Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A neglected wife sought the help of his brother-in-law who in turn was very much willing to help.


A neglected wife sought the help of his brother-in-law who in turn was very much willing to help.


Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



Alex could not believe what he was hearing. His younger brother had been neglecting the sexual needs of his 36-year old sister-in-law, Karen. He was disgusted with his brother.

Karen could only just give him a smirk for a reply.

“Ever since that brother of yours had been neglecting me, I felt that I ain’t sexy anymore!”

Karen laments, to which Alex replies –

“Well from my view point, you’re still one hot momma!”

Karen smiled at her brother-in-law’s assurance.

“Just for how long he had been neglecting you? When was the last time he had sex with you, if I may ask?”

Alex asked. He was surprise upon hearing Karen’s reply.

“The last time he fucked me was about six months ago!”

Alex could not believe that he had an idiot brother when it comes to sex.

The room went silent for a moment before Karen did the unthinkable.


She unzipped her blouse and asked Alex point blank,

“Tell me Alex, am I still desirable?”

Alex froze for a moment but as he examines Karen massive cleavage, he gave this reply to Karen.

“If I’m in my brother’s shoes, I won’t let a day pass without humping you!”

Karen smiled, places both her hands on her hips, and just looks at Alex...waiting as to what he’s gonna do.


As if reading Karen’s thoughts, Alex was put on a spot. He’s very certain that Karen wants him to fill in for his brother...now.

However, he still had doubts about this unusual request.

At this moment, sensing Alex’s dilemma, Karen asked him,

“Would you like to fuck me? I’m desirable...right? You won’t pass a day without having sex with me?”

Still Alex could not move. Karen could see guilt on his face but she was determined.

“Don’t worry about Art. He won’t know anything. This will be our secret. Nobody will know!”

Alex was about to utter something but Karen cut him off.

“I just need someone to fill me right now. And you Alex... are the perfect candidate

Alex momentarily hesitated but Karen guided his hands towards her breasts.

As if one cure, Alex’s lust-guided hands began mashing Karen’s melons. He then proceeded on removing her blouse, yanked her bra down a little and saw for the first time what his brother had been neglecting.


Naughtily, Karen asked him,

“Do you like fondling my breasts?”

Alex did not reply but continued on what he was doing. Karen could sense his enjoyment that she grabbed his dick in his pants and began stroking it.  

They locked eyes then Karen asked him,

“Do you want me to suck your cock?”

He nods. Then Karen got down to her knees, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock. She stroked it at first, and then began sucking him.

As Karen deep-throated him, he thought for a reason why his brother would pass on Karen. For over five minutes, Karen gave Alex a blow job of his life, and then she asked him again,

“Are you ready to fuck me now?”

Alex gave an affirmative response.

Karen removes her clothing and so did Alex. She got on top to the counter table.

Alex took a few moments to admire his sister-in-law’s nakedness. He appreciated Karen’s slim body and neatly trimmed pussy hair.

He then inserted his 8-inch dong inside her almost wet clam, and then slowly fucks her, increasing his pace little by little. As he reaches his required thrusting pace, he grabbed her breasts and fondled them.

Karen utters a line which was music to his ears,

 “You felt good inside me, Alex.

He could feel her happiness as she had just received her first dick in almost six months.

Alex was delighted to help her sister-in-law, at the same time felt sorry for his brother... but he has no choice.

Karen pleads between moans for Alex not to come early as she was enjoying herself so much.

Her moans were so loud that Alex is afraid it might be audible from the outside. But this is a once in a life time experience, so the hell with it, he thought.


Alex stopped and pulls his cock out Karen’s pussy. He then got a stool, sat on it, and gently pulled Karen over. She smiled as she reinserted his dick inside her.

Alex started to gently, rhythmically thrust slowly in and out of Karen as they kissed passionately.

He kept up this long slow rhythm filling her up then almost withdrawing every now and again thrusting harder and hearing a gasp of pleasure.

As Karen’s arousal builds up, Alex felt her pussy grip his cock.He responded by thrusting faster and harder.

Karen whispered softly to him,

“Fuck me...fuck me...Alex. Thank you, fuck me harder!”

Alex could sense that Karen is about to reach her climax, so he responded by plunging harder, responding to the pressure of her thrusts against him slowing down to a gentle stroking as her orgasm passed... then she begins to relax.


Alex kissed Karen for a few moments; then he had her back against her and reinserted his cock inside her pussy.

As he pummels her pussy with his cock, his hands groped both knockers, squeezing them firmly. As the thrusting quickened, Karen began to breathe heavily.

Moments later, he could feel her juices trickling out. Finally, she leant back gasping, arching her back, and writhing against his cock.

The sound of Karen’s ecstasy, her groans of pleasure, and the joy on her face was more than enough for Alex to reach his orgasm.

 “I’m coming,” he blurts out.

She moaned in encouragement, feeling his arousal, she asks Alex,

“Release it inside!”

A few seconds later, Alex exploded deep inside Karen.


As the two rested from their exhausting encounter, Alex tells Karen,

“I hope this will be the last time.”

To which Karen replied,

“For as long as your brother neglects me...I’m gonna seek out for you. It will be better if it’s you than any other man.”

Alex covered his face for he knew that what Karen is saying is true. This will not be their last sexual encounter.


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