New Gym

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I should never listen to my best friend.

Our dares usually get me into alot of trouble and today is no exception.

I wore the clothes laid out perfectly on my bed and marched to the downstairs gym of my new building. The clothes were a bit scandalous but I knew like my old gym, noone would be there at 5 am on a Saturday.

I was dead wrong.

There were about five guys lifting weights and two women on treadmills.

I wish I'd atleast carried my towel to hide the ass cheeks that were proudly peeking from my shorts. And to make matters worse, the room was covered in mirrors, so hiding was out of the question.

So I strutted with false bravado towards a stationary bike, put on my headphones and started my work out ignoring the many pairs of eyes glued to my ass and chest.

I rode the bike for about 10 minutes before I felt a finger poke my shoulder, I wasn't at all shocked to see it attached to the sexiest man I'd ever seen.

His lips were moving but no words came out, he then pulled down my headphones, with a huff.

How rude.

'Hi' I said sacarsticly making sure he sees me rolling my eyes.

'Oh hey, could you--" he stammers and scratchs his head as if trying to find the words to say.

'Could you please change bikes, I'm trying to train and it's really hard with your ass in my face.' he states bluntly

I gasp at his audacity.

'Ok' I said looking at him and without breaking eye contact, I remove my weggie and adjust my tits.

How's that for a distraction.

I follow him to his bench and climb the elliptical machine, put on my headphones and try my damnest to pretend to be working out.

Giving up, I move to the bench directly opposite his and miserably fail at lifting weights.

'Are you sure you can lift that?' I hear the familiar voice ask infront of me.

' I don't know, but a big and strong man like you can spot me' I say innocently and wet my lips.

He moves behind the weights and for about half an hour, he guides me and adjusts the weights to my size.

'Does lifting weights usually turn you on?' I inquire and seductively run my fingers on the outline of his cock.

"NO" his tone brusque and final. But that has never stopped me.

" I can help you with that, if you want" he's not the only one taken aback by my boldness.I'm not usually this daring, his hotness must have short-circuited my brain.

I look around and notice the last guy leave for the showers. And that's my cue.

From where I lay I run my fingers along the waist band of his shorts and tug it down.

The massive cock jumps in my face, he looks at me in disbelief. I kiss the tip of his cock welcoming the salty tang of his precum.

His groan encourages me and I cup his balls rolling them between my fingers. I take his cock into my mouth, sinking it into my throat one inch at a time till my lips touch his pubis.

My saliva and tears mixed with his pre cum coat my chin as I continuously suck on the massive cock like my life depends on it.

The cock to my disappointment is slowly withdrawn from my mouth and I scrape the foreskin a little with my teeth earning me a hiss and a fuck whispered loudly.

I rise from my sleeping position and sit facing him, ready to complain but he moves from behind the weights and comes my way leaving his shirt and shorts. He is now 5 centimetres away and that sexy smirk should have warned me because he viciously grabs my sports bra, tearing it in the process.

"I'm going to give you what you've been craving for since you got here" My pussy creams alot at those words.

He grabs and bites my left tit so good I feel it in my pussy, then drags me from where I was seated,spreads my legs wide and tears my shorts to get to my pussy.

I love the feel of his rough hands all over my body, I writhe at his touch but the brute without so much as a warning, shoves that massive cock inside my little pussy, I scream and shout at the surprise invasion,attracting the attention of those in the showers.

He is so brutal and rough with his thrusts that even the weights vibrate at the force, meanwhile my poor pussy gushes with excitement as it is pounded by this giant of a man.

My screams and very loud moans punctuated by his loud grunts become like feral mating sounds echoing inside the gym.

I shout my pleasure at him and scratch his chest enjoying every second of our wild mating.

He moves to lie on the bench, drags me on top of him then impales my pussy on his cock, giving me the responsibility of riding us to our orgasm. And I ride the massive cock with twice the enthusiasm I used to ride my stationary bike.

He loves this and shows his appreciation by spanking my ass.

'Yes! Ride that cock' is shouted by a unfamiliar voice but I ignore it and continue with my work out.

I'm lost in pleasure but I feel his massive hands kneading my tits, twisting my nipples and rubbing my clit. I come with his cock buried deep inside me.

He comes seconds later with a vibrating shout, filling my pussy with his hot cum.

"That was so hot" is breathlessly whispered

I lift my head and see we had an audience. Unsurprisingly, most of them were men,who were stroking their dicks and had covered the gym floor in cum.

Seems we weren't the only ones who enjoyed our coupling.

Being the bad bitch I am, I slide the now soft cock out of my pussy, stand up from the bench, wear his shirt and shamelessly walk out of the gym leaving trails of his cum dripping from my pussy along the way.


My apartment is quiet as I enter, but my name shouted halts my entry and I turn to find him right on my heels.

"You forgot these, " he says pushing his way into the apartment throwing my phone,headphones, torn bra and ripped shorts on the couch with a smile.

"Did you come for the shirt?" I ask and slowly remove the shirt, revealing my body a little skin at a time.

He's already trying to adjust his pants. Which I ignore and walk into the kitchen wiggling my ass and he follows like the good boy he is.

"Babe this is what got us kicked out of our last gym, I won't be able to train for my matches if we keep doing this. "

" But you're the one who laid out my clothes."

" I'll just have to find another new gym that won't allow you in"

" And what a shame that'll be. In the meantime why don't we christen the new kitchen counters".

Submitted: February 21, 2020

© Copyright 2023 domina belle. All rights reserved.

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Great story! Very hot and sexy, and I love the twist at the end!

Sun, May 24th, 2020 7:40pm

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