My Hatred For Mankind

My Hatred For Mankind My Hatred For Mankind

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


taken from my book, "If At All Possible"


taken from my book, "If At All Possible"


Submitted: March 24, 2014

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Submitted: March 24, 2014



My Hatred For Mankind


"10 thousand" aliens guard my home

When I am feeling so alo-aye-oan

And when I feel like falling from the sink

I'll "storm into a" stairwell, looking for a common decency

But when all the buckets of unwashed harvest

Look back and fall down

Nothing but a drama when the cogs are not working

And when I mourn the way I do

I will sit down in my gloom

Take another look at the fruit flies

That seem to be overbearing

Here and about

Thee enemies laugh at my misfortune

Because they always cause them

But I could give a hunk of hair

__from a monkey's ass

____and blow the whistle

______and watch the cutting off

________of every ones' heads

__________by my friends from outer space

And when I tie a chicken up in lace

I'm gonna mutilate

__everybody else's mothers

____and have sex with their brains

______the way I always have

The money that sings to me

Is only gonna be grabbed by my hands

As if slipping in the sand

Wondering why monsters kill

__what they cannot have

And the dark spots

Swirling around in my way

__of seeing anything I can see

It will never be this way or that

So you can all suck on my ass cheeks

Most of all I'm too slow

__to bend any silverware

____with only a weak mind

______who could not control an interview

________to save his teeth

Maybe my class is not there

I just don't have any, these days

It's not just the beverages

That smack you where you look funny

And so like a Jack-O'-lantern I stand

To be laughed at by the bitches

__that I can never even talk to

They all seem to ignore my cat calls

Always have

Always will

Wouldn't suck my dick

If I had a hundred mill'

I'd like to know what's so funny

But you guys seem to think

__that it' me that is the joke

Maybe I just don't have

__a sense of humor

Especially when looking in the mirror

But why bend over backwards

__only to fuck a sky

____that would never rain

______when I do?

I may not be civilized

But you could connect my head

__to this heart in my chest

And thrift away into the main stage

Fall and be killed

And when you end up like me

You'll recognize the fingers

__that point at you

And you'll wonder what time it really is

When I piss on your head


03-21-'14 #1

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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