Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Katie went home after work and caught her son's friend, Lucas on his bedroom pleasuring himself while looking at the Playboy magazine. She likes what she saw in Lucas so she gave him more than he can imagine.


Katie went home after work and caught her son's friend, Lucas on his bedroom pleasuring himself while looking at the Playboy magazine. She likes what she saw in Lucas so she gave him more than he can imagine.


Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



Katie is an emergency doctor who had been on call for the last 24-hours and her 45-year old body needs a much needed respite. It was almost two in the afternoon when she backed her car from the hospital for home.


When Katie got home, she immediately went to her bedroom. As she quietly undress, she heard someone moaning from her son’s Josh room. So she tiptoed a little closer to the door and heard the unmistakable sounds of sexual pleasure.

She smiled to herself and thought,

My boy’s grown up.”

She was about to go back to her about to go back into her room when curiosity bit her. She couldn’t resist taking a peek at her son stroking his dick.

What the...

She uttered to herself when she saw Josh’s friend, Lucas instead through the crack of the door.

Lucas and Josh were best of friends since 4th grade. Now they’re in senior high.

Katie asked herself what on earth was Lucas was doing in her son’s bedroom. She was about to confront him when she spotted at what Lucas was holding. She gasped at Lucas’s young 8-inch dick.

My God, that boy had surely grown!

Lucas was semi-naked and Katie just could not stop staring as he strokes his dick with his right hand and gazes at a page of a Playboy magazine.


Minutes ticks by and Katie began to sweat as her body temperature began soaring. Lustiness was slowly enveloping her body. Morals tell her that it’s not a good thing to have sex with a boy almost her son’s age. However, sexual yearnings tell otherwise.


Katie had been divorced to Josh dad for about three years now and she hadn’t gotten laid since. After a short deliberation, her body’s desires won.

She opened the door and asked a startled Lucas,

What the hell are you doing, Lucas?

"Mrs. Green!"

A visibly shaken Lucas replied as he grabbed a pillow to hide his dick, that’s about to explode, from Katie.

Katie just stood for a while slightly opening her mouth. She felt sorry for the poor kid, which she knows was nearing orgasm. Deep inside, she was shrieking with delight. However, she decided to hold on to her own excitement.

Where’s Josh?” she asked.

He’s still in school...Mrs. Green” was Lucas’ meek reply. Then he adds,

I just went ahead as we have to work on I decided to wait him here.”

Katie smiled at herself as luck was slowly choosing her side. She’s home alone with her son’s best friend.

She crossed her arm and countered,

And here you are jerking at his bed.

With head bowed, Lucas replied, “I just got bored Mrs. Green... so... I decided myself when I saw these magazines under his bed.”

"Do you like what you’re doing, Lucas?"

Katie asked the obviously frightened boy.

"Uh, umm, uh..." Lucas stammered, unable to answer Katie as he meets her gaze.

Katie uncrossed her arm, walked over Lucas, and sat on the bed beside him.

Let me take this pillow,” she told Lucas as she yanked the pillow away from the young man.

Lucas half-lifeless dick was now only inches away from her. She looked at it with a half smile on her lips and then looks at Lucas. Her gaze made his flaccid and scared dick to twitch and rise. might be scared of me but your dick seems to have a head of its own,” she told Lucas.

She then stood up and started removing her clothes.

Lucas’s eyes were glued on her every action. And so did his dick, which was now alert.

Moments later, Lucas was staring at her best friend’s mom, standing in front of him with only her underwear as a covering.

Lucas could not believe as he was seeing nor Katie at what she was doing. Nevertheless, she moves towards Lucas and places her knees in between Lucas’s legs.

Lucas has to blink twice to know that everything was for real as Katie grabbed his dick and began stroking it.

 “Do you like it?” she asked teasingly.

Lucas’ nodded. She then adds,

Do you want my mouth on it?

Please...Mrs. Green!” was Lucas excited reply.

So Katie started licking his tip before slowly swallowing it.

In reaction, Lucas began massaging Katie’s big 36C melons.

Katie couldn’t help herself as she tasted her first dick after three years. She moaned as she hungrily sucks the young man’s dick.

Moments later, Katie looked at Lucas and asked,

Do you want me to sit on this dick right now?

A much more composed Lucas replied, “Yes...Mrs. Green!

So Katie removes her underwear and then slowly lowers her wet pussy over Lucas’ dick, taking him fully into her mature pussy as the young man sucks her nipples.

As she started pumping, she begins to moan as she felt for the first time after three years, a dick inside her pussy.

“’re big Lucas,” she complimented the young man.

Do you like this Lucas? This is much better than the magazine,” she asks as she slowly increases her pace.

Katie got her answer a few seconds later when Lucas’ began countering each of her thrusts.

She begins to moan loudly as Lucas got his own rhythm.’re good at this,” she exclaimed.

Her words inspired Lucas to be a little bit bolder. He grabbed her by the waist and lays her down on the bed, withdrawing his dick from her.

Open your legs wide, Mrs. Green,” a confident Lucas requested.

Katie did as she was told.

“Lucas has something else in his mind,” she thought.

Lucas looks at his best friend’s mom’s shaved pussy for a few seconds. Then he started licking them. Katie groaned as she felt the young man’s hungry tongue.

As Lucas licks and suck her “pearls,” he slipped two of his fingers in her pussy. He licks as he simultaneously gives her a finger act.

The hot divorcee whimpered loudly as Lucas becomes more aggressive in what he was doing as the minutes go by. boy...fuck me now!” pleads Katie.

Lucas heeded her request and very slowly eased his whole length inside her, balls deep. Lucas felt great as his man-meat was being enclosed by Katie’s moist, shaved glove.

You are really big, Lucas. Way to big than my ex-hubby,” Katie said.

Lucas pulled back slowly and then in again, slowly finding his pace. Very slowly Lucas increased the pace; Josh’s mom was wet and very stretched out now.


As Lucas pounding becomes faster and harder, Katie was writhing and moaning, whispering words in a language that shocks Lucas.

As he was spearing her up and down with a rising speed and intensity, he watches as her big melons bounces back and forth.


Lucas knew that Katie was nearing orgasm as she got really wild now, grunting heavier and louder,

 “Fuck me ...fuck me Lucas ... fuck me...FUCK ME!

And so was he.

“I’m almost done...Mrs. Green!

Katie shuddered and froze for a while as she reaches cloud nine first,

Oh God,” she screamed. “Oh yes!

Lucas continued pumping her as he too was near explosion. Seconds later, Lucas pulled his dick out of Katie then shoots his hot sticky fluids on Katie’s bountiful twin assets.


Lucas rolled off her. They lay side by side for a few seconds, until Lucas looked at his watch and exclaimed,

Oh no...

What?” Katie asks.

Lucas replies, “Josh will be here any minute.”

A calm Katie stood up, gave Lucas a kiss on the cheek and said,

That’s my cue, got to get out of here, take a shower and sleep.

As she picks up her clothes, Lucas asks if there is any chance they can do this again.

If I catch you here again with my son not around...then we’ll see!” she replies as she closes her son’s bedroom door.


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