No Wonder They Spell "Merry Christmas" With An "E"

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taken from my book, "Really Feeling It!"

No Wonder They Spell "Merry Christmas" With An "E"


"No nees to" kill

Any one


"Can't return

To" a squat down

__and a burn

I can never take

My own fucked up life

I will not be killed

I refuse to die

In this



A black whore

__grabbed my dick

____in a shwimming pool

Took me in

Let me fuck


Put a condum on my jim'

Placed my pecker in her slit

But then she said to stop

And I had to get off

Took me 2 more years

__to bust that nut

Lord knows holdin' that in

Made me so nuts

Fin'ly came inside of a broad

A white girl

__as old as I am now

8 years ago is a Hell of a long time

To have been away from the one

Who took my verginity

Durring thee 8 years

Since my first cum

Girls have came

And girls have gone

But only 4 other women

Have I ever came in

All alone now

__I say goodbye

To my freeky short sex life

At least the second

To the last

Intervolt had 38 busted nuts counted

But all in all it wasn't enough

Knowing I'll never

Ever again cum


The love I lose

Is the life I'll live

Fell in love with

50 women

Here in life

I have cried

wept to death inside

A zomby now

I have become

Is it worth trying again?

For who's love?

It's not a sin to quit

It's called retireing

The window for marriage has closed


I'm too old

Way to go, Jesus

Way to go

Happy birthday

I die alone


12-24-'10 #2

D. L. Cannon

Submitted: December 24, 2010

© Copyright 2022 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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