Would You Like Cream and Sugar With Your Coffee?

Would You Like Cream and Sugar With Your Coffee? Would You Like Cream and Sugar With Your Coffee?

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Daniel is being punished by Angie, so he is only allowed to take her for a coffee. But good things come to those who wait and the well behaved.


Daniel is being punished by Angie, so he is only allowed to take her for a coffee. But good things come to those who wait and the well behaved.


Submitted: August 16, 2013

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Submitted: August 16, 2013



"I'm finally going to see Angie," he said as he drives to pick her up. "It's been too long." Well, it's only been a week, but to him it seems like weeks. He thinks about her all the time. As he drives down the highway, he thinks about her long silky black hair, her soft round eyes, her seductive lips, her beautiful smile, her exotic accent, her sexy body, the sexy panties she wears for him and the way she makes him feel when he is inside her. He becomes lost in his thoughts as he thinks about her. He starts to get hard. "Calm down Daniel, you're only going for coffee today," he said to himself. But he thinks maybe they will go for a walk and he will get to hold her hand, and maybe even steal a kiss. Oh god!...her kisses...they are so sweet and make him melt. He smiles. 

He finally arrives. He sees her standing on the sidewalk. He pulls up and waves. She is talking on her cell phone. She makes a hand gesture to wait. 

He is anxious. He's always anxious before he sees her. He has had butterflies all morning. He looks so forward to seeing her. He looks at her and remembers the first time they met...it was love at first sight. He smiles. After a few minutes she gets in the car.

"Hi, sweetie." He always calls her sweetie.

"Hi, baby." She always calls him baby.

"How are you this morning?" he asked. 

"I'm ok. A little tired."

"I'm sorry," he said in a loving voice and reaches to touch her leg, but remembers he's not suppose to touch her, so he pulls his hand away.

They drive off. They chat, catching up on each other's lives. He occasionally glances at her. "She looks so beautiful today...She always looks so beautiful," he said to himself. He wishes he could touch her lovely hair. 

They arrive at the cafe. He pulls in and parks the car. They get out of the car and walk toward the door. He opens the door for her as they walk inside the cafe. They go and wait in line to order. The line is short.  It's late morning, so the cafe is not crowded.

"Can I take your order ma'am?" the barista asked Angie.

"I'll have an tall chai tea, please," Angie replied. 

"Ma'am? Did she just call Angie ma'am? She's not a ma'am. She's a beautiful young woman," he said to himself. He adores her so. 

"And for you sir?" the barista asked Daniel.

"I'll have a tall americano please," Daniel replied.

"Room for cream, sir?"

"Yes, please."

"Will that be all?" the barista asked.

Angie turned to Daniel, "Do you want to share a slice of lemon cake with me?"

Daniel looked at her with loving eyes, "Yes, my sweetie, that sounds yummy!" But secretly he thinks to himself, "Your pussy is so much more sweeter and yummy."

"Yes, we'll have a slice of lemon cake please," Daniel said to the barista. 

"That will be $8.69 please," said the barista.

Daniel hands the barista a ten. He looks at her but does not notice that she is an attractive young woman. He then looks at Angie and smiles. The barista hands Daniel the change and he places it in the tip jar.

They move to the side and wait for their drinks and cake. He looks at her and smiles. "What are you doing this afternoon?" he asked Angie.

"I have an appointment for a haircut. Then maybe some shopping. I need to buy a gift for my aunt."

"What?!" he yelled as he is shocked by what she said. He looks at her in a pouty way and pleads with her. "Please don't cut it short. You know I love your hair. It's so beautiful."

"Breathe baby," she said in a reassuring voice. But then she quickly gets annoyed and scolds him. "Don't worry, I'm only getting a trim. I don't understand this obsession you have with my hair. It's only hair, baby."

"But it's so beautiful!" He gives her a loving look, but she doesn't buy it. She rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

Their drinks and cake are ready and they pick them up. Daniel looks around the cafe to find a place to sit. He sees a table next to a window and gestures toward the table. Angie nods in agreement.

They sit, drink, eat and talk. During their conversation, he has urges to touch her face, hair, hold her hand and kiss her. But he knows better.

"I have a surprise for you" she said with a smile.

"What is it? Tell me!" he said with excitement.

She pulls her pants down at the waist just a little to expose part of her panties. She looks at him and smiles.

He opens his mouth as if to say something, but the words get struck in his throat. 

She laughs. She teases him, just a little. "What's the matter college boy? Speechless again?" He is educated with several college degrees, but somehow she manages to render him speechless quite often.

"It's just that, you surprised me. You're wearing the panties I bought you. They look so sexy on you."

"Too bad you won't get to see all of them," she points out to him. "Remember, we are only having coffee today."

He lets out a big sigh. "I know." There is disappointment in his voice. He remembers that she is punishing him. No pussy for him until he's a good boy. 

She senses his disappointment, but sternly reminded him, "Maybe next time you won't say no to me."

Ouch! She didn't need to remind him. He knows exactly why he's being punished. Not knowing what to say, he forced out an "Ok."

They continue to talk for awhile and finish their drinks and cake. He enjoys talking to her. Her Spanish accent is so sexy to him.

"Do you want to walk for awhile? We have time," he asked her. 

"Yes, baby, I would like that," she replied and smiles.

They get up, throw their cups away, and leave the cafe. The Town Center they are at is rather large, so they decide to window shop as they walk.

"Can we go in this store? I want to see if I can find a gift for my aunt," she asked. 

"Of course, sweetie," he replied. He opens the door for her and they walk in the store.

They browse around, looking at this and that. Then she looks around to make sure no one is looking, and lightly touches his crouch, and walks away. 

He jumps and lets out a small "Oh." She turns around and smiles at him and laughs. "She is such a tease," he said to himself.

After awhile, they leave the store and walk around the Town Center, talking along the way. All this time, he thinks about touching her and how good it feels to be inside her. 

She stops for a moment and turns to him. She looks him in the eye and lectures him. "You've been a good boy today, but you still don't get to have me today. Maybe next time, ok? You still have to be good, understand."

"Yes, sweetie, I'll be good, I promise" he said obediently. 

"You always say that, but then you are bad. You better be good or I'll cut you off until you can prove to me that you're a good boy," she said as she rebukes him. She then looks at him and talks in a soft voice, "We need to go, baby, it's getting late."

"Ok, I'll take you home." he said in disappointment, but then turns to her and smiles. He's very disappointed. He was hoping for at least a kiss. All he can do is hope that next week will be different. But to him, days seem like weeks, so it will be a long wait. 

They walk to the car, get in and drive away. They talk on their way to her house, but all he can think about is his disappointment. He is upset, mostly with himself, but he dare not show it. There will be plenty of time to wallow in self pity. They arrive where he picked her up and he parks the car. 

"I had good time Angie. When can I see you again?" he said, almost pleading with her and hoping she will say next week. 

"I don't know, baby. Let me think about it, ok?" she said with uncertainty. But then she turns to him, smiles, and in a sweet voice said, "You've been very good today, so I'm going to give you a kiss." She leans over and gives him a soft kiss on his check. She opens the car door and gets out. She looks in at him and smiles. "Bye, baby."

"Bye, sweetie. I love you," he said. 

"I love you more," she said and closes the car door.

He watches her as she walks away. He sighs. All he can think about is being in bed with her, touching her beautiful body. She does have a gorgeous body. Her breasts are large and her ass is so nice. And she has the sexiest curves. 

He sighs again and puts his head on the steering wheel. "I'm so horny!" he said in a the most whiny tone. He sits in his car for a few minutes, not wanting to leave. He thinks about the long wait. It's going to drive him crazy. He just hates to wait. 

Just then his cell phone rings, alerting him that he has a text message. And that particular ringtone tells him it's a text from her. He quickly grabs his cell phone from his pocket and looks at the text. 

Angie: I have another surprise for you. Come to me, now!

He thinks to himself, "But there's only 10 minutes before her son gets home." He sits there puzzled. "More teasing? That must be it. But I better do as I'm told." He gets out of the car, locks it and walks to her house. He mutters to himself, all confused, as he walks to her house. 

He walks up to the door and rings the doorbell. The door opens and he walks in. He closes the door and turns around, eager to ask her what the surprise is. He stops in total shock with a look of total surprise. She is standing there, wearing nothing but the panties he bought her and a smile. 

"Hi, baby. My husband has my son until dinner. I decided that since you were such a good boy, I'm going to let you have me now. But no fucking. I want you to make love to me. Do a good job and next time I'll let you fuck me any way you want."

"Oh, sweetie!" he said, not quite knowing what to say or do. He stares at her for a moment. All he can think about is how sexy and desirable she is and how the panties he gave her look so sexy on her. 

“Awww, my poor college boy is speechless again,” she said as she teases him. She then gives him that look, with her bedroom eyes and ever so slightly biting her lower lip, that drives him absolutely crazy and makes him melt like butter. 

His instincts take over and he walks up to her and kisses her. He gives her long, soft, tender kisses. He puts his arms around her and draws her against him. His hands touch her...gently touching her face, hair, and then moving down her back to her nice round ass. She puts her arms inside his coat and touches his back. As they embrace, she can feel how big and hard he is. 

They kiss for awhile. Then she puts her hand on his mouth. "Let's go to bed, baby." She takes him by the hand and they walk to the bedroom.

They stand next to the bed, embrace each other, and passionately kiss, with their tongues dancing slowly. She pulls his coat off. He lowers his arms and it drops to the floor. He embraces her again, but his hands move all over her lovely body...from her back, to her ass and then to her hair and face.

She rubs his back with her hands and then takes her right hand and touches his short back hair. She loves the way his hair feels between her fingers.

She begins to unbutton his shirt and stops half way. She places her hands on his chest. She loves the way his skin feels when she touches him. She finishes unbuttoning his shirt, moves her hands to his shoulders and takes off his shirt. Again, he lowers his arms so she can take his shirt off, and it falls to the floor. They embrace each other again, still engaged in their passionate kissing. 

She can feel his manhood pressing against her. She reaches down and unbuttons and unzips his pants. She pulls them down below his ass and reaches inside his underwear and grabs his cock with her right hand. He moans in pleasure. "He is big today. He must really want me," she said to herself. She smiles inside to herself because she knows only she can make him so big and hard.

She strokes his cock with her hand...up and down, up and down. He moans and moves his hips. She notices that he's wet. 

He touches her ass again with both hands. He thinks to himself, "She has such a nice, round ass." He enjoys the fact that she is wearing the thong panties he got for her. He moves his right hand toward the front of her panties and rubs her softy between her legs. She moans. He takes his hand and slips it inside her panties. She spreads her legs a little so he can touch her pussy. He takes a finger and slowly glides it on her pussy. She moans again. "She gets so wet for me," he said to himself, being pleased with the way her body reacts to him. She does. One touch, one well spoken or written phase from him and her pussy begins to flow. 

She breaks away, gets on the bed and lies on her back with her legs spread open, inviting him to be inside her. "Come to bed, baby," she said and gives him that sexy, wanting look.

He takes off his shoes, socks, pants and underwear. He gets on the bed just between her open legs and looks into her beautiful brown eyes. He reaches for her panties, grabs them from each side and gently takes them off. He places her panties on the bed. He looks down and sees that she is dripping wet.

He climbs on top of her, looks into her eyes and runs his fingers through her long black hair. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you more," she whispers back. She takes her right hand and moves it down to his cock. She takes his cock and slips it inside her wet, waiting pussy. They both moan.

He begins to move inside her...very slow and gentle. They haven't made love in awhile. Lately it's been fucking, and fucking rough and wild. They both love rough sex, but when they make love, it brings them closer together. 

They start to kiss again...very passionately. He continues to touch her hair. She moves her hands down his back to his ass and gently touches it. 

He kisses her neck gently. He whispered in her ear, "I need you. I always need you near me."

She whispered, "I know, baby. I need you too. I need you in my arms."

He thrusts a little faster and deeper now, keeping a steady rhythm. She starts to breathe more shallow. She moves her hips to the same rhythm. He senses that she is going to cum soon, so he keeps the same rhythm. He wants to please her and he knows how.

They begin to sweat. Their hips are in sync as they continue their love making. She wraps her legs around him and squeezes his ass tight. She forces him in deeper. She starts to moan more frequently. He can feel it...she's going to cum all over his cock. She moans loud several times as she cums. He continues to thrust inside her, but as her orgasm winds downs, he slows down, but keeps thrusting. 

He gives her a soft kiss and looks into her eyes and whispered, "I love you." She said nothing as she is still recovering from her orgasm, so he kisses her again and smiles. 

He keeps thrusting. It feels so good to be inside her. He wants to make her cum again, but he wants her in a different position. He works his arms around her waist and rolls her onto him as he rolls on his back. His cock falls out of her pussy, but she takes her hand shoves it back in.

She loves to have sex on top, so she starts to move her hips. He knows this and begins thrusting inside her. He can feel that she is still dripping wet.

They kiss again...long, passionate kisses. She runs her fingers through his hair. He moves his hands to her ass and touches her gently. He wants to make her cum again, but he also wants to fill her up with his cum. 

He starts thrusting faster and deeper. She instinctively moves her hips to match his rhythm. The way she moves her hips makes his cock tingle in delight. She is in control now and sets a new pace to their love making. She knows how to milk him dry and at the same time pleasure herself with his hard cock. 

He can feel it. The pressure starts building inside his cock. They are dripping in sweat now. She sits up and exposes her boobs to him. He grabs them and squeezes tight. She forces his cock in deeper. He moans loud. He grabs her hips, thrusts upward, and goes in deep. They both moan in pleasure. He is now lost, only feeling her and the pleasure of their love making. 

She bends back down and kisses his neck. She whispered, "I love you." He says nothing as he is lost in the moment.

The pressure inside is cock is building. His whole body feels tingly. She also starts to feel pressure building. Their breathing becomes shallow. Sweat pours out of their bodies.

She moves her hips faster. He starts to moan more. She can feel his cock throbbing and he has grown bigger. "Just a little more and he's mine," she said to herself.

He's at the point of no return...he's going to cum and cum hard. "Nnnooooo!," he moans loudly. "Ooohhhhhh!," and with that last loud moan he explodes inside her...his cum going deep inside her.

But she is now lost in the moment too. She continues to move her hips and he instinctively thrusts inside her. She now starts to moan. Softly at first, then louder. 

He watches her and realizes she is going to cum again. He continues to thrust fast and deep. She moans loudly as she cums all over his cock. He to thrusts inside her for awhile, but slows down after she's done with her orgasm.

They finally stop making love. Their bodies and the bed sheets are soaking wet with sweat.

He looks into her eyes and said in a soft, loving voice, "I love you Angie." She looks at him and said in a soft loving voice, "I love you Daniel."

They hold each other for awhile. She kisses him softly and then said gently, "Baby, you need to go."

"So soon? I need you," he said in a pouty voice.

"I need you too, baby. But I have a haircut appointment, remember?" She touches his check and kisses him again. 

"I know. It's just that I miss you so much." He looks at her, already feeling withdrawal symptoms.

"I miss you too, baby. I always want you near me. But we need to go, ok?" she said in a soft, loving voice. 

"Ok," he said as he touches her check and then her long, soft hair.

They get dressed. He watches her get dressed. "She has such a beautiful body and face," he said to himself, as he admires her beautiful body. 

He walks up to her, filled with love. "You are so beautiful." He kisses her on the lips. 

"Maybe," she replied playfully. 

"You are and you know it," he replied back.

She walks over to the bed, reaches for something and throws it at him. "They're yours now."

He catches it. It's the panties she was wearing. The same ones he bought her. He puts the panties up to his nose and smells them. "Oh, they smell so good!" He loves the way her pussy smells. He didn't get to eat her pussy today. He loves the way it tastes. "Maybe next time I'll get to taste you," he said to her. 

"We'll see," she replied in a noncommittal voice.  

After they finish getting dressed they go downstairs. She goes to the door to let him out. 

"Bye, baby," she said in that loving voice of hers. 

"Bye, sweetie," he said in that loving voice of his. 

He takes her in his arms one last time and gives her one last passionate kiss. They hold each other tight, not wanting to let go. 

They stop kissing, but continue to hold each other. "When can I see you again? I need you," he asked as he pleads with her. 

She looks at him, smiles, and said, "Since you were such a good boy today, you can see me next Monday morning, ok?"

"I would love that sweetie," he replied with a big smile on his face. 

She gives him one last kiss and in a stern voice said, "Now be a good boy and go."

She opens the door for him. He walks toward the door and turned around and said "I love you."

And she replied, as always, "I love you more," and closes the door after he leaves.

© Copyright 2018 Dorian Gris. All rights reserved.

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