Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Matt had been fantasizing his hot MILF neighbor, Mrs. Brenda Parent. How he longs for the day when lady luck will finally smile at him. A call from Brenda's husband coupled by his text messages change it all.


Matt had been fantasizing his hot MILF neighbor, Mrs. Brenda Parent. How he longs for the day when lady luck will finally smile at him. A call from Brenda's husband coupled by his text messages change it all.


Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



Matt had been sexually fantasizing his sexy neighbour Mrs. Brenda Parent since 9th grade. Who wouldn’t be? Even at 40, she’s still one hot MILF who sports a massive 36DD to go with her 5’8” frame.

So he had been praying since that finally lady luck would smile at him even for just one time. He was still day dreaming about Brenda when his phone rang. As luck would have it, Mr. Parent was at the other end of the line

"Hey Matt, are you free right now? I really need some hand."

“Be right there at 5 Mr. P!" Matt replied and then hangs up.


Well here’s the thing Matt, I need to fixed this leak however, my client needs to change some things on the plan so I have to go back to the site” explains John Parent.

Matt checks the problem and assessed that it’s a quick fix.

No problem Mr. P!” was his fast reply.

If you still need something just asked Brenda or you may call me. I’ll be gone for at least an hour.”

Matt nods his head and gave John thumbs up. John excuses himself and went upstairs to change. Minutes later, John’s pick-up truck was backing off the driveway.


Since the plumbing tools are there, Matt started working on the leak. Moments later, he hears footsteps behind his back and when he turns to see who it was, he almost drops the pipe wrench when he saw Brenda greeting him.

 “It’s so nice for you to come, Matt!

He just smiled unable to hide his excitement upon seeing his ultimate fantasy.

I’ll be just out in living room if you need me” she quipped.

Matt again couldn’t say a single word but he just nods his head.


Matt could not contain his excitement and so was his man-meat who was instantly electrified when it sense the sexy cougar’s presence. His thoughts were racing as he continues with his work. Here he was all alone with the earthly desires of his young 22-year old life.


He was almost done with the quick plumbing work but still could not concoct a plan that would fulfil his dream. Matt knows that this is the right time he had been waiting for.

As he tightens the last piece, his mind had not yet formed a sexual agenda. He puts the tools back in the wool box and washes his hand at the sink to see if he was able to solve the problem. He did.


Time is ticking fast and Matt was becoming desperate. Just then he hears his phone’s message alert tone.

Using his denim pants, he wipes his hand before checking his phone. It was John checking on him. The text message wakens up the lustful sprite inside of him as it immediately sprang into to action.

As he reads the last line of his text...if you need something ask my wife for help, it paints a silly grin on his face.

Finally, he has a plan. He immediately puts them into action. He replies to John that he will need Brenda’s help. To which John replies, that he will text her.


When he enters the dining room, Brenda was sitting on the couch reading a woman’s magazine. Brenda was engrossed reading an article that she did not sense Matt’s presence.

For a moment, Matt decided to admire the lust of his life from a distance. Time froze as Matt watches keenly his prey’s whole being...her shapely legs, wonderful thighs, and her bountiful front knockers.

However, his thoughts were interrupted by a message alert tone from Brenda’s phone. She reads the message, and then places the phone down.

Matt knew that it was John who texted her. Sensing the opportunity of a lifetime, Matt immediately interrupted her.

Excuse me...Mrs. Parent!” Matt stammers as he clears his throat.

The sexy MILF looks at his and relied, “Yes, Matt! What is it?

I’m almost done here but I still need some help...your help since we’re the only ones here!” he replies as he scratches his head.

Ah yes, that’s what John texted me about!”  Brenda puts down the magazine, stood up and went over to Matt.


Anything I can do?” Brenda inquires as she enters the kitchen.

Brenda was a feet away from Matt and he can smell her fragrance which further instigated his sexual yearnings.

Well...I don’t know how to start this?” he hesitates.

Brenda just looked at him as a reply.

He composed himself and uttered the lines that will change his destiny.

I always wanted to make love to a married woman who is much older than me!”

Brenda was caught-off guard but before she could counter, Matt informs her further.

I have been fantasizing you since high school and I have been waiting for the day where I could push my cock inside your mature pussy.”

Brenda could not believe what she was hearing. She was about to scoffed the young man in front of her but decided not to. She doesn’t know why.

Seeing no reaction from the MILF, Matt further said,

I ask Mr. Parent about my situation and...”

Upon hearing her husband’s name, Brenda thought that this is becoming interesting and inquired,

And what did my John tell you?

Matt hesitated for a moment but then pulls out his phone and showed John’s text message. Brenda reads aloud the message,

Hi, Matt I hope everything’s fine there. Thanks for the help. If you need something...ask my wife for help! She’s very much willing!

‘This could not be what John had in mind’, she thought.

However this was also the message that she received from her husband.

Brenda looks at Matt with inquisitive eyes. When she saw his bulge, she covered her mouth. A sign of disbelief.

Oh my ...! Your thing is reacting!” she exclaimed.

Matt did not reply because his whole body was already burning with abandoned desires.

Matt’s silent reply ignites Brenda’s passion for sex. She and John seldom had sex because of her husband’s construction projects which fills their treasure chest but empties their sexual life.

As she looks at Matt’s hard-on, Brenda decides to extend her help.

Well if you won’t show me that, how can I help you?

Sensing jackpot, Matt obligingly pulls his dick out.

Brenda’s eyes became huge upon seeing Matt’s angry man-meat.

There was brief lull of the moment before Brenda breaks the ice,

She walks over Matt and presses her body to his. She immediately felt his raging hard-on.

Matt could sense that she could felt his dick as Brenda began to grind her pelvis into it.

Matt then reacted by reaching around and squeezed her ass.

Brenda giggles, pulled his hands, and places it on her big knockers. Matt smiled and thanked his lucky stars as pay dirt finally arrives.


He still could not believe the moment that he has to double check himself. He looks down to see if this is really happening.

It is!

He can clearly see his dick being gobbled by Brenda’s mouth. Sucking him!

Brenda likewise could not believe her actions – as she sucks Matt’s shaft, milking him hungrily.

She looks at the young man’s face smiling with pleasure.

Matt could hear her moans of delight as she took every inch of him into her throat.


Brenda removes her underwear, lies in the couch, and then spreads her legs inviting her new found boy toy to penetrate her.

She braces herself, as Matt starts pushing his big cock head in. She lets out a loud moan when she feels him inside.

Grabbing her hips, he pushes forward then, slowly finding his pace.

So big...yes that’s it baby!” moans Brenda.


Soon Matt was thrusting his dick inside of her easily as ring juices around Brenda’s beaver were visible. By steady strokes Matt worked his cock in her.

Brenda looks so hot with this big cock spooning her and those big melons swinging vigorously. The hot MILF is loudly moaning and breathing heavily.

Matt begins to spoon her hard and fast.  

Matt knew that his explosion was imminent in no time. But he still doesn’t want to end his mating with just this action. So he stopped for a while and told Brenda,

C’mon Mrs. P, come on sit it!

The MILF happily obliged as she lowers herself on his stiff manhood. Once again, she felt his enormous snake.

This time however, Matt did not start slow but instead pick up the pace where he left off.

In no time, Brenda reaches the pinnacle of her orgasm and explodes. This momentarily stops Matt but he eventually continues to pummel her.

By this time, both of them are breathing heavily and Brenda was moaning wildly.

She played with her knockers, squeezing them to Matt’s delight.

 “Yeah...that’s it!” he whispers loud enough for Brenda to hear.

He inserts his fingers into her beaver as he continues to pump his shaft deeper into her. Brenda grabs hold with both hands the edge of the couch as he forces more of him deeper.

I’m coming...I’m coming!” he warns.

To which the MILF counters,

Spew them out on my mouth. Let me taste them, honey!


Matt slightly pushes Brenda out as a signal that he’s gonna explode. Brenda got to her knees and waited for Matt’s man-juice.

Matt clutches the base of his cock as its head swells. Then he sprays a huge load of semen into the MILF’s waiting mouth leaving a trail of sticky fluid down its head which Brenda licks with her tongue.


Brenda slides back into the couch as she watches Matt’s cock limped.

I never thought this day would come Mrs. P!” Matt remarks as he likewise slid besides his fantasy.

Brenda leans over to him and whispers to his ear,

I’m pretty sure this is not what John had in mind!

Matt smiled and nods her head.

Well I like it and I hope you likewise do. We should do this more often as John and I seldom had sex” she remarks.

A naughty grin crossed Matt’s lips as he kisses her passionately on the lips.


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