The Dragons Rule Book 1 of The Original

The Dragons Rule Book 1 of The Original The Dragons Rule Book 1 of The Original

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



An army comprised of demons is fighting the demon king to protect humans. Xfinity is a demon of immense power. Lara is a new recruit assigned to be trained by Xfinity.


An army comprised of demons is fighting the demon king to protect humans. Xfinity is a demon of immense power. Lara is a new recruit assigned to be trained by Xfinity.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Dragons Rule

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An army comprised of demons is fighting the demon king to protect humans. Xfinity is a demon of immense power. Lara is a new recruit assigned to be trained by Xfinity.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 24, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 24, 2015



My thrusts became monotone only interrupted by a parry every so often.

"Your showing your age." Lara said

"Oh really. then how about.." I slashed with my sword. she parried and I grabbed her and spun her around then pulled her against me and put my sword to her throat."I end it?"

She teleported out of my hold. I used the crack in the ether she had created to pull myself up behind her.

"Have you already forgotten that you cant use the either to escape one of our kind?" I asked 

"Damn it. Your an ass." Lara said 

"Well sparing practice is over. Want to get some food?"

"What's on the menu?"

"Bread, liver and mead."

"What type of liver?"

"Fresh human."


"Yeah Lecian has caught on to what his troops want."

I started of toward the huge doors to the camp.



I Followed Xfinity. The bastard was strong. I listened to the either and tried to figure out what he was.

"Lass if you want to know what i am just ask but don't get mad about the answer." Xfinity called back

"What are you?" I asked


"Wait then how are you in Lecian's army."

Lecian had an army of demons. One of the things that he held (for some weird reason) was that you had to be a virgin.

"Easy I never feed off of a creature I drink pure essence that Lecian delivers to this camp weekly." Xfinity replied



I sent a tendril of essence toward the door and knocked. The gate keeper opened it and i went to the mess hall. Trays of bread and goblets of mead were already set. I sat down at one of the pragmatically placed tables and Lara sat across from me. A group of hobgoblins scurried over carrying a human strapped to a board. One pulled a dagger and cut open the body and pulled out the liver and placed it on Lara's plate. A second team of hobgoblins ran over and did the same with another body. I raised my goblet.

"Cheers to a new warrior. May your battles be bloody and fun." I said

"Cheers" Lara said and we downed the mead

I finished eating and went out side. the either screamed warnings of danger. I ignored them like normal. Any demon here would set off alarms. the slight pain that wasn't associated with any body part burned. It seemed to get worst the longer I was separated from my grimoire. I also had pain from a craving for essence. Lecian's delivery of essence hadn't arrived yet. The screams turned to whispers of sorrow. Lecian materialized in front of me.

"Good your essence starved. This will help." Lecian said

"What do you mean?"

"Easy I need you to slaughter every last creature here."


"We have a traitor here and i need him killed. I just don't know who it is. Oh and make sure nothing lives, including the new recruits. Goodbye Xfinity"

Lecian vanished. I had always followed his orders for only one reason, he had my grimoire. The essence was all around me. So i used a tendril of my essence to latch on to it. I let control slip away and my flesh ripped and morphed as I manifested into my demon form. black claws tore from my hands. horns tore from my forehead and my tail sprouted. I regained control and loosed a roar that echoed through the war camp. Instantly the warriors were around me. Good thing i only new Lara or this would be a bit harder. i used my claws to disembowel the first hundred then turned to devour their souls be fore they slipped to another plane of existence. a scream drew me from my victims i looked over to see one of the hand maidens that worked in the camp. be fore i reached her a figure wearing recruit standards teleported in grabbed the maiden then teleported her away. I slipped through the either and ended up finding a fork in the either, Crafty bastard had come from one place and left to another so that I couldn't follow. I went back through the either and felt a second tear. the recruit stabbed me in the back causing me to fall to one knee sadly it was close enough to my weak spot that i lost control and the demon took over. It spun around and grabbed the recruit by the throat. 



Xfinity held me by the throat. the irises of his demon form were glazed. Shit must of made him loose control. I felt a tendril of his essence creep over to wrap onto mine and he started pulling my essence out of me. As he feed My nips got harder and my lust wanted release. He released me and my knees buckled. lying on the ground all i could do was feel as my soul be ripped from my body.



The demon slowly lost control as it fed from the recruit. Finally I regained control I released the essence of the recruit and went to the barracks to kill off any one there. The recruit would die or go insane from the encounter. I found a smooth piece of flint and a sword. I walked over to the barracks and set it ablaze using the sword and flint to spark the hay around it. soon the warriors were dead and the small fire stopping group of goblins were slaughtered.



Pure lust had over come me. Luckily when i was assigned Xfinity they had taught me a trick to keep from dying or loosing sanity. At the time i wondered why but now I understood.I worked my hand down and rocked my hips to lessen the lust then thought of things that turned me off and then forced my emotions to level out. My soul had been mostly devoured so it hurt to move. I tore a gap in the either and slipped through just as I lost consciousness.



The camp was burning around me and blood and bodies littered the floor. My conscious nagged at me over how many innocents I'd just slaughtered but the demon side of me was pleased over the amount of souls it was using to full its power. I turned back to human form and sensed a tear in the either. I dragged myself through it as it sealed itself back. I found myself in a clearing. Lara lay bleeding and near death near were the either opened. I reached out with a tendril of essence and found a spark still remaining. My conscious was bad already so instead of killing her I pushed essence into her, an act impossible to all other demons but me, and walked away if she died or lived was up to her now. i slipped through the either and into Lecian's war room. He stood upon my arrive.

"Greetings i hope the task is done." Lecian said

"Of course mi'lord."

"Now I need you to use those souls to destroy Kanthar. No remaints. i want to show Devansius that I will win."

"As you command so it will be."

I tore a hole in the either and came out in Kanthar. I pulled all of the essence into my hands and in one loud boom all of Kanthar was gone. All of the demons there instantly atomized. All that remained was a circle a hundred miles in diameter of flat radiated land.



I woke up in a clearing sick and weak. A small hole in the either was just closing and as I stumbled toward Kanthar I heard a loud boom. wind whipped through the trees and blinding white light flashed a few feet a head of me destroying the trees, hills and grass. the light had ghost like faces racing skywards in to a mushroom cloud. the light disappeared just as quick as it appeared. I stumbled across the irradiated soil that had once been the trade capital of Devanius's empire. In the middle of the blast stood Xfinity. He collapsed in a unmoving heap and Lecian materialized beside him. he kicked Xfinity and laughed then vanished. i stumbled a little closer then fainted.


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