War Angel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: Dark Erotica

A soldier encounters a horrific being while stuck in no-mans land.

No man's land was quiet, littered with the charred remains of vehicles while countless corpses laid scattered across the battlefield. The battle had been chaotic and lasted a mere hour and a half before it had ended, both sides suffering heavy losses before they'd retreated back to their trenches to recover.

However, one soldier wasn't quite dead.

Otto sat there in the muck, hands resting in his lap as he slowly looked around, bloodshot eyes wet with tears while he took slow, deep breaths to calm himself. He had been knocked off his feet by the blast from a mortar shell and had spent the rest of the battle unconscious, so it came as quite the surprise when he had woken up surrounded by corpses.

He wasn't too sure which way his trench was and thus had decided not to move from his spot for fear of getting lost or wandering towards the allied trenches where he'd either be mown down by machine gun fire or end up a prisoner of war, neither options appealing to the man.

And so he sat there in that thick mud, rifle resting beside him as he lifted a hand to remove his helmet, running his fingers through his short damp black hair before he'd let out a sigh and slowly move to stand, placing his helmet back atop his head and picking up his rifle.

He had spotted an abandoned machine gun nest and had decided that it would be better to take shelter there than stay out in the cold mud and risk catching his death. With a small grunt, he began to walk, the eerily silence of the battlefield being broken by the man's footsteps as he walked through the mud and stepped over corpses to reach his goal.

Eventually, he reached that nest and climbed in, sitting back down and leaning his rifle against the bullet-riddled sandbags before he'd move to rummage through his pack, pulling out a pipe, planning to simply smoke until he worked up the courage to try and head back to his trench.

However, as he laid there he soon noticed something moving a few meters away from him, and upon placing his pipe down and paying closer attention, he quickly noticed that it was a wounded British soldier, the man pulling his body along the ground while his seemingly broken legs were dragged along behind him, the man crawling over bodies in an attempt to find his way to safety.

Quickly, Otto tilted his helmet forwards and leant himself back against the sandbags of the machinegun nest, hoping to fool the soldier into thinking he was dead... After all, while the wounded man seemed harmless, Otto wasn't keen on taking any unnecessary risks.

However, when the man suddenly began to scream Otto jumped slightly and grew curious, lifting a hand to tilt his helmet back so that he could see what was going on.

The sight confused him.

The man was now on his back, eyes wide and staring up at the sky, one hand clutching something near his neck while the other grabbed at his pistol, which seemed to be stuck within its holster.

Confused, Otto frowned and peered up through the torn tarp of the machine gun nest, only to have his own eyes go wide at what he saw.

Circling above the battlefield, like some kind of ghastly spirit, was a flying person. It was hard to make out any details, but the most apparent thing was that the humanoid figure had large bat-like wings where their arms should have been.

Such a sight, understandably, shocked Otto and he quickly moved to wipe his eyes, assuming what he'd seen was some kind of hallucination, however once he looked back up that figure had started to descend, its form slowly growing closer and closer until, finally, the strange being was hovering just above the screaming soldier, whose voice had started to grow hoarse.

Otto simply sat and stared at the being, whose features he could now observe.

The humanoid creature was odd looking, with pitch black skin, a somewhat feminine figure and elongated legs that ended in bird-like talons rather than feet. However, by far one of the most haunting things about the creature was the face.

It was featureless, save for two large, unblinking, fiery red eyes that seemed fixed upon the soldier below.

It was then, as Otto sat there watching it, that the wounded soldier finally got his pistol free and aimed it up at the creature, quickly starting to fire! However, the rounds seemed to simply pass through the torso of the creature, who was seemingly uninterested in the weapon or the fact that the man was trying to kill it.

The soldier continued to fire until his pistol ran dry, at which point he tossed the weapon at the creature and rolled onto his back, starting to crawl away in hopes of escaping, the hovering being lazily following him along.

At this point, the man had spotted Otto and suddenly began to scream out once more, eyes lighting up with hope, however, Otto simply sat there, frozen with fear and unable to understand the man's pleas as he didn't speak a lick of English.

A few seconds after the man had spotted him, the creature seemingly became content with its observations and suddenly sank its talons into the mans back, earning a scream of agony from the soldier before the creature gave one powerful beat of its wings and both it and the soldier vanished up into the fog-filled sky above, the mans screams fading before the battlefield was once more left in silence.

Otto simply sat there, dumbstruck and frightened at what he'd just witnessed. Quietly, he moved to pick up his rifle and brought his knees up to his chest, trying to make himself as small and unnoticeable as he could.

As he sat there, he moved to take a photograph out of his pocket, brushing his muddy fingers over the smiling faces of his child and wife, attempting to find some small comfort in whatever he could following that strange encounter.

And it was then, a mere twenty or so seconds following the wounded soldier's abduction, that his mangled body came crashing down a stone's throw away from him.

The sight caused Otto to vomit.

The 'body' was little more than a mangled mess of blood, bones and clumps of hair, and for some ungodly reason it looked and smelt burnt, the bright red flesh looking as if it had been cooked while the bones poking out of that mess were blacker than charcoal.

Once the contents of Otto's stomach had been emptied, the man quickly jumped to his feet, stumbling out of that machinegun nest and heading off in a random direction, rifle raised and head on a swivel.

He only made it a short distance from the nest when he spotted the otherworldly creature drift over-head, that ghostly figure peering down at him with those burning red eyes before coming to perch itself upon twisted remains of a tank, crouched down much like a gargoyle one could expect to see on a church roof, head cocked to the side and talons drumming along the dark grey metal of the war machine beneath it.

Quickly, Otto raised his rifle and blinked away some sweat, clearing his throat some before he'd shout out, "Holen Sie sich das Hölle weg von mir!", voice hoarse and heart racing as the thing didn't react, its red eyes unblinking as they gazed right back into his own.

And then the thing spoke, though the sound of its voice caused Otto to drop his gun in fright, hands shooting up to cover his ears as he fell to his knees and began to shout, attempting to drown out the sounds.

It was if a thousand voices were screaming out at once in a language Otto didn't recognize, and when he peered at the creature he could see now that it did indeed have a mouth, though it was little more than a wide circular hole that burned just as brightly as its eyes, thick strands of stringy red-gore starting to dribble down its chin and fall to the ground below as it continued to 'speak' to him, Otto finding himself unable to tear his gaze away from the monster.

He was gazing into the very mouth of hell, listening to the screams of the damned as they echoed around within his head.

And then, just as abrutbly as they'd began, the voices ceased, the beast closing its mouth and slowly standing up atop the ruined tank, gazing down at a shell-shocked Otto, his hands falling away from his now bleeding ears while his eyes were unable to look away from the strangely elegant figure, and even as it jumped off the tank and landed a mere arms-reach away from him the man didn;t move to run or grab his rifle, realsing that if the creature wantred him dead there would be very little he could do to stop it.

However, Otto would not find himself being pulled up into the sky, instead he'd watch as the creature slowly lifted a clawed foot and pressed it against his chest, only to then gently push the man onto his ass, Otto now sat there in the mud, trembling and starting to mutter soft prayers to Christ above.

The creature seemed amused by this, wing-like arms folding at its side before it moved its foot down to rest between the German mans spread legs, soft sole pressing down against his groin while those talons dug into the fabric of his trousers, gently poking the skin beneath before with a resounding tear the creature pulled its foot back, revealing his flaccid un-cut length and dangling balls to the cold air, a feeling that made the man gasp out.

"Bitte nicht ... lassen Sie mich los!" He'd whimper, cheeks red and hands reaching back to rest on the muddy ground. Despite his soft begging, the creature once more moved its foot down towards his groin, once more pressing its soft sole against him... though this time, there was nothing between that soft skin and the mans length, Otto letting out a gasp of arousal the moment the strange beings hot skin touched his own, flaccid length twitching softly while the creature slowly began to move its foot back and forth over his nethers, slowly but surely coaxing an erection out of the terrified German.

It wasn't long until the man's member was standing proud, Otto leant back slightly, lips parted as he let out soft groans, the being continuing to rub its sole over his length until it'd move to close its talons around his member, gripping it loosely before it'd start to stroke him off, earning a few slimy beads of glistening ropes of pre from his length, that slimy bodily fluid leaking down over the creatures dark talons.

"Gott verzeih mir, Martha! ... verzeih mir!" He'd groan, moving to lay back on the ground, legs spreading further and hips starting to pump up into the demons grasp, his eyes squeezed shut and lips parted as he let loose a shame-filled groan, tears trickling down his cheeks and face redder than the creatures fiery eyes as he felt himself creeping closer and closer, the man even daring to reach a hand down to tend to his woefully neglected balls, groping and tugging them as he writhed beneath the creature.

And then, with a scream of pleasure, the man's member erupted, spraying thick ropes of hot cum from his tip, staining the creatures foot, his stomach and his thighs as he gasped and groaned, back arching slightly as he rode out that orgasm... Only to soon relax, peering up at the creature who'd pleasured him through watery eyes, letting out a tender whimper as he felt it release his cock and go back to gently rubbing it with its sole, that soft wrinkled skin feeling like heaven.

He stayed like that for a while, gazing at the creature and simply enjoying the sensations of its foot against his now semi-flaccid length, fear melting away to shame and confusion. Before long, however, the thing lifted its foot away from the man's member and instead pressed it against his face, gently smothering him with beneath that leathery black skin... Though it wasn't long before Otto began to curiously lick at it, even lifting his hands to gently hold that foot, fingers brushing over the hot black flesh while he cleaned up the mess he had made, the taste of his own salty cum and the feeling of it vanishing down his throat both disgusting the man and arousing him.

He stayed like this for a while, kissing and licking at the foot upon his face until every last rope of his seed was cleaned away, black skin glistening softly with his spittle and saliva while the creature rewarded his efforts by gently dragging that soft sole back and forth across his face for a few brief moments, something that sent a small wave of pleasure down the mans spine... Pleasure that would then be interrupted by agonising pain as the talons of the thing sunk themselves into his face, blood pouring from the newly inflicted wounds and flowing down his face in sheets as, with one beat of its wings, the creature ascended into the air, taking Otto along with it.

Otto would scream against the dark sole that covered his face, blinding him while his hands battered at the monsters ankle, legs flailing and flaccid cock spraying piss as he was pulled higher and higher, soon becoming surrounded by thick fog.

It was there, miles above the ground, that the skin of the creature would start to become hotter, unbearbly so as that previously hot flesh became scoulding, Otto screaming out in terror as he felt the flesh upon his face start to bubble and blacken, while hsi hair would burst into brillent red fire, his whole body flailing and jerking while the thing that was killing opened its mouth once more, although this time instead of speaking to him, Otto's screams would suddnely cease, even as the man continued to flail and now silently scream against that boiling sole, eyes bursting and tongue swelling to the size of a slug.

And then, without making a sound, the creature released its grasp on the man, a few strings of melted flesh clinging to its talons while Otto himself plummeted to the ground below, blinded and voiceless, half dead and silently screaming until he landed on the muddy ground below, corpse now filled with broken bones and ruined internal organs, dark red streams of gore bubbleing up from his throat, flowing out of a lip-less mouth, pooling and soaking into the mud as Otto became just another faceless (quite literraly) body among dozens more.

Quietly, the being drifted down to the ground and perched itself upon Otto's back, claws sinking into his flesh as it hunched over to examine the corpse, red eyes flickering some before a sound caught the being's attention, a distant voice calling out in German.

"Ist da jemand? Bitte ... kann mir jemand hören?" It called, lost in no man's land much like Otto had been, and after a few moments of silence the creature's mouth opened, the fires of hell burning within its maw before Otto's voice would emerge, as clear as day itself.


Submitted: March 17, 2018

© Copyright 2022 DisturbedDesires. All rights reserved.

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