Magical Sensations

Magical Sensations Magical Sensations

Status: In Progress

Genre: Poetry


Status: In Progress

Genre: Poetry


taken from my book, "Must You Find Out"


taken from my book, "Must You Find Out"


Submitted: May 23, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



Magical Sensations


Off the wall with blank expressions

Think I'm gonna wipe my face

__right off of it's place

And spoil the human race

The time it takes to explode and run

Might be too long for me to have any fun

If you think this world is stupid

__you're not alone

Unless you count being by yourself

__as being lone

When the purpose of life

__seems to be too far to reach

The boiling and screaming noises

__tamper wih the world's lost production

If I knew any better

__I'd say "I didn't know better

____than how much better I know"

But since I don't

__I don't have to say that

Beware of the hookers

__that suck on cack

They like to swallow

__all that they can

Some like to fuck

Some don't

But the ones that do

__I like to choke

And they, themselves, also like to be choked

So there you go

I live alone

__in a world that doesn't like me

Well, the world can suck my pee pee

But since they don't

__I know exactly how this story

____is going to be unfolding

Women all around me

__will flee for there lives

And one by one

__they will all die

And none of them will come back to life

And ev'rything will be quite dandy

And the lilies will be for the picking

And I will stick my dick in

__and out

____of their mouths

As a horny world

__grows all around

And love spins 'round and 'round my head

My lusting heart

__pumps horny blood

____all thru-out my veins

______all over my body

And my dick becomes enraged with emotion

Stiff as a board


__light as a feather

Not as big as the black dicks

__that own all the women around me

So I kill them too

__in order to do my fucking

In light of all the demands

__that are at hand

____I'm bound to feel my way

______around the dead bodies

________that call my name in bed

Waking me up from sleep-fucking them

And from sleep-sucking their titties

Their sexy dead faces

With the look of love

__in there lifeless eyes

____that I

______for some reason

________don't recognize

__________that they are lifeless eyes

____________to begin with

______________I feel very moved

________________and touched

I want their flesh to stay

And not rot

But the dead have to decay

And life goes on

Mine, at least

There'll always be another whore

To kill

And explore

And when the running water

__flows down the stream

____to carry the bodies

______full mof my cum

________I will look back in anger

Pissed off at myself

__for what I've become

And I will cry myself silly

Laughing at the same time

Though, I know nothing of the sort

__of another way

____to keep myself cumming

______just another day

I have to cum

It feels good

And I am an addict

Addicted to good feelings

I will do anything I can

To stick my dick in a snatch

Because I love pussies

I love all of that wetness

__upon my cack

As I go in and out

Just like that

Spam mail never ceases to make me laugh

Always getting mail

__from some broad's husband

____pleading for his wife back

______after he has come back from the dead

Even reporting his being murdered

__by me

____to the police

And there's this big investigation

A lavishly dumb rottin' investigation

About the bodies found floatin'

__down the river

It's just so funny!

But none the less

Spam always was

__meant for entertainment

The joyous sounds I exclaim

__is like an orgasm of it's own

I am spinnin' in my zone

Lost in the traveling around

Of looking for my next ho

And then I wake up

And get all pissed off

That I haven't really been

__bustin' any nuts

____in any one


Which isn't fun

__nor funny

My tall tail dream of a life

Now I just wanna die

I can't fuck anybody



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2021 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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