You Can't Change Me

You Can't Change Me You Can't Change Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


taken from my book, "So Easy To Think"


taken from my book, "So Easy To Think"


Submitted: January 29, 2012

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Submitted: January 29, 2012



You Can't Change Me


Hey, my dried up fruit

If I ever loved you

What's it to you?

Hey, my dead notion

That I left on the floor

Who could give a fuck

If the tossing of stones

Kept you alone?

I'll be the sanity

You never had

I'll be the Pepsi

You need to pee out

And everyday without me

And everynight

I'll be the sharpest tool

That you can use

To forget all about

The things I do to you

When you're asleep

I'll be who you want me to be

When you take off all your clothes

And give yourself to me

But I won't tie you up

In the faults that just

Can't be all yours

You're not the dirty whore

That I mistook you for

So if that just causes

A goodbye form your lips

Don't wait up for me

To beg you to take me back

I'll be sour by the time

That you realize

That I'm not saying any kind

Of proper goodbye

I'll be shutting up as soon

As I can think of anything

That you could do to stop this

From happening

But, if I ever had a thought

In my crazy head to get me to that point

You'd've been the one in the first place

And "never" would not be a word

To say how I'll think of you

You'd be so softly, helpfully

A part of a heart

That I'd actually have

You'd come swiftly into my life

And be my one woman to stand up for

You'd electrify this, now dead seeming

Relationship that's been burning

Holes thru my heart

The one I've convinced you

That I can't give away

Even if I had one

To give to any one

You'd go with me in circles

Across mania and outblasted madness

Strung across hysteric'ly going crazy

You'd yourself be a raging sick little loon

And I'd love you

But as far as I'm concerned

You'd find a way to undo being the one

You'd take yourself away

And never stay my love

You'd be just like all the rest

And not be honestly

Ever mine for forever

No matter how being in love with me

Could have drawn you to promising

You and me are stages and stages

Of maturity apart

No use in trying to catch up

I'll never be on your level of living

So slaughter whatever feelings

You claim you ever had

Swallow the guilt

Just let me go

Nothing is all we can ever

Ever add up to, being together

Since our relationship is sumless

it is utterly pointlessly senseless

so just forget it

Stop being a lover to my ding-a-ling

It's not big enough for your

Gaping wide walls

It cannot fill up your cunt

And your eyes will never be able

To took greetingly available for eye contact

You have all the right ways

To make me feel inadequate

To make me feel unacceptable

To make me feel unwantable

To make my mind think so negatively

That confidence in sound is hopeless

My love for you is staggering me

And pulling us further and further apart

I'm just too much to handle

With a heart you can never compete with

That smothers you eternally

Unstopably beating

At the most unnesessary times

Like when you suddenly out of the blue

Sense no love felt by you

Like when you at times think of me

As a passing fad

Get going, because you don't belong

Get going, because I'm not the one

For you that you depend on

For you that you've always wanted

For you that want me to be

For your image of your own reflection

For you to ever keep

Keep in mind how I'm always

A dragging pain to have to worry about

The world we once knew

Is the darkness we can no longer see

Just throw us all away

Like you do to every dream

That you can't meet

Honesty will reward you

With the king you desirefully need

Know you don't love me

And that whatever part of me

That you were so sure of

Was obviously misperceived

I am nothing you need

I am no one you can complete

I can never assure you the happiness

That you deserve

Just take yourself away

From the question that is my heart

And barf up whatever you thought was art


01-29-'12 #3

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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