Raven's Lair parts 2 and 3

Raven's Lair parts 2 and 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica






Submitted: January 25, 2013

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Submitted: January 25, 2013




Part 2 Getting Over Malik: (A little girl time)

Sitting in the booth at Bahama Breeze waiting for Melanie was like waiting in a long ass checkout line at the supermarket, frustrating and tedious. She took her time doing everything but I had to admit I couldn't wait to see her!

She is the true definition of a best friend "Ride or die chick" "Ace Boon", Mel was the real deal we had been friends since we were about nine and there was nothing we wouldn't do for each other. Sure we got on each other’s nerves but as the saying goes what are best friends for?

As I waited, I'd taken the liberty to order for both of us since we were best friends I knew her well enough to know her style. Drink and otherwise. The booth I'd been led to sat adjacent to the bar and there was an outside seating area which I'm sure Mel would prefer since it's her favorite season, summer.

However, I'd rather wait for her to get here before I did all of that. Just as the waiter came over to the table with two drinks I spotted Mel at the entrance I called her so she'd see I was already here and waiting for her. She sauntered over in her "I'm the shit, back off kind of way" Smiling all the way.

As usual, she belonged on the cover of Elle or one of those high fashion magazines. Today, she was a little more laid back than usual but still cute. She had on a turquoise halter dress with silver gladiator sandals. Her hair was wild and flowing thanks to the expensive Indian Remy weave she wore often.

I guess you could call it her signature look. She had cocoa colored skin with almond shaped eyes thick eyebrows which she kept arched to perfection. Her eyes were dark brown and because her father was a dentist she had teeth white enough to audition for a Colgate commercial on their own

She always wore huge hoop earrings in some circles known as "ghetto wear" today they were silver to accentuate her shoes. When she reached the table she nearly knocked the waiter down trying to get to me. I think her purse was really the culprit since it was big enough to fit a kitchen sink but that was Mel.

She hugged me tightly and when she pulled away she smelled of "Heat" By Beyonce. Wasn't my style but she loved it and it smelled nice on her. Before moving to the other side of the booth she stared at me. I didn't bother saying anything because I already knew what she was doing. "Research" she never shut off the journalist in her.

Although she was only an intern at the radio station Mel was the kind of person to see her future and live her life as if she was already living her dreams. After what felt like an eternity of her eyes burning a hole through me I downed the last of my Rum Runner, scrunched up my face and asked "What?"

"Why are you staring at me like I have two heads or something?" "If I were you, I'd worry more about that Mojito sitting in front of you." nudging me playfully, she replied I'll get to that in a minute I'm lookin you over to make sure you're good. "Especially because your ass is good at keeping secrets and I can tell there is a whole lot you have not told me.

"You're right Oprah there is a lot I haven't said yet." I retorted sarcastically. "It's been a while since we had time together like this we'll get to my story in a minute." "I wanna hear about you what's new?" "How are you and Cho?" Melanie laughed and blushed a little. "First of all, his name is Chung and we are great!

"That's good, how long ya'll been together now?" "You know it's hard for me to keep up". "Being in Delaware really did a number on me." "I bet" Melanie replied. Finally taking a sip of her mojito I could tell the bite of the drink was a little more than she'd anticipated because the face that followed looked like she'd been sucking on a lemon and I couldn't help but laugh.

Returning the drink to the table she answered "two years." "What,” "You go girl!" sincerity dripping from my words "I'm surprised especially since you usually drop guys if they sneeze the wrong way around you" She laughed and replied, "I know but Chung is different from any other guy I've dealt with." "Even, Mason?" I asked.I knew that was a sore spot with Melanie since her high school sweetheart was killed in Iraq. But, I needed to know. "No", she replied a tear dancing in her voice "No one can ever replace him you know that." "Yeah, I know." I replied thoughtfully, "I'm just making sure everything is okay with ya'll." "Besides, I have yet to meet him so until he passes my best friend test I can't say for sure he's in."

She rolled her eyes and replied, "Yeah, I know." Moving over to the seat on the other side of the booth the waiter returned to our table to take our food orders. I ordered the Lobster and Shrimp Quesadilla and another rum runner and Mel got the Fire Cracker Shrimp and a sprite I think she'd had enough with the Mojito. She was half Jamaican and it showed every time we went out because everything she ordered was always super spicy.

I was glad I held her off as long as I could about the soap opera that had become my life but that was only for a little while because as soon as our waiter was out of ear-range of our table she put on her journalist hat. "So spill she started her eyes lit up like a child on Christmas I know you got some shit to tell me."

"You got ratchet-tendencies but I do know this thing between you and Malik gotta be stressin you out." As badly as I wanted to lie to her, Mel was my best friend she could smell my bullshit from miles away so I decided to keep it real and tell her exactly how I'm feeling at the moment and fill her in about Garvan and the random ass guy at the Victor whose name I later found out was JT.

Deciding to get to the point I inhaled deeply and started my tale. "So basically, I skipped my Political Science class so I could go home and we could do what we do and to my surprise, Malik opens the fuckin door and there's this big oily ass nigga in my fuckin’ bed." "Girl, I went the fuck off!" Mel nearly choked on her sprite at my description of Malik's lover.

"I couldn't take it I put them out and ran to the bathroom and threw up." "Sorry I know you're eating." "No it's fine," Melanie replied sympathetically. Looking seriously now as she picked at her plate "You know you could have called me, I woulda been there in a New York minute!" in that instant her Jamaican roots took over. "Fuckin batty boy!" "Bambaclaat” batiman!" "Translation?" I inquired, confused.

My eyebrows raised in part from shock but mostly confusion Mel hardly ever used Jamaican curse words. Unless she was with her family, you would never know she had Jamaican in her; really her accent wasn't as noticeable possibly because she was only half Jamaican. "Sorry, she said regaining her composure.  "Both of those words pretty much means he's gay!"

"I mean I'm not hatin on gay people more power to them she explained whatever floats your boat but this nigga played his part good as hell if the dick was what he wanted he should have just said it!" Melanie was mad for me one thing I loved and appreciated about my best friend she always had my back and I damn sure needed her right now.

We finished our meals and I continued to tell her about Malik. I really wanted to tell her about Garvan and JT, but she had to get back to the Radio Station and I had to be at work in two hours and I had a couple of errands to run. We walked arm in arm to the parking lot talking amongst ourselves. I suggested we get together this weekend for a slumber party at my apartment.

I know we were grown but in our own little way we were still children at heart and I'm pretty sure the two of us and maybe Persia and Shelby would be just what I need to deal with this break-up. For now, though, I had to keep my game face on I had a job to do. I loved my job and I have to say I was glad I got the job straight out of college currently I was an Administrative Assistant at Cooper University Hospital! It paid well and I thankful for that. I got my degree in Business Administration and I ultimately want to start an interior design firm but for now, this pays the bills.

Part 3 Independent Women always find a way

Pulling into the garage of the hospital and glancing down at the clock I'd just made it with five minutes to spare. I gave myself the once over in my rearview mirror. I applied some lip gloss and opened the door. Just as I did, my cell phone blared loudly echoing in the parking lot "I Care" by Beyonce startled and annoyed me all at the same time because I realized it was Malik which meant I'd forgotten to remove him from my phone altogether. I had nothing to say to him, especially after that live broadcast of "Out of the closet with Malik" and I couldn't possibly imagine what he thought he had to say to me. I got out of the car, hit ignore and put my phone on vibrate and tossed it in my purse.

As I headed towards the elevator I had the unfamiliar urge to pray. I had been so frazzled lately I needed some form of divine intervention. To be honest, I knew God didn't want to hear from me if I were him I wouldn't. I was a mess but the urge still persisted and in the back of my mind I could hear my grandmother saying,"All God ever wants us to do is talk to him" I was actually glad I was in the elevator alone this morning which I guess in some strange way was God letting me know he had been waiting for this moment.

So I bowed my head and gave it a shot. Stepping off of the elevator I didn't feel any different but I was hopeful that it helped a little. Making my way to my desk I spoke to Amber the security guard. She seemed cool but I wasn't really trying to get too cozy with anybody on this job. As I said before, I know a lot of people out here and to be honest I need to keep a low profile because my reputation out there isn't a good one.

I know it's no excuse but I was young and immature. As I left my reverie and approached my desk I remembered I had a meeting. Tossing my purse in the drawer and grabbing a notepad I dashed to the conference room I was glad to know when I arrived Michelle hadn't started yet I slid into my seat before she had a chance to realize I was late. Or so I thought when she turned around she said "Ms. Perry, nice of you to join us.  "I would appreciate it if you get here on time because lateness is an inconvenience to your collogues." Michelle Grambs was a pompous, overbearing, asshole. Luckily for, her I needed this job or I would have cursed her out. For, now though, I smiled and assured her it wouldn't happen again. Meanwhile, calling her all kinds of turkey necked, beer belly, jelly bean eating bitches under my breath.

Michelle was the kind of person if you gave her a little bit of "power" it went straight to her head. Although I loved my job, she was the part I couldn't stand. I was hoping this meeting ended quickly because the longer I had to be around fat ass the more miserable I felt. I was surprised I didn't say anything to her for calling me out in front of everyone I guess that prayer worked.

Well that and the fact that I needed this job for now. The meeting concluded and I made my way to my desk. I hoped my day went by fast because I needed to get the hell out of here. Unfortunately for me the day dragged and five o’ clock couldn't get here fast enough.

I contemplated leaving here and going to get a drink but to be honest I needed to deal with these feelings I was having about Malik and what he'd done to me. For the first time since this happened I actually started thinking about what I had done to cause this whole embarrassing debacle that was currently my life.

I thought about calling my mother and even taking a trip to Virginia to visit her for a while a nice long get away might just be what I needed. When my mother told me she was moving there to take care of my Nana everything in me wanted to pack up and go with her and my little sister Shaina but I knew my mother would have wanted me to stay in Delaware and finish school so I did.

Right now in this state I'm in I needed my family here in New Jersey with me. It didn't even cross my mind that when I came back things wouldn't be as they once were. Maybe because I never expected them to change I really needed to re-prioritize my life I was losing me and I didn't like it.

Living in the apartment that once occupied my mother and sister and I felt strange now but my mother insisted that it was time for me to become the woman she'd raised me to be. Before she left she informed Eddie the landlord that I was going to be living in the apartment although he had informed me on several occasions that if I was going to occupy a three bedroom apartment I needed to find two other people to live here with me or he would have to down grade me to a one bedroom and let someone else have this place.

I wasn't having that I grew up here and I wasn't going to just let some random family come and move me and mine out. I just had no clue who I was going to talk into moving in with me. Especially because the only friend I knew who didn't live on their own was Shelby and although she was my girl we clashed a lot so I knew that was a bad idea.

So, since Eddie hasn't said anything to me about it in a while I figured I could hold off on the roommate search for a while at least until I fixed my life. Truth be told, my life was so fucked up I actually considering writing to Iyanla Vanzant to do just that. It's too bad her and that damn show irked my last nerve. So for now I decided to resort to my go to coping method, sex. There was nothing like a mind blowing orgasm to clear my head when nothing else worked. I really wanted to try JT again, that night at the Victor has been replaying over and over in mind ever since that night.

Usually, I'm the dominate one when I want to have this kind of fun but truth be told I was too battered and vulnerable to play "Boss Bitch" tonight, I yearned to feel desired. I wanted him to do what he pleased to me. I almost felt like an addict because of this off and on binge I found myself on. I didn't care I needed to escape my reality right now and sex was the only way I knew how.

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