the places Malik and Garvan could not He massaged my inner thighs as he licked and sucked harder. Again I felt that familiar feeling I learned in the kitchen. "Fuck, I screamed out "I'm cumming!"

Instead of denying my orgasm he licked and sucked flickering his tongue over my clit. "Ahhhh, mmmmmmm, don’t stop!"

I cried out gripping the sheets tighter I felt my body explode onto his skillful tongue and because he was still going and I now recognized what it felt like to squirt I assumed he swallowed my juices because I was still twitching when he sat upright and informed me,"Catch your breath boo cause you got me hard as shit right now!"

"I need you to ride this dick." Not able to form a coherent sentence I nodded in understanding my hair that was once tamed and neatly put together was a wild mass of sinful lust and passion. Once my breathing slowed he laid on his back and pulled me on top of him.

It felt a little weird because he didn't really go all the way in so I was lifted off of him a little bit as I rode him it felt good because the way we were positioned he reached my G-spot perfectly! Another first no guy had ever reached my G-spot and JT had twice and was going for the third time. Riding him, I leaned forward pressing my hands into his chest as he kneaded and gripped my ass "Shit, girl you handle this dick like a champ!" "You make it easy," I responded through clenched teeth. "What's your favorite position?" he asked.

I thought the question was a little late since we'd been in several since we started this sexcapade. "I like it from the back," I grunted in between thrusts. He directed me to stop and told me to turn around so that my back was to him and my ass was facing him. "You ever try reverse cowgirl?" "No" I admitted.

When I was finally positioned correctly he thrust his big ass dick in and out rapidly I fell forward because his motions were so vigorous. Holding me steady he informed me "Baby girl, this will be the best orgasm either of us ever had." JT and I were spent after hours of passionate sex. Well in his words "love making" I glanced at the clock it was 9:30 pm.I slid out of the bed slipping on my robe I headed to the bathroom. Flicking on the light I didn't recognize the girl looking back at me. She looked flushed and glowing... Happy even.

My heart was overwhelmed with happiness I liked JT a lot I was starting to think these feelings had everything to do with my vulnerability and JT's bomb ass sex game, either way, I felt how I felt. I knew I needed to get a grip, so I threw some water on my face used the bathroom, washed my hands and headed back into the bedroom.

From the doorway, I could see that JT was knocked out. I pranced in my room nudged him and said: "Hey, it's late, let’s eat I'm hungry." Opening his eyes slightly he smiled and said: "Sure gorgeous whatever you want."

He pulled himself up pulled on his boxers and followed me out into the living room. I put our plates in the microwave and JT and I sat in the living room eating and talking. Once he left I cleaned up the living room and kitchen and decided to take a shower before I went to bed. Turning on the shower I took my robe off and climbed in; the water felt good on my skin and suddenly it hit me. My life was in shambles my relationship was over and

I was working my way up the ladder of hoedum. All I could do was cry deep heaving sobs! I washed up and pulled myself together long enough to get out of the shower wrapping my towel around me I decided to dry off and get dressed so that I could sleep in my mom's room. Taking a trip to Virginia was sounding better and better I needed to get away to clear my head. I needed to get it together and I knew that but to be completely honest I didn't know how. I lotioned my body threw on my PJ's and climbed in my mother's bed and cried myself to sleep.

Part 5 Another Day Another dollar

I know the saying goes, "Thank God it's Friday" but after last night it could have been Monday and I wouldn't have given a fuck! JT was the real deal his dick game was definitely on point but don't get it twisted because I definitely put in work too so I know he'd be calling again. As a matter of fact, the text I just responded to proves that.

Pulling into the garage at the hospital I was so high from good dickerazation that not even Michelle's bean burrito eatin ass could get under my skin today. Ah yes, Wednesday, the middle of the week. Today, I just might leave work and hit up happy hour somewhere cause I'm feelin good as hell right now. Pressing the button to get on the elevator a random unwanted thought occurred to me. "What if Malik tries to come here to talk?"


For the first time ever I was glad his ass lived in Delaware because I damn sure don't want to see him. Since I'd been ducking his calls and because I know him so well his next step was to take that drive. As much as I hated his ass he was about action and when he had a mission in mind he went for it. To be honest, though this would end up being a dummy mission for him cause I wasn't talkin. So, he might as well abort that idea now.

Letting the doctor and the woman with the screaming toddler off ahead of me I switched past the security desk to my desk waving in Amber's direction. "I see somebody had a good night last!" She called me and without turning around I could tell she was grinning from ear to ear. Part of me thought she was a lesbian and wanted to talk to me but I wasn't going to spark up a conversation to find out either. At my desk, I found a manila envelop with a sticky note on top in Michelle's handwriting that said "File these invoices and bring them to my office in an hour. p.s next time you make my coffee please don't forget the cream." M.G. I rolled my eyes and mumbled under my breath.

This fat bitch is really pushing it, I thought to myself as I sat in the chair switching on the company computer which immediately reminded me where I was because the wallpaper said "WELCOME TO COOPER UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL not that I needed the reminder of course but it was always there. I knew it was against company policy to use my cell phone at work but I needed to text Melanie about this weekend and I wanted to talk to JT.

Just as I did I had an unexpected visitor although I was looking down at my phone I felt the heat of another person too close to my personal space. I didn't bother putting the phone away because I could tell it wasn't Michelle they weren't flapping their jaws. Looking up to see who it was I was greeted by a tall lanky girl with pale light skin big poppy eyes, thin lips, and freckles. Her clip-on ponytail lets me know immediately she does her own hair, and her security uniform was pressed to perfection. It was Amber.

"Now you know you not supposed to use ya cellphone at work." She said with a chirpy tone. I didn't want to come off rude and anti-social which is how I pretty much felt with everyone on this job, so I forced a smile put the phone next to the mouse and replied, "I know but I'm trying to make plans for this weekend." "l feel you!" she answered Not really concerned with why she found herself at my desk talking to me instead of "securing" the premises I decided to ask anyway. Putting on my most professional assistant voice I asked: "Is there something I can help you with?" "Naw, she answered I'm just bored."

"Honestly, I wanted to know What's up wit you?" Not sure if she was hitting on me or if that was slang for "she wanted to get to know more about me." So me being me I asked, "What do you mean?" Clearly finding herself comfortable she leaned against my desk and said "You seem coo, but you never really converse with us "common folk" she used the phrase as if to imply I was stuck up "Oh" I retorted still unsure if I was in the clear as far as her being a lesbian or not. Not that it mattered really she was nice.

I don't know why but at that moment I felt inclined, to be honest with her. "I'm just dealing with a lot of personal BS right now so when I come here I just do what I gotta do and leave." "Okay, I get that." she stated, "but from the way you walked in here things seem fine."

"Don't be fooled by what you see," I advised. She nodded in understanding. "You got a point cause when my dumbass boyfriend acts like a dick I come in here fuming and smiling all at once." Hoping the surprise of her mentioning a boyfriend didn't show on my face I replied: "Girl don't I know it." In that instant, Michelle came bounding through the corridor and straight up to my desk.

"Bye girl," Amber said quickly before dashing off pretending to work. Michelle Grambs was a rotund white woman with bleached blonde hair, her fat ass cheeks made her green eyes look like they were being suffocated by them and she always wore that same rosy ass blush white women wore, no eyeshadow and her perfume smelled like she mixed Off bug spray and Febreeze. She irked my life! However, I had to admit her big ass dressed well.

Her brown dress suit was nice and the black pumps she wore complemented it and pulled it together. Although she looked like if she leaned too far to the left from some random place in the hospital someone would yell "TIMBER!"

Faking another smile I spoke first because I knew she wouldn't. "Good Morning Ms. Grambs did you need me for something?" Ignoring my greeting entirely she started her tirade. "Raven I've been paging you for ten minutes but now I see why you couldn't respond you're too busy out here having home girl social hour." "

Yes I need you, you're my assistant!" and have you started those invoices yet?" The whole time she was going off I was counting to myself cause I was about to forget my roots and go off on this ho especially with that whole home girl social hour bullshit. That let me know for real now we had a problem cause she'd inadvertently told me she didn't like black people.

Since my mother raised me better than that, I took the mature approach. Instead of apologizing, I took the accountability route. Standing up, placing my cell phone in the draw and picking up the invoices I replied sweetly "No I haven't started them yet I'll get on that right away." Before storming off she said, "I want you in my office in 10 minutes."

"If I have to come out here again the next discussion we'll be having will regard your future here." Do you understand me?" Trying not to frown my face up and simultaneously calming the idea of reaching in one of these draws pulling out a pair of scissors and stabbing her I responded "Yes, That's very clear, I'll be in your office in 10 minutes," When she walked away and was safely back in her office I shot both Mel and JT a text and got to work on the invoices. If this job didn't pay $13.50 an hour trust me I would be gone.

However, mama raised no fool so I pulled it in so that I could finish out this day on the same high I came in with. Although Michelle almost got the best of me, JT's dick got the better of me so I decided to use that as motivation to get through the rest of my day. It was Wednesday but when I got out of here it was going to feel like Friday because I needed another girlfriend intervention this time with all of my girls it was time to start this weekend off right. just then I found myself humming Rihanna's song "Pour it up" It's on once I get out of here!

Part 6

Let's Get this Party started (It's Happy Hour somewhere)

It was 1:15 pm when Michelle paged me letting me know I could leave at 2 pm because she had a family emergency in Wayne PA. Elated didn't even begin to describe the feeling that shimmied through my body when I heard that. I was so glad to get the hell out of here early I couldn't think straight. Once 2 O' clock rolled around I gathered my things shot a quick wave in Amber's direction and darted to the elevator.

On the way down I felt my phone vibrating, I figured it was from Mel since she always took forever replying to one of my messages; to my surprise, it was JT and instantly I got turned on. I really had no intentions of meeting with him today but if that's what this text requested of me, I was so there.

Unfortunately for me, it was his usual "How's your day going, beautiful?"  I smiled with delight anyway and answered back. Heading towards my car in the garage I knew I'd be waiting a little while for Shelby, Persia, and Mel to meet up with me for tonight. So in the meantime, I needed to occupy this free time I had. For a minute, I thought about running to the Cherry Hill Mall, until I remembered it's Summer time and there is no school; so much for that idea I said out loud pulling out of the garage and into traffic which by the way was light because it was still early and people were at work but because I was in Camden the streets were buzzing with people waiting at the Walter Randell Transportation Center.

I loved driving in the city mainly from the impromptu sightings I'm exposed to, meaning comedic relief thanks in part to the addicts and "hustlers" out and about. Not to mention the residents as well. However, you put it Camden definitely inspired you in any way you needed it to. On the way home, I decided to blast my new found love for ratchetness, a sad state of affairs the love affair I'd acquired for this music because it certainly wasn't my style but nothing I was doing these days made sense so I blasted 2 Chainz "I'm Different" besides as the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

So I figured when in the hood do what the hood would do. Plus, this was my song it took my mind off of my other problems. I figured since I have so much free time because I got off of work early I'd run home, change and go see what was going on at the Victor and if I could guess it would be absolutely nothing since it's still a weekday the middle of the week to be exact. I almost wished JT would text me and say he was stopping by for lunch.

I knew it would be a long shot but I actually considered texting him "suggesting" it. There was nothing better than sex in the middle of the day and although I had just been with JT the night before my body burned for him like a sinner in church begging for air. I didn't want to entertain the thought any longer than I had to because then I'd really be in trouble and my girls night out would end up being a night in with JT.

I decided once I got home that going to the Victor was pointless at least until later tonight. That is if Mel, Persia, and Shelby were interested in going there we might just get that night at Top Dog we been trying to get for the longest time. As I pulled into my apartment complex parking lot my phone blared loudly and without looking at who was calling I answered excitedly "About time you called!" The voice on the other end was unusually silent until I noticed the person I assumed I was speaking to wasn't on the phone.

I felt rage shoot through me when I realized I wasn't talking to Melanie instead I was talking to Malik. At that moment I turned the car off and out of the corner of my eye I noticed Eddie at the mailboxes so instead of hopping out of the car right away I lingered in my car all while trying to maintain my anger with myself for answering too quickly all while being pissed at Malik as well. I was mad at myself because I should have checked to see who it was..... To be honest, though, it was the time that I stopped putting off this "talk" between the two of us because it was long overdue.

Despite the fact that I truly had nothing to say to him I really did want to know why he lied to me and put up a front like he did. A major part of me realizes that most of it had to do with his own insecurities but I knew deep down inside I played my part too. So much for Happy Hour, more like Get It together hour besides I was no longer in the mood to have a cocktail at least not at this moment. Besides, I realized that once this call ended I'd most likely need some vodka and bail money. Eddie was still outside when I got out of my car but to be honest I really didn't care. Plus I pretended not to notice him talking to me because I was on the phone.


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