I Have To Let You Go

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

taken from my book, "Pray For Solution"

I Have To Let You Go


"Fresh meat!

Fresh meat!"

On the side of the street

"Hot sale!

Hot sale!"

It's a Hell of a whale

You could cook up a storm with it

I'm just waiting for you to be bored

__and tired of it

Tired of playing your games

When the rain drops

Don't bother looking my way

I wouldn't share with you my umbrella

If you couldn't even suck as fella'

Why waste my time on you?

I take it you have no clue

That doesn't surprise me

But what does surprise me

Is how horny you can get

For somebody else

I hope you choke on his dick

Who ever he is

I hope he builds you up

__just to tear you down

And you find no next man

__to be around

I hope you fall into a bottomless pit

Get sick of your life and slit your wrists

Both of them

'Cause I am tired of your shit

You couldn't keep your love-life to yourself

__could you?

You had to let me know

__didn't you?

I don't wanna know you anymore

I don't wanna know

And I don't wanna care

Screw yourself

You'll never be there

You'll never be here

Won't be my dear

It's like I'm a fear

Well, slap my face

__and call me "stupid"

I wouldn't even shed a tear

If you died

I wouldn't turn back the hands of time

Even if I had a chance

But this is all supposed to be my fault

'Cause I wasn't supposed to fall for your ass

Fall for your titties

Nor fall for your face

I got locked away in excitement

So sue me for thinking you look great

Behind it all

No one in his right mind

Would want more than a grind

A little ruff sex

But with me being me

The moment is never right


12-16-'14 #1

D. L. Cannon

Submitted: December 17, 2014

© Copyright 2023 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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