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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

fate is a very complex thing. you may meet someone today but they may not impact your life until tomorrow.

Beep, Beep, was all Helena could hear from the heart machine beside her hospital bed as she took her last breaths. She knew her time in the world was coming to end. She taught about all the moments in her life where she truly felt any kind of happiness. She closed her tired eyes and as she did a lone tear slid from them. She remembered when she was twenty-five years old and became an assistant for a lecturer who was teaching Biochemistry. It was bittersweet. Yes, she was excited about this opportunity, she needed a change in her life. But also heartbroken cause she had to leave her family and move to another country. Austria was beautiful. She was so excited to be in the country even if it was only for a few months. The University of Innsbruck was twenty minutes away via walking. She would walk every morning and afternoon to and from her apartment every day.

It was one week before she had to leave and during a lecture on the molecular biology of corals, she taught back on her time there. It was amazing. She walked over to the podium after the lecture to help put back the equipment while the professor answered some questions. Then she heard a loud infectious laugh. She looked up and saw a guy wearing a plaid red shirt and blue jeans with his hands loosely wrapped around another girl's shoulders. He had such a beautiful smile, a warm skin tone, tall and very loud. A loud crash behind her brought her and everyone else's attention towards it. A helper had dropped a speaker on his toe and was laughing/ crying. She ran to make sure he was ok and for some reason, they both started laughing. When she turned around to pack away the laptop her eyes fell on light brown ones. It was the same guy.

Helena looked at him and smiled and went back to packing away the stuff. All the while she could feel eyes on her with every move she made. She was getting ready to leave and had to move right past where the looks were coming from. She suddenly started feeling self-conscious which was weird because she was very confident. She looked at him again and this time he looked back at her but with a look that she didn't understand. The same girl he had his arm around pulled him towards her which drew his attention away. The stairs looked like it was a huge mountain she had to climb.

She hurriedly walked up the stairs and in her rush, walking with her head down she bumped into someone. Strong hands held her from falling. When she looked up it was the same guy. She felt like she knew him but didn't know where. He broke her out of her trance when he asked her if she was ok. As soon as he spoke she knew she had heard his voice as well. In a daze, she pulled away, apologised and practically ran out of the lecture hall. When she returned to her apartment she tried hard to remember who he was but she couldn't. Maybe she was mistaken. Many men have the same voice.

The next morning during another lecture, she was sitting on the right side of the hall. People who attended the lecture usually didn't sit on the right because it was harder to hear and see the podium. She heard shuffling and voices behind her. Helena turned to inform them that it would be better to sit on the left side of the hall to hear and see better. When she did she again saw the mystery guy. She turned so fast she swears she had whiplash. Her heart was feeling like it was going to beat right out her chest. Then a piece of paper landed on her lap. She turned around to see the same mystery guy motioning her to read it. She reluctantly opened the letter. It said Helena is that you, my Guinness bear. She was in shock. What the hell was he talking about? Then suddenly she started to hear someone calling her by that name. She looked up at him again but this time when she looked at him tears escaped her eyes. When he saw that his demeanour changed. He got up as if to come to her but she turned away packed, her stuff, texted her professor and bolted from the hall.

Helena ran as fast as she could. She didn't understand anything. How did he know her? He made her feel so confused with just one look. She couldn't help but cry.

Then she felt a strong pair of arms turn her around and just hugged her. "I never taught I would ever see you." "You have no idea how happy I am right now". Why didn't you tell me you were coming"? "Are you still mad at me for what happened?" All the while Helena was in shock.

Then he pulled away to look at her.

"I never wanted to make you cry. Not like this anyways." He chuckled. 

He took the back of his thumbs and wiped the tears away. He looked like he was also in pain. Helena's heart sank at this gesture and pulled away from him.

"I am sorry but I do not know you. Maybe you’re mistaken,” she replied confused.

"Common don't play with me," he replied.

"I am not playing I do not know you," Helena responded frustrated.

"Wait what" he exclaimed.

"Don't pretend, common it’s me, Alex. Your Alex."

"I am sorry and I will repeat myself, I do not know you." She said again.

“You don't remember me. So you don't remember when I said I loved you, or when we stayed up the whole night on the phone or when you cried to me for the first time, the promises we made to each other. You don't remember all those. Do you even remember why we know each other? Don't you even remember the game?" he said defeated

"No, I don't, I am sorry but I have to go." She replied hurriedly trying to walk away.

"But......he started to respond, when he saw her face he just let her go. He didn't believe she would just forget him. He had to talk to her.

Helena tried to avoid Alex as much as she could within the following days. Then Friday he cornered her in the cafeteria.

"Can we talk? Alone?" Alex asked.

“I can't right now I have a lecture to attend in twenty minutes." She countered.

"No, not now, Saturday at the coffee shop around the corner.” He requested.

Alex was hoping she would say yes. She was avoiding him for the past few days. He needed to know why she was acting like he was some stranger. He was so happy when he first saw her but when she acted like she didn't know him he felt heartbroken.

“Fine I will, what time do you want to meet?"  She sighed.

"Is nine o'clock ok for you?" he questioned.

 "Yes it is" she responded with a smile.

"Well see you there then" he responded with a smile of his own.

What she didn't see was how his hand was trembling like crazy. How nervous he was to be standing in front of her when all he wanted to do was just hold her, kiss her. Helena was so surprised she said yes without even thinking about it. As she looked at his back walking away she taught about the stuff he said and it was true they needed to talk. Alex arrived earlier than expected because he couldn't sleep and was so excited. He ordered black coffee and waited for her to show up. Was she even going to show up he wondered. Alex was almost done with his coffee when he saw Helena enter the cafe.

Helena was wearing a navy blue floral dress which fit her curves perfectly. Alex taught he was seeing an angel. She flashed him a smile and his insides did a one-eighty. He looked so handsome Helena taught while smiling at him. She was so nervous, she slid into the seat opposite him.

"Hi, “she said.

"Hi" Alex responded.

"Amm how are you Helena," he asked nervously.

"I am good, Alex was it right." When she said that his heart visibly exploded.

"You don't remember me do you," he said that and Helena's heart broke.

"How about we order first." She said trying to lighten the mood.

"Sure" Alex responded.

"So, what it is we had to talk about"? Helena questioned.

"Why don't you remember me?"

"Why is that any of your business" Helena retorted.

Alex smiled he always liked her smart mouth.

"Ok, since you don't remember me and don't want to tell me why, let me tell you about us."

"Us? No, you mean you and me." "There is no us." he simply looked at her.

He looked into her eyes and knew she was telling the truth. No one could lie and make it sound so believable.

"We met on a mobile game. Someone from my alliance attacked your alliance. Then you messaged me. We started talking a lot. Before I knew it I was talking to you every day. If I didn't, I would feel like something was missing. Eventually, we started talking over the phone etc. I can still remember the first time I told you I loved you which I one hundred per cent meant and you said it was puppy love. The promises we made to each other. Our marriage. Our kids. I was so happy" he said as though he was in a daydream.

She was surprised at how much he knew. He practically knew everything about her but that girl wasn't her anymore. What swept her off her feet was the way he looked when he was talking about their moments together. His face lit up, he smiled wider every time he said her name. How can someone make her feel this way Helena thought. He saw the emotion in her eyes as he told her about his memories. She felt distant.

"Then a lot of stuff came tumbling down in my life at one moment and we lost touch. When I tried to get back in contact the other players said you had left the game. Even your line was not working. I didn't know what to do so I just went on with my life. Until I saw you again. But I never forgot about you." He concluded.

"So it seems that we knew each other very well. I am sorry Alex but I am not the girl you knew. You look at me as though I am her but I'm not. You don't know me. The new me" she said with a heavy heart.

"Then give me a chance to know you. Let me show you my world. Give me a chance to be in your life again. To show you me" Alex said simply. What do you have to lose?" Helena thought about it. Really what did she have to lose? Nothing right. That's true nothing.

"Ok, then Mr Alex whatever your last name is let’s start over."

"Hi my name is Helena nice to meet you," she said holding out her hand.

Alex smiled and replied shaking her hand "Hi Helena nice to meet you again."

He had shown her Austria through his eyes. It was very exciting and funny. In the end, he asked Helena to his apartment and all the red flags were going off in her head but after this wonderful day and getting to know him she had a strong feeling that he won't hurt her. By the time they had reached his place, it was already nighttime.

"Do come in Helena, I don't know why you are so shy."

“Amm it’s my first time in your place you nerd" she joked and he smiled.

He had a lovely home, very nature-themed. He also had a very small but cosy chimney. The place was freezing but she didn't wanna sound like a burden. Helena breathed out a sigh of relief when he lit the fireplace.

"Come here Helena and get warmed up its freezing" he replied stating the obvious.

Helena sat near the fireplace alone for a while she listened to the cute thump noises his feet made while he was walking around. Then she felt him put a blanket over her shoulder, plop next to her with a blanket of his own, bottle of whisky and two glasses.

"So Helena let’s talk."

 "Talk about what?" she replied.

"About the new you."

Do you want to know what happened? Are you trying to get me drunk so I tell you" Helena inquired.

"No of course not, I just wanted you to open up a bit more and be comfortable that's all. We don't even need to drink I am sorry."

"No it’s me who is sorry" she replied regretfully.

Helena took the glasses and the whiskey, poured for them both and drank hers straight without taking a breath. She looked into the soft orange and red flames and spoke so soft he could barely hear her.

"A few years ago I had gotten in an accident with my boyfriend. I mean ex-boyfriend. He died on the scene. I, however, survived, obviously but I hit my head so hard on the dashboard I was in a coma for three days. When I finally woke up I didn't know anything or anyone. I was in a daze."

At this point, Helena began to cry. Alex made a moved to hug her but she raised her hand motioning him to stop.

“The hospitals had done their tests etc. and told me I had amnesia. They didn't know if my memory would have come back or not but I was alive. Eventually, I remembered my parents, family and some friends. The two years before my accident it’s all a blur. I remember bits and pieces. But the one thing I couldn't forget was every time I closed my eyes I would see him dying. So I turned to drugs and just gave up on life. Then I almost died myself with an overdose and at that moment I felt as though he was telling me to live. To live my life the best I could for him. So I did. I cleaned up my act and just lived. I finished university and got this job. So no I don't remember you Alex" Helena said in a broken tone.

"Oh, baby" Alex replied.

He held her tear stricken face in his hands and just looked at her.

He then kissed her both eyes and said "you don't need to remember me from the past. Remember me from now. We have all the time in the world ok” he said looking at her with all the hope and determination he could muster to show her.

He looked at her and Helena could see her future in his light brown eyes. He loved her so dearly.

"Let me be there for you. Give me the chance to show you your worth all the happiness in the world." Alex made her heart skip a beat.

How can one man love her so much, so dearly? She smiled and simply nodded.

Either don't know who reached in first but when the kiss happened Helena felt like her whole body was on fire. Alex tasted like the chocolate dessert they had earlier and whiskey. He pulled her to straddle his lap, placed his hand behind her head and just kissed her. Alex's kisses became hungrier, urgent. He always wanted to kiss her, taste her and now she was here he didn't want to let her go. Her little kitten-like moans made him even more aroused. Everywhere his fingertips touched made Helena go crazy. His warm kisses all over made her feel like she was high. He left from kissing her lips to the valley between her breasts. He placed a kiss on each one of them and with that Helena just raised her arms and took off her dress. She wanted to give him more access, going right back and kissing him. Alex was surprised at her haste but continued to worship her upper body with kisses. She looked so beautiful in her off white lace bra and panties. Did she wear that just for him he wondered? Alex reached to the back of her and unclasped her bra. When he flicked his tongue over one of her already hard nipples she moaned in surprise. She pulled at his hair in pure ecstasy and Alex felt like he had tasted nothing better. He slipped his fingers under her panties and past her shaved mound. Her moans got louder and when he slipped past her folds she was so wet, ready and waiting for him. He couldn't wait till he was inside of her. He slipped one finger inside of her and he felt her shiver. He smiled with her nipple in his mouth. He had never been with someone who responsive. He continued to pump his fingers in and out until she squeezed his finger she was close. He slipped in another finger and continued his assault. When she nearly reached the edge he bit her nipple and she came undone right before his eyes. He held her in place so that she won't fall. After she came down from her high he pulled back and looked at her. She looks absolutely stunning. Her hair was in a mess, her eyes looked heavy with pleasure her lips apart trying to catch her breath.

"It’s unfair that you’re dressed and I am not,” Helena said huskily.

“Do something about it then" Alex replied.

Helena kissed him and proceeded to take off his t-shirt. She kissed past his chest, licked his nipples and got a deep moan in response. She reached his sexy hairline which lead way to what she really wanted. She pulled down his basketball shorts slowly and every time she did, she would kiss the exposed area. After she was finished undressing him she held his erect manhood in her palm. Helena bent down and continuously kissed and licked his shaft never touching the tip. She wanted to drive him crazy. She heard his groan in frustration and placed her warm tongue over the tip of his shaft and saw his eyes roll back into his head. Alex needed her to stop before he cums. He wanted to be inside her immediately. He pulled her towards him. He kissed her and tasting himself in her mouth made him feel even hotter.

"I want to be in you right now," he said so urgently he practically was begging her.

"Please" he begged.

She looked at him weirdly we have reached this far of course I want you inside me. What was all that for she thought? She kissed him again. Alex pulled her panties to the side in his haste and buried himself so deep in her without warning. They both moaned each other’s name so loud and their heads went back in pure ecstasy. She was so tight and inside felt so hot and right Alex taught. When they both got accustomed to the feel of each other Alex started moving. Slowing at first for Helena to get in rhythm with her movements. He knew he was not going to last long, she felt so good. Alex started playing with her clit, while she started moving on his manhood. He knew she was getting close. He started to thrust harder, deeper, faster. Their movements became more erratic.

“Oh yes baby, just like that" Helena moaned.

Then he felt her pussy tighten around his dick and she screamed out his name. He just let himself go inside of her. His eyes rolled back into his head and he felt like he was in heaven. She was now laying on his chest coming down from her orgasm. He could feel her heartbeat.

"Sleep my love, I am here," he said hugging her.

Alex held her close. Yes, he had found her, she was the one. The one he was always waiting for. The one he wanted. He was not going to let her go.

When Helena woke up she came face to face with a peaceful sleeping Alex. She looked at him and smiled. She was happy for the first time in a long time. Helena realised she was in a different room. She looked around the room and saw he had moved her to the bedroom. Alex was perfect. Everything, anyone would want in a man but the girl he fell in love with was not her anymore. She felt as though he needed to be happy with the one he loved. She was not going to be the ghost of someone who was not her. He had a girlfriend and a happy life until he met her again. It broke her heart to leave him but she had to. She wrote him a letter, changed and left. She was going to be strong. Helena went to her apartment, packed, called a cab and headed for the airport. On her way to the airport James Bay's song, Bad was playing on the radio. How ironic she taught. Flashbacks of their time together ran through her memory and she started to cry. She checked in and waited for her flight. She sat in her seat on the plane and looked out the window.

"Goodbye Alex" was all she said and her plane took off.

By the time Alex woke up and read the letter and arrived at the airport totally heartbroken, she was long gone. He slumped to the floor, in tears and just wondered what she said in her letter if it was really true.

Dear Alex,

You know when they say some people just come into your life for a moment to add some colour in it. They don't stay in your life they just come and make a long-lasting difference. I think maybe that's what we were to each other. I do remember you. The boy I admired for being so strong. You helped me a lot in the game and also in life. You made my life worth living. You made me feel beautiful on days when I didn't even want to look in a mirror. You cared for me always, looked out for me. Always made sure I was ok. I remember when you told me you loved me my heart stopped. You made me believe that I was worth all the happiness in the world. Thank you for being in my life. This weekend was a dream. You are the love of my life Alex and I thank you for teaching me to love myself and for taking a chance on me. I will never forget you.




Beep, Beep, broke Helena out of her flashback. She was out of time, she turned and looked at her husband's sleeping form holding her hand.

"Love, wake up," Helena said weakly.

He woke up in a startle.

"Yes dear," he said holding her hand and kissing it.

"It's time, my love. It’s time for you to let me go.

"No please, don't leave me," he said.

They both started crying at this point.

"You are the love of my life, my sweet Alex. Seeing you in my university after I left that day was the day I knew I would be with you forever. I will love you even after death. I hope the universe sends me to you in my next life. Take care of yourself and the kids."

Please don't" Alex replied.

He hugged her as though his life depended on it. Helena heard Alex whisper tearful goodbyes in her ear and then everything went dark. Helena wished everyone was as lucky as her to find their Alex.

Submitted: June 03, 2019

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