Her Submission

Her Submission

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A woman is tested by her new Master with humiliation and group sex.


A woman is tested by her new Master with humiliation and group sex.


Submitted: June 28, 2012

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Submitted: June 28, 2012




She had always been interested in the idea of giving herself openly to a man but had never had the chance until she had met Max at a local munch about a month ago. There had been an instant spark between them and the more they talked the closer they had become, she had even told him her deepest desires and he instantly took an interest in making them come true. Since then they had talked almost everyday and even met a few times for coffee but today would be the first time she would submit to him.


They had decided on meeting in a public park and as she drove to meet him she became wetter and wetter. Mainly because she had complied with his wishes for her to wear her shortest skirt and her lowest cut top with no underwear at all. She normally dressed really conservatively and went out to buy her new outfit because nothing she had seemed quite sexy enough.


As she drove she felt the stares of the men in the vehicles around her and at a few of the red lights they even called out to her. She wasn't used to the attention and just blushed instead of replying. She felt as though the whole city was watching her and although it was a completely new sensation to her, she found herself aroused.


She pulled into the parking lot of the park and saw Max waiting on a park bench with a backpack at his feet. She parked the car and made her way over to him. A soft breeze blew across her skin, making her nipples stick straight out.


Hello my slut.” he said as she approached. “I see you can follow orders. You look even sexier than I thought you would.”


Thank you Max, I hoped you would like it.”


I do but from now on you must only address me as Sir.”


She smiled, knowing that it would have been coming. “Yes Sir.” Speaking those words sent shivers down her spine, she had been longing for this for years.


So, my slut shall we begin your training right now?”


Here Sir?”


Of course here, any slut of mine must be willing to please me whenever and wherever i like. So if you want to be mine you will do as your told.”


Of course Sir, I'm sorry.”


Good girl. So as my slut, if you trust me and never question my authority, I will open you up to the most amazing pleasures. I am not the type of Dom who will torture you or cause you pain deliberately, however if you ever disobey, there will be very steep consequences. Do you understand?”


Yes Sir.” She had always tried to avoid sadists, mainly because of her low pain threshold. So when Max said he wouldn't hurt her, she felt a weight lift off her shoulders.


Are you ready for your first test cunt?”


Yes Sir, I cant wait to serve you.”


Good.” He pointed to a washroom by a patch of trees. “I want you to go in there and change into this” He pulled a paper bag out of the backpack and handed it to her. “And once you get changed write what you are on the bag and put it over your head then come out, kneel and wait for me to come get you.”


Anything you want Sir.”


She wanted so badly to know what was in that bag, but she knew he was watching her. So she almost ran to the bathroom. Once she got inside she opened the bag to find a pair of crotchless panties and a tight fitting white tank top with the word slut written on it with a sharpie, and the marker needed to make her confession. She quickly changed, not wanting to keep him waiting. Then she wrote on the bag “This slut is the property of Max.” she put the bag over her head and felt her way to the door. She slowly stepped outside and inched forward to a flat spot she had seen on her way in, then knelt waiting.


She waited for what felt like forever but was probably closer to half an hour. Her mind was running wild. On several occasions she had heard people walking by on their way into the bathroom, and could hear them laughing and talking about her. She felt like he had left her here and was just about to take the bag off and look around when she heard someone approach again. He moved quietly to stand in front of her.


Very good slut. I am very impressed with your obedience. You are going to make a very good whore.”


Thank you Sir.” She wanted to yell at him for leaving her here so long . Part of her even wanted to leave, but she had wanted to give control to a man for so long and she wasn’t going to give it up just because things didn’t go the way she thought.


Are you ready for the next step?”


I think so Sir.”


She still couldn’t see, but she heard him digging in the bag and then felt something being slipped around her neck, a collar. It was then hooked to a leash and pushed onto all fours. As she was led around the park she could feel peoples' eyes on her. She could tell from the amount of cars that had been in the parking lot that while the park wasn't really busy, but there was still quite a few people taking in one of It was almost as if he knew what she was thinking because he led her onto a soft patch of grass and told her to take off the bag.


To her horror there was a group of men all rubbing their cocks through their jeans. Her master stepped in front of her and looked deep into her eyes. “Do you trust me?”


She wasn't sure, she felt so open around him, but could she really say yes knowing that her approval would bring her into a world of who knows what. But as much as she wanted to deny it, she couldn't. “Yes Sir.”


Good and you understand that that even though you don't want to do something, if i want it done you will do it anyway.”


Yes Sir.”


then this will be the ultimate test of your loyalty to me. You are going to be tied up and these men will use you as they see fit. I know that being with more than one guy scares you but if you want to be my property as you claim, you will do it and pretend to like it. Remember if you do not obey there will be consequences but if you do you will be thoroughly rewarded. Afterwards, you are to meet me at the Italian restaurant down the street wearing only what is left in the backpack.”


Yes Sir.” She was terrified and excited all at the same time. He was the first Dom she had ever met that seemed to get her and she wanted to impress him so much that she set all her fears aside.


Her Master ordered her to lay on the picnic table and then he tied her to it spread eagled. The crotchless panties were soaked and her nipples stuck straight up with excitement. He turned to the other men and said “You have one hour boys, use it wisely.” And then he was gone.


The men didn't waste any time, they introduced themselves as Sean, Mike, Dan and Steve and even before they had finished they were already running their hands all over her. They got out a pair of scissors and cut the shirt around her nipples. Sean reached into his pocket and grabbed a pair of clothes pins and put them on her nipples. They hurt like hell but she knew screaming would only attract more attention, and besides Sir said that she had to pretend to like it.


They all gave each other a sideways glance and then unzipped their pants. They all had huge cocks, obviously selected by her Master because of it. She had always been attracted to men with bigger dicks, and these were four of the biggest she had ever seen. Mike was the first to make his move, moving his cocks to one of her hands. Sean did the same and and she wrapped her hands around both of them. Steve rubbed his his cock across her lips, she opened it and let it slowly slide into her mouth. Meanwhile, Dan slowly brushed his fingers over her moist cunt and it sent shivers down her spine. She was almost dripping as he slowly inserted two fingers deep inside her. It felt so good that she almost completely forgot about the other guys, but was quickly reminded when Steve forced his cock deep down her throat. She panicked, choking and gagging on his thick dick. It was actually something she enjoyed but he had caught her off guard. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as he pulled it out only to thrust it back down her throat.


She totally forgot where she was and let out a loud moan as Dan slowly pushed his cock inside her. All of her fears and inhibitions were lost in a waves of pleasure. Steve pulled his cock out of her mouth and still wet, pushed it into her tight ass. She had never felt so full in her life and it sent her into an incredibly powerful orgasm. She was moaning and bucking so wildly that she didn't even notice that Sean and Mike had appeared beside her head.


Suck on these bitch.”


They both pushed their cocks into her waiting mouth at the same time. Her mouth was stretched open as far as she could and after a few minutes her jaw began to ache, but she kept going. She had never felt so slutty before and even though it was a new feeling she couldn't help but embrace it and know that it was something that she would later crave.


Dan and Steve were both getting close and the two sets of men switched places with Mike filling her pussy and Sean fucking her ass. Dan pulled her head towards his cock and fucked her face quickly, only pulling out to cum all over her face. Steve was rubbing his cock waiting, and he put his cock near her lips. It only took a couple of slow licks and he also covered her face in cum. The two men still inside her quickened their pace. Sean was the first to pull out and he too added to the jizz on her face. As Mike was still pounding her pussy, the others were running their hands all over her body and Sean was flicking the nipple clamps. The mixture of pleasure and pain was enough to send her over the edge. As she began convulsing , Mike pulled out of her cunt and also jizzed all over her face. She had always loved the feeling of cum on her face but to be completely covered in 4 loads was beyond anything she had ever felt before. It was like she was a total whore, who wasn't happy until she had been completely used.


There was still 10 minutes until she had to leave to meet her Master, so the guys untied her, but they weren't done with her yet. They led her to a fountain in the middle of the park. There were several people around but she just didn't care anymore, in not even an hour these guys had transformed her into an utter slut. Once they reached the fountain, she was ordered to step into it and kneel. Before she knew it, Mike had grabbed her head and pushed it into the shallow water. She thrashed, quickly running out of air. He pulled her back out and she gasped for air.


We couldn't let you go meet your Master with all that cum on your face,” said Dan.


What a little cum slut you would have been walking into that restaurant like that,” said Steve.


I bet you would have love that wouldn't you?” said Sean.


She surprised them all when she answered. “I will do whatever my Master asks of me.”


Mike said “Then you better be on your way, you'd hate to keep him waiting.” He held out the backpack and she took it. She started to walk away but then stopped and turned. “Thank you guys for proving me wrong,” and with that she walked to the bathroom.


Once she got inside she opened up the bag to find a black leather miniskirt much shorter that the one she had arrived in, a low cut halter of the same material that just barely covered the bottom of her breasts, a pair of fishnet stockings and a pair of black stilettos. She pulled off the tank top and panties and slipped on her new outfit, still wet underneath. She gathered up her things and headed to her car. As she pulled out of the parking lot she saw the men nearby, passing around a cell phone, her Master no doubt on the other end. As she drove to the restaurant she could feel her pussy throbbing, she couldn't wait to see what her Master had in store for her.


She arrived at the restaurant and it took her a few minutes to find her Master in a booth tucked away in the corner. She drew stares from everyone in the room as she made her way over to where Max was sitting.


He greeted her with a hug, reaching down to grab her ass as he did so.


so did my little slut have fun in the park today?” he said loud enough for everyone to hear.


Yes I did Sir , thank you for opening my eyes to such intense pleasures.”


You're most welcome my pet. Sit with me and we will discuss your future as my sub.”


She sat across from him, waiting with an ever growing anticipation of what might happen next.


First off do you truly wish to obey my every command?”


I really do Sir.”


Good girl. Then we will have to lay down some ground rules. You've already learned to always call me Sir so we'll move on to rule #2. Whenever we are out in public together you must always dress like a total slut, super short skirts, low-cut or see through tops, stockings, high heels, slutty looking hair and make-up and never any underwear. And not only are you to dress this way but you must show yourself off at every available opportunity.”


Of course, Sir.” She opened up her legs to show off her glistening cunt.


That’s a good slut but i think you should be a little more exposed than that.”


She cautiously lifted the top over her breasts and blushed at having been so exposed.


Are you ready for your next rule?”


Yes Sir.”


Good, so rule #3 might not be as hard for you as I initially thought. You must be ready to service anyone I tell you to whenever I say so, regardless of who it is or where we are. This might include hand jobs, blow jobs, licking a woman's pussy, sex, anal and so much more.”


Before today I never would have considered it, but being with those guys today in the park was so liberating that I would gladly do this to please you Sir.”


The next rule is pretty simple, whenever we are together at one of our houses you must be naked at all times, unless I say otherwise. And even if you are able to because you never know when I might stop by.”


She smiled. She already spent most of her time at home naked so this wouldn't be any challenge at all. “I already do Sir.”


You are going to be such a good little pet aren't you?”


I will always do everything i can to please you Sir.”


I'm glad to hear it because the next rule might be a little difficult. I want my girl to be a true whore, so you will go out every night with men and women that i will set up for you. You will do anything they want for cash and once you are done you are to bring all that money back me and then tell me every detail.”


It's not something that I would have ever thought about, but I trust you and know that you would never do anything to hurt me so I will do it to please you.”


He smiled, knowing that she would make an excellent slave. Little did she know what was coming next.


Finally seeing you are not interested in any pain, your boundaries will be pushed with humiliation and disgrace.”


Her heart almost stopped. “What do you mean by that Sir?”


You will be taught how to step out from behind the rules of society to gain greater sexual freedom. This will be done in many different ways, from merely being exposed like this, to having to do deplorable sexual acts whenever I say.”


I don't know if I can do that Sir.”


Touch your pussy.”


She didn't know where this was going but she complied.


Are you wet?”


Yes Sir”


Doesn't this get you all excited my pet?”


I suppose Sir.”


And don't you want to push that feeling even farther?”


She felt so vulnerable and she couldn't deny that she was incredibly turned on. She wanted more but she didn't want to be blindsided with something she truly wasn't comfortable with.


He sensed her hesitation. “You of course will have a safe word that you can use if you ever feel uncomfortable.”


Then I will do it Sir.”


Good lets start now, seeing you don’t like pain, your safe word will be hurt me. Now if you use it you will be given 5 strokes on each ass cheek, so use it wisely. OK so for your first task come stand by me.”


She did as she was told and he pulled a marker out of his pocket. He then wrote across her belly “This slut is the property of Sir Max.”


She sat back down just as the waiter came with their meals. The waiter was trying to be discrete about taking a glimpse. As he walked away she was given her next command.


You are to eat your dinner without any hands, in fact they will be tied behind your back.”


He got up from the table and secured her hands with a zip tie. It was tight around her wrists and she wriggled to find a comfortable position but the movement only made them cut into her wrists so she stopped.


Max had ordered her a nice lasagne and she hesitantly bent over it and began to nibble away.


Good girl. You will not only learn your place as my slave, but you will also learn to love it.” He grabbed he head and pushed her face forcefully into her plate.


The hot sauce and noodles felt like they were seriously burning her face even though it actually wasn't that warm. He released his grip and she pulled her face up quickly. She could feel streams of sauce and the odd piece of pasta and cheese stuck to her face, and the eyes of the entire restaurant focused on her. She had never felt so humiliated in her life and was completely unsure of how to proceed. She just wanted to run away from this place and never return.


I told you that humiliation would be how you would serve me, do you still wish to continue our journey together?”


Yes Sir” She just couldn't turn back now and as much as she wanted to run away, she was so turned on by being used that way that she just couldn't leave.


He gave her a warm smile and they continued their dinner in silence. After they walked back to his place to get her ready for her first night as a common whore for her Master.

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