Diary of a Sexually Starved Woman

Diary of a Sexually Starved Woman Diary of a Sexually Starved Woman

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Is a sensual story about what a Man who to test the loyalty of his woman and the loyalty of that woman that excites a passionate night. A seductive Journey of what real love is.


Is a sensual story about what a Man who to test the loyalty of his woman and the loyalty of that woman that excites a passionate night. A seductive Journey of what real love is.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Diary of a Sexually Starved Woman

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The Royal hunting party a short story from the book Diary of Sexually Starved Woman.It is a story about what a King does to test the loyalty of his Queen.

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Submitted: May 23, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 23, 2012



Diary OF A Sexually Starved Woman

Collection of Short Stories


Toya Jordan




Copyright 2012 by Toya Jordan All Rights Reserved




Chapter I


 “Wake up your Majesty it is time for you to go on your hunting trip. The Queen yawns as as sheasks has  his Majesty had been wakened?” Yes Madame he left early this morning.”

“He wants to make sure the hunting lodge has been  properly prepared for you Madame.”  “Now up with you your carriage is waiting”. Babette smiled deeply to herself, she was amused by what the King had planned for her mistress.

  Walking sleepily to her bath the Queen reminisces about the last time she made love to the King. The memory of him sucking her nipples and the pleasure it brought to her caused her to moan, she was very happy with the King and enjoyed the many surprises, and adventures he had planned for her.

  “Today hunting what next will he do?” she thought as she was being disrobed, she shoo away her servants, as she continued to think about,what she liked most about his surprises and adventures and the nights of unlimited passion and pleasure.  This thought causes her body to tingle and ignites her desire to have his crown jewel inside of her flower.   She moves her hand down her stomach towards her flower. When she reached the petals of her flower she parts them  and inserts a couple of her fingers into her flower. She moved her fingers in and out remembering how the King had aroused her with his tongue buried deep inside of her flower.


The King had left the palace early he had been planning this surprise for his Queen for a long time.  He felt that this adventure would prove to be one of his best. He could not wait to unfold his latest exploit. This little trick he was playing on the Queen had bloomed into quite an undertaking. He loved his Queen who he felt was as sweet as the juice of a ripe cherry and as soft as the cloth from China. 

Hiding in the bushes he waited patiently for the Queen’s carriage.  He told the palace guard and the coachmen that he was playing a little game with the Queen and had explained in detail what he was going to do. It was his way to test her bravery and her loyalty. She once told him if ever she were in danger  are face with death she would not let any man have his flower, that she would fall on a sword before she would let another man touch her. Today was the day he would see for sure that she meant with she had told him. Yes today my love I will see if your love is stronger than mines.

The wheels of her carriage roared loudly as it approach his hiding place. Placing a mask on his face and a hood on his head, he gallops out of his hiding place, charging towards the carriage shouting loudly to the guards and the coachmen to " halt." Immediately the coachman stops the carriage.  “I am not alone my men have you surrounded.”

The guards on the horses halted their horses and held their arms in the air. Raphael spoke in a deep voice to the coachmen and the guards “If you wish to live I suggest that you dismount and run for your lives. We do not wish to harm anyone we only want your precious cargo.” 

Queen Marie was afraid and kept asking in a hysterical voice “Why have we stopped?” No one answered her. She slid  closer to the door and started to open it. As the door widened she heard an unfamiliar voice answering her question.

“My Lady I am afraid your escort has left.”  “What do you mean they have left?” “ Who are you and why have you sieged my carriage?”  “My name is Raphael and you are my prisoner your Majesty.”

The Queen gasps as she realizes the stranger knew who she was. “I will not be going anywhere with you,” she shouted. “You have no choice my lady you will not survive alone out here. It is far too dangerous for a woman as beautiful as you are to be left alone on this highway.” 

“I would not be in this predicament, had you not siege my carriage you rogue.” She said this while calling to mind some of the horrors that had befallen many of her fellow citizens on this highway; she had to face reality she could not survive alone.


“Very well I have no choice but to go with you.”  “Please escort me back to the palace I assure you my husband will not harm you.”  “I will tell him you saved me from the Highwaymen that attacked my carriage.”  “If you don’t do as I have requested my husband and his army will not let you live for this offense you are committing against him you are a mad man.”

As she starts out of the carriage, Raphael extended his hand to help her down from the carriage; she slapped his hand away and proceeds to get out of the carriage and brushes him to the side when she reaches the ground. He mounts his horse and extends his hand to help her onto the horse.

“I  will walk thank you” she shouts up to him. She waits to see which way he would be going.. He tries once more to get her to ride with him saying, “I promise I will not harm you I will be a perfect gentleman.”  Once again she says ,“No thank you I will walk”.

The Queen started tiring from the walk she was about to tell him she wanted to ride but instead she extends her hand to him was her way of saying she wanted to get on the horse.

While he was helping her onto the horse she says "you will be hunted down like a wild animal. “My husband will have your head for taking me away from him.” “Stay still my lady you will cause us to fall please stop moving.”

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