Itchin' Along The Scratch

Itchin' Along The Scratch Itchin' Along The Scratch

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


taken from my book, "If At All Possible"


taken from my book, "If At All Possible"


Submitted: March 19, 2014

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Submitted: March 19, 2014



Itchin' Along The Scratch


When all the critics are all laughing

I'll be the star that is dangling

And when I hear the creatures being cooked alive

I'll be eating K.F.C. in ecstasy every night

"Don't forget to count the water drops!"

I'll be hearing my dad say to me

And if I ever my winter coat sheds in winter time

I'll be crawling out of my skin

Scratching away like whatever could be like

Some kind of form of itch scratching

It's not just thee edge I'm livin' off of

It's more the saner tone

Like a red balloon

That wishes to be the hundredth one to fly by

I'm not just gonna eat away

At all the racing thoughts

As I try to think of an idea

Of how to know the cost

'Cause vaping instead now

__gave me MAD bucks!

I may not understand much

With my feeble mind

But at least there is no integrity had

__that can be robbed of me

____in the first place

My smileless face

Is about to be baked

And when I dream

I'll wake up asleep

Don't count the sheep

'Cause they're going to flee

And run away from this terrible identity

I'm as indented into my own face

As I have ever been

But not much to care about

__when the world is torn

Strike the match and watch it burn

Help me put my pen to work

And maybe they'll be dope to burn

Or maybe not

__'cause that's a lie

I am never getting high

The webs that crawling spiders spin

Can never put me up in a trap

Made to be some snack for it's hunger

Inside these walls that breathe

I swear there's air

Because they move

They prob'ly got bigger lungs than me

Just like everybody else does

I'm not sure if I'll ever see

A normally dense cloud

Come from me when I exhale

But that don't mean I'm not getting a hit

When vapor slowly takes over my life

I'll be in another pit of despair

Waking up to fall asleep again

In a hurry to do so too

And when I drag myself out of bed

Who's gonna feed me a piece of their mind?

I only wanna eat another's reality for breakfast

I'm not thee only "forever" left

I'm just as heavily thrown into a blue lake

Just as easily as ever

When "forever" is just a word

__I will know it means "never"

____in thee end

When fish blow up the sea

And man drowns the birds in his tub

What's gonna be "what" plus "what"?

And if I see

And if I don't

And if I'm still alive

After I've been choked

What other kind of bingo night

Can wash the bones of another's life?


Life can be watched

__like a sicko on a boat

But I'm not that sick

So I'll never be stuck afloat

When at the thee end of my rope

I hang there


How will the weather be

__on that day?

Don't ask me

I'm not psychic enough

When I don't want to be staggered

I just want to be better than my own self

'Cause the world is not a good place

__to have to have a competition in

Banging my head on a wall

Will sure get me brain damage

But how am I ever gonna be

__held accountable for

Something that can't be ignored

When the good in me

__doesn't outweigh the bad?

Women always want to fuck with me at first

But I have a small dick

So they stop wanting it after first glance

When I get my fix of cotton and nicotine

Burnt by electricity

__I feel so happy

But in all actuality

I'm just as a fool as what you make out of me

When my sisters and my brothers are all dead

I'll know that I'm going to be next

Very sooner than how soon is now

And that's just not fair

The thought of "dying" is a panic attack

Inside I know

__that I just don't want to ever die

Even though I'm obsessed with death all the way

I'm not beginning to become my age yet

So maybe death is far away


Stay far!

I don't care if I hate my body!

I wanna stay in it!

For as long as I may


03-17-'14 #3

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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