The Neighbor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A short account of an awkward encounter between neighbors.

Jake had emailed her two weeks before asking if they could hang out. He'd heard of her quietly kept reputation. At first she refused, but soon after she changed her mind thinking it would be a good time. They had begun emailing nightly, talking about how it would happen. She had to find a day off work when her roomate wasnt there. She ususally wasnt so secretive of her sex life around her roomate, but with Jake being their neighbor, she feared her roomate's scrutiny.

Tana lay in bed that morning, listening as her roomate got ready for work. The shower came on. 'I need to get moving' she thought. She crawled out of her bed, then made it up nicely. Then she started picking up her things off of the floor; dirty clothes, shoes, blankets she'd taken from the bed. She heard her roomate come out of the bathroom so she headed in, brushing through her hair. Applying her subtle makeup, she heard her roomate pull out of the drive. She stripped out of her pajamas, throwing them into her hamper. Crawling in the bathtub, her hands and knees shook as she shaved her lady business. She had waited till the last minute so that she would be as smooth as possible.

Stepping out, she dried off and applied some lotion. After grabbing some shorts and a bra she stared at herself in the mirror. Her dark hair flowed past her shoulders. Brown eyes stared back at her, full of nervousness. Her tan skin glowed as her abs made their appearance. Pulling on the shorts and bra, she went to find a sleeveless buttonup that she left un-buttoned. Making her way to the computer, she saw an email from Jake.

'are you ready ready yet? please hurry,' it read. shaking she replied, 'yes, come on.' She'd never felt this nervous before hooking up with someone. She'd never hid the fact that shed been with someone from her roomate though. She started to question her decision but quickly pushed the thought away. Looking out the window she saw him walking over. He was taller than she remembered. Of course, they hadnt seen eachother in years either. As he entered her yard, she walked downstairs to open the door. Brown eyes, shaggy hair, and a well shaped face welcomed her. Taking off his shoes he stepped in. His body was muscular and tan. Closing the door she turned the locks and hooked the chain. They stood awkardly in the foyar for a few moments. Her heart beating so hard she was sure he could hear it. 

He finally interrupted the silence. "You wanna head upstairs?" she nodded. "After you." She slowly made her way up the steps, adding a little extra bounce to her plump ass. Walking into her bedroom she awkwardly sat on the footboard. Jake looked around. " I bet I'm more nervous than you are," he chuckled out.

"Haha, I doubt it," she said, placing a hand over her rapidly beating heart. "You look great," she sayed quietly. He returned the compliment. They went back into an awkward silence, niether wanting to initiate what was to come. He finally worked up the nerve.

"Well, lets see you," he said. She stood and both began undressing. He took in her small breasts and muscular stomach. She stood completely naked before him. She watched as he took off his clothes, leaving nothing but his socks and briefs. He was extremely tanned. She stepped closer as he pulled the elastic of his briefs down. She hungrily grabbed at his half hard cock, examining. She ran her hand up and down, stroking it and watching it become fully hard. This was going to be good, she thought to herself. Looking up her eyes met his smooth lips as she swiped her tounge over her own. He bent down, greedily kissing her. She held fast to his cock as he grabbed her ass, pulling it as he thrusted his tounge into her mouth. He began guiding her down to the floor, but she refused, relishing in the mind numbing kiss. 

Moving onto her knees, she immedietly took him into her mouth and down her throat. As she attempted to pull back he pushed her head deeper onto his cock. Deep throating him until tears fell down her cheeks, she moved to suck on his balls. It didn't seem to phase him. Once again taking him in her mouth, she did her best to please him. "Let's just fuck," he said. she stood up. 

She didn't understand. She'd always been able to get guys to cum during a blowjob. She felt guilty for not satisfying his needs. "I'm sorry," she said quietly.

"It's fine," he said as he put on a condom. She positioned herself over the footboard, pulling one leg up onto the matress. He slowly entered her, at a snail like pace it seemed. Finally fully inside her, he started thrusting slowly. He grabbed her other leg and put it on the mattress. She scooted forward, making room for him to join her. Positioning himself behind her once again, he entered her quickly and began thrusting once more. She started moaning quietly, getting louder as the time ticked on. She finally heard him moan and say her name as he came. He put his head on her back as they both caught their breath.

Pulling out, he went to the bathroom to clean himself up. She sat on the bed awkwardly, with her legs pulled up to her chest. When he came back and put on another condom, she moved back onto her hands and knees. He positioned himself and thrusted into her, she was soaking wet. His goal now was to make her cum. He started thrusting fast and deep, grabbing at her ass and breasts. "Harder," she moaned. His hands slid down, gripping her hips as he began thrusting as hard and fast as he could. She moaned loud as he repeatedly hit her g-spot. Knowing he had hit her sweet spot he continued to thrust against it. She couldn't help but squeel as she came close to her first orgasm. Noone she had been with had cared if she came or not.

Right before it hit her, he slipped out. Catching her breath, she decided to try another approach. Instructing him to lie on his back, she straddled him and pushed her pussy down onto his cock. She moved slowly at first, building up as she went. She gripped the headboard and said, "Fuck me Jake. Please."

He began to thrust up into her and it was the best feeling she had ever felt. But he began losing his arousal and became soft. Disappointed she moved from her position above him and sat on the bed. "I don't know what happened," he said.

"Its okay." 

"Was it good for you?" he asked.

"It was great," she replied, disappointment evident in her voice. They got up and dressed, then she walked him to the door. Locking it behind him, she leaned back against it, her eyes closed. Why? Why couldn't she cum? She was 21 and was the only one of her friends who had never had an orgasm. She silently wished for a guy who could take her and make her cum. She watched him walk away, and they haven't seen eachother nor have they spoken since.

*************************************************************************************************************Hi! Thanks so much for reading this. This is actually a true story, that took place not too long ago. Its also my first time writing anything, so any comments or constructive criticism are welcome. Thanks again! :)


Submitted: July 24, 2013

© Copyright 2022 downhomegapeach. All rights reserved.

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Great writing....But I feel so bad for her. Jake just wasn't the right guy:-)

Wed, July 24th, 2013 1:59pm


Thank you so much. :) Too bad 'her' is me. I really appreciate you commenting.

Wed, July 24th, 2013 7:03am

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