Life In Transitional Housing

Life In Transitional Housing Life In Transitional Housing

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


taken from my book, "Hotwired Thoughts"


taken from my book, "Hotwired Thoughts"


Submitted: October 01, 2011

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Submitted: October 01, 2011



Life In Transitional Housing


Timmy Time

Is never again

But I still can't let

The smell of weed get to me

I've got to be clean

My father's watching me

My ev'ry mood

Can be seen from Up Above

My mind is clay

So I must mold it's thoughts

And think about staying off

Any kind of drug

My worried heart

Has troubling beats

But I'm not about to let that

Bother the thoughts I think

And as if I knew how

To kneel before The Lord

And bow down

I'll keep my vision

Clean of doubt

On my way out

Of this life

Surely I must not hang my head

And begin to cry

For laughter will find me eventually

While I sit at home alone

With all these distant roomies

Some old

Some new

Some collect dust

Just lying on their backs

And looking straight up

Some runnin' about

On their own parts of town

Makin' that skrilla

Me, I'm just absorbing the music

And expressing blindly

My insanity amuses my eyes

My pen moving like a monster

So unpredictable

Yet, sharp enough to take a life

Holding no more meaning in a line

Once the next one is written

And over and over again

Bubbles of air in my bloodstream

Tickles my heart

I could never dance to words

So the lines on the pages are the dance floor

That letters jump and boogie their words on

I couldn't be changed

Even for a free cup of coffee

Leaning forward and forward

Closer and closer to the page

My eyes in a daze

Grouping letters together

Often seizing the moment to breathe

But only sometimes

Other times coming up for air

Is slim to none

Nil tolerance for suffocation

So eventually there is rest

Found in starvation

Glad to manipulate my stomach

Teasing me with hunger

All the day long

Never stopping for lunch though

Why would my appetite

Bother to dominate?

It has no right to control me

But I think I'll stop and eat a cookie

Or maybe not

Crowds of pizza rule my brain anyway

Often too picky to decide

On any restaurant or anything

Troubling my bank account

Before the 3rd. of the month

Is just never fun enough to do

But looking around a now empty room

Only lets me hang my head

I'm not to be found dead

So I won't kill myself

Just because I cannot get laid again

Losing whatever mind I have

In such a small pee pee

That I own

Doesn't make me utter the words "oh no"

But I sure can thank the candy bar

That I ate long ago

She tasted nasty

And she wasn't a good poke

Condoms are silly

I would've proffered a throat

But none the less

I have stopped being the weeping one

No longer is the life of sex

Gonna pick up it's pace

And start up again though

So without any ado

I swallow the gum I chew on

Just to be in the news

Looked at by the terror

That forces me to love her

Whoever this "her" is

And whenever we will meat

I'm sure that's only gonna have

To happen in my next life

With my such luck

My, how the most awkward positions

Just jump up and grab me by the hand

Just to pull me up and toss me

Into thee air with mice

Gnawing on my flesh

Like some kind of crowded love cloud

Spinning on the top of my head

It's a maze with no cheese at thee end

I bethca

And whatta you know?

Here is thee ending

No cheese for me

Now where's my money?



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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