The Kings Surprise

The Kings Surprise The Kings Surprise

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Miriam has been planning a surprise for her man she has spent many weeks preparing the gift he will receive on his Birthday.


Miriam has been planning a surprise for her man she has spent many weeks preparing the gift he will receive on his Birthday.


Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017





Toya Jordan

Marian elegantly kneeled before the man she loves and admires, and gracefully ran her hands slowly up his legs resting them at the ends of his thighs.  The heat from his jewels were inviting and fanning the flames of her desires. 

Tonight’s seduction of her Man would be one of her greatest accomplishments.  In a seductive voice she asked “how may I please you my Love on this very special day.”“Whatever your heart desires,  my love.” With a smile that lit up the room she politely said, “Dance with me.”

He stood up from his throne and extended his hand to her, and she placed her hand in his.  He swept her into his embrace.  They glided across the floor effortlessly; it appeared as if they were floating on air. Love radiated from them.

After the dance, they walked back to the couch contented. Her Man took his seat and looked at her with a hunger that she had grown to love. A hunger she wanted to satisfy. Jubilantly he asked, “Come sit with me my love I am ravenous for you.”

She did as he asked and set upon his lap. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply and moved to her neck while asking in between the kisses, “Where is my surprise?”

Equally as jubilant she replied, “Be patient my love your surprise is on its way.” Marian slipped off his lap and smoothed the wrinkles in her dress. “My love I must go and get your surprise.”  Her Man implored “Don’t leave call one of the servants they will bring it.”  “No my love, this gift must be delivered by me.” She kissed him sweetly upon his cheek and proceeded from the room.

Marrim  quickly changed into her costume; It had taken her many weeks of training to do what she was about to do.  For this was the surprise she had planned for her Man. She thought about what he would think when his gift would start to unwrap in from of him. She turned on the music and walked seductively to the center of the floor she bowed to her Man, and preceded into the most sensuous dance she hoped he had ever seen.

He watched the dancer intensely and started to become aroused by her movements. The movements of her hips were exquisite, he only moved his eyes to watch each veil she had taken off float to the floor and quickly back to see what part of her body was reveal, she was almost naked, with the exception of the veils that cover her head, face, breast and her flower.

He watched with amazement as the dancer leaned backwards as far as she could, and started rolling her stomach sensuously. He was straining in his pants and started to shift his weight from side to side.  His was becoming difficult for him to temper his arousal; he did not want to betray the trust of his woman, but his desires to bed the dancer was growing with each movement of her body.

Mariam could see that her Man was turned on by the dancer, she knew this would make her reveal all the more exciting. He is King he can have any woman he desires, but I will always be his Queen she said softly, she smiles deeply to herself. The amazement of doing this dance was registered on her face.

He began to wonder why Miriam had not returned; once more his mind was taken, when the servant girl lifted the veil from her breast, and moved closer towards him. Then she removed the veil from her flower. Her Man was awe struck;the final veil was lifted from her face and laid at his feet.  

She could see that her Man was very pleased with his surprise. He was beaming with admiration for what he had witnessed.  He stood up and excitedly asked where did you learn to dance like that? I went to a dance studio for many weeks;

I hope you enjoyed your surprise. With eyes full of passion he whisper come let me show you how much I have enjoyed your surprise.  No she implored my love let me show you how much I enjoyed giving it to you. 

Moving into each other arms ignited the fires that were smoldering in side of them. With her head resting on his chest she began unbuttoning his shirt, and slid her hand into the opening, and started massaging his chest and squeezing his nipples. Her Man continued unbuttoning his shirt and removed it and she helped him to remove his shoes and pants.

Miriam kneeled once more before her Man, and began to massage his legs and his thighs tenderly moving up to his jewels. She moved her hands lovingly over his crown jewels, licking her lips in anticipation of tasting him;

She drew his crown jewel into her month, hugging his jewel with her tongue, she slowly withdrew it from her mouth, and licked it from the shaft very slowly, to the top.  Miriam began to suck the head of his crown jewel lovingly, while holding his crown jewel in the palm of her hands.

Then Miriam started kissing and licking her Man’s thighs, up to his stomach then to his chest, whiles massaging and squeezes his nipples.

The memory of her dance was turning him on even more he was Feverish with passion; He lifted her from the floor and encouraged her to sit upon him. As his crown jewel sinks deeper into her Flower, she tightens the Petals of her Flower around it.

 Then she placed her hands on his shoulders and began moving her hips in a circular motion, her Man placed his hands on her breast an pushed them together whiles lowering his lips to suck her nipples.

Slowly he pulled her nipples into his mouth and gently sucked them.The sensations of the King sucking her nipples and the feeling of delight from his crown jewel inside of her flower caused her to moan with delight.

  She increased the movement of her hips back and forth up and down riding them into the most powerful orgasm they had ever experienced. 









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