Social Distancing

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taken from my book, "Blown Out Of Proportion"

Social Distancing


Social distancing sucks

"Fear of there not being toilet paper

__next month, wasn't enough suckiness"

Sayeths The Lord

"So now let's close public places"

Now I'm afraid there won't be a convention

__this year

And not be able to stand up for my 9 years

__at the countdown

Fear of there not being a football game

__to go to

____next season

Fear that Megan would catch Corona

Fear that Ify would

Fear that anybody in my family would

Fear that I would

Fear that my homies would

Fear I'd have to buy food

__a month at a time

When milk doesn't last longer than a week

This is all just pissing me off

And all I wanna do is bust a nut

And I can't even do that

I just can't stand it!

"A world full of sluts

__that I just couldn't fuck"

____wasn't enough

Now I can't even get a hug

I'll never go on a date ever again

Because it's thee end of the world

People say "it's temporary"

Yeah fuckin' right

It's gonna kill us all



D. L. Cannon

Submitted: March 18, 2020

© Copyright 2021 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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Hey DL! You're so sweet - worrying about everybody! I haven't caught Corona yet! The grocery store sucks and they are closing everything down....except hospitals and clinics. So, that's where I'll be. Running low on masks.

Hey, I have good news, though. There is a milk you can buy that lasts a really long time - like over a month. It's called Fairlife, ultrafiltered and lactose free. Look for it in your grocery.

Thu, March 19th, 2020 1:06am


Lactose free? EWE!!!!! NOT for me!

Mon, March 23rd, 2020 2:43pm

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