Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Photography turns to pornography...


Photography turns to pornography...


Submitted: July 06, 2014

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Submitted: July 06, 2014



At the appointed time, the bus stops down by the barn of Julia and offloaded around twenty handsome college students including his stepson, Josh who is almost 19 yeears old. Julia is excited about being the center of attention that she run over to greet them.

Josh introduces his pretty female instructor to her,

"Julia, this is Ms. Katherine Jones. My teacher in Art & Photography."

She holds my hand and says,

"Oh Mrs. Tate, you are just as beautiful as your son described you. Thin, long blond hair and very nice toned arms and legs. You look like a professional model!"

Julia replied to her,

"Thank you Ms. Jones. I decided to dress like a girl hiking in the woods by herself. That is why I am wearing my hiking boots, khaki shorts, white sleeveless T-shirt and this backpack."

Ms. Jones then asks,

"Where is the pond your stepson told me about?"

So Julia tells her,

"It is down over there by those trees, so if you want, just have your class follow behind me and take pictures while we walk in that direction."

Ms. Jones infoems Julia that her plan sounds good, so she instructs the class to start taking pictures as Julia walks away from them. She can clearly hear the students behind her taking a few photos, and one of the guys says to her stepson,

"Josh, you're one lucky bastard. You have one hot stepmom!"

When Julia arrives at the pond, she takes her backpack off and toss it onto the picnic table. Then she turns around and makes a few poses while the students continue snapping pictures. After a while, she sits on the bench and take her boots and socks off. Then stands up. With her back on the students, she pulls her T-shirt over her head, push her shorts down and walked naked into the cool clear water of the pond.

When the water is up to about her knees, Julia turns around to face the students and run her fingers through her hair. She then hear Ms. Jones's compliments,

"Nice! Very nice Mrs. Tate! You are a natural model!"

Julia smiles, nods her head to Ms. Jones, then swims around briefly and gets out of the water. She walks over to the picnic table and picks up her big beach towel out of her backpack. Then she spreads it out over the sand and lays down on it while the students take more photos of her beautiful naked body. 

After couple of minutes, Julia stands up and then with her back to the students, bends over and get my cigarettes from my purse. She smiled when she hears one of the guys tell JOsh,

"Josh, surely your stepmom got an awesome ass!"

Ms. Jones overhears the conversation and then tells the rest of the group,

"Please students, maintain professional behavior and do not make any more personal comments about the model."

Deep inside, Julia is thrilled about the compliments that she hears! She lights her cigarette and walks around to meet them. They keep their cameras pointed at her while she casually mingles with the group and shake their hands. After a while Ms. Jones tells her,

"Would it be okay with you Mrs. Tate if one of the guys here pose with you?"

Julia replied that she would be delighted. So Ms. Jones looks around at all of the students for a few seconds, then says,

"Well, I think it would be best if  Josh poses with you to avoid any legal problems that may arise in the future even though everyone here is over the age of eighteen."

Josh immediately makes excuses and says,

"I am not going to pose naked with my stepmom! What would happen if my cock got hard? I would never hear the end of this!"

Two of the guys went over Josh, takes his camera away and then pushes him towards his stepmom. With a smile of her face, JUlia takes Josh's hand and leads him over to the beach towel and thay stand there waiting for instructions from Ms. Jones.

Ms. Jones puts her hand on mouth, thinking and then tells the group about the scene,

"Okay, the scenario is a beautiful woman trying to seduce a younger man. She has taken her clothes off and hopes the younger man finds her body attractive and will want to have sex with her. Josh, put your arms around the woman or Mrs. Tate and give her a kiss."

Josh and Julia embrace and just barely touch their lips together for a split second.

Kathy immediately says,

"You both can do better than that! Remember, you are both models acting for the camera! It does not matter right now that you are really related! Go ahead and passionately kiss each other! No malice!"

Julia whispers to Josh,

"Honey, don't be shy in front of your classmates. Just relax and let's do what Ms. Jones tells us so we can get some great pictures for our familyy photo album. Do what your teacher suggested earlier and pretend that I am a sexy older woman that you have always wanted to have sex with and now here is your chance to fulfill your fantasy."

This time, the two really put on a great show for the students by tongue kissing each other. Josh slides his hands down Julia's back and grasps her naked ass cheeks while she grinds her pussy against the bulge in his shorts.

After a couple of minutes, Julia break their kiss and says to Ms. Jones,

"How about if I pretend to be seducing this young man and I am about to unzip his shorts and suck his cock. Will that be OK?"

Ms. Jones gives an excited reply,

"Mrs Walker, you read my mind! I was going to ask if you two would do a little something more erotic, but decided that I better not. Go ahead and do some more acting for the students! For art's sake!"

That is all the encouragement that Julia needed! She immediately drop down to her knees, yank Josh's shorts down and begin stroking his cock back and forth while she looks over at the students and smiles for their cameras! After a few seconds, she hear one of the girl students say,

"Oh my God, look at the size of that monster! My God it's big! Josh's cock is huge!"

After a few moments Ms. Jones looks at Julia and says,

"You are doing a great job of acting Mrs. Tate! Now, please drop your arms down to your sides and look up into Josh's eyes while his hard cock is about an inch away from your lips!"

Julis follows the teacher's instruction while the students move closer and take more photos. Then Ms. Jones says,

"Mrs Walker, now open your mouth as wide as you can and move your head forwards a little bit so we can get pictures of the head of his cock positioned just past your front teeth."

Julia holds that pose for a few seconds, then suddenly closes her lips around Josh's cock and starts sucking it! She hears a gasp from the students as their cameras are clicking wildly away! Kathy panics slightly and says,

"Okay Mrs. Tate, you and Josh can stop posing for the students now! This is all we have time for today!"

A very much horny Josh ignores his teacher's plea and grabs the back of Julia's head with both his hands and starts trying to ram his cock down her throat! After a couple of minutes, Julia pushes Tommy away from her and then lays down on the towel. Josh immediately gets on his knees and between her legs. He holds his cock and plunges it inside his stepmom's pussy!

He starts giving Julia a good fucking while the students stand around them and continue taking pictures! Julia is especially excited about having sex with her stepson while all of these students are crowding around them taking pictures! She feels like a pornstar!

Julia wants to put on the best show she can for them. Acting like a porn actor, she starts yelling at Josh,

"Fuck your stepmom! Fuck her good! She has been a bad girl and needs a good fucking! Fuck your your stepmom! Fuck her!"

Josh immediately begins violently ramming his cock into her so hard that her tits are flopping wildly around on her chest as she screams,

"Oh God! Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus Christ! Oh my God!"

After about five minutes, Josh suddenly stops and holds her tight. She feels his cock jerk, then it begins pumping warm sperm inside her. It pumps over and over again for the longest time, then her much awaited orgasm explodes!

Julia clenches her teeth together as herbody goes stiff while a wonderful incestuous erotic sensation shoots up spine and slams into her brain! Joah waits for a few seconds to catch is breath, then pulls his cock out of Julia and stands up. As he helps her to her feet, the students start whistling and applauding. The two instant pornstars thank them, then they put their clothes back on.

Back at the bus, the students have boarded and are looking out the open windows while Julia talks with Ms. Jones. Julia gives her a quick kiss, then grasp her hand and says,

"How about you bring the class over next Wednesday at the same time, then we can do a photo session with just you and me together? If you would like though, we could ask Tommy to join us. Would that be something you would like to do?"

Ms. Jones replies,

"Well, I take your suggestion! See you then!"

Josh and Julia wave to the bus as it exits their property. Then they begin walking to the house. About half the way there, Josh grabs the bottom of Julia'sT-shirt and tries to pull it up over her arms! She yells at him,

"You horny bastard, stop what you are doing right now! Jesus Christ, we just had sex no longer than twenty minutes ago!"

But Josh is not listening, he grabs the neck of her T-shirt and it rips it off her! Julia starts running topless towards the house, but Josh is much faster and catches her and quickly yanks her shorts down to ankles! Julia trips and falls face down onto the soft grass. Josh gets on top of her and holds her down with one hand while he unzips his shorts with the other. When Julia feel his hard cock pushing between her ass cheeks, she screams at him,

"Not in the ass! Don't fuck me in the ass! I am not some cheap slut! Get off of me right now!"

Josh buries his cock all the way in her ass then replies,

"I will get off you when I am good and ready you cock teasing bitch!"

Julia loves when a guy talks dirty to her! Her stepson is such a good boy just like his old man! 

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