Ivory Mist

Ivory Mist

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Nicole Hamblen was your typical 21 year old college student. She received good grades, came from a wonderful family, and had a kick ass best friend named Tracy. But she struggled with self esteem issues and thought she would never find love. Until one day her night in shining armor appeared. Only problem is, she is black and he is white. Oh poor Nicole. What will you do.


Nicole Hamblen was your typical 21 year old college student. She received good grades, came from a wonderful family, and had a kick ass best friend named Tracy. But she struggled with self esteem issues and thought she would never find love. Until one day her night in shining armor appeared. Only problem is, she is black and he is white. Oh poor Nicole. What will you do.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Ivory Mist

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 30, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 30, 2012



"Nikki! Are you home?" I heard my roommate Tracy scream as she barged through the front door of our house.

"I'm in the kitchen" I called to her. "Why are you yelling like a mad man?"

I looked at Tracy and noticed she was acting strange. She seemed like she wanted to tell me something. "Ok out with it." I told her.

No longer able to look at the goofy look on her face. "Guess who I say today." As I opened my mouth to answer, she cut me off. "I saw Bryan Clark. And girl he was looking so damn good." Tracy stated. Her voice was low and husky.

"That's um... Great Tracy. You act like you have never seen the guy before." I laughed.

"Shut up punk. But this time I actually talked to him. And he is coming over tonight to hangout" Tracy giggled like a school girl with a crush.

"WHAT!!! Are you serious? Well I'll be damn." I said to Tracy with a raised eyebrow.

Tracy has had it bad for Bryan for about 2 years now. We were all incoming freshman at Howard University. That's when I first meet her. I had just said my goodbyes to my parents. They came with me to help me settle in to my dorm room. It was bitter sweet watching them leave to head back home.

I had walked them to the lobby of the dorm, kissed them goodbye and watched them walk out. I went back up to my dorm feeling mixed emotions. Happy because I was finally on my own. No parents to bug me and make me do chores, or keep me away from boys. As if boys were interested at me anyway.

I was average looking if you say. Not to tall. Not to short. Had no sense of fashion. I really didn't care how I looked because I was a hell of a lot smarter than everyone I knew. Or at least I would tell myself I didn't care. I was dark skinned, big brown eyes and big lips. I told myself I didn't care just to make myself feel better. I opened the door to my dorm room.

Missing my parents already, I tried to unpack. My dorm room was pretty bland. It had 2 twin beds. Each one in its own corner. The walls were a pearl white, two dressers that stood next to each bed, and brown shaggy carpet. It also had its own bathroom with a standup shower. Other that the two windows, the room was not very special.

As I placed my bedding on my bed. I started to wonder what my new roommate would be like. Would she be nice and quite? Or would she be a total bitch. As if right on cue the door slowly opened. In walked a very pretty light skinned girl with long black curly hair. She looked like she could be biracial. She was wearing a pink tank top and white shorts and pink flip flops. She was tall with greenish gray eyes, with hips that would put Beyonce to shame.

"Hey there roomy. I'm Tracy Jacobs. I see you're unpacking already. This bed must be mine then." she pointed to the bed on the left side of the room and smiled at me.

"Yes. I took this one. I hope you don't mind. If you want it I can switch with you."

"Girl no. I don't mind taking this one." she said throwing her suitcase on the bed. "So do you have a name roomy." She looked over at me as she was opening her suitcase, smiling warmly.

"Yes I do. I'm sorry. I'm Nicole Hamblen. But everybody calls me Nikki" I stated nervously.

I have never lived with anyone other than my parents. I hoped that we would get along. You hear horror stories of crazy roommates that stalk you and kill you dog, while sleeping with your man.

"Cool. Well Nikki. I'm starving. Let's cruise the campus and see what is there to eat. And how many fine men there are." feeling my stomach rumble I agreed reluctantly.

As we were walking out of the dorm, Tracy tripped on the stairs as she was walking out of the building. She was so close to eating the concrete, I tried to catch her, but instead, she was saved by a pair of muscular arms. They caught her immediately.

Tracy was struggling to get her balance. She fumbled around a little then she was on her two feet. She was about to say something, until her eyes looked up and met a pair of hazel eyes, that were full of amusement.

Her knees went weak at the sight of him. He was so handsome. Well chiseled features, muscles for days. And a beautiful smile that spread across his face as he saw the look in Tracy's eyes. She thought that he has to be the most beautiful creature God had made.

Her hands laid on his well defined chest and she unknowing rubbed her across his chest.

"Are you alright" damn even his voice was sexy.

"Yes. Yes I am ok. Thank you for catching me" Tracy said, barely able to breathe. She shook her head, and stood up straight to regain her equilibrium.

"No problem. Try to be more careful, because I may not be there to save you next time."

Tracy giggled like a giddy child, and I just rolled my eyes in disgust, or was it envy. No boy has ever looked at me like he was looking at her.

"My name is Bryan Clark. Freshman. And you are?

"My name is Tracy Jacobs. Freshman as well. And this is my roommate Nikki Hamblen. Freshman too."

"Hi" I stated coldly. I didn't get a good vibe from the guy.

"Hi Nikki" he said with an arrogant smile on his face. "UUGGH gag me" I thought.

They small talked for a few minutes, and finally decided to exchanging numbers. And he went about his way. But not before giving Tracy a kiss on her cheek. And at that moment she was hooked.

They chatted for a few weeks after that. Even went on a couple of dates. But Bryan slowly gains the reputation around campus as a womanizer. He was having sex with anything that had a vagina. And it didn't help that women fell over themselves trying to be his one and only. Hell, if I didn't think he was a jerk, I would be one of the. I mean he was sexy.

Tracy saw him with a few of the needy girls around campus. She tried to get him to be with only her. She was so sad, because she really liked the no good sexy bastard. But she knew that if she wasn't going to have sex with him, he wasn't going to giver her the time of day. Finally, she had enough of his games. She was not willing to give him her cookie, just for him to leave her like he did to the rest of the girls. She stopped seeing him. And that was that. Until today.

"Nikki!!!" Tracy called my name, bringing me back to reality.

"Stop yelling Tracy, damn."

"Well I was trying to your attention and you were zoned out. I said we have to clean up. I don't want my future ex-husband to come over and our house looks like a landfill."

She was over exaggerating as usual. The house was spotless. But Tracy was so OCD about cleaning, and I knew not to argue with her. I picked the broom absentmindedly and started to sweep the kitchen floor.

"Oh I forgot to tell you, Bryan is bringing a friend." Tracy exclaimed. The way Tracy said friend had me on edge. Oh fuck.

"What do you mean by friend Jacobs!!?" I could barely contain the anger in my voice.

"Well he has a friend who is single so I said bring him." she nervously said as she bit her lip. If you ever wanted to know when Tracy was up to something, just watch her mouth. She always bites her bottom lip.

"Tracy I know your ass is not trying to hook me up again. Especially with one of the jerks friends!?!" I said barely controlling my anger.

"He is not a jerk anymore Nicole. That was damn near 3 years ago. And besides you could benefit from a little male attention." she snapped back. Meeting my eyes with the same fury I was feeling.

"Oh yeah because it worked the last 3 times you tried to hook me up. Need I remind you? Nick had baby momma issues. Troy had momma issues. And Travis was gay!" I cringed at the thought of Travis. I can't believe I caught him in bed with Brad. "Please don't hook me up with anyone else. Tracy. I can't take anymore humiliation."

"Nicole...Uugh. You are so fucking stubborn sometimes. I am not asking you to fuck this guy tonight. Besides I need you tonight. I don't trust myself with Bryan. I know I would give in to him in a heartbeat if it was just the two of us. This is why I asked him to bring a friend. I just thought that you two might hit it off in the process" she stormed out of the kitchen, her fist clinched to at her side.

Oh my poor friend. Always trying to solve everyone's problem, while throwing temper tantrum. Must be the "only child" syndrome. Hell I am the only child, and I don't whine and throw fits like a toddler. I let out a long sigh, dropped my head down, and walked out of the kitchen.

I walked into the living room and found Tracy sitting on the couch biting her lip. Her eyes filled with frustration. Oh God. Her mind is working overtime. I hated seeing my friend look so flustered. She has wanted to spend time with this jerk off Bryan for some time now. Who knows? He may have turned a new leaf. I mean it is just for one night right? I am not going to meet the man of my dreams anytime soon anyway, so what the hell. I knew that I am going to regret what I was a bout to do. I sat down on the couch beside her and took her hand.

"Ok bestie, I will agree to this foolishness. I know how much you still like Bryan." I smiled at her. Her face light up with an adorable glow.

"Thank you nikki!" Tracy squealed.

"But if him or his lame ass friend tries anything, I wont bother kicking their asses."

She nodded and gave me the most sheepish grin ever. She nearly knocked me off the couch as she jumped to hug me.

"Alright shit. Don't knock me down."

"Sorry. Lets go change into something cute." she grabbed my arm and pulled me off the couch. She began to walk down the hall with a little more pep in her step. I just rolled my eyes and laughed. I walked down the hall into my room.

I love our house. My mom and dad bought the house after my freshman year so that Tracy and I can live off campus. It was a one story house with 3 bedrooms. We only needed two rooms, but whenever our friend Mike comes over after a night of partying, he usual crashes in the guest room. We have two bathrooms, one for Tracy and one for me. After sharing a bathroom with her for over a year, I couldn't take it anymore. She spent so much time in there "getting pretty" and her Bath and Body Works shit was everywhere. "Uuggh. I had to smell that damn Japanese Cherry Blossom crap one more time" thought as I turned the knob on the door to my room.

My room was cozy and very simple. I had a wooden for post queen size bed that sat in the middle of the room. There were two matching nightstand on opposite sides of the bed that held pictures of my mom and day, a picture of myself with my parents at my dads 50th birthday party, and a picture of tracy and I from our Miami beach vacation last year. Tracy looked amazing in her two piece bikini. Of course I settled for a one piece even after the protest from Tracy that I should show off my hot body. I refused to wear a bikini because I didn't think I was sexy enough. Tracy was livid. But she is a drama queen. I also have desk and a entertainment center that held my flat screen and DVD player. My room was simple. Like me.

I walked over to my closet and picked out a pair of black skinny jeans and my favorite dark blue tank top. I threw my Cool Grey Jordan's on my feet, tied my hair in a ponytail, and walked back to the living room. Tracy was just coming out of her room wearing a Versus black and white printed tee and black leggings with a pair of Brian Atwood Maniac studded leather heels. Damn her!! Here I am looking all causal in my skinny jeans and sneakers, and she is dressed to kill. But she does look great. She looks great in everything. I envied her confidence. Her curly hair was long and flowing down her back.

She walked over to me as I was walking down the hall. "Oh there is something else I forgot to tell you." she said biting her lip,

"what now Jacobs?" I was feeling my stomach turn into knots.

"Well you know Bryan's friend that is coming over?" she said nervously.

"Yes" I said a little apprehensively. i stood waiting on her to tell me why she looks so nervous.

"Well..... He is kind of white." she said nervously looking at my face to read my reaction. Anger filled my eyes as the bore into hers. What the hell was she thinking? She had set me up big time. Now she throws a monkey wrench in the mix? I looked at her

"What do you mean he is white."

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