Wet All Over

Wet All Over Wet All Over

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


taken from my book, "Taking Our Sweet Little Time"


taken from my book, "Taking Our Sweet Little Time"


Submitted: December 09, 2013

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Submitted: December 09, 2013



Wet All Over


Is there anybody who can tell me why?

Why all these silly little events come to play

Is it worth it just to ignore the signs?

The signs that I am going to to die

They sprinkle rain over my head

And I feel the drops upon my tongue

Am I stupid

__or number "none"?

I walk with a funny grin

I laugh with unwanted sound

__coming out of my mouth

Could it be only me

__who doesn't want it?

Well, I want it like a fireball

Ruff sex in the meat department

Horniness is what I'm going thru

My room is an empty nest

Where all the little farm animals have left

I am soon going to be drenched

And the water that I taste

__is a bitterness

____of it's own

I could be free when I die

I could be eating a pie

I could so know, but I don't

I could not care for all these

__rock formations, that come up

____from underground


Let me just sink my teeth into

The wettest hole of all thee Earth

Where nobody can hear me make her scream

The squeezing tight

__of the trigger

As I blow the hos brains

__my dick just quivers

I'm so in delight in what I have

Her jiggly ass is in my hands

And my nose, rubbing her clitoris

As the drinking begins

I know what I could do

With all the money in her hand bag

Now that I just killed thee ol' bag

I know this sounds like nothing

It maybe be easy for you

To know what to buy

__when you walk in a store

But I plan to shop for whores


__I just can't ignore

Brain soup

__and some sweet breast milk

Exes in eyes

__after the taking of life

Her mouth will be full of cum tonight

Who cares if it's not right?

Bean bags fall from the rack

Hit me on my head

__and I fell on my ass


What a laugh!

Glad to see I'm all dizzy

Stars swirling around

And the nothing-but-a-good-ho

Is bleeding all over this

__God forsaken ground

I guess the dogs are gonna come in

So that the canine head bashing can start

And thee art of animal cruelty

Will be my finale of immorality

__for the day

And I'll walk into the clouds

Asking for another life

Not that I can live

But that I can take


12-06-'13 #1

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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