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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I remember the first time I met you.

Your name, I thought you were a girl,

A name like that was hard for me to understand

Then you changed your name

You were self-righteous, hard to deal with and talked a lot

Oh how I hated you

We fought

We made up

We became friends

You spoke to me, thinking I was a guy

Do you remember?

You told me things

You said you never told anyone those things before

But you felt comfortable talking to me

The time went on then you found out who I was

Seeing my picture for the first time

I told you not to treat me differently

You told me it was fine and you thought I was beautiful

You said my voice was sexy when you heard it the first time we were on a group chat sending voice notes.

Do you remember?

We talked more

We had a lot in common

We were both in relationships

We felt caged in them

But we didn’t want to hurt our partners

After two days you told me you loved me

Do you remember?

I said it was puppy love

You told me no it was real.

At the time I wanted to believe it but I couldn’t

The secret was I was already in love with you too

You were literally the male version of me

My dream

I never told you that

Made you feel that you were the only one in love

I was too scared

My regret

I didn’t want our friends to find out because someone had a crush on me and I didn’t want to hurt them

You tried to make me jealous

I said I hated you

You were so mad at me

Sent me love songs as an apology

The songs I still remember today

We talked all the time

Do you remember?

As soon as I woke up till I went to bed

Your countries’ time was 5 hours ahead of mine but you stayed talking to me till it was 4 am your time.

We talked about music

You always said I was like youtube I would know any song I heard

I responded with I eat, sleep, breathe music

We talked about being with each other

How our children would look like

I never wanted kids isn’t that ironic

We talked about moving in with each other

Do you remember?

When we were with our partners we would turn our phones off and not message each other

I remember you staying at your girlfriend’s house and messaging me goodnight

We spoke about jealousy

You told me for you it was intense

You wished to be with me all-day

Do you remember?

Then you broke up with your girlfriend

Then everything changed

I tried to be there for you

You wouldn’t let me

You pushed me away

It pained me to see you hurt

Then we stopped talking as regularly

You would message me always to ask if I loved you

My answer would be the same

Of course, I loved you

Do you remember?

What I didn’t say was more than you know

The last time we spoke I was in a bad space

You asked me again if I loved you

You didn’t speak to me for a whole day

I blew up like a bomb

I said

Why can’t you say you love me?

Asking me if I loved you

You know I love you

Why must you ask?

I was mad and hurt

That was the last time

Do you remember?

You made me feel beautiful




Why though?

When I only knew you for a few months

Do you remember?

When you loved me because I remember it to this day

The years that passed by do remember me?

Cause I will always remember you












Submitted: May 20, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Dragonwolf >_. All rights reserved.

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What an amazing dedication. I loved reading this...

Fri, May 21st, 2021 2:56am


Thank you

Fri, May 21st, 2021 11:26am

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