Like Family

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Celia and Chelsea are two college students who share everything, from food to dreams and desires to even a bed. But when an unexpected visit leads to a wild sexual encounter for Celia, her best friend Chelsea is the one person she can't tell.

Like Family


As much as I enjoy being around lovely Chelsea, I also like having the entire apartment to myself. Her dad is this uber-rich guy who makes a ton of money and just bought his daughter an entire apartment. He solved the issue of her college housing just like that, no dorms for Chelsea!

Honestly though, I think she got a little bored all by herself or felt a bit lost in all this spaciousness, so when she asked me to move in with her, rent-free, who was I to say no?

“Please say yes, Celia,” she almost begged me, “it will be so much fun, I promise!”

I just grinned, wide-eyed, and nodded yes. I have not once regretted the decision. On the contrary, Chelsea is the best thing that happened to me. Sharing is fun, and we literally share everything with each other. Chelsea and I are besties since freshman year. It’s fair to say that by now, we know the other inside out.

Though we come from very different backgrounds, we get along well. Chelsea’s family is by far the richest of all the students attending our college, but great wealth is the norm among my peers. I on the other hand depend on a flawless GPA to keep my full scholarship and tuition waiver. My studies therefore take precedence over everything else. It’s important to me that I don’t flunk out and fail my family, who has high expectations of me since they’ve sacrificed a lot so that I could come here.

There are those who, perhaps out of envy for our closeness, say I’m taking advantage of Chelsea’s generosity, that I snuck into her good graces only to be able to live in this pompous apartment with her. That couldn’t be further from the truth and they don’t understand the nature of our friendship.

This morning, Chelsea is seeing a professor about a term paper, so I have the place to myself. I love the sunlight streaming in through the windows on these summer mornings, and I find it’s even more pleasurable when I walk from room to room completely naked. The slanting rays warm my body and dry the last drops of water still standing on my skin after the shower. I close my eyes and bask in the glow. It’s going to be a hot day, I can feel it.

I dance around the living room on my toes, humming to myself. It’s time for my morning routine, so I return to my room. Fitness is the second most important thing to me. I go running several times a week and I practice a very acrobatic form of yoga, which I enjoy more than anything. I pause in front of the full-length mirror and admire the reflection of my own body. Through all my activities, I’ve become lean and muscular, but by no means have I lost my femininity. I run my hands over my flat stomach and my slender mid to my hips slightly curving outward. I turn sideways to get a look at my behind. I touch my ass and squeeze: it’s small and tight. Just like my breasts. Chelsea's boobs are definitely bigger and give her the perfect curves, but I don’t envy her the stares the draws wherever she goes.

I do a couple of light stretches, then reluctantly put on my exercise clothes, a pair of tight short-shorts and a sports bra. I roll out my yoga mat and set it up in front of the mirror, so I can get a good look at my posture and correct my positions if necessary.

Two times a week, I go to yoga class for an acrobatic flow of postures, but the rest of the week, I practice at home. I’m just beginning with my sun salutations when I hear the door.

“That was a quick appointment with the professor,” I think to myself.

“Hey Chelsea,” I yell out, “didn’t think you’d be back so fast! How’d it go?”

I bend down into downward facing dog, awaiting her reply from the hall. Did she not hear me?

The heavy jangling sound of an unfamiliar set of keys comes from the hallway, followed by a deep and almost booming voice. I know that tone well and am yet surprised to hear it here in the apartment this morning.

"Celia, it’s Mr. Johnson. I was in the area and wanted to see if Chelsea was around."

I pop my head out of my door and look down the hallways at Chelsea’s dad standing behind the closed apartment door. He holds up his thick ring of keys.

"Thought I’d let myself in, I hope you don’t mind."

"Wade! I mean... Mr. Johnson! What a surprise!"

And what a blunder – Chelsea is used to calling her dad by his first name, so between her and me, she always refers to him as just 'Wade.' Not that we have occasion to talk about him often.

I have no idea what’s going on with Chelsea’s parents other than he, Mr. Johnson, is the breadwinner in the family. In the past, he has come by now and then, to take Chelsea and me out to dinner, but never unannounced. I don’t know how he feels about his daughter letting me stay here for free. The family is wealthy enough that they can neglect whether or not I pay any rent. Still, I wonder if Mr. Johnson’s sudden presence has anything to do with that?

“What a pleasant, unexpected visit!” I say lamely and add a nervous giggle, running my hands through my hair, which has just about dried after the shower.

Mr. Johnson is still standing rooted to the spot just behind the door. His eyes are all over my body, as if he's looking for Chelsea and I’m blocking his view. His dark and elegant two-button suit is a stark contrast to my sporty outfit and bright pink shorts. Suddenly I’m acutely aware of how scantily my clothes cover my body in comparison to his business clothes.

How different his daily life must be from mine, from our studies. I know from Chelsea that he is a consultant for a fitness companies and works out regularly himself. His muscles fill out his shirt, yet the jacket still leaves something to the imagination. But why is my mind fantasizing about his body at this moment?

Probably because it’s just by chance that he Mr. Johnson met me with my clothes on. Had he come in moments earlier, I’d still have been prancing about the place stark naked. The thought makes me blush on the spot, and I can feel my face grow hot and flustered.

I step aside to allow him to fully see the hallway behind me and the open double door leading into the living room. I strike a pose with one leg crossed in front of the other, balancing on the balls of my bare feet and hugging the door frame behind my back. My shorts span tightly over my butt. I’ve crossed my legs because these pants often give me a camel toe, and I don’t know if Mr. Johnson wouldn’t consider that slutty, or that I’m corrupting his only daughter.

“Chelsea isn’t here, Mr. Johnson,” I say out loud, “she is seeing a professor about a term paper. I’m sorry you’ve missed her.”

He just nods at me absentmindedly.

“But where are my manners, please, do come in!”

I gesture towards the living room, then walk ahead, leading the way, my ass wiggling in the shorts. I can hear his footsteps behind me, following.

“Chelsea is ever the diligent student,” I assure him as we step into the living room.

My mind is racing – I want to make polite small talk, yet suddenly I have no idea what topics are appropriate to talk about. I have never been alone in the apartment with Mr. Johnson. I’m half wishing that Chelsea was here or would return this instant, but my other half strangely wishes she wouldn’t, and I feel both conflicted and excited about the prospect of spending time in the company of Mr. Johnson without Chelsea.

My heart is beating loudly in my chest. I decide to just be frank about it.

“I’d say make yourself at home, Mr. Johnson, but then this IS your home!”

I add another nervous giggle and look at him expectantly.

"Thank you."

Mr. Johnson turns in the middle of living room as if he’s giving the place a once-over, but the truth is, his eyes never leave my body. He gives me a warm, confident smile as he takes off his suit jacket. It flows off his shoulders smoothly to reveal his light blue button down shirt hugging his chest and torso tightly. It’s a well-fitted shirt, allowing for just enough freedom of movement while still showing off his muscular chest and torso underneath.

He folds his jacket almost affectionately and places it on the armrest of the couch before he takes a seat, draping one arm over the back. His forearm is resting on his thigh, but he moves it to cover the area where the legs of his pants meet when he follows my eyes.

Is he aroused?

He clears his throat.

"Were you working out before I came over?"

"Oh yes," I laugh, glad with relief at this topic of conversation.

"I was just going through my daily yoga routine," and here I wave with my left hand and arm toward my room, as if that was any explanation.

I'm still standing in the room, a few feet between Mr. Johnson and me. After my quite awkward greeting in the hallway, I'm glad he is now moving around more assertively. It's his apartment, after all, and I can't shake the feeling that I'm the guest and he is the host. Even though he's here to visit Chelsea – why do I keep pushing her out of my mind?

It's as if I've never truly noticed him before. I've come to know Mr. Johnson as the caring father who takes his daughter and me to dinner, and as "Wade" in Chelsea's sparse tales of family life. But here at college, our parents are not foremost on our minds.

Now I know what it is! I've simply never seen him without his suit jacket. He stands quite taller than me, and must be almost double in bulk. There's no fat on him, though, it's all muscle. The hair at the back of my neck suddenly stand up at the thought of what it must feel like, touching his biceps as he flexes, or simply running my hand over his pecs, feeling his muscles through the soft fabric, or better yet, seeing and feeling them ripple directly under his skin.

OMG, Celia, what are you thinking?!

I have to chide myself internally. Slight goosebumps stand out on my forearms from excitement, and I rub my arms and cross them in front of my chest – just in time to cover my nipples standing erect. I've noticed Mr. Johnson – Wade, as I continue calling him in my mind – has undergone a similar transformation: either I'm imagining it, or a significant bulge has formed in his pants. I can't even think of what that means, it's making me hot on the insides!

I clear my throat to continue the conversation, shifting my weight from one foot to the other, slightly leaning forwards under Wade's constant gaze.

"I go running with Chelsea several times a week, as you probably know," I say.

"She must have inherited the fitness mindset from you, I guess it comes with your job."

"But she is not into the kind of yoga I do," I continue, "which is a very acrobatic and flowing kind of Vinyasa. I enjoy the stretch and flexibility it gives my body."

I like talking about activities I enjoy, and I've worked up quite an enthusiastic tone of voice which is only amplified by this weird, charged energy in the room. I've never felt anything like it, and I've certainly haven't experienced this between Mr. Johnson and me.

So before I've even properly formed the thought in my mind, I blurt out, "Would you like to see some poses?"

I don’t even give him a chance to reply, I'm already darting off to my room to fetch my yoga mat. Within seconds, I'm unrolling it on the floor in front of Mr. Johnson.

I drop down onto my yoga mat, which I have placed directly in front of the couch. My face is inches from the soft, pink fabric as once again today, I quickly cycle through sun salutations and Vinyasa poses. All the while I'm talking, explaining my routine to Mr. Johnson.

"I just need to warm up my muscles and my body before I can go into the more acrobatic and extreme poses. It's important to avoid injury, as you must know from your own sports and workout, I guess."

I'm concentrating on my body tension, but the pink is stuck in my mind. Not the color of my mat, soft to the touch, but a very hard pink. When I came back into the room, was that pink... flesh protruding from Mr. Johnson's pants? Is he having an erection?!

If he did, wouldn't he have just covered it with his arm, or with his jacket? It can't be! Surely I'm imagining things, my subconsciousness is showing me things I want to see. Do I want to see that? Wade has never made any advances towards me, never! And why would he, he is just Chelsea's dad. At least that's how I think of him, or have thought of him before, up until now.

I like that today he seems to be looking differently at me. Not like I'm only the roomie of his daughter. Today he seems to see me as a woman for the first time, and it fills me with a strange new excitement!

"And this concludes my warm-up routine," I say as I come out of a warrior pose.

"Now for a little stretch of the lower back."

I turn to face Mr. Johnson and sit down on my mat, my legs stretched and fully extended to either side. I bend down forwards, extending my arms and walking my hands forward even more to give my lower back muscles a good stretch.

There it was again, a flash of pink flesh just between the dark waist of his pants and the whiteness of his shirt. Pulsating, at least in my mind. What does it mean if he's having a boner in front of me? He must be turned on! By me! Why is this thought so inconceivable to me, and yet so entrancing? My mind wants to explore it, yet part of me continues shouting at me that he's happily married and has a daughter with his wife, who happens to be my best friend. What if not all is as it seems?

A plan begins to form in my mind to test my theory: if it's my presence and my body that is turning him on, let's show him some more. If he's indeed aroused, it'll show!

While I'm still down on the mat, I do an eight angle pose where I'm bearing my full weight with my forearms, hunched forward and sticking my legs to the side. It's impressive for the strength and balance it requires. I keep breathing rhythmically and calmly explain the pose.

Then I'm standing again to do a half moon pose, my front to Mr Johnson. I'm pulling my leg towards me to switch to bowed half moon, where one foot and hand are on the ground and my legs are opened beyond 45 degrees.

"Body tension is so important in yoga," I say as I give him a side plank pose with one leg in the air, my stomach flat and tight like a drum.

"Now for my favorites, inversions," I continue.

I place my hands and forearms flat on the mat and lift my legs, splitting them forwards and backwards in the Pincha Mayurasana pose.

“This is called the feathered peacock,” I say.

I hold this for 15 seconds, smiling inwardly that I said “cock.” Who am I, a 15-year-old schoolgirl? I move both legs forward, place them on the ground and push up with my arms and hands.

"From a standing position, this is a back bend, or full bridge," I explain.

I push as hard as I can from both my feet and my hands to form a perfect arch with my entire body. My pubis is the highest point of the half circle I've become.

Suddenly I'm aware of a spot of wetness that's formed between my legs. I've hardly broken into a sweat, so it's not perspiration. I realize all this fantasizing about Mr. Johnson's boner has been quite stimulating.

Oh, how firm and hard would it be to hold it in my hands! I can't help but think these thoughts and hold my breath. The silence in the room is absolute. A single drop of my juice trickles out from my shorts and runs silently down my thigh before gravity pulls it down. It hits my yoga mat with a loud splat, and I turn bright red imagining that Mr. Johnson must have clearly heard it.

He clears his throat on the couch. I close my eyes, not sure what kind of response to my performance I should anticipate.

"You’re very flexible, in fact very much so that it’s impressive. I do stretches to warm up and cool down after my workouts, but not yoga, and nothing as acrobatic as that."

Under his voice, he appears to be breathing heavily, trying to keep the flow of his words steady. I can hear the crisp fabric of his clothes rustle as he stands up, and I sense his presence getting closer.

"But for you," he continues, "I’ll do that doggie, the downward one."

I open my eyes wide to see Mr. Johnson lower himself onto all fours at my feet. On instinct, I open my legs to make room for him on the mat, and he lowers his head without breaking eye contact. I stare as he brings his face close to where that one drop has landed on the mat. He sniffs loudly, indeed like a dog, then laps it up with his tongue.

Still holding my position, I begin to tremble slightly at the mere thought of him licking me like that.

"There’s more where that came from."

My voice sounds hoarse. Did I really just say that?

Still pretending to be a dog, Wade begins to sniff the air loudly.

"That was a great downward dog," I say, "let’s see how good your sense of smell is."

I advance towards him on all fours, my legs slightly parted. He meets me on the mat on his hands and knees, his face and nose protruding. He stubs his nose into my crotch, like a dog would, and inhales deeply. I close my eyes again as the sensation sends shivers over my body. He takes one whiff of my scent and turns into what I can only describe as a creature of pure and carnal lust.

I open my eyes wide and lock eyes with him and his wild stare. I put one bare foot on his shoulder to playfully push him away from me, but he lunges forward. I place my other foot against his chest, pressing hard, but still he comes at me. He slides his hands along the back of my legs, places his hands under my ass and then my lower back. He lifts me up like that, with me sitting on his lower arms. He tosses me onto the couch and I land on my back, feeling dizzy with excitement and arousal and the rush of being handled like that.

Again his hands find my ass and grab, pulling down the shorts in one swooping motion during which I lift myself up to let him undress me easily. From somewhere, a thumping bass is pounding in my ears. A sharp hissing cuts through it. I realize it's my own quickened breathing, rushing in and out of my open mouth, and the thumping is my heart seemingly wanting to burst from my chest. Hot flashes are welling up inside of me.

The air feels cool on my wet labia, but Wade drops down on his knees in front of the couch, his hot breath tickling my delicate skin as he pushes my thighs to the sides, opening my legs wide. Or do I spread them willingly?

I welcome his kisses on my inner thigh. I gasp as his tongue moves to lick up the trickle of my juice on my leg. My nipples are so hard they feel like they're going to burst. I move my hand to free my breasts from my halter top, but no sooner are they exposed than Mr. Johnson easily grabs my wrists with one hand, pinning them down. I surrender to the pleasure I am about to receive.

There it is, his tongue lapping at my pussy, his tip stroking my clit. Slowly at first, then rapidly, matching my rhythm. A moan escapes my open mouth as settle in, inching my crotch a little closer to his face, eagerly receiving the caress of his tongue. I can feel his other hand under me, squeezing my ass, my wetness already dripping out of me, lubricating his fingers. They penetrate me easily as he slides them in, heightening my excitement with internal and external stimulation.

I'm writhing on the couch now. The sensation is nearly too much, I have to do something, I have to get involved or I'm about to go up in flames, I'm so hot right now. I press my flanks against the sides of his head, grip his neck with my legs and pull him closer, grinding my hips. I manage to free my hands and run my fingers through his hair, urging him on, increasing his speed and rhythm.

In my ecstasy, his voice finds me from seemingly far away, telling me to let it all out, be verbal. Already I feel convulsions coming on in my stomach muscles.

"Wade!" I yell out.

"Your tongue is incredible! Lap that pussy like a dog. Keep going, I am so close! Lap at me, you bull!"

I'm arching my back involuntarily, throwing my head from side to side, whipping my hair left and right. I stick out my tongue, trying to lick my own nipples. My hands reach down, cupping my own ass cheeks to lift up my hips. I push my crotch into Mr. Johnson's face as much as I can.

"Oh. My. God. Don't stop now, you bulldog! Bull god! You're a bull god! Lap! Faster! I'm coming!"

The room is spinning so fast I'm sure I'll be thrown off the couch. My long and sustained scream rings out as my orgasm begins with a splash. Squirt after squirt shoots out of my quivering pussy. My hands are gripping Wade's hair so hard I'm afraid I'll pull out a few strands, but I have to hold on to something, it's so overwhelming.

He keeps moving his face from side to side with his tongue still deeply stuck up my pussy. He must be drowning in my wetness, but he only comes up for air as my climax slowly subsides. On his knees, he looks at me with wild eyes while my body is still twitching and shaking uncontrollably. I push myself up on my elbows, then launch myself at him. I hold his face in my hands and plant a kiss on his lips, sucking at the juices dripping from his face, tasting myself.

I sling my arms around his neck and grip him with my legs as he stands up, lifting me off the couch with his strong arms. My dress falls off of me and to the floor. His pants can no longer contain his huge and bulging erection. Cupping my ass and holding me with just one hand and arm, he opens his belt, dropping his pants and boxers. I can feel his long, hard cock flip up and poke me between the legs. My pussy throbs immediately, anxious and eager to receive his hugeness.

He holds me at the hips, lifts me a little and just slides me over his cock, my cum perfectly lubricating it. He pushes it in so deep it fills me up completely and I have the sensation it's going to pop out of my mouth. I can't help but laugh with joy and lust.

"What's wrong?" he asks with concern.

"Nothing," I shake my head, "it's just so big, so incredibly big," I mouth into his ear.

His thrusts are long and hard, his shaft driving in and out of me and his thighs slapping loudly against my wet ass. I hold on to his neck, moaning into his ear.

"There. Right! THERE!" I manage to press out through gritted teeth as a second orgasm rocks me.

He holds on and looks into my face.

"Did you just come again?"

"Yes," I nod, "put me down. I want to taste myself on your big cock."

He lowers me to the floor, and I drop to my knees in front of him. I'm about to find out if I can fit him into my mouth at all. With his crotch close to my face, Wade's cock is enormous. I know I'm going to gag and choke on it before long, but it's still drenched, dripping with my own delicious juice and cum, that I have to get stuck in right away.

I stick out my tongue as far as I can, then press it against his penis from below and slowly slide it along his entire dick for what feels like a mile until I arrive at the head. Here, I dab at it and circle it as if it was the sweetest and creamiest popsicle, only it seems to loom larger and livelier with each lick.

Again I stick out my tongue and lick both my hands for lubrication before I grab his shaft with them. I'm just about able to wrap my fingers around Wade's gigantic cock, my fingertips meeting my opposing thumb just so. With my two closed hands stacked on top of each other and my lips wrapped tightly around his head, I'm still barely able to cover all of it.

Taking a deep breath, my eyes dart from his dick up to Wade's face and I bat my eyelashes at him as I mouth, "It's. Just. So. BIG!"

He leans back slightly, smiling, and takes his dick in his right hand, holding the shaft close to his scrotum. He whacks me once, twice, left and right on each cheek with a wet slap. I shriek in surprise and delight, the sheer heft and weight of his rock-hard cock nearly sending my head spinning sideways.

"Who's your bull god now?" he asks.

"You are!" I say, cupping his balls and giving them a short, teasing tug and squeeze before concentrating on sucking him off again.

I twist my closed hands sideways around his shaft while I slide my open mouth down further and further. Before long, his tip reaches the back of my mouth. Here we go, I think and make it a point to breathe through my nose. Still, I have to cough.

"I know, I'm big," Wade tells me almost apologetically.

"I can take it!" I reply with determination.

This time, I hold his dick in place with just one hand while I slowly put it deeper and deeper into my mouth. I slide my hand around and steady myself by grabbing his butt cheek, then bring up my other hand. In and out slides his cock, in and out I breathe cautiously. I soon realize the trick is to get air through my nose when his tip is on my tongue, where I can still taste myself, mixed with the smell and taste of his pre-cum. I exhale when his cock pushes against the back of my throat and it seems not physically possible for me take more dick into my mouth and throat.

Each time, I gag less and less, and my saliva is flowing freely to lubricate the whole affair, dripping from my mouth in long strings that fall on my breasts, my spread thighs and the carpet. Eventually, I reach my goal, and my nose touches his tight stomach while somehow, all of his cock has disappeared inside of me.

I move my neck back and forth to deep-throat him, producing a glogg-glogg sound that grows faster and faster in rhythm. I glance up at him through my watery eyes and see Wade has closed his eyes, his head thrown back, fully enjoying the moment.

I can feel his cock swelling even more in my mouth and his knees are about to buckle, telling me he's close to coming. His cock slides out of my mouth and instantly shoots upwards, whacking against Wade's stomach, he's just so hard.

"I have an idea," I say and act on it right away.

I jump back on the couch behind me, again lying spread eagle on my back. But this time, I position myself differently, with my crotch facing the back of the couch, my legs sticking up and my calves resting on the top of the head rest. With my butt and back on the seat, my head is hanging slightly off the couch and I'm looking at Wade upside down. With my index finger, I beckon him to step forward, pulling him by his cocks and dipping his nuts into my mouth, licking his balls.

His hands come to rest on my breasts and he begins squeezing them. I open my mouth in a wide and perfectly round O.

"Go on then," I say, "why don't you fuck my mouth at your own speed?"

With not a second to waste, he rams his cock into my throat, making my eyes bulge. Saliva and drool are soon running down my cheeks.

"Do you like that?" he teases me, fully aware that I can’t answer with my mouth stuffed like that.

"Fuck me, daddy," I try to voice, but it comes out as muffled squealing, which only turns him on more.

He’s nearly choking me in a deep throat when he grabs his balls and makes as if he were to stuff them into my mouth as well. My nostrils flare as I desperately try to get air. I can feel his balls rumble and quiver, then ejaculate his cum, which shoots up his shaft and out of his cock deep into my throat. He moves his dick closer to just behind my lips, filling up my mouth.

It’s exciting to see Wade enjoy fucking my mouth so thoroughly. My pussy is oozing wetness onto the sofa cushions as I nearly come myself from his huge orgasm. He's blown an enormous load into my mouth, which I can't even attempt to swallow with my head upside down. I have to right myself first. I press my tongue against the roof of my mouth, my throat producing a massive gulping sound as his hot cum goes down in a slow stream. Luckily I don't choke at this crucial moment, or it'd surely come back up through my nostrils.

I nod in affirmation as he asks me about the taste.

"Yummy!" I exclaim, his ejaculate still stringy between my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

I quickly get up and prance over to my bottle of sparkling water. The bubbles and jizz create a special kind of fizz in my mouth, which I savor for a swishing moment before I swallow. I've got to stay hydrated, because feel like I'm losing gallons of liquid the way my pussy keeps gushing juice.

This is far from over, I think. I'm not yet fully satisfied, and one look at Mr. Johnson tells me neither is he.

"What do you say, shall we move on to the bed?" he asks.

"Yes, let's," I say, tossing my hair.

"Do you want to fuck me in your daughter’s bed?"

I can tell he’s not amused at the mention of Chelsea.

"Oh damn, when is Chelsea supposed to be back?"

"I don’t know," I say, "let’s hope the wait is long for her and she has a lot of questions about her paper! Besides, half the thrill is in the danger of getting caught in the act, isn’t it?"

"I wouldn’t know," he says, "I’ve never done this before!"

"But you sure wanted to, didn’t you?" I ask with a grin.

"Come on, Chelsea’s bed is a king size, as you must know since you bought it for her. Stay hard for me there, big daddy!"

With that, I grab him and lead him by the cock into her bedroom. He follows with shuffling steps behind me and swings his arm to smack me playfully on the ass. I squeal with delight. His hand slides down between my legs, cupping my pussy.

"Don't worry, I'm more wet than ever for you," I say, tugging gently at his cock.

In the bedroom, Chelsea’s bed is neatly made with her comforter spread on top. Not only do we run the high risk of her coming home early, we’re also likely to make a hot, wet mess on her bed. But I’ll come up with a story to tell her if I have to.

I stop in front of the bed and turn him around so he's facing me with his back to the bed. I ran my hand over his smooth chest and massive pecs. I gently push against his breastbone, and he plays along, letting himself fall backwards. He hits the sheets like a giant, felled timber, the whack of the impact softened by the smooth bed cover.

I jump after him and climb on top of him, focusing my attention on his balls. I can see his flexing his muscles down there to harden his erection, which he hasn't lost at all. The effect is that of pulsating balls and a throbbing penis. I gently suck on his balls one by one, smacking my lips each time and running my hands up and down his shaft.

I kneel between his knees, squish my firm breasts together tightly and lean forward. He gets my idea and holds his cock upright with his right hand so I can fit it between my breasts.

I titty-fuck him by rubbing my chest up and down against him while taking his tip in my mouth or running my tongue over it. I thought I'd need to fluff him up a little this way, but I see he clearly doesn't need it, his cock is harder than before.

"Did you just grow on me, big daddy?" I tease him, cupping his balls.

"Let's fit that dick into my pussy!"

I straddle him on my knees, my legs to either side of him. Once more I have that pleasant stretching sensation as he penetrates me. Already he drives deep into me.

"Oh, you're so eager, you bull."

I steady myself by placing my hands flat on his chest.

"Let me ride that cock for a while."

He obliges, and I move at my own speed, slow and steady, gyrating my hips. I close my eyes and lick my lips. His hands reach up to push and squeeze my breasts before he runs them down my sides, places them first on my hips and then on my ass.

"That feels so good," I mouth croakingly, my voice coming from deep within my throat.

"Are you gonna come for me so soon?" he asks, sensing my oncoming orgasm.

"Yes, daddy," I moan, "I can't help it! It's your big cock!"

I lean back, placing my hands on his thighs now, to ride the entire length of his cock from the very tip on downwards until I grind my clit against the base of his penis.

His hands are playing with my ass, squeezing my cheeks. Now and then, his fingers reach back to flick over my pussy and spread my own wetness upwards, massaging my asshole.

His hand smacking me again pushes me over the edge, and I let out a sustained scream. I collapse forward onto his chest and bite his nipples a little while he runs his hands up and down my spine.

I push myself upright into a sitting position again, then lift one leg over him.

"Stay inside of me," I command, and using my flexibility and agility, I rotate my body by 180 degrees until I'm still sitting on him but now facing away.

"Reverse cowgirl, I like it," he comments.

My legs are spread wide over his and I let myself fall backward, resting my weight on my arms propped up by the cushions on the bed. He knows how to appreciate this position and grabs my hip so he can fuck me from below.

"Now go at your speed," I say.

I never knew what the saying "fuck your brains out" expresses, but I'm beginning to understand. This morning, I had no idea I would cross paths with Mr. Johnson today, and I wouldn't even have dreamed of having sex with him. But less than an hour ago, he’s walked into the apartment, and since that moment, carnal lust has taken me over completely. Chelsea has literally been driven out of my mind by Wade's pounding. All I can think of, the only thing my brain can focus on is the thought, the desire that I want more of it!

"I will stay hard for you all day," Wade says, and I can feel it's no empty promise.

His cock is rock hard as I wait for him to fuck me in reverse cowgirl, but he has other urges. He grabs me at the waist and spins my whole body around in a fluid swoop. I find myself on all fours. My knees are slightly pointing outwards. My hands are grabbing the sheets, holding on tight as he drives his cock inside of me from behind.

Doggy style is his favorite position, allowing him to give it to me with force and speed at the same time. I enjoy being taken from behind. No matter if I'm on top, riding him in reverse, or if he fucks me like an animal predator, getting his dick from behind gives me long and hard stimulation of my G-Spot before his tip finally hits my uterus with each thrust. I treasure this special sensation at the blurry line between pain and pleasure.

"Harder, daddy, harder," I manage to gasp, my hands clawing at the sheets.

His hand is sliding up my back, sending shivers down my spine. He's strong and large in every aspect. His fingers find my hair.

"Uh. Uh. Uh." I voice each stroke as I feel him curl strands of my hair around his fingers.

I shriek and squeal and moan as he starts slapping my ass. My pussy throbs hard every time his hand connects with my cheeks and my skin stings and reddens, adding to my excitement.

A constant stream of pussy juice is running out of me, lubricating his thrusts, dripping over his balls as the slam into my thighs again and again. I try to reach around, grab his sack and pull him even deeper into me.

I close my eyes when he tugs and jerks my head up. The surprise alone propels me towards orgasm.

"Give it to me!"

My entire upper body is lifted off the bed. I extend my arms backwards to support myself, and I find his hips. He keeps me upright by grabbing one arm. Suspended like this, my tits move to the fast and hard rhythm of his pounding.

The rough and hard contact is making my pussy swell with the rush of blood. I savor the pulsating sensation, the thrumming... if I resist for a moment longer, I'm going to burst!

"Ah, ah, oh my god, I'm almost there. Right. THERE!"

He's determined and relentless, panting and pounding away.

"Wade! Fuck me! Keep fucking me! I'm coming!"

I yell until I have no more breath, then I collapse in a heap on the bed. I'm laughing uncontrollably as the intensity of my orgasm is something I cannot fathom. My face is bright burning red as I'm trying to suck in air. Every time I try to open my eyes, my eyelids flutter and my eyeballs seem to roll backwards in my head.

He falls on top of me, his cock still inside me. Blanketed by his weight, hot body and limbs, it's even harder to breathe and I'm completely immobilized, but I'm beginning to calm down. Now and then, he teases me by flexing his abdominal muscles so his cock twitches inside of me.

Eventually I free one arm, which is pinned down between our bodies, and swat at him so he allows me to get up. I roll over onto my back as he's standing in front of me at the edge of the bed.

I begin to lazily stroke my clit and play with my still quivering pussy. I extend my legs and start rubbing his dick with my two feet. It's still wet from my orgasm.

"Enjoy my foot pussy while I rest for a second," I say.

"Take your time," he answers.

He holds my two feet together so the heels and toes touch each other. He inserts his dick into the opening created by my arches and strokes himself with my feet.

I smile up at him.

"Climb on top of me," I say, "and treat me like your fuck doll."

Our entire session of lovemaking – or rather fucking – has been one long build-up, and though I believe neither our lust nor our desire can be stilled, a new tension has entered our bodies. We are both yearning for an ultimate release. Both Wade and I know what that means: I'm going to be drenched in his cum.

The anticipation alone that it's about to happen drives me wild. I can see Wade is ravaging me with his eyes, taking in my body until a drunken carnal blaze shines in his eyes.

A thick smell hangs in the air, which is sated with the humidity of sex, bearing our sweat, juices and pheromones. Wade adds some spit to that, though we hardly need any more lubrication.

In the final position, he's on top, of course. My back is arched, and my legs are bent back behind my head, touching the headboard. I feel subdued and yet perfectly exposed. I know thing angle is perfect for him to enter my pussy deeply.

He teases me by slapping me with his cock, and to my by now pounded-raw pussy, it feels like whacks by a baseball bat of meat.

Then, with one leg extended to my side and the other bent, he drives his cock into me all the way. The angle offers friction and depth for my satisfaction, while the dominating position allows him to control every stroke and drive him closer to orgasm.

I can feel his balls swelling and brimming as the speed of his thrusts increases. I know he doesn't fuck his wife like this! While it's a pity she's missing out, I certainly feel special to receive this kind of fucking.

Wade's forehead is glistening with moisture. Beads of sweat stand out on his brow and a few are dripping down. Where they hit my body, they sting sweetly like hot wax.

He has me pinned down by the legs with his broad bull like shoulders. His hip pounding into my ass feels too good to be true, and every time his cock disappears completely inside of me, the angle lifts my hips off the bed and I moan longer and louder each time.

As his hands close around my throat, a vein stands out in my neck and my head turns bright red with lack of air and excitement.

"Can I come inside of you?" he begs me with moans and hard thrusts of his hock.

Goosebumps stand out on my skin as I imagine him blowing his hot load deep inside of me.

"Wade," I croak gaspingly, "come inside my ass!"

Without slowing down, he asks, "You want me to come on your ass?"

"No," I answer, "I want you to come inside of me, inside my ass!"

I slide my hands down my legs and spank my own ass cheeks loudly before spreading them with both my hands. My asshole is pink and tight, but wet with my own juice running down from my pussy.

I stick out my tongue, lick my hand and start circling my hole. Wade pulls out of me a bit to get a good look from above.

"I know you want this," I tease.

"I've never had it like this before, I want you to come inside of me. I'm an anal virgin. Take my ass, take its virginity!"

I stick my fingers inside my asshole to spread it open. I work my own juice into my ass to lubricate it. Wade pulls out of me, and I grab his cock, milking his pre-cum and my own sticky wetness off it with one hand while massaging it into my ass.

"You're ready?" he asks, leering with lust.

I nod, and he spits onto my asshole before pushing his huge cock against it. I reach with my hands and spread my cheeks wide open.

I can feel his pulsating head just inside of me. My flesh is spanned tightly around his cock, and I can see and feel how much it arouses him. I clench my jew.

"You want this?" he asks.

"Yes!" I scream, "Fuck my ass!"

He drives it in more, and I yelp with pain and pleasure.

"Then take it!" he groans, savoring the friction and tightness of my ass.

"Yes. Yes! YES!" I scream as his cock moves in and out of me.

My pussy starts gushing as my stomach muscles contract. My orgasm makes me shiver, then shake hard. I can feel my asshole contract around his rock-hard cock. An incredible tingling starts spreading from my ass into my entire body. My legs and arms go numb and I'm unable to move, completely stunned.

I'm so tight he can't pull out anymore The convulsions in my ass are milking his cock, and he explodes forcefully deep inside of me.

"Aaaah! Oh my god! This feels so fucking good!"

He grinds his hip deep into me as his cock continues to pump hot cum into me. He's moaning, no, howling loudly like a wolf, clawing the sheets with his hands so his knuckles stand out white.

He collapses on top of me as all my senses blur into one. We've found our relief, and all I feel is bliss and happiness, the deepest satisfaction I've known.

The feeling finally returns into my limbs, and I wrap my arms around him, stroking the small of his back with my hand. He's breathing deeply with his head buried next to my shoulder, and I recognize the sound. We're at one with the moment without a care, united by the passion we've shared. Then mischief enters my mind again, and I begin to think ahead of how I'll probably suck him off in the shower. Imagine Chelsea coming home to us in the shower...

Chelsea! Coming home! She must be back any second.

What have we done?

I jump of the bed in a freight, startling Wade.

"What’s wrong?"

"Chelsea! Your daughter! You want her to find us like this? In her bed?"

His face turns ash white as he scrambled to get off the bed.

"Quick, get dressed," I shriek in a near panic.

Wade runs to pick up his clothes from the floor and the living room, putting them on in a hurry. I pull the comforter off the bed. It’s soaked with our sweat and juices. I crack a window and stuff the balled-up comforter into the laundry. Back in Chelsea’s room, I rip open her cabinet and rifle through her things. Luckily enough, she has an identical one, which I pull out and quickly spread on the bed.

In the living room, Wade is just buttoning up his shirt. I slip into my workout clothes when I notice a wet stain on the couch. I race into the bathroom to get a hairdryer.

"Good thinking," Wade comments.

"Out! Go, before she comes home and sees you all sweaty and flushed!"

He leans in and whispers in my ear over the blow-dryer, "Not a word of this to anyone, understood?"

"Yes," I scream, "of course not!"

He pulls me into him and kisses me on the mouth, then picks up his jacket and sprints to the front door. Seconds later, the apartment door closes.

The wet spot on the couch has faded and is a mere shadow, barely noticeable. I place a pillow on top of it just to be sure, then return the hairdryer and lock myself in the bathroom. I step out of my clothes and into the shower.

The hot water of the shower washes over me. I close my eyes and raise my face, letting the spray hit me.

What just happened?!

Images of Mr. Johnson's bulging cock still flash in my mind. I did this, I think, my yoga routine in front of him sent a clear signal to him. The thought is almost too much to bear.

It’s all my fault!

But maybe... he was here for me. What if it was intention all along to meet me by myself, to allow this to happen?

Either way, my pussy and ass are still throbbing from the pounding I’ve received. My hand moves over my wet chest and breast, circling my nipples standing up firm and hard under the hot water. I gasp as I give them a good pinch.

I've already rinsed off, but my pussy keeps... gushing, there is no better word, I'm dripping wet down there, and it's not just the shower. I slide a hand down over my stomach and in between my legs, spreading my warm wetness over my clit, rubbing back and forth.

I have to lean forward and steady myself against the wall. With my head bent down now, the spray of water hits my neck and washes over my back. Just rubbing myself with my palm is not enough, although the friction creates sweet spikes of pleasure. I insert first one finger, then two, sliding in and out of my wet pussy. Soon it's not enough, I need more!

Thinking of Wade's cock, I slide my hand down the wall, bending my knees and sitting down. I position myself on the tiled floor so the hard spray of the shower hits my clit just right. Again, I gasp – it's very stimulating and exciting. I continue pushing my whole hand up my pussy. I form a fist so my knuckles slide over my G-spot, again and again. My other hand pinches my nipples and I bite my lip as my stomach muscles begin to convulse in spasms. This is going to be a gigantic orgasm, I can feel it! My back arches and the tiles are moving in front of my eyes as I climax in blinding dizziness.

Writhing on the floor in a hot, wet mess, I'm glad I didn't cry out in orgasm as Chelsea's voice finds me in the shower.

"Celia, I'm back! Are you home?"

"In the shower!" I manage to pant.

I finish cleaning myself up and step out of the shower, a large towel wrapped around myself.

"Look at you, all steaming and flustered!" Chelsea exclaims.

"It's just so good to shower after... yoga," I say.

"How did it go with your professor?" I ask to change the subject.

"Oh, great," Chelsea says, "I got an extension for my paper. What are you up to?"

"I did an extended workout. I had a muscle cramp during my routine, but the hot water took care of that."

I blush as lying to Chelsea doesn't come easy to me.

"Are you okay?" she asks, her eyes widening.

"It’s nothing," I try to assure her, but she frowns.

"You seem off, somehow," she says, "like, really tense."

"It’ll pass," I say, and sincerely hope for it.

So far, I’ve shared the details of every single sexual encounter with Chelsea. And while I would repeat this fuck marathon with Wade in a heartbeat, it was just so good, there is no way I could tell her about it! To have this secret between us makes me sad. I go to my room and close the door behind me, then lean against it and slowly slide to the floor. For the first time in a long time, I feel alone, and I have maneuvered myself into this predicament.


Part Two

Finals are upon us. After my passionate encounter with Mr. Johnson, I welcome the hectic preparations and last-minute study sessions in the run-up to the week of tests we have to take. Between studying at the library, late night cramming sessions together with Chelsea at the apartment, and trying to catch up on sleep, I hardly have time to think of what transpired between us, between Wade and me.

Hardly, because of course I remember every little detail. I might manage to force it out of my mind during the day and occupy myself with learning and remembering what I need to know to pass, but my body has a different approach to memories. I break out into hot flashes in the middle of the night; I toss and turn restlessly, a low moaning escaping my throat; I wake with a pang, my limbs still tingling with the excitement of climax.

More than once I've excused myself from sleeping cuddled up to Chelsea because I fear I'll wake her or that she'll notice how I regularly stain my PJs or the sheets with my wet dreams.

I thought I could dismiss the extended love-making with Mr. Johnson as a one-time event, a fluke that happened because we crossed paths at one point in time, never to be repeated because of the improbable constellation. How unlikely is it that we'll meet again under similar circumstances, able to repeat or add to our experiences together with a new encounter?

If Chelsea notices anything of my changed behavior, she doesn't say; even if she were to ask me, I'd make an excuse about being stressed out about finals—who isn't? We both have little to no time for anything else. I want to keep my scholarship, and she wants to impress her parents, prove her dad right that the apartment for her was a good investment, that she'll make her parents proud with a superb education, that she's a good girl.

I certainly want to be a good girl, but I feel I'm not, no longer. It's less the guilt, because how can I feel guilty about something that felt so good? It's more that I've lost something between Chelsea and me, because this is the one thing I can't talk about with her, an incredible experience I can't share.

So I bite my lips, hold my tongue and press on. Acing finals is all that matters, I don't concern myself with the future beyond that point in time.

Until one morning Chelsea stares at me intently. We're both hurrying through the apartment, putting on our clothes and getting ready while eating cereal standing up at the kitchen counter. I put my bowl in the sink when I notice her eyes are on me, have been following me around for the past minute.

"I've missed you, Celia," Chelsea says.

"Huh?" I reply, "I haven't gone anywhere?"

"You're distant, all of a sudden."

I sigh and ready myself to deliver my prepared lines about the stress of finals, but she continues.

"And I think I know why. You're already thinking ahead of the summer break. Everyone, myself included, will be on vacation."

That hasn't been the case at all, I've completely put summer break out of my mind, but I say nothing.

"I know you, your family, can't afford to go anywhere, and I'm sorry about that. And I don't want to see you down. I'd miss you. Which is why I got you this."

She slides something across the kitchen counter. I take a step forward.

"Well, technically, my dad paid for it, but it was my idea."

"Chelsea, I don't understand," I say, "these are plane tickets. To Barbados."

She beams at me, smiling widely.

"You're coming on vacation with us, and I won't take no for an answer! You've earned it, you've been studying and working so hard this semester. And I want you to be there!"

My mouth hangs open in disbelief. My heart is thumping in my chest with the excitement of a vacation—and of seeing Wade again. Oh my god, will it be awkward? What will we do? Will something happen again?

"Chelsea," I begin, "I don't know what to say..."

She laughs.

"Just say yes, you'll come!"

"I will!"

We hug each other across the counter and I kiss her on the cheeks while a tear falls from my eye.

"It will be amazing," she says, "you and me on the beach... well, mom and dad are there, of course, but you're practically part of the family!"

It's more complicated than that, I think to myself as we run off to take our final tests.


* * *


Flying first class is definitely a first for me. Over time, I've grown used to Chelsea's dad paying for everything, from the apartment we share to dinner, drinks and other expenses for shows or exhibitions during the few times he took both of us out. With nonchalance and naturalness, the Johnsons seem to have accepted me as part of the family, though I've hardly met Chelsea's mom so far. I steal glances at Chelsea's behavior during our flight to Barbados to gauge if first class is normal for her. If her dad usually buys her tickets in business class, is the upgrade an admission of guilt? Is Mr. Johnson trying to buy my silence, lavishing these luxurious seats and priority treatment on us? But how would I speak up anyway about what happened between us a few weeks back?

I follow Chelsea's lead and settle back to enjoy the in-flight meal with its several courses the flight attendants serve us. Chelsea shows no sign that all this is something special for her, but nonetheless I tell her again how grateful I am to have her in my life. Little does she know I harbor a secret that goes against the trust we've established between us.

"It's so nice of your family to let me stay with you. I really hope it's not too much of an inconvenience."

Chelsea snorts.

"It was my idea and you know it. And I think mom and dad will appreciate it if the two of us stay busy together. That way, I'm one less thing they have to deal with."

"Is there anything else they have to... deal with?" I ask.

"I'm not sure," Chelsea replies, "I was busy with school these past few weeks, so I haven't kept as much in touch. But I think they've prioritized work over each other recently."

I nod in understanding, and suddenly the circumstances of my adventure with Wade seem a lot clearer.

"Not that I am or want to be an expert on the love life of my parents," Chelsea adds.

The rest of the flight, I try to conjure a mental image of Alicia, Chelsea's mom. Once more, I feel a pang of guilt, but what transpired between Wade and me was such pure lust and bodily pleasure that try as I might, I cannot attach permanent regret to it. I only wish that he and his wife experienced something like it in the past, and will again in the future.

Maybe I could facilitate that? It’s too wild a thought, so I quickly push it out of my mind again. It would simply involve too great a risk and quite likely create a scene and confrontation. No, the way to go is the exact opposite. As Chelsea said, she and I will team up during this vacation and stay out of her parents’ hair as much as possible to give them enough space. If all goes well, I can make it through this with just a few awkward moments between Wade and me, and then we can all move on.

I feel a bit better about the trip and settle comfortably in my seat for the remainder of the flight.

Upon arrival, the tropic heat of Barbados hits us as we leave the terminal building and immediately stirs a longing in me to feel the cool water of a pool or the ocean on my skin, to submerge myself completely in liquid and glide through it with long, striding movements and grace.

“The car’s here,” Chelsea nudges me, “stop dreaming!”

She points to a stretch limo pulling up at the curb.

Both of us grow excited during the ride as we see the ocean shimmering blue in the distance, green palm leaves moving slowly in the breeze, and sand glaring white on the beaches.

When we set foot on the property, I’m stunned breathless. The two bedroom house is cozy but sprawls comfortably to offer two couples enough privacy. There is a pool, and a walk to a private beach. I simply drop my luggage and turn in circles, taking it all in while Chelsea calls for her parents.

“Mom! Dad! We’re here!”

She peeks into the common area.

“Where are you guys? We’re soooo ready for the pool!”

“Hello, Chelsea!”

Wade and Alicia emerge from their bedroom, looking as if they’ve just taken an afternoon nap. Or did they… do something else in bed? I instantly shake my head to banish the thought. Surely it’s just my affair with Wade that makes me think these things!

“Hello, Celia, it’s great to have you here as well.”

“Hello, Mr. Johnson!” I say nervously while shaking Wade’s hand.

He’s barefoot and wears just khaki shorts and a polo shirt. Did he just wink at me, or am I imagining things? I focus on Ms. Johnson instead. She’s just wearing a thin robe with a beautiful floral pattern, and as a slight breeze moves the fabric, it’s clear she’s wearing nothing underneath.

I offer my hand at the end of my fully extended arm to greet here, but she’s having none of that. She steps in to kiss me on each cheek, her hands placed on my shoulders. With my nose close to her face and neck, I can smell Wade on her, confirming my suspicion that the two of them must have enjoyed a private moment together just now. It’s too bad if we’ve interrupted them, but I also don’t know how I feel about the two of them together.

Certainly not jealous, more like… aroused. I can feel my nipples harden under my dress as Alicia’s naked arm brushes against me. With greetings all around, neither she nor Chelsea seem to notice how flustered I suddenly am.

Only Wade shoots me a glance, one knowing eyebrow raised slightly. If our stay in Barbados is going to be this tense and sexually charged all the time, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stand it.


* * *


My eyes are trailing after Wade and Alicia, walking off to the nearby public pool. It doesn't escape my attention that they're holding hands. They strike me as a couple who have just fallen in love, if not just made love. Have I imagined that Chelsea's parents were having problems? Did she not hint at Wade and Alicia being more distant with each other?

I cannot match the sight of Alicia and even her touch when she hugged me with the image I had in my mind of Chelsea's mother. I shake my head to clear my confusion just as I notice Chelsea tugging at my arm.

"Stop dreaming, Celia! Let's get changed quickly and then enjoy the pool!"

I race after her, dragging my luggage behind me. On instinct, we both make for the same bedroom, giggling. Rather than sort out the rooming situation on the spot, we just dump the contents of our luggage on the bed, rifling through dresses and clothes to quickly get to our swimsuits. In the cool of the shaded room, I become aware of how weary, hot and sticky my body feels and I can't wait to relax in the water.

Chelsea's summer dress drops to the floor and she steps out of her panties. I've seen her naked many times and have even slept next to her in the same bed, but today I get a particular thrill out of watching her. As she puts on a white bikini, the opposite to her mother's black, I realize why: she looks a lot like Alicia. There is no doubt that Chelsea is stunning and beautiful, I see her in a new light. Yet the fact that she's younger, more youthful version of her mother makes Alicia appear all the more attractive to me.

"Gosh, why are you so slow today, Celia," Chelsea chides me as she adjusts her top.

I haven't even begun to change and quickly turn away from her to hide my blushing face. I strip down and put on my black string bikini. Black just like Alicia's, I think and can't help but feel the two of us share a deep, dark secret—when in fact it is Wade and I who are hiding something from not only her, but also Chelsea.

My head is spinning from all these mixed emotions. I have to tread carefully these two weeks to not overstep any lines. But deep down, I also sense so many possibilities for new and exciting experiences. Is that what Wade wanted to signal to me when he winked at me earlier?

Chelsea slaps me on the ass playfully and startles me out of my thoughts.

"Race you to the pool," she announces, "the loser pays for drinks!"

"Just kidding," she adds when she sees my mouth hanging open, "thanks to daddy, this is of course an all-inclusive trip!"

On bare feet, we leisurely sprint over to the pool. With the strong tropical sun warming my near naked body, I'm beginning to relax already. We quickly rinse off at the outside showers, throwing our long hair back to send drops of water spraying in every direction, glistening in the sun.

Refreshed, we make our entrance at the pool, striding alongside each other. We halt at the edge for a brief pose, and I can feel many eyes are on us. There are Wade and Alicia on deckchairs by the pool. Mr Johnson is giving us a salute, and Chelsea waves back with enthusiasm. I respond with a slight nod, aware of the attention we are drawing.

Am I imagining things again, or is Wade hard under his bathing suit? If so, I'm not sure if it's from our entrance or from whatever happened between him and Alicia earlier. It's not for me to know, not yet.

In unison, Chelsea and I dive into the pool. I take long and hard strokes under the surface and only come up for air once I've reached the far end. Seconds later, Chelsea arrives after me and we tread water, blissfully taking in the fresh air, the sun and the radiant blue of the sky and water.

"This is perfect," I exclaim.

From our spot, we can see Mr Johnson hold up his drink and making a show of pointing at it.

"Right," says Chelsea, "it's almost perfect. Come on, let's get that drink!"

We slowly swim over to the poolside bar where we can order directly from the water. We rest our elbows on the counter and consider our options.

"What'll it be, ladies?"

A Latin looking barkeep in a short speedo is eyeing us from behind the bar. His skin is a deep bronze and his slick black hair is shiny. He can hardly be much older than ourselves. I can immediately tell how much Chelsea is attracted to him from the way she giggles.

"Sex on the beach!" she blurts out, then quickly adds with a reddening face, "I want as my drink."

The young bartender raises one eyebrow, then slowly turns to me.

"And for the lady in black?"

"Singapore Sling," I reply, "no wait, make mine a Piña Colada. Virgin Piña Colada."

I want to keep a clear head so I remain able to navigate this whole Wade and Alicia situation.

The bartender looks from me back to Chelsea, then puts his hands flat on the counter and leans forward.

"While these are excellent choices, ladies, they strike me as a bit..."

He pauses for dramatic effect.

"Vanilla. Can I offer you a surprise drink that will please your senses? On the house, of course. I swear you won't regret it!"

"Sure," Chelsea chirps, "hit us!"

He starts preparing the drinks with a great show and flourish, flexing his muscles and posing as he handles the glasses and the cocktail shaker. Even though I'm not nearly taken by him as much as Chelsea, I must admit it's a pleasing sight to behold.

Eventually, he sets two tall glasses in front of us with a milky liquid tainted red.

"What are these?" I ask.

"Try!" he beams back at us.

We each take a sip.

"Yum, delish!" Chelsea declares.

"I detect Coconut rum and peach schnapps," I venture, "and several fruit juices. Refreshing!"

"Very good."

He appears very proud of himself.

"What do you call these, then..." Chelsea wants to know, batting her eyelashes.


"This drink is a Ricky?"

We burst out laughing.

"I am Ricky," he corrects, "the drink is a Love Potion. Though I might add, it has an unofficial name as well."

"And what is that, Ricky?"

He leans in and whispers conspiringly.

"Sex with the bartender."

"Right," I say, climbing out of the pool and picking up my glass, "we're on a family vacation."

Chelsea giggles at Ricky and follows me, but turns to give the young barkeep a wave over her shoulder as we walk up to join Wade and Alicia.

"Wait, you two are sisters?" he calls after us.

"Yes, I reply, "scissor sisters!"


* * *


When we arrive at the deckchairs reserved for the Johnsons, Wade and Alicia have left, but apparently in a hurry, because their towels and empty cocktail glasses remain. Chelsea doesn't seem to think much of it.

She slurps her drink loudly through her straw and angles her head to see if she can catch another glimpse of Ricky the bartender from afar.

"Do you want to head back to the house?" she asks.

Thinking back on Wade's erection under his swim trunks, I'm certain that there is a reason he and Alicia left so suddenly.

"Don't you think your parents want a bit of alone time?"

I sit down on a deckchair. Chelsea looks at me puzzled.

"But the house is spacious enough, if they want to be by themselves, there is plenty of room."

She really has no clue, has she? Ricky is obviously stuck in her mind, but she doesn't make the connection that other people might feel similarly excited on vacation in this relaxing atmosphere. Though I'm not sure if Wade's horny state is caused by me or Alicia or a mixture of us both.

I pat the deckchair next to mine and wait for Chelsea to plop down. I look her in the eyes as I lean in.

"Chelsea, I think your parents are having sex."

"No way," she bursts out laughing, "they've substituted their passion for each other with work!"

"I think that time might be over. And what I mean is, they're most likely having sex right now."

I watch Chelsea's eyes grow wide. Her mouth falls open but she's at a loss for words. She sticks the straw of her drink between her lips and finishes the cocktail while she contemplates my words.

"How do you know?" she finally asks.

"There is some intense sexual energy between them, I can feel it."

"Huh," Chelsea just says.

But from the way she looks, I can tell I've altered the way she thinks about her parents.

"How do you feel about watching your parents have sex?" I ask.

"Are you suggesting we barge in on them?!" she exclaims.

"Or watch clandestinely," I say, "what I mean is, would you want to experience that?"

Chelsea shakes her head.

"I don't think so."

"Then maybe we should wait a while before we return to the house."

I pick up a bottle of sunscreen and apply it to my arms and legs. I then hand it to Chelsea so she can do my back and shoulders. As her small hands move gently over my body, massaging in the thick and creamy lotion, I imagine it's Alicia's touch I am experiencing. Instantly, my heart beats loudly in my chest and my breath quickens. I instinctively close my legs, but can feel my nipples harden under my bikini, and though I try to hide it from Chelsea, she notices.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes," I say quickly and motion for her to lie down so I can apply the sunscreen to her.

I rub the lotion onto the back of her legs and her back, then her neck and shoulders. I close my eyes and imagine I'm running my hands over Alicia's body, slowly and gently.

What would I want to do with her, if we were alone together and had the time and opportunity to explore this attraction we seem to have for each other?

"Mhm, this feels good!" Chelsea murmurs, her face buried in a towel.

My eyes flick open and I realize I've been gently kneading her shoulders for the past moments.

I clear my throat.

"Turn around," I tell her, "your front needs protection from the sun as well."

She slowly stirs and sits up, and I hand her the tube with lotion. Again, I look into her face and realize how much she resembles a younger version of Alicia. She leans in close and extends her hand, touching my face.

I grab her hand and touch it to my cheek, then close my eyes as if she's about to kiss me, all the while imagining her mother sitting in front of me. My heart rate quickens again.

"You have some... sun lotion on your face," Chelsea says and rubs her fingers against my skin.

"Oh," I press out, "I thought... nevermind."

She looks at me funny but lies down again on her back, hiding her face partially behind her sunglasses.

We sun ourselves in silence, and the strong tropical sun and the booze from the cocktail make me drowsy. But in this half-sleepy state, something occurs to me.

"Chelsea," I say, "if you wouldn't want to watch your parents have sex, would you watch someone else?"

"What? Like, who? You?"

"Maybe," I say and smile with mischief, "hypothetically, of course."

"With whom?" she wants to know.

"With Ricky?" I offer, my voice trailing off in more of a question than a statement.

I can hear her sharp intake of breath.


"Calm down," I soothe her, "I've seen how you behave around him. It's clear you fancy him, I wouldn't do that."

She huffs and looks at me over the rim of her sunglasses.

"I'm not gonna have sex with that bartender!"

"We'll see about that..."

"So with whom would I watch you then?" she changes the subject.

"I don't know, like, your dad?"

Now I've really shocked her.

"You'd have sex with my dad?!"

"Well, the question is, would you want to watch?"

"Eww, no! That's gross!"

"More so than the thought of your parents having sex?"

Chelsea considers this for a moment before shaking her head.

"Are you saying you're turned on by older men?" she wants to know.

"No, this is pure fantasy," I lie.

"I know you very well by now, Chelsea, but I think we're both way kinkier than we want to admit to each other."

"Maybe." she smirks. "What are you hiding from me, Celia?"

"Nothing!" I blurt out a little too abruptly.

"Kinky or not," Chelsea says, "for now I'd settle for sex with Ricky."

"I KNEW you have the hots for him!"

We both angle our heads, but the Latin barkeep is nowhere to be seen at the moment. We gather up the towels and head back to the house.

We hear a loud slapping noise as we enter. Chelsea's eyes grow big."

"OMG, I think you were right!"

On tip-toe, we widely skirt the bedroom of her parents—only to encounter them in the kitchen. Chelsea stops dead in her tracks, and I, walking behind her, bump into her from behind as my eyes are glued on the counter.

There, Alicia is sitting with her legs opened wide and her head tossed back. Her breasts are pointing upwards and a post-orgasm shiver ripples through her body. Wade is coming up from where he's had his head buried between her legs. He bends forward and plants a loud, wet kiss on Alicia's stomach.

A weird sound escapes Chelsea's open mouth. She clutches both her hands over her lips and turns away to run towards our room.

Wade discretely disentangles himself from his wife's legs and turns halfway to hide his nakedness. Alicia opens her eyes to realize what's going on, then closes her legs and climbs down from the counter. Saying nothing, she picks up her bikini bottom and walks away. My eyes follow her swaying hips and naked ass.

Wade clears his throat. He has half an erection. I hurry over to where I spot his swim trunks on the floor and hand them to him.

"Thanks, Celia," he just says.

The corners of his mouth twitch upwards in an apologetic smile, and I can't help but smile back.

"Well, we enjoyed ourselves while you were at the pool," he offers.

I watch his face. His lips and chin are shiny and wet, and I realize Alicia's juices are still dripping from him. I dart forwards to plant a sloppy kiss on his mouth, trying to lick up as much as I can of his wife's wetness.

Then I dash off to follow Chelsea, leaving Wade standing there. In the bedroom where we've dumped our stuff earlier, I can hear her showering in the bathroom. I strip off my bikini and decide to join her, but I find her slumped against the wall, eyes closed and furiously fingering herself.

I quickly back out again and find the shower of the second bedroom. As the spray of the water hits me, I close my eyes. It isn't long before my hand moves between my legs as well.


* * *


Chelsea and I are sitting in the backseat of a large, black SUV and watch the pristine beach landscape of Barbados float by through tinted windows. We both feel relaxed and calm after the shower and in fresh clothes, and I at least can't believe that we've literally just arrived—a couple of hours ago, we were still on the plane, and now the world of college and finals seems farther away than ever.

"Mom, what exactly are we shopping for?" Chelsea wonders next to me.

Her voice sounds dazed, not defiant, and she's still staring out the window as if the question just occurred to her. Sitting next to the chauffeur, her mom in the passenger seat turns around to face us. Chelsea and I take off our sunglasses to look at her.

"To be honest, there is nothing we urgently need," Alicia admits.

"But I thought we could spend some time together as women. Also, if you see anything you like, don't hesitate. No false modesty, Celia, I'd be delighted to treat you since you're our guest!"

"Thank you so much, Ms. Johnson, I really appreciate it."

She reaches back and places a hand on my knee.

"I told you to call me Alicia, dear."

"Alicia," I nod.

She smiles at me, then looks at her daughter.

"There are also some basic supplies I've had in mind."

These are revealed none too soon. The driver drops us off at a huge mall, and once inside, Alicia quickly ducks into a pharmacy.

"I'll be right back."

She's wearing a grin on her face when she comes back out with a large box in a plastic bag. She flashes the label at us before stashing it in her purse.

"Seriously, mom, condoms?"

"These are for you, girls," Alicia says with a serious face but a suppressed giggle in her voice, "there's no denying you're both sexually active. So be safe in whatever you do, with whomever..."

"We're no longer teenagers, mom," Chelsea complains.

"Exactly," Alicia interrupts her, "teenage sex is awkward. You're women, so enjoy yourselves—responsibly."

Chelsea screws up her face and rolls her eyes at me.

"That's a good sentiment, Alicia," I say, "and a nice gesture. Thanks."

She touches my naked arm.

"At least one of you appreciates me."

"You know," I address Chelsea now, "I wish my mom would have that attitude and had talked to me openly about sex."

"Please," Chelsea says, "haven't we had enough sex for a day?"

She's clearly alluding to the earlier encounter all four us had in the kitchen.

"I don't know, have we?" Alicia answers mysteriously.

We start window shopping and admire the summer dresses on display, but at least Chelsea and I are still too relaxed from the shower we've just had and too lazy to try anything on. But Alice keeps picking skimpy dresses and holds them in front of her body before deciding that they're too small for her.

"This would fit you," she tells me with every other dress.

I just smile back, but Chelsea eventually has enough.

"You keep saying that, mom. What would fit me? Are you implying I'm fat?"

"Not at all, sweetie. You're both skinny and you look great. But look at my hips," and she points at herself.

"These are wide, child-bearing hips. You have the same built. Celia has more boyish hips."

It's true, I've noticed the same. My built is very slender, and it's not my strong side. Chelsea looks more feminine with a narrow waist and wider hips, not to forget her ample chest.

"Mom, will you stop it, please."

Chelsea begins to wander off to extricate herself from the conversation.

"No offense, Celia, you look very attractive. Just different from my daughter, that's all I meant to say."

"None taken," I reply, "and thank you."

We wander through more of these open-ended dress shops that blend one into another without me paying any attention. When I focus again, we're in the midst of upscale lingerie.

"They've got all these European brands here," Alicia remarks.

As if on cue, Chelsea waltzes back over.

"I'm gonna try these on, mom," she says and flashes something see-through.

"Of course, darling."

I follow Alicia around for a while until she stops and turns.

"You are looking, right?"

"Oh yes," I lie and run my hands over some fabric.

"Good," she says, "do you think Wade would like this?"

She holds out a corset for me to inspect.

I tilt my head and ponder the garment.

"No. It's pretty, but it doesn't bring out who you are."

"Huh," Alicia replies, "I guess you're right."

She gathers a couple of things and beckons me with her index finger to follow her. She heads towards the changing rooms where lots of mirrors and bright lights await us. Before I know it, she practically shoves me into a stall and draws the curtain closed behind us. In these narrow confines, her soft scent surrounds me and takes the edge off the excitement of her body being so close to mine.

She undresses with no reservation and models a different piece for me, a detailed lapel bodysuit with cuffs in black. She looks at me for approval.

"Yes," I say, "this is something special and Mr. Johnson, I mean Wade, would really appreciate you in it."

"He will," she replies.

Alicia holds another black bodysuit with lace she picked out in front of me.

"This will fit you perfectly, no need to try it out. But check out this."

I take a thin bra and belt from her hands that consist of a little tull and hardly any material.

"This is for garters," I say.

"Don't worry, we'll get those as well. Try it on!"

I change under the eyes of Alicia. Looking in the mirror, I hardly recognize myself.

"Now THIS is something Wade will enjoy," she murmurs.


"Nothing," she says but continues eyeing me from different angles, stepping around me in the narrow changing room.

She brings her face close to my ear from behind so her breath tickles my naked neck, ear and cheek. She starts humming a 90s song which has some line about Barbados in it.

As she continues to circle me with voracious lust in her eyes, I feel intimidated, but also aroused. My nipples are hard and hurting, and my pulse quickens.

Alicia stops in front of me and runs her hand over my chest. She places her fingers on my throat and squeezes ever so slightly. I inhale with a gasp and hold my breath.

"I know what you did, Celia," she whispers.

I stare into her eyes while my stomach drops in panic.

"Alicia, Ms. Johnson, I can explain..." I stammer.

"Shhh," she coos, "it's okay. Wade confessed everything to me."

Oh my god, everything? Why, how? How is she so calm if she knows all about his philandering with me?

"About earlier in the kitchen. You kissed his mouth to get a taste of me, didn't you?"

My shoulders sag in relief. THAT's what she is talking about! I nod and place my hand on hers at my throat. Her grip tightens. I open my mouth, but no sound comes out.

I close my eyes and relax my body. Whatever she wants to do to me, she can do it. I feel her breath on my face, and then her lips are on mine, planting a full-on kiss on my mouth. I inhale in surprise, kissing her back, and thrust my tongue forward. She pushes me back with her hands on her shoulders while also pressing her tongue against mine, then pulls her face away.

I gasp and stare at her. A shiver runs through my body and I go limp as if after climax.

"If you ever can't sleep here in Barbados," she whispers, "come find me."

"I will," I answer, not knowing exactly what kind of promise I'm making with this.

We get dressed again and reunite with Chelsea at the cash register.

Gathering up the shopping bags, Alicia announces "Only one more stop, girls."


* * *


The air in the room is ripe with the aroma of sexual arousal. The scent of our pussies is saturated, nearly pungent. My eyelids flutter and as if in fast-forward, I’m reliving the day’s events in mere seconds. I can’t believe we’ve been in Barbados not even a full day. All the apprehension I felt about possible awkwardness between Wade and myself has been dispelled and replaced with vast possibilities I wouldn’t have dreamed of 24 hours earlier.

Next to me on the bed, Chelsea is writhing and moaning. She’s lying spread-eagle on her back, her eyes closed. Her hair is a matted disarray of sticky strands as she keeps reaching up with one hand to run her fingers through it when the feeling of pleasure gets to be too much. Her chest is heaving as she pants loudly, her mouth forming a wide O. Tossing herself from side to side, she’s twisting the sheets under her into a tangled knot.

With one hand, she slides her new toy in and out of herself, sometimes holding it in place deep inside her pussy, at other moments extracting it fully to caress her clit with the tip of the vibrating dildo.

The sight of her adds to my own arousal as I’m on my hands and knees, working on myself with my own new gift from Chelsea’s mom. I hold the base of the vibrator with my right hand and push myself against it again and again. I’ve lost count of how often I’ve climaxed, or how many orgasms Chelsea’s had. My juice is pooling between my knees and I think we will only stop once these pleasure machines run out of battery power.

The sound of the whirring motors creating pulsating and vibrating stimulation is loud in the room and only broken by our squeals and welps, shrieks and muffled moans. I know that in their bedroom, Wade and Alicia must be having sex, and if we were quiet, we could probably hear them. The thought of listening in on them turns me on even more.

I can’t help but admire the ingenuity of Alicia’s gift. She knew we’d want to try out these vibrating dildos as soon as we got home, giving her ample opportunity to dedicate herself to Wade in the bedroom. At the same time, the thought of our masturbating must have been a source of extra sinister pleasure for her, and I adore her all the more for it.

This is not the vacation I pictured when I agreed to Chelsea's invitation to come to Barbados. Chelsea and I are far from being frigid in front of or with each other. As roommates, it’s normal for us to see each other naked frequently. But I wouldn’t have thought that her entire family was as easy-going as this. In fact, after the events of this day, Chelsea is the one who is most reserved when it comes to openly talking about sex.

But I remind myself that for her, it’s different: she’s surrounded by family. I would be very much the same with my mom, whereas I’ve discussed lingerie choices with Alicia, have enjoyed mutual seduction with Wade, and am now masturbating in the same bed as Chelsea—with sex toys her mom has bought for us.

When she announced one more shopping stop at the mall, little did we know she meant at Fun Factory. The way she’d flirted openly with the clerk while flaunting her wedding ring made me suspect that Wade and Alicia have somewhat of a swinger past. At least they must have toyed with other couples by arousing them at some point. Yet I don’t think Wade has told his wife yet about our little rendezvous.

At the sex shop, Alicia marched us over to the display of dildos.

“My treat, girls,” she said, “so choose wisely. I don’t want you to wither with desire when the right stallion isn’t at hand.”

Placing her hand on my shoulder, she winked, “Or the right mare.”

Although I appreciated that off-handed comment, I didn’t reply and studied the selection.

Chelsea seemed to be happy there was hardly any clientele in the shop and apart from the clerk, no one paid any attention to us. She weighed a few dildos in her hand but quickly put them down. Eventually she settled on a blue, stylized dolphin that looked less like a penis. I think in part she wanted to end the whole experience rather sooner than later with her quick decision, but I also saw the look that briefly played across her face. A look that betrayed she’d derive deep pleasure from this instrument, and her wild abandon in bed spoke to the truth of that.

I myself perused the display thoroughly. I was attracted to the models that had a little knob for clitoral stimulation. In the end, a monster called Big Boss won me over by its impressive size and girth.

When she paid for our selections, Alicia’s eyes lit up and she took the hefty dildo from my hands.

“Watch this,” she announced to me and Chelsea while making sure the clerk behind the counter was paying attention as well.

She held the dildo firmly in both hands and placed her open mouth above it, then slowly slid her lips down the silicone cover until she arrived at the plastic shaft. She closed her eyes and inhaled once through her nose before she extracted the stylized cock inch by inch from her throat and mouth.


The shopkeeper whistled through his teeth.

“That’s just gross, mom,” Chelsea remarked and rolled her eyes at me.

“There, I deflowered it for you,” Alicia said as she handed me back the dildo.

I took it from her hands.

“Lubricated, rather,” I mumbled as it was wet with her spit.

How I’d have wanted to insert it into my pussy right then and there.

I’m thinking again of how Alicia made the vibrating dildo disappear into her mouth as I drive it into me again and again. I wish I could feed it to her, dripping wet from my pussy, let her taste me and then continue to pleasure myself with it.

My face is squished into my pillow and I just manage bare grunts anymore.

“Ugh. Ugh! UGH!”

My orgasm explodes with force between my legs. I lose my grip on the dildo and it flops on the bed, from where it drops onto the floor, making a nasty, angry buzzing sound as the powerful motor continues running.

I collapse, letting my hips drop to my side. I extend my left arm to try and claw at Chelsea, but my hand just flops onto her chest. Her back is arched and I can see her shaking with convulsions before I pass out from exhaustion.

I come to in near complete darkness. Chelsea is a warm, rolled-up bundle next to me, sleeping in her own wet spot. Same as mine, her dildo has flopped somewhere. It seems the batteries finally gave out since it’s almost eerily quiet.

With some post-orgasmic numbness still in my limbs, I get up and drink some water to re-hydrate myself.

A thought rings out crystal clear in my mind, something Alicia said earlier in the day: “If you ever can't sleep here in Barbados, come find me.”

I still have no idea what exactly she meant by that, but I’m guided more by intuition than by understanding. I find a robe and throw it on before I patter out of the room on bare feet.

It’s dark in the house, but moonlight is streaming in through the many windows. I can see its reflection glimmering on the calm sea in the distance.

And there she is, sitting on the living room couch and gazing out at the sea. I hold my breath and stop moving.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it,” Alicia says without turning to face me.

She must have sensed me standing there, I think. Or was she actually expecting me? I just nod, sheepishly, because she can’t see me.

She pats the empty space beside her, and I walk over, sit down next to her.

She cradled me in her arm, and like a child, I rest my head on her shoulder, breathing in her scent with my eyes closed.


* * *


I've been loopy all day with the anticipation of Chelsea and Wade leaving to spend a few hours on her training routine at the gym together. But now that I'm finally alone with Alicia, I'm cranky as a tired toddler. The foreboding that something is going to happen between us is almost too much. To occupy myself, I've been doing laps in the private infinity pool of the house next to the terrace. Now that I'm resting spread out on the deckchair, the droplets on my body have evaporated quickly and I'm literally hot and bothered.

Alicia came out in a bikini with a black-and-white pattern which I initially mistook for being see-through, and now I can't shake the thought of her pussy hiding behind some flimsy fabric. I've noticed we've chosen swimwear in a similar style: though my bikini is white, it ties with two strings for quick opening. If only Alicia had joined me on the chair, but she is hovering in the pool close by, her forearms resting on the side.

Annoyed, I prop myself up on my elbows, then push off of the chair and get up. I walk over and sit down next to her, dangling my legs into the water. She looks up and smiles at me while I stare at my reflection in her sunglasses.

I lift my left leg out of the water, move it over her head and place it so I sit with spread legs, on on either side of her. With my thigh, I press against her shoulder to try and mover her in the exact middle between my legs, which would place her head close to my crotch. But Alicia resists.

With one hand, she gently nudges my bum, wanting me to move instead. I comply.

"This is the perfect spot," she sighs.

"You mean this?" I say and run my fingers over my bikini bottom between my legs.

"Well, that, too," she replies, "but I mean here, in the pool."

I put one leg over her shoulder and press it against her back, moving her closer to me.

"Why?" I ask.

Alicia smiles lewdly.

"Because of this powerful underwater jet, positioned at just the right height."

She throws her head back and lets it roll from side to side in a mock display of climactic ecstasy.

"So that's why you’ve been rooted to this spot for the past 15 minutes?"

"Of course," she replies, "wanna see?"

Without waiting for an answer, she starts pulling at my legs with surprising force.

I let out a shriek as I tip forward, falling into the water. The sound dies as my head is completely submerged. I thrash about under the surface and manage to grab hold of Alicia's waist. I pull myself up, her chest passing inches in front of my face.

"Not cool!" I gasp as I reemerge.

Alicia lets out a guffawing laugh at the sight of my panic, but gently moves the strands of my hair out of my face.

"Don't worry," she says, I wouldn't have let you drown. My mouth-to-mouth would have saved you!"

She plants a kiss on my wet, open mouth. I eagerly pull her close, driving my tongue against hers and inhaling deeply. She takes my face into her hands, then ends the kiss by pushing me away from her. She turns me on the spot in the water so I'm sandwiched between her and the edge of the pool with my back to Alicia. With her hands on my hips, she guides me until I can feel a strong jet of water first against my legs and then against my crotch.

"There you go," Alicia says, "relax."

She spreads her own legs wider than mine and nestles them against me. I can feel her hip bones poking my back softly and her crotch pressing against my ass, preventing the strong jet stream of water from pushing me away from the edge.

She pulls on the strings of my bikini top to free my breasts. Reaching up from underneath, she briefly weighs them in her hands, floating them, then squeezes hard, squashing them against my chest.

I gasp again and close my eyes with the sensation. My nipples stand out hard against her soft hands. Alicia runs her hands over my body, down over my stomach and then along the sides of my legs. She steadies me in the water with one hand against my ass while she reaches and unties the strings of her own bikini top.

Now she reaches around me on either side to firmly grasp the edge of the pool, trapping me. She pulls with her arms and at the same time drives her crotch against my ass.

I can feel her pushing her breasts flat against my upper back as the jet of water relentlessly hammers against my pussy.

"Mhm," I begin to softly moan, raising my face to the sun and trying to feel as much of Alicia as possible. I turn my face towards hers and we kiss over my shoulder.

Under water, she settles into a quick and grinding rhythm, humping my ass and driving my pussy again and again close to the nuzzle where the broad massaging stream is pumping into the pool. I give myself over fully to her frequency and the pulsating sensation that sends a burning feeling spreading from my pussy. Our movement is sending waves splashing loudly over the sides of the pool.

"Alicia!" I shout, "I'm about to come!"

"Yes," she hisses in my ear with excitement, "come for me, you little slut!"

Under water, I reach behind me and grab her butt, squeezing and pinching it as the feeling is almost unbearable.

"Uh, yes, yes," Alicia grunts and groans.

I close my eyes and feel a white-hot heat spread inside of me. My clit is throbbing against my bikini bottom, pulsating so strongly that I get the sensation the jet stream has been reversed and is now gushing out of me.

I howl as I realize it's one gigantic orgasm, threatening to tear me into two. Alicia tenses up behind me as she is thrashing about in the water in pre-climactic ecstasy. Her legs begin to kick uncontrollably and she lets go of the edge of the pool.

She pulls me close as we drift off on our backs, me half-resting on top of her. The clouds above are swimming in front of my eyes as both our orgasms slowly subside, slowly ebbing off with the lapping waves.

We reach the opposite side of the pool and barely manage to lift ourselves out, sitting on the edge with our legs still dangling in the water. Alicia puts her arm around me as I'm still shivering with post-orgasmic convulsions in my lower body. I rest my head on her breasts like a baby, then begin to play with her nipples as I look up at her face. She places another kiss on my mouth.

"Let's go inside," she suggests, "and you can give me the same kind of orgasm."

I nod obediently and let myself be pulled up by the hand. My eyes are fixed on Alicia's ass in her skimpy bikini bottom as she leads me into the shade and cool of the house. I step into her wet footprints as I follow behind, but to my surprise, she doesn't enter her and Wade's bedroom. Instead, she takes me into the room Chelsea and I shared.

We stop in the middle of the room as Alicia surveys the scene. The bed is unmade and the vibrating dildos with which we have pleasured ourselves half the night are still on the nightstands. Some of our clothes are strewn around.

Alicia smirks as she picks up a pair of panties.

"You girls are a messy."

"Yes," I say, "we were otherwise occupied."

"I see," she says, dangling the panties from one finger.

"Those are Chelsea's."

"I know," Alicia says, "come here."

I step forward.

"I wanted to teach Chelsea everything about sex," she continues, "but then Wade and I feared she might become a bit too promiscuous."

"She's not," I say.

"No," Alicia shakes her head, "but you, however, are one naughty little girl."

I nod, blushing a little.

She holds Chelsea's panties up to my nose.

"You like the smell of pussy, don't you?"

"Yes," I say readily, nodding again for emphasis.

"Naughty!" Alicia declares, and gives my nipples a squeeze.

I shiver. My nipples are hard with arousal and with being cold in the shady room. Goosebumps stand out on my skin and the hair on my neck stands up.

"I'll warm you up," Alicia says.

She sits down on the bed and pulls me into her lap so I'm straddling her. She runs her hands over my body, rubbing my sides. I kiss her on the lips, hard.

"You want my pussy, don't you?"

"Yes," I moan, "let me taste you!"

"Such a naughty girl!" Alicia exclaims.

She slaps my ass loudly.

"Yes, I'm a bad girl," I cry out.

"Mommy will punish you!"

She scoots back on the bed and lays me across her lap. She yanks at the strings of my bikini bottom and rips away the wet swimsuit. The air tickles my pussy and I wiggle my ass in her lap.

She hits me hard with her flat hand so the sound of her palm on my cheeks rings out in the room.

"Ow!" I squeal.

"You naughty girl!"

She alternates between my cheeks while I try to grind my crotch against hers.

"Are you turned on by this?"

"Yes, Alicia, yes, spank me hard!"

She huffs loudly in mock exasperation.

"Open up!" she commands as she pries open my lips with her fingers. Then she stuffs Chelsea's panties into my mouth.

"This will muffle your shrieks of joy!"

I breathe through my nose with the fabric in my mouth. She digs her one hand under me and presses her fingers against my pussy. She starts rubbing my clit while she hits me and smacks me again and again. My wetness is flowing forth, lubricating her fingers. Now and then she pauses to spread my own juice over my ass, which makes her spanking smack wet and loud.

"Tell me," she demands to know, "do you desire my whole family? Tell the truth!"

"Yes," I yell, "I do."

"I can't hear you, what was that?"

"I DO!" I try to force out past the panties in my mouth, soaked by my saliva.

"You're such a sex-crazed little nymph, I don't know if I can drive it out of you!"

I munch down on the panties to get out a reply.

"You can try," I say coily, making her go at me with renewed vigor. My cheeks glow shiny and red as I explode in her lap.

"Did you just come over me, you horny slut?"

"Yes, mommy," I gasp.

She runs her hand over my ass, raw, red and welted from her beatings.

I take a deep breath when she rips the dripping wet underwear from my mouth and tosses it on the floor.

She shoves me from her lap onto my back in the middle of the bed. Alicia stands and turns to face me.

She pulls down her bikini pants and climbs onto the bed, placing one knee on either side of my chest. Hovering above me, I can already smell her pussy and it's making my mouth water. She lowers herself and sits on my face, smothering me with her pussy. She pushes down hard so I can't breathe, and still I try and open my mouth to stick my tongue out and into her.

Just when I think I'll suffocate with my face inside of her, she lifts herself up a little, allowing me a breath before pushing down on my again. In this way, she begins grinding on my face. I run my hands up the backs of her legs and she allows me to place my hands on her ass, guiding her in her rocking and her rhythm.

She sits upright, her back arched and leaning back, now and then yanking at my hair when I go at it too eagerly. I can't get enough of her sweet taste and want to be drenched in her juices, trying to lick and lap up every drop of it.

"Yes, yes, just like that!"

I stick my tongue out hard and she lowers her pussy on it faster and faster. I squeeze her ass and hold on for life as I can feel she is about to come. I close my eyes as she squirts all over my face. I drink in her orgasm and keep going, and she collapses forward.

I pull her face into my crotch with the back of my leg. She starts licking me and we quickly come again together from 69-ing each other. She rolls off of me and reaches for my nightstand to grab the huge vibrating dildo.

She makes me watch as she inserts it deeply inside herself.

"It's almost as big as Wade," she remarks.

I can't help but start fingering herself. The sight of her with the huge dildo and the thought of Wade's cock are too much to bear without pleasuring myself.

She pulls out the toy and beckons me with a finger. I guess at what she has in mind and come closer with my mouth open. I lick her juice from the dildo and begin to take it into my mouth.

"Impressive," she says as I reach the shaft of the toy and pull it back out without gagging.

"Let's fuck you like Wade then," she declares.

She lays down on top of me and enters me with the dildo.

Alicia is bearing down on me with her full weight, driving me into submission. I strain to arch my back as I’m squirming with pleasure, but her hip and her legs to either side of me have me locked in place. She’s straddling me at my waist in order to better fuck me with my huge dildo. As a result, her breasts are swaying just above my face, and I try to bury it in her chest.

“You want this?” she teases me.

Out of breath, I can only nod with desire.

She pops one of her tits into my mouth and lets me suck on her nipple. With one hand between my legs, she rotates the dildo deep inside my pussy.

“Mmhmm,” I moan with my mouth full of her breast.

I can feel the intensity of the vibrations increase as she shifts the dildo’s motor to full power and an aggressive vibrating pattern.

I gasp as my eyes briefly roll backwards, my eyelids fluttering.

Alicia begins sliding the full length of the dildo in and out of me rapidly.

“Does that fill you up,” she asks, “is this monster cock stretching your little pussy?”

“Uh huh,” I say, “give it to me, Alicia, please!”

“You’re such a slut,” she says, “I think my hand is going to tire out and fall off before you’ve had enough!”

“I need it hard!” I squeal.

“Now imagine a cock even bigger, pounding you hard,” Alicia breathes into my ear.

“That’s what it feels like being fucked by Wade!”

She looks deeply into my eyes, searching for a reaction. I can’t help but remember the session I had with Wade, and I’m being turned on even more. My pussy quivers and flows with fresh juice.

“You would like that, wouldn’t you? I can see your naughty imagination is running wild right now!”

I’m being gripped by the twitches of pre-orgasm and give in to the mix of fantasy and memory playing out in my mind.

“Wade!” I scream, “Fuck. Me! HARD!”

Alicia throws her head back with laughter. She rams the dildo deep into me and pushes herself up. Sitting half on top of me, she begins spanking my pussy with her flat hand as I’m about to come.

“Oww! Yes! YES!” I yell out.

I’m being consumed by the sensation of my throbbing clit, and then the throes set in. I can’t move as my legs begin shaking uncontrollably. My head rolls back and forth and my arms are flailing, trying to grab the sheets, Alicia, something. Wet wave after wet wave is gushing from my pussy.

I eventually manage to curl up into a ball as the convulsions subside. Alicia is cowering above me in awe. Her hair tickles my sides as she bends forward and starts licking between my legs to taste me. She comes up with her face shiny from my wetness, then reaches in with her hand. My juices dripping from her fingers, she rubs my own ejaculate over my face.

I grab her hand and start sucking on her fingers.

“You want to taste yourself, don’t you?”

She turns off the vibrator and feeds me the dildo, making me lick it clean and suck it.

She rolls my on my back again but leaves my hip positioned sideways.

“Let’s see how flexible you are,” she says.

She takes my upper leg and spreads it open wide so she can move in between my legs in a half-sitting position. I can feel the warmth radiating from her crotch as she uses my wetness to lubricate her own pussy.

On her knees, again with one leg on either side of me, Alicia can control my position perfectly. Her hands reach down to grab me at the hip, but not on the bones. She places her right thumb on my clit and her left thumb over my asshole. As she’s driving her crotch against mine, rubbing herself against me, she starts massaging me in circles.

“Nice and slow, yes,” I moan and close my eyes.

I reach with my hands and pull her closer against me, guiding her for optimal friction. She keeps going for my clit with hers, again and again, and I can feel how the sensation is making her dripping wet as our juices begin to mix, running hot over my legs.

She takes the dildo from my hand, still wet from my pussy and saliva.

I inhale sharply as she pushes the tip against my asshole.

“You’re really tight back there, aren’t you?”

“Try again,” I encourage her and spread my cheeks with one hand.

Alicia sticks the dildo between our legs to lubricate it more and switches it to a slow vibration. The gentle, humming movement helps the dildo penetrate me from behind. Alicia is slowly rotating it inside of me to stretch me open more and more.

“Taste yourself again, you little slut,” she says.

Pulling the dildo from my ass, she offers it to me for licking. I close my lips around it and move my mouth up and down, making sure to get it wet with my saliva. As my spit is dripping from my mouth, Alicia puts it back inside of me as she continues to hump me harder and harder.

“Alicia, that feels incredibly good!”

I rub my breasts and squeeze my nipples to create a counter-sensation to the dildo stretching my ass and her hand feverishly fingering my clit. She gets the same idea and starts spanking my ass again.

I scream out loud with pain and pleasure each time her hand connects with a sharp rining sound of flesh on flesh.

“You’re getting me so close to climax again! Are you about to come as well?” I ask her.

She’s grunting with each thrust now.

“On your knees!” she demands.

I oblige, turn around and get on my hands and knees. She pushes my face down into the pillows, squashing my chests against the sheets. My ass is jutting out high and she pushes the dildo into me all the way.

“Ow! Oh my god, you’re destroying me!”

“You’re going to take it like a good girl, aren’t you, Celia?”

“Yes, Alicia,” I reply, “give it to me hard!”

She grabs me by the hip and starts rubbing her clit against the blunt end of the dildo stuck between my cheeks. She pulls me back again and again as if she was actually fucking me up the ass, thrusting out her hip.

“I’m nearly there!” she screams.

“Come for me, Alicia!”

The vibrations from the dildo are driving her wild and are making my whole ass quiver. I can feel a cosmic orgasm build inside of me. The feeling spreads out, sets my pussy on fire and envelops my entire body.

I grip the sheets with both hands, set my jaw and thrust out my ass backwards, hanging on for dear life, it seems. Hot juice is shooting out of me, splashing all over Alicia.

I scream as she is clawing her nails deep into my ass, then my knees buckle under her weight as her own orgasm makes her collapse on top of me. She is squirting all over my ass.

With the last of my energy, I turn to hug and hold her as we then pass out together.


* * *


“Girls, I hope you’re having a great time here in Barbados," Alicia says.

“It’s great," Chelsea says.

"Thanks, Ms… Alicia," I say with a naughty look.

“Wade and I were thinking that you might want the house to yourself tonight," she continues.

"We have an evening planned. We’re going to get a couple’s massage, dinner and drinks, and perhaps a walk on the beach.”

"Sounds so romantic," Chelsea says mockingly.

"We’ll be back LATE!" Wade shouts from the door, and Alicia winks at that.

Chelsea and I exchange a look.

No sooner than Wade and Alicia have left, Chelsea and I bubble over with giddy giggles as we race each other to the sound system in the living room. We feel like teenage school girls who have the run of the house, only we’re kind of expected to throw a party. Chelsea’s parents definitely made it clear that they were going to have a good time while they’re gone, and strongly hinted that we should do likewise. Only we haven’t yet figured out all the details of what that should entail, other than loud music.

For now, Chelsea beats me to the stereo and punches the power button. I crank up the volume as a thumping reggaeton beat fills the room. We start throwing our hair back and forth, then simultaneously strip down to our underwear simply because it’s the most crazy thing we can think of in this spur of the moment. We then gyrate our hips as we dance through the ample, open space. I’m trailing behind Chelsea with my hands on her hips, but soon grow tired of it.

“Just two people is a sad polonaise,” I say as we arrive at the fully stocked bar to the side of the room.

“We need booze!” Chelsea declares and starts lining up bottles on the counter.

“We need people,” I say, and then a devilish grin spreads across my face as an idea hits me.

“Someone who knows how to convert all these raw ingredients into delicious drinks,” I add and rub my finger against my chin as if I had to think deeply about this conundrum.

I see Chelsea’s eyes sparkle as the mischief in my voice begins to infect her, only she hasn’t caught on to my intentions yet.

“If only we knew a hot Latin barkeep by the name of…”

“Ricky!” she shouts, and I nod heavily.

“Your poolside flirt, your island stallion, your Latin lover,” I tease her.

“Oh, Celia, you wouldn’t, don’t you dare, you can’t, you mustn’t bring him here,” Chelsea whines, but the dismay in her voice is only half real.

Her reddened cheeks tell me she’s clearly excited by the idea.

“Why,” I mock her, “would you be embarrassed by your parents’ mansion?”

I indicate the house with a sweeping gesture as I grab my bikini and swap my underwear for it. I make for the nearby public pool as Chelsea is still running to pick up her strewn clothes. In a final evil impulse, I grab her shorts and shirt just before her and toss it in the pool by the house.

“Celia!” she yells after me, suppressing nervous giggles.

“Get the place ready,” I say over my shoulder, “I’ll be back in a sec.”

I saunter over to the public pool and spa of the holiday resort. I spot Ricky right away, tending the poolside bar, but I casually stroll around as if I’m just here by chance. I take a quick lap in the pool before I paddle over and rest my elbows on the bar’s countertop.

“Nice seeing you again,” he says.

“Celia,” I say, “I’m Celia.”

“You and your beautiful sister left in such a hurry last time, I didn’t even catch your names.”

I snort.

“She’s not my sister.”

“Well, she’s just as pretty as you. So you’re ordering just for yourself?”

“Nope, for us both, actually.”

“And what’ll it be, Celia?”

“One bartender to go, please.”


This request has him stumped.

“Chelsea and I request your presence and your drink mixing expertise at the Johnson residence, like, now.”

He places his hands on his hips and raises one eyebrow in disbelief.

“For real?”

“Yep. We’re feeling a bit thirsty and have tons of booze, but no clue what goes together. Can you help us out?”

“I’m on duty right now. How much are you paying?”

I make a show off checking my bikini top and bottom as if I was looking for a wallet, then shrug my shoulders.

“I have no money on me, but I’m sure we could reward you otherwise, handsome.”

Wink, wink. He catches my drift and whistles through his teeth.

“For real?” he asks again.

I lean forward.

“Chelsea specifically asked for your Love Potion, you know, the one that also goes by the name of…”

“I’ll be right back.”

He brings out a younger coworker and stations him at the bar.

“This is Carlos,” he says, “he’ll cover for me.”

I pick up a cocktail cherry by the stem from the jar behind the counter, place it between my open lips and then press down in a kissing motion while slowly plucking the stem from the cherry as Carlos watches me.

“Thanks, Carlos,” I say as I audibly crunch the sweet cherry in my mouth.

I grab Ricky by the arm.

“Let’s go.”

He keeps looking over his shoulder as he follows me to the house.

“You’re not nervous, are you?” I ask.

“No,” he says, “but are you guys really alone?”

“Alone together and in the mood to party," I say, “Why be lonesome when you can threesome?”

Ricky gives a laugh that is half nervous, half incredulous, as if he can’t yet believe his luck.

We enter the living room through the patio door. Wow, I think to myself, Chelsea has really transformed the place in such a short time. The music is still blaring, but the overhead lights are dimmed and tasteful spot lights illuminate the walls. It doesn’t really go well together with all the scented candles she’s lit and placed throughout the room, but it doesn’t matter, it’s a nice touch and somehow speaks to the indulgence that’s about to come. I half expect her to lie naked and succumbing to desire on top of the bar, but she’s standing beside the array of bottles as if she were seeking to hand out free shots.

Only this time she’s really outdone herself in terms of dressing up for the occasion. Where before she got flustered or mildly annoyed when I was teasing her with Ricky, the skimpy lace babydoll lingerie she’s wearing clearly means business and she moves with no shyness to show off her best qualities as Ricky approaches. His eyes are roaming all over her, but he addresses the bottles on the bar when he speaks.

“So, should I start mixing something for you two lovelies?”

He and Chelsea start walking around the bar to exchange places, but on opposite sides, their eyes never leaving each other.

“Yes,” Chelsea breathes softly, “make yourself useful.”

“What would you like?”

“Surprise us,” I say and quickly duck into our room to change, not wanting to be outdone by Chelsea.

When I step back out wearing only the bodysuit Alicia bought for me, Chelsea is sitting on a barstool across from Ricky, sipping a cocktail through a straw and staring into his eyes. A second glass is waiting for me.

I climb onto the barstool next to Chelsea and both she and Ricky eye my corset dress.

“You’ll have to show a little more skin if you want to keep up with us,” I tease him.

“Said and done, easy,” he says and pulls his shirt over his head to reveal a tanned and muscular torso.

On his chest, the tattoo of a tiger is inked into his left pec. Chelsea reaches out to run her fingers over it as he flexes his muscles.

“That’s a big kitty,” I say and take a sip from my drink.

We each look at each other in a triangle of eyes meeting, the sexual energy and tension between us rising.

“We have pussies, too,” Chelsea blurts out.

I nearly spit out my drink, laughing.

“But they’re much smaller than your tiger,” I add.

“And less furry, too,” Chelsea says.

Ricky smirks, his eyes beaming with rising lust. He rubs his hands together.

“Let’s see them, then,” he says.

“Whoah, easy, tiger,” I say.

I reach behind the bar to grab a bottle of tequila.

“Let’s do some body shots first.”

I’m sure Ricky imagined these body shots differently when we order him to lie down on his back on top of the bar. Chelsea sticks out her tongue and slowly licks his pecs left and right, then sprinkles salt on them. Ricky takes a lime wedge in each hand. I pour two shot glasses of silver tequila.

Chelsea and I lift the glasses and look at each other.

“Here’s to our holiday…” I begin.

“And our flirting,” she concludes.

We down the liquor and lick the salt off Ricky’s body. He places one lime between his lips and I take it from there with a kiss, then bite into it to taste the sour juice. Ricky places the second wedge in his mouth and Chelsea makes sure to lean in close, her breasts brushing his upper arm and chest as she lingers to give him a long kiss before she bites down on her lime.

I lick my lips, the tequila still burning down my throat. Chelsea and I sip our cocktails to wash down the strong spirit with the sweet mix.

“Our barkeep isn’t drinking anything,” I remark while I trail the fingers of my right hand all over Chelsea’s upper body. I hook my index finger into the neckline of her dress and pull down gently until her left breast pops out. Chelsea places one hand underneath to prop it up as I lean in.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” Ricky says as he watches in fascination.

I run my tongue around her nipple and finally give it a good lick before sucking gently and letting go of it with an audible pop. Chelsea giggles as I generously sprinkle salt over her wet titty.

“It tickles,” she says, then offers her breast to Ricky.

She gasps as he licks off the salt, her nipple standing up.

I hand a shot glass filled to the brim with tequila to him and he downs it. Chelsea wants to plant another lime wedge in my mouth for him to take, but instead of taking it between my lips, I squeeze my breasts together and have her place it there. Ricky doesn’t hesitate to oblige me and picks it up from between my breasts, hovering there and sending his breath roiling hot over my skin.

“Uh,” I moan, “you’re firing us up.”

“At your service, ladies,” Ricky says, munching on the lime.

He’s staring at my cleavage, expecting to take his next shot from one of my tits, but Chelsea has another idea. She smacks me on the ass with one hand. I catch her drift and climb up on the barstool. On my knees with my back to Ricky, I stick out my butt. Chelsea moves the scarce fabric out of the way and licks my cheek before she applies the salt.

I gasp as Rick’s long and rough tongue moves over my soft and delicate skin, then watch over my shoulder as he gulps down another tequila shot and picks up a lime wedge from Chelsea’s belly button.

“Whoo,” he yells, “I feel like I’m breathing fire!”

“Let’s cool you down then, hot stud.”

We push him back down on top of the bar. I dig both my hands into the ice bucket and lift out a cold mass of crushed ice which I dump onto Ricky’s chest. He winces and writhes, but more for show. We spread the quickly melting ice on his skin and rub his muscles all over. The combination of his hot flesh under our fingers and the cool film of water on his skin is electrifying.

Ricky feels it too, he’s biting his lips as he’s resting his head in his hands, watching us. Chelsea leans forward to slow-kiss him on the mouth as I begin sucking his nipples. While I move further down, Chelsea climbs halfway on top of Ricky.

I slap her ass playfully.

“Your bum is crowding me, sis!”

“Move over then,” Chelsea complains.

“Something else needs more space,” I say and point at Ricky’s bulging pants.

“Whoop,” Chelsea exclaims, “let’s free this thing!”

I begin to pull down Ricky’s shorts.

“I believe this tiger’s tail is in the front,” I say as his cock flops out and stands erect rock-hard.

Chelsea takes it in her hands, grabbing it first with one fist, then with the other. There is still room to fit my hand on top of hers around Ricky’s dick.

“Have you ever had a big dick like this,” he asks proudly.

I’m tempted to reply that actually, I’ve had bigger, thinking of Wade, but that might require explanations to Chelsea which I don’t want to go into at this point. But I wonder if she knows how big Mr. Johnson’s member is.

“This will require both our attention,” Chelsea declares.

I nod, and we both kiss the tip of his dick at the same time. His erection is hot and hard between us. I grab a fistful of Chelsea’s hair and pull her in for a kiss. We open our mouths and stick out our tongues at each other. I lock eyes with her and we move our heads down to the base of his penis.

We press our extended tongues hard against his shaft and slowly move upwards together, encircling his cock. At the top, we kiss again and brush our lips down to his base again.

“Damn, that feels good!” Ricky groans.

We increase our speed and soon are salivating over his dick, sliding up and down simultaneously or alternating. Ricky’s cock is pulsating against our tongues, straining as if ready to burst forth any second now.

We switch to our hands and both grab his dick tightly, rubbing down in a constant motion. If one of us reaches his base, we let go and begin anew at the tip of his cock.

“Get ready! Here I come!” Ricky yells.

Our hands seem to fly off by the force of his ejaculation as his hot semen squirts out all over our faces, and we open our mouths to catch as much of it as we can. I lick the last drop from his tip while Chelsea wipes her face and mine with her hand, collecting more cum which she licks from her hand.

Again I grab her by the hair and pull her in for a kiss on her open mouth, pressing my tongue against hers. Our spit mixes with Ricky’s ejaculate into a thick, hot liquid that we pass back and forth between our mouths.

Chelsea giggles, and we make a show of it for Ricky, letting it dribble from her mouth to mine and back again.

Again, he crosses his hands behind his head, clearly enjoying the view.

“I can’t believe it! So you’re real cum-swapping sisters!”

Finally, this makes us both swallow hard.

“We’re not sisters!”

“So what’s your story, then?” Ricky asks.

“We’re roommates,” I say as I begin to undress Chelsea, “and we live together in an apartment that her dad bought for her. We’re on break for college and are vacationing here with her family. Her dad, well her parents, were so nice to invite me.”

Chelsea’s eyes shine with a mischievous twinkle, and she pauses, half-naked, with a smirk.

“Actually, they’re not my real parents.”

My mouth hangs open and I close it, swallowing again the aftertaste of Ricky’s cum. Even he notices that Chelsea just made a rather unusual announcement, and sits up on the bar, dangling his legs and his cock.

Chelsea looks at me, tilts her head to one side and bats her eyelashes, as if to say, “You heard me, girl.”

“Say that again,” I demand.

“Alice and Wade are not my real parents,” Chelsea says, her voice matter-of-factly.

“You’re adopted!” Ricky exclaims.

“That’s right!” Chelsea giggles.

I clasp my hands in front of my mouth in shock. Then I slowly walk over the few steps to her and give Chelsea a hug, pulling her near naked body against mine. The warmth of her skin is electrifying.

“I had no idea,” I whisper in her ear.

“It’s okay,” she says, “it’s actually no big deal.”

I’m unsure if she states this more for my benefit or for Ricky’s, but mostly I’m uncertain if this changes anything between us. Since she has revealed that she’s adopted, I’m really tempted to tell her right here and now that I’ve had sex with both her foster parents, both Wade and Alicia. But it might still freak her out. No, this revelation has to wait.

"But you called Alicia your mom, and she called you your daughter. Damn, Chelsea, you even look like Alicia!"

She laughs.

"That’s just a funny coincidence, really! But yes, I call them my parents, because we’re like family. And so are you, Celia."

This evening is all about Chelsea—I’ve brought over Ricky for her benefit, and I let her have this moment of attention. I pull back and stroke her cheek, looking into her eyes. Then I kiss her on the mouth for a long time before I finish undressing her. She in turn helps me step out of my bodice.

I take Chelsea by the hand and walk her over to the couch where I make her lie down. I get on top of her, my knees to either side of her face and my crotch slightly elevated above her face, dangling my pussy within reach, so to speak. I bend my head down and start caressing her between her legs with my tongue, and before long, she reaches up with her hands to pull my own crotch into her face so she can eat me out.

I hear Ricky clear his throat as he climbs down from the bar.

“Guys, I’m still here…”

I briefly look up and beckon him over with a bent index finger. He doesn’t hesitate a second to accept this invitation.

I’m fingering Chelsea’s clit to elicit soft moans from her mouth, muffled by her face being buried between my legs.

“Look how wet she already is,” I say to Ricky.

“Mhm,” he nearly drools, licking his lips and stroking his fully erect again cock.

“You want that pussy, Ricky?” I tease him.

“Oh yes!”

“Chelsea deserves a good fuck, Ricky,” I say, “so give her all you got.”

“I’m so hot right now,” Chelsea croaks, then gasps with surprise as Ricky slowly drives his cock into her.

“That feels so good,” Chelsea moans.

I can feel myself turned on by his huge dick slowly disappearing into Chelsea’s tight pussy, and I continue licking her clit and then his shaft as he pulls it out again. Soon I can feel a constant trickle running down my legs. Chelsea is digging her nails into my ass as she concentrates more and more on Ricky’s cock than on my pussy.

I open my mouth, looking up at Ricky with wide, pleading eyes. He lets me suck on his dick for a bit and taste Chelsea’s juice before putting it back into her.

As he increases his speed, fucking her good, I rotate my body on top of Chelsea. Her face is hot and flustered and still wet with my pussy juice. I brush away a few strands of hair sticking to her forehead. It feels so sexy lying on top of her as I can feel her body shudder with each of Ricky’s thrust.

I breathe hotly into her ears to increase her soft moaning to loud wails of pleasure. I heighten her lust by squeezing her nipples, reaching down and fingering her clit, or lightly slapping her thighs. Now and then I reach down all the way to stroke Ricky’s cock or grab his balls.

When Chelsea comes loud and hard, Ricky quickly sticks his dick into me. I close my eyes and drive my hips backwards, slamming my ass against the base of his cock and his hips. Now Chelsea gets to experience every tremor of lustful joy in my body. She extends her arms and grabs my tits, one in each hand, squeezing and kneading them before slapping my ass to drive me wild.

It doesn’t take long for me to reach climax this way, and I splash wetly all over Chelsea. Before long, Ricky is back to entering and fucking her. Back and forth it goes, in ever shorter intervals, until Chelsea and I are coming at the same time, screaming with trembling voices. I throw my head around, sending my hair flying, while she seems to lose control over her eyes and arms, rolling around in her head and flailing about. In a hot burst, Ricky comes between us, shooting his load onto both our stomachs from behind, a hot, sticky mess I thoroughly enjoy and spread further by rubbing myself against her.

Exhausted, we can’t get up for quite a while, and when we do, Ricky has returned to his shift already. We embrace each other under the shower, kissing some more. It’s clear we’re back to the old days of being very intimate roommates, more so than ever before.

Naked and still slightly damp from the shower, we climb into bed and hug each other under the sheets.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I ask.

“About being adopted?”

Chelsea shakes her head.

“No, not right now, thanks.”

She smiles.

“But Celia,” she adds, “I think we’re back to sharing everything, probably more than before.”

“Yes,” I whisper, “I think so, too.”

Yet I’m not sure if we have the same things in mind, because drifting off to sleep, I picture Alicia and Wade, and what they’ve probably been up to while we’ve been fucking.


* * *


A couple of days later, I wake up early one morning with a tingling all over my body. It's already fading, but I recognize it as post-orgasmic bliss, which can only mean one thing: I've just woken from a wet dream. I reach down with my hand and find the sheets wet between my legs.

I roll onto my side and curl up into a ball. Closing my eyes, I try to conjure the dream world again. Eventually I look out the window at the sun rising slowly over the sea, peeking pink over the horizon.

Chelsea stirs in her bed. We've taken to sleeping in the same room again.

"Pst, Chelsea," I whisper into the half dark, "are you awake?"

She makes a grunting sound, still groggy with sleep, and yawns.

"Barely," she acknowledges my question.

"I've had a dream," I say, and wait for her to say something.

"A wet one," I add when Chelsea remains silent.

"Well go on then, tell it to me," she says, "you seem to want to."

"My dream was of a tentacle man."

Chelsea guffaws with laughter, and I hear her sheets rustle as she sits up in bed, suddenly wide awake and all perky.

"Like Japanese Hentai porn?"

"Sort of," I think out loud, "but definitely not purple and slimy tentacles. He was more like a strong man with several huge dicks."

"Huh," Chelsea says, "and I bet he fucked you in all your holes at onces?"

"No, it wasn't like that, he was satisfying not just me, but several women. All of us."


"You, me, and Alicia, he was fucking all of us at the same time."


Chelsea sits hugging her knees over the sheets, contemplating what I've just said. I continue lying on my back, staring up at the ceiling. I don't want to sit up and look at her for the next part I'm about to say.

"Chelsea," I continue, "the tentacle man... he's your father."

"He's not my father," she shoots back instantly, but it's more of a reflex than a snide retort.

"Wade," I say, "I mean Wade. He's the tentacle man."

"So you want to fuck him?"

"Yes," I whisper, then add "no, I want him to fuck all of us. At the same time."

I finally raise myself up and look at Chelsea.

"Please don't be cross with me for bringing this up, I just wanted to share... like we always did."

She shakes her head slowly.

"No, no, I can see it, he IS hot. And he has a huge dick, though only one!"

We giggle together.

"Celia," she says, "I've had wet dreams about him at times as well. But I always figured it would be weird, and pushed it out of my mind."

"It doesn't have to be!" I say.

"But how do we make it happen," Chelsea wonders, "we can't just approach Alicia and Wade for an orgy."

I smile with mischief.

"We need a plan, you're right. And I think the way to get what we want is through Alicia. Let me handle her."

Chelsea sighs.

"Now you've made me horny, Celia, thinking about Wade's dick and him fucking Alicia!"

"OMG, yes," I say, "don't you just love thinking about them going at it? It turns me on as well!"

Chelsea groans with frustration.

"Come here, I know just what you need to tide you over until the big day when we have our way with big daddy."

Chelsea throws back her sheets and pitter-patters over the floor to my bed in her nightdress. I snuggle up to her under the covers. She closes her eyes in anticipation of the pleasure I'm about to provide.

"Soon, Chelsea, you'll know what it's like to be pounded by Wade's dick. But for now, imagine this to be the tentacle man..."

And I slowly enter her with my fist, driving it in rhythmically, deeper and deeper.


* * *


I'm afloat in the pool, lying on my stomach on an inflatable and drifting lazily. My legs are hanging in the water to the left and right, and now and then, I give the pool toy between my legs a half-hearted dry-hump, rubbing my bikini bottom against it in the water just enough to stay mildly aroused. I'm considering for the umpteenth time getting up and sauntering over to the bar to see if Ricky is working right now, but my heart's not in it, so I can't muster the energy.

What I want to be doing is plot a sexual encounter with the entire Franco family, or rather Alicia and Wade plus Chelsea and myself. But Wade and Chelsea are running some kind of errands, and my mind is frying in the sun right now. All I know is that our Barbados vacation is coming to an end soon, and time is running out. The urge that it needs to happen rather sooner than later to not miss the opportunity makes the prospect of it all the more exciting, but I still don't have a clue how we can make it happen.

"Celia!" Alicia's voice rings out loud and rather shrill from the house.

"I'm here," I voice, but my face is half buried in the plastic float.

"Celia! Where are you?"

I can her Alicia stomping around in the house. I sit up slowly and wave one arm above my head.

"In the pool. I'm here!"

She steps outside into the sun and squints, shielding her eyes from the tropical sun.

"There you are. Why don't you answer?"

Instead of an explanation, I offer a shrug.

"What's up, Alicia?"

She huffs and stems her fists into her side.

"Come inside. I need to show you something. Now."

I paddle towards the edge of the pool while her eyes follow me impatiently. My naked feet make slapping noises on the floor as I trot towards her.

"Dry yourself off before you step inside."

What's with the attitude? I glare at her, then pedal back for my towel and make a show of dabbing at the wetness on my body. I let the towel drop and trot towards Alicia, questioning her with my look.

She snaps her fingers, then points at the towel.

"Pick that up," she demands, "right now."

I roll my eyes, but do as she says. I reach for the towel, hold one corner between my thumb and index finger, and slowly pick it up. I look at her, waiting for further instructions.

"Well, put it in the laundry basket."

I walk over to the basket for used pool towels standing on the deck next to the entrance. I make a show of folding the towel precisely before stuffing it in there, crumpling it up again.

"Someone has their period," I mumble under my breath.

"What's that, young lady?"

"Nothing," I say as I follow Alicia inside.

She leads me straight into one of the bedrooms I share with Chelsea.

"You two have your own rooms," she says.

"I don't mind you sleeping in the same room, but you managed to soil both with your mess by now."

She gestures as the turns in circles. It's true, we've been using both rooms interchangeably, switching back and forth as we please, often sleeping in the same bed. We haven't picked up our clothes in days, let alone made the bed.

"Put your toys away when you're done with them", Alicia says, waving at a dildo left on the nightstand.

"And let in some air, it smells like a brothel in here."

"Uh huh," I say, "are you done?"

"Oh no, you don't understand, you're not done. You start cleaning now!"

I let out an exasperated, exaggerated sigh. With deliberately slow movements, I walk over and put the sex toy away, then turn and look around the room. Alicia is still standing in the same spot.

She points to my dirty undies on the floor.

"These are next."

"So this is how it's gonna be, huh?" I ask.

"This is exactly how it's going to be, you'll do as I say."

She smacks me loudly on my swimsuit bottom as I pass her. It hurts, but I sense a chance to get out of this. I stop and turn around.

"Alicia," I say sweetly and soothingly, "if you want to be punish me that way, we can do so... maybe in your bedroom? You can spank me on my naked ass!"

"It's Mrs. Franco to you," she responds coldly, "you naughty girl. Now pick up those panties!"

I grumble but retrieve more pieces of clothing and put them away.

"How come only I have to clean," I ask, "and not your own DAUGHTER?"

I make sure to emphasize the last word and stare straight at Alicia to see how she'll react, but she doesn't pick up on the cue and her face doesn't register any change.

"Chelsea will receive chores of her own. But you're the one responsible for this sty."

"What? You bought us the toys, Alicia!"

Her hand rings out loudly as she slaps me again, and I rub my stinging cheek.

"Mrs. Franco," I press out between my lips.

"That's better," she says, "I feel like you've been taking too many liberties lately."

I really wonder what's gotten into her, if she is cross with Wade and is blowing off steam on me. Maybe this is some weird new game she's playing? I sincerely hope so and that it'll bring us closer to a family foursome, which is why I decide to play along for now. Although her slaps were more than playful and really hurt.

"I think I need to show you your place," Alicia continues.

"Yes, Mrs. Franco."

"You dirty little slut."

"Yes," I say with eyes downcast.

"You're a little cum-bucket, aren't you."

"I am."

She keeps degrading me verbally as she makes me tidy up the entire room, then drags me by the hair to the second bedroom. Alicia forces me onto my hands and knees.

"Pick up the remaining clothes," she demands, "but with your mouth."

I make my way over to a pair of Chelsea's panties, then pick it up with my lips.

"Bring it here!"

I amble towards her and drop the panties at her feet. She pats me on the head.

"Like a kitty-cat. Good kitty."

She tosses the underwear into the laundry. Each item I bring to her gets me a pat or a verbal reward.

"Such a good pussycat. Aren't you a little pussy, Celia?"

"Yes," I say.

"What does a good kitty say?"


"Good pussy! Now clean yourself, like a good cat."

I stick out my tongue and run it over the back of my hand as if it were a paw, then rub it over my hair, my chest and my body. I alternate between both hands and clean myself like a cat while looking up at Alicia.

"Don't forget to clean where the sun doesn't shine!"

I reach down to run my wet hand between my legs. Finally this is going where I want it to go, I think

"Nuh-uh," Alicia says, "use your tongue!"

I plop down on my ass and spread my legs, then bend forward with my mouth sticking out. Of course I can't reach down there, and Alicia bursts out laughing.

"A real cat can lick her own butt!"

"Follow me, kitty," she adds, snapping her fingers.

I do my best to keep up on all fours with her long steps. We enter the master bedroom she shares with Wade.

That's what I'm talking about!

She sits down on the bed and picks up a magazine, then points to a spot on the floor.

"Your place is here, at my feet."

I sit down, looking up at her. She feigns reading, turning the pages slowly, not looking at me, yet I know she's watching me to see what I do. Her legs are apart, and glancing up her summer dress, I can see she's wearing no underwear. I squint, trying to make out her pussy between her legs.

"Eyes up here," she coughs and circles her face with an extended index finger, "you want to be a good pussycat, don't you?"

I nod, then add another "meeow" for good measure.

"That's it. Good kitty."

She teases me first by opening her legs further, then tortures me by rubbing her breasts through the fabric. I stick out my tongue, but think better of it. I can literally smell her getting wet between her legs! Clearly thinking the same thing, she reaches down, touches herself and brings up her hand again, her fingertips shining and glistening with her own moisture. She wafts her hand to tease me more, but my eyes stay firmly fixed on her face.

"Very good," she says, pretending to be impressed, "I'm pleased. Continue to be a good kitty, and maybe one day you can sleep here."

She pats a spot at the foot of the big bed.

"Curled up like a good pussycat."

I nod, too afraid to say the wrong thing again.

"You're dismissed."

I pad out of the room. I feel strangely violated and shamed, yet aroused at the same time. It's a first that Alica has invited me to their bedroom, yet it wasn't for pleasure - at least not for mine. And what was that about sleeping in the bed? Was it code, is she sending me a signal, or am I just hearing things I want to hear?

I have to take a long shower to feel clean again, and I also have to rub myself long and hard under the hot water.


* * *


"You WHAT?"

Chelsea closes the door to her behind her as I nearly scream at the top of my lungs.

"It just happened," she says, leaning her back against the closed door.

"Right," I say, getting up from the bed where I've been sulking after my shower and after Alicia's treatment.

"It just happened that his cock was in your mouth and you were sucking on it, going down on him."

Chelsea takes a few steps into the room, drawing up her shoulders and letting them drop with a sigh, clearly re-living the moment in her mind.

"Kind of like that... you know, therer was just this energy between us, this sexual desire and understanding that we both wanted the same."

"So you sucked him off. In public. Your own father."

My words are dripping with bitter envy.

"He's not my father," Chelsea says, "and you know that. What's the matter, Celia, I thought something like this was what you wanted? Didn't you dream about Wade's cock the other night?"

"Yes, but not in your mouth?"

"Didn't you have fun with Alicia?" Chelsea asks, clearly trying to change the subject.

"No, I didn't. She made me clean our room."

"I can see that," Chelsea answers, looking about.

Not a word of thanks! She doesn't know anything about what I had to endure from Alicia while she was off having fun!

"I know Wade's cock," I say.

"Sure," Chelsea says, "he walks around naked often enough. And sometimes you can clearly see it through his pants or swim trunks. It's just so big. I can hardly hold it with two hands, or fit it into my mouth. It feels amazing! Maybe there will be another opportunity, and you can also taste his cum."

I'm raging on the inside, brimming with it. I stomp towards Chelsea, balling my fists. I grit my teeth to keep from shaking.

"I've had Wade's cock before you!" I hiss in her face.

She just laughs at me and shakes her head.

"Yes, but I mean in reality, not in a dream."

"I fucked Wade!" I explode, "I've had his cock inside of me! In my mouth, and in my pussy-even in my ass! He came inside of me! MORE THAN ONCE!"

My face is inches of Chelsea's. Her eyes are darting back and forth, trying to read mine. A look of fear creeps over her as she realizes my rage means I'm not joking. Her mouth hangs open in disbelief.

In that moment, I grab her face with both my hands. She lets out a frightened shriek, not knowing what I'm about to do. I press my mouth onto hers, forcing her lips more open with mine, and thrust my tongue inside. I hunt around for a remaining taste of that cum, I'm sucking on her tongue, trying to summon even just hte ghost of that load Wade must have blown into her mouth.

Chelsea's face is bright read as she's struggling for air. She manages to squirm out of my grasp and gasps. I wipe my mouth with my hand.

Her reaction is to slap me hard across the face. It rings out loudly in the room and stings as my face is thrown sideways. Immediately taken aback by her own forcefulness, Chelsea covers her mouth with her hand, then slaps me again even harder, as if to take back the first one.

"How could you?" she screams and spits in my face.

"It just happened," I say tonelessly, my eyes fixed on the floor.

"There was just this sexual energy between us," mimic her earlier words.

Chelsea howls.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

I dare to look up and into her face.

"I wanted to, Chelsea, I swear to god. All this time I wanted to tell you. But I thought it would break you, because I thought he was your real dad."

"When you learned that he isn't, why didn't you tell me then?"

"You mean when we had that tryst with Ricky?" I ask.

She nods.

"Because I thought Ricky was enough for you. I had no idea you desired Wade in the same way. I'm sorry, Chelsea."

"Do you really mean that?"

"Yes," I say gingerly, "you know, in a way, I wanted to be part of your family."

"But you are!" she exclaims.

"I guess I meant not an ordinary family."

"We're not an ordinary family!" Chelsea exclaims.

"I know that now," I say, "please forgive me."

"I forgive you," she says and carefuly touches my red and stinging face."

"But you need to be punished."

"Because I had Wade's cock before you?"

"No, because you didn't share it! And you didn't tell me!"

"I see," I say, "I'll never let that happen again. I'll tell you everything again, I swear."

"You're not getting out of your punishment."

"You can do whatever you want to me," I say with as much conviction as I can muster.

She looks me sternly in the eye as I expect her to slap me again. Then her eyes drift downwards.

"Drop them," she says, gesturing to my short-shorts.

I do as she says, stepping out of the pants and my underwear.

"Bend over," she demands.

I do as she says while my eyes follow her across the room. She gets out the huge dildo I've just recently put away when Alicia made me clean up the mess.

"I'm warning you," she says, "I'm not going to be gentle."

"I'm ready," I reply, but I still scream out in pain as she drives the dildo up my ass.

"Oh, you can take Wade's cock, but not this?"

"Ugh," I just manage to squeeze out between clenched jaws.

She forces the dildo deeper up my ass.

"Push back against it!" she commands me.

I drive my hips backwards against her, and with a piercing pain, the dildo enters me fully. My eyes begin to water. Chelsea slaps my naked butt, left and right, again and again. With each slap, I'm painfully aware of being stuffed to the brim by the huge sex toy.

She sits down on the edge of the bed and motions for me to come over. I waddle over, hardly able to move with the thing inside of me.

She lays me across her lap, gently stroking my reddening ass cheeks. She plucks at and pulls at the dildo, eventually freeing me from it. I breathe deeply with relief.

"It's not over yet," she says, "open up."

She dangles the dildo in front of my mouth, and I open my lips. She forces the dildo inside until I begin to gag as the tip tickles the back of my throat.

"Enjoy a little ass to mouth", Chelsea says, "close your lips around it."

I do as she says, trying to breathe through my nose.

"Look at that stretched hole," she says, playing with my butt cheeks.

I wince as she slaps me again.

"Don't you dare come on my lap," Chelsea says, "this is not for your enjoyment!"

Just as she slaps me again, the door opens. I look up and through the tears streaming down my cheeks, I see Alicia standing in the doorway. I try to spit out the dildo, but Chelseas hand moves over it to hold it in place.

"Right," Alicia says, leaning against the side of the door.

"What's all this then?"

"Celia needs to be punished," Chelsea says, "she's been very naughty."

Alice steps forward into the room and closes the door behind her. A wild look comes over her as she moves in closer, surveying the scene before her eyes.

"I can see that."

Alicia steps up to the bed and runs her hand over my back, then wiggles my ass , slapping a cheek. I wince as the huge dildo inside of me makes its presence known. Alicia pecks Chelsea on the cheek.

“I like your setup, and how you’ve taken the punishment into your own hands.”

She cups my face into her hands and looks into my teary eyes.

“Girls, children. You don’t have to fight. Did you take one of Celia’s toys?”

I look at her with wide eyes, then shake my head.

“I bet you did. You were horny, and Chelsea wanted the same toy, at the same time. You girls just have to learn to share.”

“Ugh, Alicia... mom,” Chelsea speaks up.

“Yes, dear?”

“It was Mike,” Chelsea says, “she wanted Mike.”

“Of course,” Alicia replies, “I know that Celia has been attracted to him all along, haven’t you, Celia?”

I look from her to Chelsea and back, then just nod my head.

Chelsea pouts.

“But she fucked him,” Chelsea blurts out.

“I see,” Alicia says icily.

“Y’all just have to learn to share,” I say, though I didn’t mean for it to come out as defiantly as it does.

Alicia runs her hand over my cheek again, and I fear she’s going to slap me. Instead she retrieves the huge dildo from my butt and holds it up as if it was indeed Mike’s cock, which it somewhat resembles, at least in size.

She shits up on the bed, resting her back against the wall, her legs spread out. She points the dildo at Chelsea.

“Mike has been wanting to bed you since you’ve come of age, you know. But you were a bit slower to develop your sexuality than this one, I suppose,” she says and looks at me.

“But I’m ready now!” Chelsea says eagerly.

“I know you are, honey,” Alicia replies, “and the fact that we’re all here together will make it much more special. Now I’ll have to think about how to prepare for it.”

“So you’re not mad?” I ask.

I can’t believe the kind of conversation we’re having. Have they been meaning to have sex with Chelsea all along?

“No, Celia, I’m not. I know how confused your sexual energy is at your age. Over time and with lots of practice, both of you will learn to direct and focus it better. And I know how Mike worships my pussy. Whenever we have outside experiences, we always come back hungrier for each other than before.”

“So did I make him wild for you?” I want to know.

“Yes, you did, very much so,” Alicia says with a genuine smile.

“Will I make him wild for you also?” Chelsea asks.

“I know you will.”

Celia and I exchange a satisfied look. We’ve both climbed onto the bed and are advancing towards Alicia on all fours. She opens her arms and cradles us in a double cuddle, resting our faces on her chest.

“And right now, you can make me wild for him.

The dildo still in her hand, she guides it down her front and between her legs, leaning back further and arching her back. With her other hand, she hikes up her summer skirt a little to reveal she’s not wearing any underwear. Then she starts pushing down my head towards her crotch.

“Show Chelsea how to please me with your tongue,” she demands of me, “you know how I like it.”

I oblige and lower my chest to start kissing and licking her pussy. Soon Chelsea is beside me, crowding me, and I welcome the touch of her face and her breath close to me. We press our hot cheeks against each other as we push our tongues against Alicia. I can feel Alicia’s hand in my hair guiding me, then she switches over to Chelsea, alternating between our heads. We let ourselves be guided by her hand to maximize her pleasure.

Then she opens her legs wide. She exhales slowly as she inserts the huge dildo inside herself. Chelsea and I use the moment to come up, running our tongues over each other’s face glistening with Alicia’s wetness. I plant a sloppy kiss on Chelsea’s mouth and pull her lips with mine as she reaches out and gives my nipples a squeeze. My hand finds the dildo and I begin tugging at it, pulling it out slightly and pushing it back in as Alicia moans.

Chelsea thrusts out her hips and I yank down her panties. She squeezes herself in between Alicia’s legs with her own legs in a scissoring position, and I help her guide the other end of the double dildo into her. They’re humping and bumping together with grunts and the mild slap of flesh connecting.

I don’t hesitate and cram my face in there, sticking out my tongue far as both their pussies slide back and forth underneath me. I bury my face in them as their pace quickens, then am too aroused myself and just climb on top of them, grinding my crotch against theirs as they writhe below me. We all squeal with delight at the heavenly friction developing between us. I close my eyes and steady myself with my arms extend both forwards and backwards, one hand each on Chelsea’s and Alicia’s chest.

We become a heaving and mass as one after another our bodies convulse in climax and a collective shudder passes through us. I throw my head back, sending my hair flying, and open my eyes to find Mike standing in the open doorway.

He’s completely naked and slowly stroking his rock-hard dick, watching all of us.

“Mike!” I gasp.

Under me, Alicia props herself up on her elbows. She pushes me off and gets up.

“I’ll take this one, girls,” she says and slowly walks towards Mike.

Chelsea and I watch as she slings her arms around his neck and kisses him on the mouth. His hands firmly grab her hips, lifting her up. She wraps her legs around him as he lowers her onto his cock, which just seems to disappear inside of her. Alicia hugs herself tightly to his chest while throwing her head back.

Already thrusting into her, Mike turns around and slowly walks out of the room, grabbing Alicia tightly by the ass now. We can hear them enter their bedroom next door, by which time Alicia is already screaming loudly. The pounding of flesh on flesh rings out and is clearly audible through the wall.

Still on the bed, Chelsea grabs my hand and places it on her pussy. I finger her absentmindedly, listening to the intense sounds coming from next door. I take Chelsea’s hands to make her please me likewise, and we lie back to masturbate to the relentless fucking of Mike and Alicia.


* * *

Submitted: February 20, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Dominée LePen. All rights reserved.

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Whew! It's been too long since I've read one of your amazing stories! Wow. That has done a number on I need to put the comforter in the dryer. Your writing, as always, is amazing and lusty. The whole concept of this opulent apartment and a roommate's father stopping in for a visit which turns into such an orgasmic's such a turn on. I like the young girl, older man scenario. Very appealing to me.

Your choice of first person narrative in the present tense works beautifully. I like that Wade is rich, older, yet beautiful. Celia is an assertive tease, young but clearly experienced and imaginative when it comes to sex. She leads Wade right to where she wants him to go, regardless of his physical strength and maturity. He's putty in her hand. I love the explicit descriptions too. There's nothing vague about it. Super Hot!

Fri, February 21st, 2020 5:49am


Anyone, male o female, who reads this without having a mental orgasm before giving themself a physical one is reading it from their grave.
This is one of the hottest fuckfests I have ever read here. It's a good thing I am in bed naked. The head of my cock is covered in precum. I'm literally leaking.
A 5 star story if i've ever seen one. I think I might try to find a yoga instructor for some private lessons.

Fri, February 21st, 2020 10:19am


Whew! was also my first word of comment. Such a hot story, beginning with the yoga poses building the sexual tension into the actual sex. And the sex! Hold crap on a cracker, what sex! Something for everyone and everything for Celia. Ya gotta love a sexually aggressive woman.

Fri, February 21st, 2020 1:39pm


Astoundingly descriptive, you make this very realistic & paint a very vivid mental picture!

Sat, February 22nd, 2020 12:03am

Dominée LePen

Guys, a big thank you to all of you, I'm quite overwhelmed by the positive feedback to this. And we haven't even gotten to the title yet, so trust me when I say there is more to come. No spoilers, except this... they will meet again, of course. Right now, I have about three more parts to this and I think it'll end up being four in total.

The next installment will be up as soon as I have figured out how to properly post serial stories on here. Again, thanks for your appreciative comments, I didn't realize this would be such a turn-on for you guys...

Sat, February 22nd, 2020 1:48pm

Dominée LePen

I've just realized my blunder... serialized content or stories in installments are better posted as "books" on here, not as short story - can't change it now. Anyway, I'll just add to the story and let you know here if something new is up.

Sat, February 22nd, 2020 1:53pm


First of all, who is Mike? (check your last chapter) - I'm guessing you mean Wade.

I had no freaking idea you were adding to this story, girl. Good Lawd!
Okay, so you figured out that nobody is being alerted to your additions. (Reviews are from Feb)
You've been adding a shit ton, and I've been nursing this story for a couple days. I finally finished it. Panting. It's amazing. So Fucking Sexy!

You really need to back up and put this in book format. You'll get some good comments. I'm not sure if you can do this, but try copy and paste for your reviews here on your first portion (your first chapter). You have the piece separated nicely into chapters. I don't suppose you've posted a book before? Just click "book" as the format of your work as you go thru the process of posting. It allows you to post one chapter at a time. You might want to proof your chapters real quick before you post each one. There are a few spelling errors and the like, nothing too big.

This is one of the hottest damn stories I've ever read, girl. I love the dialogue in your sex, when you use it. The pool scene between Alicia and Celia is amazing. So erotic! I like how you dampen the incest issue by revealing that Chelsea is adopted. That makes everything a bit more acceptable and believable. I also love this relationship between Alecia and Celia, this Sub/Dom thing. It's well played in the 'clean up pussycat' scene. There are so many fantastic sex scenes, so well described. You've got some great lines too. The bartender was interesting and fun as well.

I thought that the punishment delivered by Chelsea on Celia in the last chapter was hugely erotic, and it seems as though there is a bit of conspiracy. That is to say, Chelsea has never done that before. It makes me wonder if Alicia has tutored her daughter in this process and encouraged her to dominate Celia. I'm wondering if Chelsea already knew Celia had been with Wade. She just pretended to be surprised.

This whole thing seems almost pre-planned. I have this underlying suspicion that this family has been practicing incest prior to this week on vacation, they just failed to mention it to Celia. She was coaxed into coming on this trip to be officially baptized into the family sex frolic. Obviously, she has no complaints. I'm just halfway expecting a confession at the end of the story that mom, dad, and daughter have been getting it on for some time. I wonder how long Chelsea has been part of this family? Most kids don't know they are adopted. Of course, these girls are young adults.

This is a fantastic story!

Sat, May 2nd, 2020 3:57am

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