The Sorcerer and the Princess

The Sorcerer and the Princess

Status: In Progress

Genre: Flash Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Flash Fiction


Benjamin Bratt played Jonathan Pangborn in the Dr. Strange movie. He was the character who used magic only to heal himself. He is married in real life to Talisa Soto who played Princess Kitana in Mortal Kombat. What if Jonathan Pangborn had been married to Princess Kitana? This takes place after the events of the first Dr. Strange movie.


Benjamin Bratt played Jonathan Pangborn in the Dr. Strange movie. He was the character who used magic only to heal himself. He is married in real life to Talisa Soto who played Princess Kitana in Mortal Kombat.

What if Jonathan Pangborn had been married to Princess Kitana? This takes place after the events of the first Dr. Strange movie.

Chapter1 (v.1) - My King

Author Chapter Note

After the great battle Mordo believes no one should weld magic, not even Jonathan Pangborn who after an accident had been using his powers only for healing his broken body. He is Mordo's first target, leaving the poor man clinging to life. But when Mordo enters the house to go after his wife and child he get more then he bargained for.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 04, 2017



Mordo, the dark skinned sorcerer with a round face and seemingly innocent disposition had walked away from magic. Many knew of the death of the sorcerer supreme and Dr. Strange's victory over that saved the world from being consumed. But all Mordo saw was a series of cheaters and cons. No one deserved magic not even those like Jonathan Pangborn who used it only be able to live out a normal life.

He opened a portal appearing in the man's garage. Jonathan was a tall Hispanic man in his late forties. He was muscular, strong, with high cheekbones, and dark eyes. An accident had left him paraplegic, he traveled to Kamar-Taj where he not only learned how to heal himself by tapping in to the energy of the multi-verse; it was also where he met his beautiful wife.

Mordo attacked him, Johnny's skills were weak; he had no means of defending himself as he drained his powers.

Johnny crumpled to the floor. There was nerve damage in his arm and pain in his chest; after so many years of relying on magic to hold his body together his muscles had atrophied. This on top of the fact he was now paralyzed from his chest down. His lower body felt heavy, as if he was being crushed to death by an invisible force.

Mordo walked away commenting about "Too many sorcerers in the world," This caused Johnny to panic: his wife and child were in the house.

"Katelyn!" he shouted over the pain. To their friends and his family she was 'Katelyn', a photographer he met during his time in Nepal. But to those who knew her past she went by a different name.

"Mistress Kitana," Mordo appeared before her, "Does he not even know your real name?"

The tall elegant woman had long black hair, brown eyes. Her tan skin was the color of caramel. "My husband knows my name, and I know of your new stance on magic," Word had spread; Dr Steven Strange was training to become the new Sorcerer Supreme and Mordo had left the fight. He believed all magic had consequences and he would be the one to police the world as judge jury and executioner.

"And you will refer to me as Master; I'm a master of the mystical arts, the same as any man"

"I disagree, mistress. How does an Edenian princess fall in love with a Mexican factory worker from New Jersey?" Mordo asked, "You begged the Ancient One to allow you to bring him to Kamar-Taj. He lived as your patient, your student then finally your lover."

"I want you out of my home," Kitana said, her son was crying. The baby, Samuel had been born blind but he had a strange ability to sense danger.

"I will destroy that abomination; what manner of magic did you use to give Jonathan Pangborn a child?" Mordo knew Kitana wasn't human she was an immortal, practically a demi-God. With her husband's low level of magic he would not have been able to impregnate her.

"This child is born of Out World magic," Kitana, still holding the baby used her free hand to conjure a barrage of arrows.

Mordo struggles to dodge her attacks. He was fast but Kitana was faster. She conjured a series of ropes easily restraining the rogue sorcerer.

Mordo laughed, "All I want is balance; keep the child, your husband already dead."

Kitana summoned a portal and kicked him to a location across the world. She quickly shut the portal and opened a new one to the garage to find her husband.

"Kate, thank God," Johnny struggled to reach out his hand to her.

"Johnny," Kitana was already crying, "What has he done to you?"

"He took everything, my power, my connection to the multi-verse. I can't get it back," he was afraid, if couldn't imagine living like this; unable to support his family, unable to care for his precious child.

"Mordo severed your link but only in this realm, my love," Kitana had a plan, "We will go to my realm, my people will help you."

"I won't make it," he swallowed hard, "Without my magic I can barely breathe."

"Then let my share my power," Kitana put the baby in his arms, she caressed his face as she took a deep breath. She kissed her husband, breathing sparkling blue air in to his lungs. As she did, a portal formed around them taking the family to the temple of Raiden, Out World God of thunder and a personal friend.

Liu Kang ran to her side, "Kitana, how are you here?" the Asian man said excitedly. He was Kitana's ex-lover but they parted on good terms.

"Liu Kang you remember, Johnny my husband," She said getting to her feet.

"The one you met in Kamar-Taj? What happened?" Liu Kang knew she left for Kamar-Taj to increase her skills. She wanted to study with earth realms' greatest sorcerers. But Kitana did not abdicate the throne of Edenia. Liu Kang always knew she would return. But when he got word she had married a mortal, he was concerned.

She returned to Raiden's temple once before, to make love to her husband in the waters of life. That was how she was able to conceive a child. Liu Kang held the baby as the temple monks rushed to Johnny's aid.

"He was attacked by an earth ream sorcerer; he lost his powers, I just need a place for him to recover," Kitana said to her friend.

"And where are you going?" Liu already knew. Kitana headed to the shrine's armory. She grabbed her bladed fans; large blue glass fans with sharp metal knives attached. She had retired them when she became a wife and mother.

"I'm going to avenge my husband," She declared.

"Do you have the power?" Liu Kang asked.

"I've fought this sorcerer before; I could have easily killed him," She sheathed the blades to her shoulders.

"But your love made you hesitate," Liu Kang knew she had given up being an earth realm defender for Johnny. He feared she was out of practice.

"Johnny is weak, he needed me. He had already been attacked," Kitana was becoming offended. Liu Kang was one of her closest friends he of all people should have faith in her skills.

"I'm sorry, I understand. The temple will take good care of your family until you return," Liu bowed his head.

The monks had moved Johnny to a room where he was gradually baptized with the waters of life. With each drip down his forehead, his body glowed with energy. Soon his mind would be able to focus strongly enough to reestablish his powers. Kitana felt confident; unlike Earth her realm was awash in magic.

Johnny's eyes were closed as she kissed his forehead; "You found it once, you can find it again," Johnny smiled at his wife, "Find your power; keep our son safe, I will return to you with Mordo's head," she kissed his lips, "Goodbye my love."

As Kitana left Raiden appeared, "Do you remember the stories?" he asked his lieutenant.

"Kitana's stories of how her husband came to acquire his powers?" Liu Kang asked back, the baby had started to cry. Kitana had kept in contact, writing letters about her patient. The Ancient One had encouraged Kitana to administer lose doses of poison, to provoke violent seizures and deep hallucinogenic fevers; to do so she would cut into his hands, and administer the poison in the form of a paste. In the end his body fought back, his powers awoke.

"Are you saying we torture him?" Liu was not against the idea.

"I'm saying that man is the next king of Edenia; there is no way we are letting him take Kitana back to Earth to live as a housewife." Raiden declared, "We need to give him his powers but we also need to leave him wanting more; enough to more," Raiden turned his attention to the baby, "What's his story?"

"Do you remember the first time Kitana brought her husband here? She claimed he was sick," Liu asked, "She only wanted to harness the magic of the waters to increase the man's power."

Raiden smirked, "Hello little prince, we have big plans for you and your sorcerer daddy."

Meanwhile Kitana returned to Kamar-Taj to find Stephen Strange running the temple. They had not met, as she had left long before Dr. Strange had arrived. But seeing her come though a portal he assumed she was a regular.

She fell to her knees, "My apologizes sir, I' am Katelyn Pangborn, and I'm in dire need of your assistance, "Despite the fact she was royalty she felt the need to bow. The man was tall with stern face like a teacher.

"Pangborn- As in Jonathan Pangborn?" He was curiously putting the pieces together in his head: not only did Jonathan Pangborn learn enough magic to heal himself he also married a fellow sorcerer.

"My husband was attacked by Mordo, he took his power," She explained.

"Where is your husband now?" He knew what she meant; Jonathan Pangborn's injuries were untreatable, without his powers he would be helpless.

"I am not of your realm, I placed him and our child in the care of Out World warriors, but I need your help to find Mordo," She stood to face the man.

"Are you also known by another name?" he asked. He had studied various books on the history of the temple and the many masters who had come through over the years.

"I am Master Kitana, Princess of Edenia; technically Queen but that's neither here nor there since I have chosen to live as a wife and mother."

"So your husband is not a King?" he asked.

"He is my King. He is my everything. I would have loved for him to stay in Out World. But he had family and friends, he had a life. I was just honored to be a part of it," Kitana's voice expressed her pure beautiful love for her husband.

"I' will help you, locate Mordo but in return I ask, how did you meet Jonathan Pangborn?" The sorcerer knew the story would be fascinating.

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