Provoking Dream Started It All.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group


The naughty images from my dream the night previous played in my head tauntingly, it was almost provoking me to act on them without warning and without worry of the consequences.
I leaned forward slowly, which made the chair I was sitting in creek at the weight shift, my elbow resting against the dark oak desk, my chin in the palm of my hand as my eyes scanned the students. Having this job, being surrounded by school girls, isn't helping my cause.
In the far back corner closest to the door, that's where Ashley sat, the student who got placed into my dream. Her red crimson hair was pulled up into a messy bun, her shirt crinkled as if she had been in a rush this morning, even her dark blue knee high socks weren't pulled up evenly. This did give me a reason now to hold her behind after glass, which means I would be left alone with her sense my next class wouldn't be arriving for two hours.
The thought of this just made the images bound even more vividly into my mind, my mouth filled with saliva from the excitement I started to feel. Even my cock started to throb.

The bell finally rung for the class to be dismissed, as the students started packing up there books I spoke in a stern voice, "Ashley Wittmen, you are to stay after everyone leaves, I need to discus something with you."
A small nod was given to my words as the kids started to giggle and tease her about how she's in trouble, her face get tinted a faint pink which made me smirk because she had no idea what was about to take place.

I was now standing at the front of my desk, with my arms crossed in front of my chest,  my eyes watched everyone leave and the last student out closed the door behind himself. "Ashley, lock that door and then come to the front please," I demanded her.
Her grey blue eyes got wide as she heard the words about locking the door, I swear I could see her heart jump slightly in her chest. The clicking of her shoes filled the silent room as she went and latched it shut before walking towards the front of the room. "Sir, if this is about my grades, or anything like that, I swear I will start doing better! There really will be no need of calling my parents." She started to blurt out as she got closer.
Funny to think she actually thinks she is trouble, what a poor little girl. She stopped at the desk closest to me, I moved so I my body was now right in-front of hers. "You aren't in trouble for your grades, Ashley," I speak in a reassuring tone. "The reason I asked you to stay after class, is due to the fact that today you aren't following the neat and tidy dress code that this school as placed." I start to explain, my arms now uncrossing away from my chest.
"I asked you to stay behind so we could fix this issue and not have it happen again." As the words played off my tongue my right hand raised to the tie that was under the collar of her crinkled shirt, I pulled it loose and watched her body shake from the contact.
"S-Sir.." her voice was nothing but a mere stutter of a whisper to my ears, my heart started to quicken in pace as my fingerd moved from her tie to the buttons upon her white shirt. "I.. I'm s-sorry to n-n-not have followed... the neatness d-d-dress code.." more stuttering, anyone would be able to tell she was a nervous wreck if they had walked in.
The first three clear buttons came free with such ease that you would think they were begging to be undone. Her cleavage now showed, the rising and falling of her chest from the jagged breath made me smile. "We will fix this mistake, and you will leave this room up to pare with the code, little girl," my voice was so stern it made her shudder, the pinkness against her cheeks darkening. "I have a very special way of taken care of the rule breaks Ashley, and you will accept all of what is given to you and demanded of you. I hope you understand that."

I figured she would be trying to run at this point, putting up some sort of a struggle, but she seems to want this to happen as badly as I do. Her face shows no signs of wanting me to stop.

"Yes, Sir. I understand" After she finished speaking those words I knew she was mine. I tugged her shirt out from her skirt before I finished undoing each small clear button to her shirt.
My eyes stayed locked to her darkened red cheeks, her head dropped out of utter embarrassment as the shirt was slipped form her shoulders revealing pale pink lace bra. My cock started to get stiffen as I took notice to it. 
"I want you to remove the rest of your untidy clothing, little girl. I won't be hassled to remove them for someone so incompetent of dressing properly to begin with." My words came across harsh sounding.
After I spoke her head shot up to look at me with utter shock from what I was asking of her, her eyes teared at my insult as her hands reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. "As you wish.. S-Sir.." Once she blinked the tears that formed within her eyes now laid across her pale white cheeks. I felt nothing towards her pathetic show of feelings.
I took a couple steps back causing my ass to rest against the dark oak desk, watching her slide the straps off her arms and finally dropping the first piece of clothing to the floor. Her perky breasts bounced softly after she had tugged the bra free, her pink colored nipples harden from the cold air surrounding the class room. They looked even better than in my dream, this made saliva start forming more rapidly in my mouth.
Both of my hands moved to the belt holding my pants up, as she turned to the side and undid her skirt for me, I undid my belt to slide it free. My teeth began to chew on the inside of my lip once she slide the skirt down over her ass revealing the purely bare skin. "How naughty of you, Ashley. You know very well you are suppose to be wearing panties with that uniform." 
Her legs were shaking as she stepped out of the skirt, "S-sir.. I had no clean ones... They have all been soaked with my wetness.. From my daydreams of you, Sir." Her soft innocent sounding voice responded to my statement, the words made my cock go rock hard from the surprise, she could clearly see the outline of it throbbing against my jeans, her eyes looked over pleadingly.
"Then I expect that when I spread those legs of yours, there will be that sweet wetness covering your inner thighs." A smirk sat on my lips between words, without me telling her she came over and dropped to her knees peering up to me.
I knew exactly what she wanted so I unzipped the jeans, reached a hand inside and pulled out my thick rock hard nine inch cock and I watched her face fill with pure shock from how big it was. "O-oh Sir! You are.. You are so h-huge.." She groaned out with pleasure as her back straightened and she moved her hands to my thighs, "Can I please suck it Sir?" her voice begging.
I move my free hand to her mouth hooking my thumb between her teeth making it easier to pull her mouth wide open, I push the head of my cock in her warm wet mouth. She filled with joy from being allowed, I felt her tongue circle the very outer tip of the head of the cock and slowly working itself over the whole head.
Her fingers curled softly against the fabric of my jeans, I moved my hand away from my shaft as she started to work her mouth slowly inch by inch up and down the length of my cock. I was getting over impressed with how well she could work her mouth. She speed up her movements while pressing her tongue flat to my shaft, my fingers would tangle in her hair tightly so I could take control of how fast she went.
I forced her head all the way to the base, her nose now touching my stomach as she start to gag and choke around me, I held her there until saliva started to push out of her mouth around my cock, as I pulled her free she started to breathe in hard to regain the air.
Without a warning my hand held her head in place and I started to thrust forcefully in and out of her mouth, choking her repeatedly. Her chest raised and fell struggling for air. After a few moments I was satisfied and threw her head to the side causing her hands to lay flat on the floor as she took value in the air she now breathed.

I pushed my pants down to the floor before I knelled behind her naked body, my hands gripped her hips as I forced her to get onto all fours, as I spread her legs the wetness from her small dainty pussy had covered her inner thighs and was now dripping onto the classroom floor. 
"Sir.. Please be gently!! You will be the first cock to ever be inside my princess.." She explained with a sudden fear of realization. 
A harsh chuckle leaved my lips as I reached over to grab my belt to lock it around her throat. I wrapped the free leather around my hand so I could keep a decent hold to it, cutting off her air supply if I wished too. "You will accept what I give you without complaint, little girl. You should of thought this through before coming to school so untidy. you disgusting unclean naughty child." The pitch of my voice increased closer to the end of my sentence.
My cock stroked over her wetness, I teasingly kept pushing and taking out the head, the small whimpers that came from her were satisfying and left me wanting to ravage her till she filled this room and even the hall ways with her screams.

Submitted: April 06, 2015

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Alyson Williams

Decent start to a common storyline. I am interested on where you take it. I love stories with a Dom/sub line; so this could be great!! I would suggest you make it clear that the "little girl" and the "Kids" are all over the age of 18. I found that a little creepy. Also just a slight problem with your tenses. Great job though.

Mon, April 6th, 2015 4:45pm


I'll be sure to keep that all in mind when I continue to finish this and when I start the novel as well. Thank you :)

Mon, April 6th, 2015 5:14pm

Elizabeth Red

This is super hot! You had some very good descriptions in here that I really liked! Keep up the good work

Mon, April 6th, 2015 6:02pm


Thank you so much :)
I will be continuing a story like this some time during the week, hope you will read the new work as well!

Mon, April 6th, 2015 11:06am

Scarlett Rae

This was quite amusing. The occasional campy short story is fun. Her going commando because all her panties are wet and the cliche "thick rock hard nine inch cock" made me smile. Alyson put it very nicely, but you definitely have problems with your tenses and other editing issues. It's easy to get excited while writing a sexy story and make some mistakes but things like "knelled" and "leaved" are pretty rough.

Mon, April 6th, 2015 7:55pm


Well, I have a reading and writing disability, but I've been trying my best. I shall try to make it better next time, thanks.

Mon, April 6th, 2015 3:53pm

Venesssa bell

More please

Thu, April 9th, 2015 1:01am


Try reading my novel that is started!

Wed, April 8th, 2015 6:02pm


This is a great read! Seriously, I enjoyed reading your piece! It's not that extremely intense but it's HOT! Great work! :)

Sat, April 11th, 2015 3:42am


Thank you so much!
Check out the novel in starting you might like that as well :)

Fri, April 10th, 2015 9:12pm

Krystal Clear

Very cleaver. I enjoyed every bit of it.


Sun, April 12th, 2015 7:48pm

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