=P IFYNATION!!!!! <3

=P IFYNATION!!!!! <3 =P IFYNATION!!!!! <3

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


taken from my book, "Suspended In Suspense"


taken from my book, "Suspended In Suspense"


Submitted: July 01, 2015

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Submitted: July 01, 2015



=P IFYNATION!!!!! <3


I just wish I could enter your world

Have you in arms reach

Close enough to fuck

But it would not be ruff

I long to penetrate you

With my little dick

Making sweet loving to you all night long

With my small little "ding-dong"

And your willingness to have me inside

Would make my life so bright

Your breasts in my hands

And then in my mouth

My tongue in your hole

Going in and out

Desires to bring you to climax

As you sit on my face

With your pussy shaved all the way

Taunt me with pleasures I wish I could have

But could I ever have that?

Would you ever want me to tap that ass?

Your rump

__that is so round

Just looks so soft and squishy

Thoughts of you naked

Just makes me wish hard

__that I was there

____or you were here

Where we could devour each other

__out of pure love

If only you would love me

To kiss your luscious lips

And to look into your eyes

__in person

Feeling your touching hands

__and arms around me

To be able to make you moan



Would be a beautiful day

If only you could be mine

I would stay yours forever

And we could fuck forever

Hearing your flesh smack

And feeling your pussy quenching

__and creaming

____all over my cock

I would love to have your nurture

__my eager erection

And would be pleased to taste

__every part of your vast beauty

To sleep with you everynight

And wake up with you every morning

And after every nap

We could take so much good care

__of each other

Never fading

And always in love

Hearing wedding bells

After every ejaculation

The rubbing if your sweet

__silky skin

And consistency of licking you all up

Being all I can think of

When you're seducing me finally

Never needing to charm my way

__into your heart

Not having to make any strenuous effort

And still being able to go in and out

__for as long as you need

____to finally climax

______like you've always wanted to

Like how long I've always wanted to last

Before I blast a load into

__your birth controlled twat

Twitching in ecstasy with my boner

Listening to you beg me to

__fuck you "harder!"

____and "HARDER!!!!!"

Having sex until thee end of time

Making each other feel so right

A constant love making

And events all done together

From cooking

__to shopping

____and writing

______and posting

________and reading

__________and commenting

Even bike riding

__and eating

All in the company of one another

Taking trips

__and seeing the world

The fantasies will never end

Until they are reached

Life would be grand

With you being with me


06-30-'15 #1

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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