Self Justified

Self Justified Self Justified

Status: In Progress

Genre: Poetry


Status: In Progress

Genre: Poetry


taken from my book, "I Gotta Find My Mind"


taken from my book, "I Gotta Find My Mind"


Submitted: August 12, 2016

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Submitted: August 12, 2016



Self Justified


A closed mind

__and a non-existing heart

A ruined world

__and disconnection with all who inhabit it

All of the soft pillow-like titties

__jiggle before my eyes

All of the moist pussies

__make me so hard in my pants

____just undressing the horny sluts with my eyes

But it's not my fault

I didn't tell these hos to dress like that

I didn't say they can buy all the crack

__before I do

____just to be higher than me

When the world rots in sin

I will have a big fat grin

And painful suffering

__will be a joy to watch

I don't need to venture out to new things

Movies on Netflix

__shows me all I need to know

____about having a life

Nothing but conflict

And I can do without

When I can't cope

I know there'll always be dope

And when I lose hope

__I can sit and pray

____for a God to avenge me

Or I can do my killing, myself

Which would involve me getting off my ass

But I'm O.K. with that


__how things are

____right now

______I know I won't last

In the world around me

__all that I can see

____are hideous haters of my existence

But I won't let that get to me

Sex does a lot to my mind

__I know that

And what it doesn't do

__I have no use for anyways

Doing the whore

__that spreads her legs before me

Or chopping up the bitch

__that said "no" to me the night before

____doesn't change anything

I'm still gonna be myself

And I will never get away from me

Because I am incapable of change

Change can kiss my ass

I am perfect the way I am

I am not a mistake

If I were

__don't you think God would have done something about it

____by now?

I don't need to know more than what I am taught

So the launching of bananas into outer space

__to feed the first woman

____with oral fixation

______to go up in space

________may pleasure her mouth

__________but for how long?

Concentrating on the release

__of my semen

____as I blow my wad

______somewhere in the vicinity

________of a whorehouse

__________just outside of town

____________doesn't change anything

I'm still gonna hate the bitch

And in thee end

__she's still just gonna be

____just like all the rest in my head

The world cannot be a funny place

__if no one laughs

The deaths will not seem right

__if the deaths never stop

But if the whole point of massacre

__is just never made

____why bother to step aside?

I sit on this milk crate

__with no food on my plate

____at thee end of the day

And when night finally decides

__to show up

____all I can do is prepare for the next day

But is that supposed to be O.K.?



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2020 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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