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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A short story on how a moment can change everything

Jennifer's phone buzzed in her lap during her post-harvest lecture. She flipped it open to see her friend Bennet calling her. It wasn't weird to see his call she decided she would just call him after her classes were over. It was raining so heavily she decided it should wait till she had reached home. She arrived home, took a shower, sat on her bed, placed her phone to charge and called Bennet back.

"Hey sweetie pie," he said after three rings.

She giggled. His voice did things to her.

"Hey dear" she replied "I saw a miss call from you which is weird, did something happen.”

“I am coming to St. Vincent with my wife and I was calling to see if you would meet me at the airport tomorrow?" he excitedly.

She became silent... he was coming here after so long. She had been telling him to come and he is finally coming. She was so excited but in the back of her mind she taught... he is coming to spend time with his wife, not with you. Her heart sank a bit.

"Hello? Jen are you there?" he asked after what felt like a lifetime.

"Yes I am, oh my god I am so excited, you're finally coming. What time is your flight?"

“It's six am here so we will arrive at night but when I arrive I will call you ok" he confirmed.

“Yes that's fine," she said a bit dejected.

“Well I need to go now ok sweet dreams sweetie pie," he said in his accent that made her melt.

Jennifer walked through the big lobby. The lights were blinding and it was freaking ten in the morning. Jennifer walked to the elevator and headed to room 905 as Bennet instructed. Knock, knock. Bennet heard from the other side of the door, he was in the shower. It had to be Jennifer because his wife had gone shopping with the other visitors in the hotel. He loved shopping for his wife but he just was so hung-over from last night. Bennet taught about Jennifer. She was a beautiful girl in person he thought to himself.

He remembered when he landed in St. Vincent he was so anxious that he taught his heart was going to burst. He was going to call her to see where she was but he didn't need to. There standing near to the beverage machine, he saw someone deciding what to buy. Was that her he thought? He picked up his phone and called her just to make sure. After two rings she picked up, he looked at her frantically looking for her phone in her brown handbag.

“Hello," she said with a warm smile.

"How long do you plan to stand at the machine? There is a long line of people behind you." He saw her big smile painted on her face and when she turned around to see he was taken aback by her beauty.

She was so beautiful far more than what he saw during their video chats. Her brown hair and completion suited her. She was a short, cute girl with a blinding smile. She left the machine and walked quite excited over to them.

"Benny you're here, It's nice to finally meet you in person," she said with her trademark laugh which made his heart skip a beat.

They had an awkward hug then she moved her attention to his wife Anastasia. "You're so beautiful, he has told me a lot about you."

She was adorable... he laughed in the shower. She had left that night early because she had class the next day but made them feel welcomed and safe. For the next few days, they would go to beaches and forest trails, etc everything he knew she loved and they enjoyed every bit of it. It felt good to be with his wife seeing that he only saw her a few months per year. Where she lived was under heavy war and sometimes seeing her was impossible. It was like a second honeymoon for them which he was grateful for. He fell in love with her all over again. Seeing his wife's happy smile made his heart feel at peace.

"Come in! I am in the shower, I will be right out" she heard his scream.

She laughed because they would always joke about the shower. Jennifer stood at the door waiting for his gorgeous kind wife to pop out from somewhere. She would scold them about the door which she constantly told them to lock. Maybe they were taking a shower together. Oh, sexy she smirked. She stood at the door waiting. Then after about two minutes she heard the shower stop and shuffling noises coming from the bedroom. She shivered cause of how cold the room was. These people are snakes she taught they are certainly cold-blooded. Bennet came out wearing a grey and yellow T-shirt and shorts. His light blue eyes were as beautiful as ever. His wet light brown hair made him have a youthful look. He shaved also which was unfortunate. Jennifer always liked his beard. It added a sort of sexiness to him.

He came and hugged her" hey there sweetie pie you took your time to get here" he joked. He smelled of soap and a masculine scent that made her light-headed. He smelled that good.

"Well, you think I can fly. Where is Ana?" she asked looking around.

"Ana has gone shopping" he shrugged.

"Oh... but you love shopping with your wife now don't you," she said teasing him.

"I do, but I was extremely hung-over from last night so she decided to go on her own.” He said drinking some coffee. 

“What about you, how was class?" he quizzed her.

“It was class, boring as ever so..... Why did you call me, you should be resting. You have to keep your energy for the wifie later.” She teased again with a smirk.

Bennet laughed.....which was infectious. “I called you so we could have some fun."

"Too much fun will get us in trouble now wouldn't it?"

"Let's see then. Let's have some fun." He had a mischievous gleam in his eyes which was inviting.

“Ok, but when your wife starts beating you I refuse to take any sort of blame for your actions,” Jennifer said raising her hands in the air as a fake surrender.

Jennifer and bennet drank and partied with each other in every bar they could find in the area. Bennet even met Jennifer's friend Amanda who lived near the airport. They returned to the hotel because Jennifer needed to return home and her phone was in the room. Jennifer and bennet both sat on the white curved chairs that were available in the living room, feeling like the world was their oyster.

"So......" Jennifer said. “When are you leaving?"

Bennet looked up at her with a strange look and a sigh.

“We are leaving in two days" he sounded regretful, Jennifer thought.

She started looking at her hands now.

"Look at me," he said in a powerful voice.

She was reluctant but she raised her head again to look at him. In her eyes, he saw what he needed. What did he need? He asked himself at that moment. There was something about her. It was the way her body felt against him while they were dancing or how she just felt right. But he was married. Should he do something and cross the line of friendship, take the risk of breaking his vows and marriage. The alcohol told him otherwise. It's not like you would see her again..... When will you see her beautiful face or hear her infectious laugh? You won't cause in two days you're leaving with your wife. Are you satisfied with just seeing her through a screen? But whatever you decide there is no turning back.

"Come here sweetie pie," he said in a calm voice and he patted the seat next to him.

Jennifer's mind was going crazy with an inside battle. Should she go? Should she just get her phone and leave? Her body moved involuntary across the room. When she was close to him, she felt him place his hand on her waist and motioned for her to straddle him. He placed her hands behind his head and he slowly moved to the small of her back. They looked at each other. Simply........looked. She felt so right in his arms. She shivered.

"Are you cold love?" he asked with an arched eyebrow.

Jennifer laughed nervously. He held her by her thighs and pulled her closer to him. Their noses touching but their lips so close yet not close enough was unbearable. She opened her eyes and saw his blue ones staring back at her.

"Do you know how much I want to kiss you right now? To feel me in you." He whispered in her ear.

Jennifer's pupils dilated in foreseen pleasure. She looked at him again with a confidence he was not expecting. "Kiss me then.”

She eased in and kissed him full on the lips. Before he even had time to react.

Her kiss was intoxicating. She grinded her body against him and was rewarded with a moan. His hands were everywhere. She felt his arms snake up her T-shirt. Every time his cold fingertips touched her skin she shivered. He took off her T-shirt so he could get to the skin underneath. She always covered up her sweet chocolate skin. He nibbled, licked and kissed his way where ever their position allowed him.

“I need more" he so huskily whispered. 

“What...!" was all she could say before he lifted her and placed her in a standing position quickly devouring her lips again.

Clothes were just flying around the room. They broke the kiss looking intently at each other. She placed a hand on his chest. The contrast was something. His pale skin against her brown looked beautiful. He held her close. Foreheads against each other, just enjoying each other at the moment. What they were both doing unknowingly to each other were memorising the way how each looked, smelled...felt. He lifted her hand from his chest, placed it on his cheek and kissed her palm. It was an intimate moment they both didn't expect but it just felt right. They got caught in a kiss again, he lifted her up by placing his hands under her ass and wrapped her naked legs around his waist. She tasted divine. He knew he had to be inside her quickly. He not so gently stumbled them to the shower.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked reluctantly.

"It's a bit too late to ask that question don't you think?" He spun them around so that he could open the water.

It was a bit cold at first which made her hug him more. As if there was any more space between them. He held her so tight he swore that she would have marks on her after they were finished. He just wanted to be like that forever in her embrace. It was so inviting. The kiss deepened, her tongue was doing magic with his. She felt her back against the wall. His hand moving down past her stomach. When he ghostly touched her clit she cried out in his embrace. She felt him dip one large, long finger into her womanhood. Jennifer was sure he could feel her pulsing around his finger. She was so wet and ready for him. With no warning, he plugged into her. Her eyes opened because of the sudden contact. The moan was silenced by the kiss they were sharing. He filled her so well. Hearing his moans made her close her eyes and send her head back with ecstasy, hitting her head on the glass door of the shower. She didn't care. He forced her to look at him. His eyes asked if she was ready but all she did was kiss him. This was her answer. Every thrust was calculated to bring the ultimate pleasure she had never felt before. Every thrust she responded with her own. She swore the noises from their lovemaking could be heard by everyone in the hotel. He peppered hot, steamy kisses on her neck and shoulder. She was perfect. Everything he wanted. She was his. This woman, who he met by chance was better than how she saw herself. Far more intelligent. He wished she saw herself the way he saw her. Strong, sweet, kind, peaceful. She responded so well to him. Her body fits perfectly. Every thrust made him come alive even more. He would never get tired of this woman. He kissed her again but this time he didn't break away. Every thrust that came was harder than the next. They were both close.

He stopped all of a sudden and slumped them both to the floor. "Ride me, baby, I want to see you make me cum my beautiful girl."

Every move of her hips brought him closer. She was amazing. Rubbing her clit while riding him, hearing her moan made him come undone.

"I am going to cum." She said breathlessly.

"Cum for me, my sweet" he cooed.

She saw his eyes roll back into his head as they both came. His liquids shooting up inside her. Jennifer slumped against him. They just laid there, water still running down their naked bodies.

Then the phone rang. He looked at her in alert and he knew, she knew who it was. It was his wife. The realisation hit them like a ton of bricks.

Before he could say a word she managed to get up and turned her back towards the shower. “Go maybe it's important."

She felt him place a hand on her shoulder and left the shower. "That's nice honey, I hope to see you soon also." The guilt of what he had done dawned on him. He left her there all alone. At that moment all he could think of was her.

Bennet went back but she had locked the door. He didn't want to disturb her, so he just sat and waited. After what felt like forever the door opened. Her hair slightly dried. She looked as though she was just fucked out of her life. He felt proud in a weird way. She said nothing and just got changed.

"Stay here until I come back ok. I am going to take a shower." He said hesitantly afraid she would leave.

He didn't want to wash away what they had done, it felt as though what happened wouldn't exist. He and the shower smelled like her. When he was finished he saw her standing by the door ready to leave.

"Jen.... she looked up at him... what happened..... It's not a mistake...... I don't see it that way, it was a moment and it was perfect."

Her signature smile broke through" I think that too... Goodbye ben see you tomorrow" she kissed his cheek. “Yes see you, tomorrow love." He agreed.

The two days came and went like nothing happened Jennifer, her boyfriend, Bennet, and Ana all went on dates and everything. The last night of their stay, the four stayed in a carrot house near a beautiful lake. They all watched the sun go down, the orange colour blended in yellow, swallowed up by the mountains looked so beautiful. It was a moment they would never forget. Bennet and Jennifer went to get drinks while the others stayed behind readying the food.

"I am glad you came," Jennifer said.

"I am also" Bennet responded.

He held Jennifer by her hand which sent shivers down her spine.

"What are you doing they are right outside," she said in semi-panic.

“Don't come and see me go tomorrow. Let us say our goodbyes here." He stated regretfully. 

“I agree."

Bennet pulled a stray lock of hair from Jennifer's face and placed it behind her ear.

"Goodbye Jennifer, I hope you stay the same always, I am glad we met."

“So do I, Bennet."

They hugged each other. It was their moment frozen in time but now it was time to move on with their other people.

Submitted: January 06, 2020

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