Raven's Lair part 1

Raven's Lair part 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Raven's Lair is a story of the forbidden world explored. When overzealous ambitions take over, they might have deadly consequences if Raven doesn't get her life together quick. Will she let a break up break her or will JT be her saving grace????


Raven's Lair is a story of the forbidden world explored. When overzealous ambitions take over, they might have deadly consequences if Raven doesn't get her life together quick. Will she let a break up break her or will JT be her saving grace????


Submitted: January 25, 2013

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Submitted: January 25, 2013



Part 1: Acting Out

The heat between my legs was an indescribable sensation as the head of his erect elongated tool entered me slowly from behind. I moaned deeply as I attempted to keep my balance against the rickety bathroom stall. I'd literally just met this guy who was pounding his frustrations into me hard and recklessly. One of his hands positioned strategically on the small of my back while the other yanked at my hair which at the start of this random rendezvous, had been pulled up into a loose ponytail. I moaned a deep breathy moan that encompassed sheer passion and lust.

If you'd asked me before I left the house did I envision myself here like this I would have said, Hell Yes! This was my objective I needed this. Before any of you try to judge me let me tell my story. Hell, even when I tell the story and some of you still feel the need to judge me; here's what you can do, spin around in circles on my middle finger! Anyway, my name is Raven Perry, I'm twenty-three.

I recently moved back to New Jersey from Delaware. I couldn't take Dover, it was entirely too slow for me. If you haven't noticed I'm a party girl! I still can't understand how I made it through college, which took me to Delaware in the first place. Sorry for the tangent. Let's see, my story; Hmm picture it..... Three months ago I was a girl on top of her game a graduating senior, practically engaged to be married and living on my own. Life couldn't have been better, which I guess in retrospect is why it ended up being worse!


"Malik, baby are you here?" I sashayed into the foyer of our apartment quietly because technically I should have been in my Political Science class but I decided to miss this class would reap its own reward for what I had in mind. Most people are ashamed or embarrassed to admit this, sexually I am what you'd call insatiable. Making my way towards the bedroom, I pressed my ear against the door. I could hear the TV so I assumed he was still asleep, perfect, I'll wake him up I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

Just before I turned the knob to walk in I heard what sounded like muffled moaning sounds. For a second I thought I was trippin' because it sounded like two men so to keep my imagination in check I reverted back to my initial thought the TV. To make my grand entrance more sensual, I unbuttoned my dress shirt, unfastened the button and zipper and stepped out of my dress pants revealing the black thong and matching bra I'd purposely worn for this occasion leaving my clothes in a pile in front of the door.

Initially, I had on comfortable flats. I hated dressing up on Wednesday's but It was a requirement for my senior seminar class. It had taken me hours to straighten my thick flowing hair. Recalling that I'd left my only pair of Black "Red Bottoms" in the living room I tiptoed towards them carrying them in my hands as not to ruin my plan of waking my man with one of my all-time best blowjobs.

As I made my way back to the door preparing to open it the knob turned and the door opened wide and I was face to face with an unsuspecting truth. I didn't even give myself time to assess what I was seeing or thought I was seeing I just went off.

"What the fuck is going on here Malik?" Before he could answer I kept talking. "You're cheating on me?!" "Not only are you cheating on me in my own apartment but with a fuckin MAN!" I had no time for explanations or hear me out. I was fuckin through "GET THE FUCK OUT NOW!" he and The guy he'd pleasantly been fucking in my bed scrambled to get their shit and go.

I hadn't even found the energy to cry at that moment because I immediately went into shock. The revolting taste that tangoed on my tongue and in my stomach was too much for me I ran off to the bathroom and vomited up the pain, hurt and betrayal of a man I thought loved me beyond words. After they'd left I sat in the bathroom for hours crying it was about eleven o clock when I finally came out. Instead of waiting for Malik to come back to get his things I packed them and took them to the dumpster out back.

Angry and needing to release some tension I decided to make some plans that wouldn't take me too far from home. Now I had to think carefully because these were dangerous waters I was trending on but what did I have to lose? It turns out my boyfriend is a cum guzzling cunt and pretty soon I'd be graduating so as the saying goes, Carpe Diem!

Returning to my apartment I needed to set my plan in motion. My fucking hormones were driving me nuts as it is..... The only problem was I needed a target. Pondering for a second I'd finally figured out just who I was gonna get to extinguish this fire.

I scrolled through my phone hoping I still had my old math tutor's phone number. Garvan was the perfect candidate for this sexcapade I was ready to embark on. I had chosen him mainly because when he tutored me last semester he'd made it perfectly clear his intent had I been single. Now that I am I'd gladly let him make good on those intentions.

First, I had to think of a reason to get him to my apartment this late as opposed to the library or something. Hell, this tornado of anger and sexual frustration swirling inside of me, I'd take him in the hallway if I wasn't concerned with being slapped with a fine for indecent exposure.

As ironic as that might sound I do have some moral obligations. As the phone rang I tried to think of the best possible explanation I could use to get him here. He picked up on the third ring.

"Hello beautiful!" he crooned into the phone. That unexpected greeting sent shivers down my spine and made my pussy pulsate with longing. In keeping with my plan, I pretended to be surprised saying his name to be sure I'd dialed the right number. "Garvan?" I said with a hint of lust and phony surprise that he'd greeted me with such an unanticipated term of endearment

"Hi, It's Raven, I wasn't sure if you would still have my number." I listened to try and detect how his body was responding to my voice. I know, a little far-fetched but I needed results. It seemed like an eternity before he replied but when he did I knew somehow he'd picked up on my sublimely driven hints of sexual seduction; either that or he had something brewing in his head too, whichever was the case was fine with me.

"Of course I do" he replied. His voice tinged with his own masculine temptation. "What can I do for you?" he asked lust dripped off of each word that left his lips. Maintaining some semblance of self-control at least until we were face to face I smiled bit my bottom lip and purred into the phone "I was hoping you could come by and help me with this proposal I'm working on for my senior capstone." He wasted little time replying

"No problem gorgeous" "I'll be there in ten minutes just text me your address again, please. "After giving Garvan my address I hung up the phone. Hopped in the shower and rearranged this place so fast I made my own head spin.

Not wanting to come off too obvious I slipped on a pair of sweats with the school logo, no underwear for easy access and my black sheer tank top with no bra. I had to give him a small peep show at least until the grand finale.

In order to make my proposal story authentic, I ran into my bedroom grabbed some books and my binder and laid it all out on the coffee table. Just as I picked up the pen that hit the floor in my haste to make it look as if I was working hard as opposed to hardly working there was a knock at the door.

The surge of electrifying ecstasy that flooded my body instantly made me bolt to the door. Inhaling deeply, I coaxed my girl parts to remain calm until I gave the signal, which currently I had no clue what that would be. I was actually hoping Garvan was more of a go with the flow kind of guy.

Opening the door I was awe-struck; he was beautiful! I estimated he was about 6'2' his skin was the color of a midnight sky, his hair oh those locks I wanted to run my fingers through them right then and there. He smiled politely and I had to fight back the urge to cum long and hard in the foyer. He and I were perfect together.

Our complexions flattered one another. Considering I'm caramel with soft brown eyes and dimples. His eyes, on the other hand, were dark embers of sensuality that beckoned to me from a deeply sexual place. In short, I wanted him! Stepping aside I let him into my dimly lit apartment. As he walked passed me, he smelled of "Sean John" cologne.

"Hey, Raven," he said formally now. I wasn't swayed though, I knew he was "acting" I felt his heat when I opened the door especially when he looked at my lips and unknowingly bit his own. Inviting him into the living room I didn't bother to turn up the lights because I knew he'd ask me why they were so low if I was doing school work.

However, I'd cross that bridge when I come to it. As soon as he was comfortably seated on the love seat I sauntered around to where he sat, sitting uncomfortably close to him."I truly appreciate you doing this on such short notice." I said

"Would you like something to drink?" "No problem," he said; sexual hunger dancing ravenously in his voice. "Sure, I'll take some water." Getting up to get a bottle of water from the fridge I used his thigh as a source of balance squeezing as I did so. I was perfectly capable of getting up without the assistance but this was all part of the plan.

Handing him the bottle of water he extended his hand and something unexpected happened. He took the water from my hand and pulled me onto the couch next to him my head landing in his lap. He bent down and planted the hottest sexy wet kiss on my lips.

Although this was what I was after I wanted it on my terms but at this point, I was too far gone to look back. When he pulled away to gauge my response I sat up quickly straddled him and removed his hoodie. Before we went any further he looked me in the eyes and said: "If this was all you wanted you could have just said it." "I've wanted your sexy ass since freshmen year."

Sliding off of him I directed him to stand up so I could remove his jeans the bulge that greeted me was miraculous I could tell his tool was huge. Usually, guys with big penises aroused my mouth before my pussy but this time I needed to feel his Mandingo deep inside of my walls. So caught up with the erection in his pants, I hadn't noticed Garvan had removed his shirt and was fighting with the belt on his pants.

Pushing his hands out of the way I snatched and yanked at his belt and the zipper. In one swift motion, he'd revealed his big ass dick I could have died at the sight of it. Wet, was an understatement I was currently dripping. I pushed Garvan back on the couch and stroked his dick. His breathing became shallow and I felt him clenching his thighs and buttocks then he did it one of my most ultimate turn-ons he moaned low and deep from his gut. I couldn't take the suspense of him inside me anymore.

Without thinking I straddled him feeling him enter me slowly as I made my way onto him felt mind-blowing; galloping up and down as if I were riding a horse and with this dick I was. I threw my head back in unbridled passion and thrust my fingers into his well-kept locks "OH Garvan!" I hummed; consumed by ecstasy I climbed off of him saying "Now I want you to taste me but don't move." using the space between the love seat and coffee table for leverage holding onto the arm of the love seat I straddled his face and he immediately went to work slurping and sucking up all of my frustrations and anger.

Determined to take the pleasure he was giving me, I bid myself not to move but instead allowed my orgasm to build up so that it would shatter through my entire body. Stopping to breathe momentarily Garvan gasped out "Damn girl, you taste just like I thought you would." I smiled down at him and retorted, "I can't wait to know what you taste like but first you gotta make me cum baby!" "I'm on it!" he replied lightly biting my clit.

"MMMMMM" I moaned. "Just like that baby Oh, yesssss, ahhhh!" I'd reached the point of no return, I was coming fast and hard. Gripping the arm of the love seat my back arched and leaning forward my clit brushing up against the stiff intensity of his tongue. "Ahhh, yes I'm cumming, ahhh, mmmmm" I exploded slow and hard with the tip of his tongue buried deep inside my feminine hiding place.

Not once but twice. I shivered, gathered myself dismounted his disco stick spread his legs wide open and took him in my hands he was rock hard and I immediately got turned on again. In that instant, I'd thought about my intent to suck the life out of Malik's gay ass earlier in the day and rage consumed me yet again.

Wasting little time I slid Garvan into my mouth he was pretty big but he fit perfectly I sucked slowly to antagonize him the way he had done me moments ago. I circled his tip with my tongue like a snake pulling him into my mouth so that he reached the back of my throat like a vacuum. Pre-occupied with pleasing him my eyes were closed tightly as I worked my magic. I could tell my head game was vicious because when I opened my eyes, his were closed tightly and he was clumsily raking his fingers through my hair pulling hard.

"Ahh, damn" he breathed rapidly. "I hope you swallow" he managed to say through clenched teeth. To be honest I hated the idea of anything other than food, drink, or liquid medication sliding down my throat. However, tonight was a different night and in a matter of a few hours I had become a different person hell bent on calling the shots; no one was ever going to do me wrong or hurt me like Malik had for as long as I lived. Ever!

I felt him throbbing in my mouth which informed me he was about to cum I sucked more slowly instead of speeding up like most girls would. I wanted him to dance with me in this rapture of delight. He yanked my hair and I moaned in response. "Fuck, baby girl!" Why you wait so long to let a brotha in on ya game?"

Deciding his question was irrelevant for the time being I moved lower to where his balls rested and juggled them in my mouth. Another first for me but I was thoroughly enjoying pleasing Garvan. I hadn't decided if this was due to my irrational state of mind or if literally in one day I had finally learned how to stop giving a fuck! Garvan twisted and bucked and thrust deep into my mouth as his hot liquid poured in like warm milk.

"Ahhh, shit, damn baby!" "You gotta swallow this load." Without a second thought, I closed my eyes tight and swallowed. Opening them again, I had to admit that wasn't as bad as I assumed it would have been. I leaned forward kissing Garvan hard and passionately on the lips which merely ignited my fire once more. However, I decided this would suffice until the next go round and I was certain there would be the next time. I knew I'd done my best work tonight as for Malik I'd deal with his sorry ass when I was good and ready. If in fact I ever got good and ready.

Acting out part 1: The full story

"Hello" Melanie, are you coming to Top Dog tonight?" "I been dying to get out but you are always so busy." Melanie is my best friend in the entire world but the girl was a workaholic!. "Rae," she replied distractedly "I'll definitely try but I have a major deadline for the radio station I have to get done tonight."

"Besides, she continued "you don't need me to have a good time you're the life of the party all on your own. "I know", I whined like a five year old determined to get my way. "I need you, you're supposed to be helping me get over my break-up with Malik." girl, she emphasized the word to express her point, that wasn't a break-up that was a Jerry Springer/ Cheaters moment too X-rated to show on the air.

Although her brute honesty stung a bit I couldn't help but laugh. Melanie had a harsh way of getting the truth across but I truly appreciated it she kept me grounded when I got ahead of myself and did what I did with Garvan right before I came back home, I still haven't told her about that. If she ever sat down long enough I would.

I'm sure I could have called Persia or even Shelby to hang with me tonight but to be honest if it wasn't Mel I wasn't going to go to Top Dog which is how my story begins. Standing in my walk-in closet I was still in a depressed stupor over how Malik had betrayed me.

So, tonight I wanted to let my hair down and get loose in whatever form I was allowed to. However, I was hoping to find some random guy to fuck. Not necessarily because I was horny but irrational. I know my objective was stupid and I ran the risk of getting pregnant or even an STD, which is why I made sure to carry condoms with me. This is my defense mechanism better yet, my coping mechanism at least for the time being. Until I practiced forgiveness by no means am I a saint and God and I haven't spoken since my sophomore year at that Fraternity party where I just knew the grim reaper had pulled my number. Anyway, the point is I need this. I don't want to think or feel, just do.

Let's see.... what should I wear? I need all eyes on me where ever I end up tonight. I decided on some black leggings my sheer black tank top the one I'd worn that night with Garvan a deep purple bra and matching thong since my outfit was all black I needed a pop of color with my shoes Levir Velvet-Ankle strap Jimmy Choo sandals a gift from my aunt Peony when she visited LA back in May a graduation gift. she and her rich husband could afford it and I damn sure wasn't complaining. She was also responsible for my "Red Bottoms" too. I'm not a big fan of make-up but tonight I was pulling out all the stops starring at myself in the bathroom mirror I looked tired and to be honest I was.

It was hard sleeping without a man beside me. I'd gotten used to that. Well, I guess it was time to let that dream go. Opening up my cover girl eyeshadow I decided on a purple smoky eye with a gray tint to bring the outfit together. By no means was I a make-up artist I learned this look from a tutorial off of YouTube. Brushing on some double kisses lip gloss by B-Scott (YouTube Media sensation AKA The media Maven) I was ready to step out and take the night. Well not until I sprayed my new found perfume obsession Rebelle by Rihanna. I pulled my hair into a loose ponytail and grabbed my recently purchased box of condoms and keys. I hadn't decided where I was going yet but I'd figure it out eventually.

After driving around for a few minutes I ended up at the Victor in Camden. Not a place I would normally frequent but since I was riding solo tonight I wanted to be in a public place with lots of people. Walking into the establishment it was well lit and crowded. Perfect! There was a large dining room fit for the perfect date with you and the man or woman of your dreams. the colors were warm and inviting and accessible for any type of fun you had in mind. There was also a bar which was where I was headed.

At the bar, you could get a glimpse of the lovely view of the Philadelphia skyline. I had never eaten here but I heard the food was pretty good too. To be honest, though, food was the last thing on my list. Getting comfortable on a stool at the bar I got the attention of the very attractive female bartender who for some reason turned me on.

I was never into that girl on girl shit especially after what Malik had done to me but this chick was bad even from afar. she had dark hair hazel eyes and the most beautiful mocha brown skin. Her eyes were slanted which gave her an Asian look.

She had the most beautiful white teeth and an ass that made me want to sit a cup on it and drink out it. I think I can consider this girl my first lesbian crush. Anyway, I had to stay on target. Dick was what I'm after. Getting her attention she came over to me bringing that ass those eyes and that smile I almost had an orgasm right on the stool. "Welcome to the Victor!" She greeted, “My name is Nami "What can I get you?" So wrapped up in my thoughts, it took me a few seconds to realize she'd said something to me.

"Oh," I retorted idiotically, "What specials do you have?" I asked finally. she listed them down for me starting with the beers. "We feature all tapped beer which includes Coors Light, Bud light Yuengling, Sam Adams... scrunching up my face she realized beer wasn't my thing. Smiling politely, she moved on to the other drinks "We have Magic Hat #9, Magic Hat Seasonal, Blue Moon, and Blue Moon Seasonal...

"Hmm, Blue Moon I cut in sounds fun!" What's in that?" Clearing her throat and smiling she told me exactly what was in the drink. 1/1/4 Oz of Tanqueray, Malacca gin 1/2oz Blue Curacao Liqueur 1 1/2oz fresh sweet and sour mix and 3oz of pineapple juice "I'll take it I said enthusiastically." "Ok, great choice!" she responded. "I'll be right back with your drink" "Thanks," I said smiling and keeping the flirtatious wink that threatened to reveal itself at bay. As she walked away I called after her and a glass of water too, please.

As I sat waiting for my drink it finally hit me that I was out alone tonight and for the first time I felt a little awkward so to make myself look busy I randomly scrolled through my phone. To be honest I was hoping not to run into anyone I knew tonight. Although I grew up in Pennsauken I spent most of my summers in Camden because my grandmother lived here so I knew hella people.

I'd decided to try and see if Mel could at least make it here to the Victor tonight but If I knew my best friend, she couldn't. The phone went straight to voicemail "Hey it's Melanie, sorry I missed you, leave a message after the beep." I didn't bother leaving a message I'm sure she'll call me tomorrow.

Just as I slid my phone back into my purse Nami returned with my drink. Curious about her, in general, I decided to spark up a conversation. After she sat my drink in front of me I smiled and said "Thanks," "So, I've been dying to ask you this since I walked in here." "Are you mixed?" "You don't look all black."

I could tell my question caught her off guard and maybe even embarrassed her a little because she smiled slightly and averted her eyes. "Actually, she started I am mixed." My mother is Filipino and my dad is black. they met when my dad was in the military. "Well, I started I hope you don't take this the wrong way but I think you are absolutely beautiful!" Her smile grew and her cheeks flashed a tint of red.

"Thanks, she replied, "You aren't so bad yourself." "I'd better get back to work these drinks won't make themselves." I nodded in understanding raised my glass in her direction and sipped my "Blue Moon" really taking in the atmosphere around me I noticed several different vibes going on. In one corner a couple was moonlighting snuggled closely together kissing passionately.A few corners over there was a group of girls that looked about my age they ranged in size and shape and even color, however, the girl that caught my attention was a thicker girl. she stood out not because she was that unique but more so because her friends should have policed her damn outfit before she left the house.

She had on neon green leggins a white tank top and black lipstick and her eye shadow was more of a Christmas tree green. She looked like the centerpiece of a damn toddler's birthday cake. The best part of her outfit was her shoes and they only made it because I'd seen them in Baker's and would have killed to own them. They were Black Tyler WP Platforms!

The only reason I didn't buy them is that I'm on a budget, bills you know. I shook my head and casually sipped my drink. Contemplating leaving after this drink, I looked passed the girls and back in the direction of the bar and there he was!

He was tall, caramel and gorgeous! Now I needed to figure out just how to get his attention to get him from that end of the bar to where I was. Getting Nami's attention again, I asked her about the regulars to decide whether or not he was worth my time.

When she looked in his direction she said she didn't recognize him. Great, it was time to go to work. I decided subtle wasn't going to cut it I needed to be bold. The only way to do that was to drink it I ordered three more glasses of liquid courage in the form of two "Blue Moons" and a single shot of Vodka.

First, I needed to get his attention and since I had no clue how to do that since I was alone I waited for him to make a move. About 15 minutes two "Blue Moons and Vodka shots later he'd finally moved. He'd made his way towards the restrooms. Giving him some time to disappear from the crowd I followed him. I had no clue how this would play out but to be honest I couldn't wait to find out. This liquor was definitely doing its job. It was time for me to get mine!

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