The Awakening: Yielding to His Every Desire Ch. 2

The Awakening: Yielding to His Every Desire Ch. 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Denise leaves us the intricately-detailed narrative of her sexual awakening, at the hands of James, the meeting by chance and becoming lovers by force, eventually, throwing others into the mix, all to teach Denise everything about herself that she had wondered but never come to accept. Thanks to James, Denise can look back, in utmost admiration and joy at what she has become. Less Denise leaves us the intricately-detailed narrative of her sexual awakening, at the hands of James, the meeting by chance and becoming lovers by force, eventually, throwing others into the mix, all to teach Denise everything about herself that she had wondered but never come to accept. Thanks to James, Denise can look back, in utmost admiration and joy at what she has become, the great, lustful beast that was unleashed by her kismet embrace of passion. What is inside may shock you, though it is far more likely to enthrall and bring to ask some of the same things of yourself, wondering if you, too, can be so awakened. This tale includes steamy one-on-one scenarios, hot fmf and mfm threesomes, and much more.


Denise leaves us the intricately-detailed narrative of her sexual awakening, at the hands of James, the meeting by chance and becoming lovers by force, eventually, throwing others into the mix, all to teach Denise everything about herself that she had wondered but never come to accept. Thanks to James, Denise can look back, in utmost admiration and joy at what she has become. Less
Denise leaves us the intricately-detailed narrative of her sexual awakening, at the hands of James, the meeting by chance and becoming lovers by force, eventually, throwing others into the mix, all to teach Denise everything about herself that she had wondered but never come to accept. Thanks to James, Denise can look back, in utmost admiration and joy at what she has become, the great, lustful beast that was unleashed by her kismet embrace of passion.

What is inside may shock you, though it is far more likely to enthrall and bring to ask some of the same things of yourself, wondering if you, too, can be so awakened.

This tale includes steamy one-on-one scenarios, hot fmf and mfm threesomes, and much more.

Chapter2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter 2


Days went by, and I hadn’t heard a word from James.  I couldn’t remember if I’d left him my phone number or not, and I hadn’t told him where I lived.  I thought, many times, about just walking the five short blocks to James’ house, knocking on his door in hopes that he was actually home, and jumping him, requiring him to rip my clothes off of me and tear me apart like he had the first day.  I wondered if, maybe, I really hadn’t given him my number, and he’d actually wanted to get a hold of me as much as I’d wanted him to.  Maybe, I thought, he was waiting for another really hot fuck with me and was totally disappointed that it hadn’t happened, maybe even cursing me for not giving him a way to ask for one, of, as I would have preferred, to demand one.

I started to feel bad about it all.  This guy, at least as far as sex goes, was the king of the world, in my mind.  He might not have been the nicest guy, but I sure as hell wasn’t looking for nice.  Until the day in the convenience store, I hadn’t been looking for anything really, pretty much fed up with relationships and anything related to them.  I was transformed at that moment, taken away to a place of phenomenal animal desire, not that I minded one bit.  Frankly, James could have done anything at all he wanted to me, could have been the biggest jerk on Earth, but as long as he let me have my fun with that enormous cock of his, I wouldn’t have cared.  I was obsessed, not only with it, but with the way that its owner used it.  The man could fuck like so few others could even dream of.  As far as size, he had a yacht, and he had plenty of motion in the ocean. 

Every day, for three days, I spent hour after hour masturbating to the thoughts of what I’d done with James and what I still wanted to do to him and with him.  The sad part was waking up on Monday and knowing that I couldn’t play with myself so much.  For some reason, bosses frown on employees using company time to get off, though I’m sure that most bosses do it more than the ones that work for them.  The entire weekend, save that part of Friday that I’d had my life’s greatest fucking, I spent naked, rubbing my clit, slamming my pussy and ass with whatever I could find.  I went through more batteries in one weekend than I had in months.  I didn’t think I could take anymore, but no matter how hard I tried to stop, I couldn’t bring myself to get dressed or to stop fucking myself.  After all, nobody else was fucking me, so I had to get something. 

I lost count of how many times I masturbated, but I was positive that it was, by far, a record for me.  In fact, I think I probably shattered my record just on Friday night, even after all of the fucking, shattered that big time on Saturday, and shot that record all to Hell on Sunday.  I nearly wore out my DVD player, couldn’t get my toys to function properly again, and wished, damn near prayed, that someone would randomly knock on my door and offer assistance, even if it weren’t James.  I think I would have fucked almost anyone that weekend, but whoever they were, I wouldn’t have let them leave.  They would have been fucked until they were in a coma, man or woman, or even a group.  James had turned me into the kind of insatiable nymphomaniac that I’d only heard about or seen in movies.  I went so far as to contemplate going outside in a very short skirt, no panties, and bending over every time someone walked by, just to show off my pussy and see the reaction, after which, I’d flash a few more people and then go back inside to punish myself all over again.

It was all far too much.  Before lunch on Monday, I was on the verge of strutting into my boss’ office and asking if he’d like something special to eat, then throwing a leg up on his desk to let him get a good view of my pussy.  I didn’t want to risk my job, but someone soon needed to lick my fucking cunt, yes, cunt.  I was so fucking horny (still am while writing this) that I couldn’t help and can’t help but call it a fucking cunt. 

I spent more time that day masturbating than actually doing work.  I was so afraid that I might get caught by someone.  It wasn’t easy to conceal while at my desk, especially with those annoying phone calls and e-mails and other things to deal with.  The only thing that saved me was stealing away to the bathroom every half an hour or so to take care of myself, sometimes, bringing along one of my toys I’d brought from home, but of course, I always have fingers, though they don’t do as much.  They work in a pinch but are never really what I want, unless it’s when I’m getting fucked.  All I could think about was sex, not like I’ve stopped, but it was ridiculous.  I don’t think much of anything got done for a long time, except for ridding myself of urgent needs for a matter of minutes.  It eventually took a toll on things, but that’s for another time.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I knew.  I had to have a good fuck soon.  I didn’t care if I found one man, two men, three, whatever, or some couple.  In fact, I kind of wished that I could find a couple and a male friend of theirs so that I could have both men in one of my holes while my tongue eagerly worked the other woman’s slickened pussy.  I thought about asking my work friend, Tammy, if I could go home with her and join her and her husband for a night of intense, wanton fucking, but I didn’t want to ruin our relationship or get called into HR for sexual harassment.  When Tammy came to my desk and bent over to whisper something to me, the cleavage of her huge tits staring me right in the eyes, I wished that she and no one else would see if I slipped a finger or two under my clothes.

With a few hours left of work, I decided that I’d had enough.  Fucking myself was not doing the job.  Someone else had to take over.  I determined that I wouldn’t even bother going home that day, that I’d drive straight to James’ house, hopefully, catch him home, and make him do all of the nasty things to me that he’d done a few days prior.  It was a plan, a good one, I reminded myself.  It would work.  It had to, or I’d lose my fucking mind!

When quitting time came around, I had never been so relieved before, ready to run out of the office and jump into my car and head right to the home of the dick I’d been longing for, lusting for, drooling over, for so long.  Luckily, James was home and quite happy to see me.  “I thought maybe I’d never see you again, and you didn’t give me your number,” he told me plainly.  At last, the mystery had been solved.  In the heat of the moment, I had become a stupid, stupid bitch.  I told myself that every day from then until now and may never stop.  I can’t help but blame myself.  I could have had so much more fucking, instead of wasting my time with myself. 

I was quickly escorted into the house, but James sheepishly informed me that he had a date that night.  He’d met someone that weekend (woe to me, I know) and was about to head out to a restaurant with her.  I couldn’t take it.  I threw myself at him and engulfed his lips with mine, the two of us slamming each other around and around, into wall after wall, though, right when our clothes were about to come off, he stopped and reminded me of his plans, leaving me to head out, completely defeated and forlorn, and mostly, so fucking horny that I felt like just going next door to James’ neighbor’s house and hoping that there was a man or a couple that would pick up where James left off.  I made sure to give James my phone number this time, knowing that there was a good chance of our wonderful sex having to come to an end.  It was depressing, to say the least, to even fathom such a thing.

I trudged away, back to my car, to drive home in solitude.  When I got there, I broke down into tears of confusion.  I’m sure that it wasn’t really pain, though there was definitely some jealous involved.  After I finally became able to muffle some of the sobs and bring myself back together, I said, “Fuck it,” and tore my own clothes off, to repeat so much work that I’d done over the weekend.  If no one was going to fuck me, I was going to fuck myself, AGAIN!  AAAAAGGGGHHHH!  It was horrible!  I couldn’t get myself enough in the mood, didn’t want to have to masturbate for probably the 800th time (ok, maybe a little bit exaggerated), and wasn’t sure that I had enough batteries left if the ones in my vibrators gave out.  I thought that, for a chance of pace, I’d at least, take myself out of my bedroom for once.  I walked slowly to the living room, completely naked, with two toys in my right hand, and plopped down on the couch. 

It seemed a little better.  I began to work my hole with one of the toys, shoving it inside and leaving it there, while I kept the other, more powerful one, concentrated on my clit, my left hand roaming to one nipple and then the other.  All I could think about was James and how some lucky girl was probably going to get his humongous cock buried in her probably not as appreciative pussy.  I tried all I could to focus on his cock and how amazing it was, bringing me a little more toward where I wanted to be.  I thought about a lot of things after that, some of which only involved James but not only him, mostly, him and what I hoped were really hot friends of his, maybe even another woman thrown in somehow, all of my holes worked in unison and sometimes, of course, only my pussy and ass while a dripping, wet pussy was placed right to my lips, ready to be devoured the way that I would have wanted mine devoured. 

Once I imagined that beautiful, pink, dripping pussy all over my mouth, its hot juices pouring torrentially in while two cocks furiously beat my holes, without mercy, hot streams of cum rocketing out into me as the men pulsated, quivered, and throbbed, my pussy and ass squeezing their dicks so hard that they could take no more, all four of us cumming together within seconds, leaving us all big gooey messes, I felt that same intense orgasm come over me that I imagined would have had the fantasy been real.  I hurried to shove the toy from my clit into my ass and work my clit with both hands, my foot curled up, holding the power tool in my asshole, everything on me that I wanted worked getting a great workout, except for my mouth, but I knew that I could live with that. 

I collapsed into a heap on the couch, my cum rushing out of my pussy while I couldn’t even find the energy to pull either of the toys out of my holes, their power running down a little and my cum having to seep around the toy in my pussy, but it had all been worth it.  At least, I came.  It wasn’t what I wanted, and I knew (not to sound immodest) that I am a highly sought woman, so why couldn’t I just get someone to fuck me?! 

I see how people stare at me, how guys, and sometimes, women, lick their lips.  I’ve even had women that are at least as good looking as I am, if not more, come right up to me and ask me very personal questions, often, if I’d like to fuck them or, much more often, fuck them and their boyfriend.  Now, I really wish that I’d taken them up on their offers, instead of standing back so shocked and afraid.  There were times that it was very appealing to think about, but I never had the guts to do it.  Fuck, I sure would have after meeting James!  He’d opened up my eyes… and my pussy… and my mouth… and my ass, and all of them would be forever thankful.  He awakened the inner slut in Denise Perry, and I don’t care what people think.  I’ll be that slut until the day I die, if I had to bet on it.

I didn’t know at the time that James’ date was more of a friends with benefits situation.  They’d already fucked a couple of times since meeting but didn’t have plans for more.  Their date was just to get out and have some fun and work up the undying urge to fuck each other’s brains out later.  I found this out because, the next day, I started getting voicemail after voicemail and text after text from James, telling me that he’d gone out with the other woman, that he’d told her about me, that she was ok with it if James and I still wanted to fuck each other, and that she might even like to try a threesome.  Throw one more man into the mix, and it was my biggest fantasy coming true.  I was so excited at the thought but wasn’t entirely sure if I should try it.  I’d had one threesome years before, but it wasn’t that much fun, didn’t last long, and my boyfriend at the time paid much more attention to the other girl than he did to me. 

After a while, I said to myself, “Fuck it,” (kind of my thing, I guess, anymore, anyway) and called James back from the bathroom.  I made sure that no one was around, and why James wasn’t working seemed odd, but I didn’t question it too much and told him that we could give the threesome a try, that maybe, we should all go out for drinks soon so that she and I could get to know each other a little, and if all went well, we could turn from that to teasing the hell out of him so he’d take us both back to his house and fuck us silly.  The idea was the best thing James had ever heard of, it sounded like, and he said that he couldn’t wait.  He’d set the whole thing up for that night, if he could.  It turned out that he couldn’t, but the next night, we all found ourselves at a local bar, one of few that was very busy on a Wednesday.

I thought that I looked alright but wondered if I should have dressed up more.  I showed up in some tight jeans and a low-cut but very nice looking shirt.  I figured it was enough to show off what I had and maybe get both James and the other woman, whose name I still didn’t know, anxious to see the shirt come off of me.  I really didn’t know what to make of either of them at first. 

Jill, as she introduced herself to me, seemed a little off.  She made me think that, even though I wasn’t underdressed, I was maybe, not good looking enough, and she seemed to steal attention really quickly.  She was a stunning blonde, with an almost Marilyn Monroe hairdo, breasts about the same size as mine, but an ass that made me speechless.  I had seen plenty of women’s asses in my life and sometimes, found some of them to be quite hot, but Jill’s made my jaw drop and a small amount of wetness to appear deep down.  I couldn’t help but imagine what she must have looked like with those jeans off of her and bent over something, her sweet, unbelievably well-toned ass on display, and what I could only think had to be a breathtakingly beautiful pussy shown to the rest of us.  For a moment, I even thought, “Fuck James!  I’ll just fuck her!”

We shared quite a few laughs, but all the while, Jill managed to continue stealing James’ attention, so much that I wondered if either of them even noticed that I was there with them or would realize it if I walked away.  I wasn’t one hundred percent sure that I wanted more with James than the occasional (ok, constant) hard fuck, but this was bullshit, I mumbled under my breath.  It wasn’t fair.  I hoped that, even if we didn’t get to know each other that well, and even if Jill and I didn’t get to tease the hell out of James, maybe, we’d all, at least, go back to James’ house and still have the threesome that we’d talked about.  I wanted to get to know both of them better, but if they weren’t going to allow me that, it wouldn’t necessarily stop me from fucking them.

When I was finally given the opportunity to interject and make myself a part of the conversation, the previous worries and anxieties sort of sailed away.  I was part of the crowd, and I was welcome.  Now, the attention seemed well spread out to each of us.  It took no time at all before Jill started to ask me very personal questions, such as how many men I’d fucked, how many women, how many times I’d had more than one person at one time, what I liked, what limits I had, my favorite positions, if I thought myself to be good at eating pussy, if I liked a woman to cum right on my face, did I like to be told what to do, have my hair pulled, be teased, if I was totally willing to be fucked from behind while my head was forced down onto another woman’s pussy and the opposite, and so many other things that I can’t remember but only made me get so wet that I’d wished I’d brought a change of underwear with me.

I’d had rare one-on-one times with women since the threesome with my piece of shit ex-boyfriend, but I couldn’t wait for this new experience, having a man and a woman at the same time and hopefully, it being something I’d remember fondly and masturbate to when alone.  I could barely hear anything when Jill talked about her life, her work, her hobbies, her interests, etc.  I caught a bit here and there, like, that she worked in a chiropractor’s office, liked British television and sampling different teas, volunteered at some place, blah blah blah.  If she’d been anybody else, somebody that I saw as a friend at the time, I would’ve listened wholeheartedly, but the thought of her naked, in front of me, left me unable to concentrate on much of anything else.  James was there, in my thoughts, somewhere, pounding my holes, but mostly, the very visual stuff was made up of Jill.

After a while, I contemplated going to the bathroom and rubbing myself, but I shrugged it off.  When I did go (not to do that but for the usual), James followed not long after, slamming me against the wall between the rooms no sooner than I emerged.  He started kissing me like never before, even pawing at me.  I thought that he was going to try to fuck me right there, which I wouldn’t have minded at all, and the thought of being watched was turning me on even more, but I didn’t want to get banned from the place, or worse, have the police involved.

I couldn’t bring myself to stop James as he began to lift my shirt up and squeeze my tits through my bra.  I don’t know what the hell came over me, but out of habit, I guess, I unhooked it and flung it on the floor, allowing James to take both of my tits into his hands and soon, one of them into his mouth.  As far as I knew, he really was going to fuck me. 

“We have to stop,” I told him, pulling my shirt back down.

“Why,” he asked, handing me my bra, which was quickly shoved into my pocket. 

“We could get in serious trouble, and Jill’s at the table, waiting on us.”

“Fuck her,” James staunchly exclaimed, something that I was hoping to do.

“Yeah.  We should,” I laughed.

James sighed a bit but followed me back to the table, giving my ass a few small smacks as I went.

“What did you two do,” Jill asked, with her eyes showing that she’d suspected something.  “You two go to the bathroom to fuck?”

“Ummmm, no,” I told her, hiding my face a little.  “I didn’t, anyway.”

“Hey.  I don’t mind,” Jill added, “I just wish I was included.”

“We didn’t fuck,” James sounded to her, seeming to leave her a little displeased, like she’d wanted it to be true that there had been hot, steamy sex going on.

“Then, why is she not wearing a bra,” Jill asked, now laughing hard enough that she almost knocked her drink over.

“You noticed that, huh,” I asked, realizing that this woman must have been just as horny as me and just as insatiable.

“Honey, I notice just about everything.  For instance, not only are you not wearing a bra, but James here has a massive hardon.”

“How can you see it,” James shyly demanded.

With another laugh, Jill answered him, embarrassingly to the point, “I saw it when you came back.  It’s hard to miss something like that.  I’d notice on about anybody, but yours is… well, let’s just say, something to really see.  I’m surprised you didn’t knock things off of tables.”

“He really does have an impressive dick, doesn’t he,” I asked, hoping to embarrass James more.

“Oh, majorly.  It’s like King Kong’s arm,” Jill chortled.

“Not as hairy, but definitely as big,” I chimed, fighting back the roars of laughter that I knew would outstrip those of Jill.

“Yeah, well, you’re both gonna see some King Kong later,” James made known, smirking.

“Oh, gladly,” Jill replied, licking her lips, which made me unsure whether I wanted more to see, touch, suck, and be fucked by that thing or to jump over the table to kiss Jill.

“You two wanna get out of here then,” James asked, obviously ready to do what he had planned all along.

“Not just yet.  We need to work you up and work ourselves up,” Jill commanded.  “We have more to do.  Just sit there and imagine me and Denise kissing all over each other while you watch, slowly removing each other’s clothes with our lips hardly ever leaving each other, her nipple going into my mouth, followed by the other one, you stroking your big cock the whole time, her pants finally coming down to reveal that gorgeous, little, pink pussy of hers, already soaking wet and waiting for my tongue and your dick.  You don’t get to join for a while.  It’s just me and her exploring each other, tasting each other, taking in every inch of each other, caressing and slowly sliding our mouths all over, working toward taking turns licking and sucking each other’s pussies, maybe even working our way up to me positioning myself over her so we can both lick at the same time, my pussy hanging over her face, waiting for her while I dive into hers, sliding my tongue up and down her, sucking her juices out, going all over it, top to bottom and back, getting the clit swollen, sucking and flicking it while I shove my fingers into her hole.  Maybe, after she cums all over my face, and I cum all over hers, we might let you fuck one of us.  What do you think?  Getting harder?”  Jill smiled so hard that I knew it had to all be teasing James to no end, and I loved it, every little bit.  He needed it, I thought.

It seemed that James was in complete agony, ready to burst at what must have been coursing through his brain.  He was dying to fuck both of us, and as much as I wanted it to happen, I was really enjoying my time getting to know Jill better, now having more ability to think.  I guess, the knowledge of what it was doing to James took pressure off of me and made it all more bearable.  We continued teasing James, every once in a while, reminding him of how much we couldn’t wait to fuck each other in front of him, of how pink, tight, and wet our pussies were, how we were going to fuck him until he was exhausted, and anything else that we could think of, though I don’t remember the rest now. 

There was no fighting it any longer, however, and we knew that we had to live up to our promises, at least, for ourselves.  We couldn’t decide if Jill should ride with James and tease him physically until I got there or if she should ride with me and make James squirm at all of the things oozing from his mind.  Of course, if she rode with James, there was a good chance that his dick would be well out of his pants before he got home, and if she rode with me, there was just as much chance that my shirt would come off during the drive, or her hand would wander down my pants.  I wasn’t sure that I would be able to focus with that kind of attention and might wreck my car. 

We hadn’t agreed on anything, but as we exited the bar, Jill shouted to James, “I’m going with her,” much to my surprise and fear.

James seemed quite uneasy, as if he had been counting on his cock being played with as he drove.  He’d have to go it alone and wait until we all got in the door, but of course, once that happened, we’d probably be putty in his hands, I mused.

Luckily, it was very dark out, so there wasn’t much likelihood that anyone would see anything if something happened in my car.  I had barely gotten back onto the main road when Jill began to tug at my shirt and ask if she could, “just see them.”

A bit reluctantly, I used my right hand to pull my shirt up and show Jill my tits, including my very hardened nipples.  She said that she was impressed with my tan, not to mention how big and perky my tits were and the sheer size of my nipples and areolas, remarking that I better love to have them played with, fondled, and sucked because she loved nipples only slightly less than she loved pussy, which was only slightly less than she loved huge cocks, causing me to laugh so hard while she, without announcement, pinched my right nipple, me jerking the steering wheel so hard that it made me glad to see so few cars on the road.

“See.  I can tease a woman just as easily as I can tease a man,” Jill said proudly. 

“Yeah, well, I showed you mine,” I informed her even more forcefully, with so much emphasis that it may have been part of the reason that her shirt quickly flew off, though she was even wilder than I thought, letting the shirt hang out of the window and then fly away.

“Oops.  Shirt all gone,” she said with a grin.

“Now, what are you gonna do,” I asked her.

“Maybe not worry about it and just wear the bra when I leave, or maybe I should lose that, too, huh?  I don’t mind, and I’m sure James’ neighbors won’t mind.  I’m pretty free with my body.”

“I see that.”

The next moment, when I looked back at her, she had the bra dangling out of the window much the same as she had done to her shirt, her bear, very big, very beautiful, though not very tanned breasts enough to take my eyes fully away from my driving.  “Wow,” I exclaimed.  “Those are amazing.  I didn’t think I was much of a tit girl, but wow, wow, wow!”

“Thanks, but it’s not like they’re better than yours, and you have that great tan.  I don’t know how you got it, unless you went to the tanning bed a lot without your clothes on.”

I only smiled, leaving her to conclude that she was right, which she was.

We got to James’ house, ready to begin our hedonistic debauchery.  I hadn’t been allowed to be a total cock-hungry cum slut in nearly a week, and it was killing me inside.  Now, I was going to be the same cock-hungry cum slut but with pussy involved, a thought that was difficult to fully picture before it was to become reality. 

James sat on the hood of his car, waiting for us as we strolled out of the car, arm in arm, Jill’s tits uncovered and bouncing as she walked, me prying her with the question weighing on my mind.  “So, do you like to get fucked without condoms?  I like to, but I didn’t do it much until I met him.  I’m on birth control, so I don’t worry about it a lot.”

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Jill shouted, loud enough that a light next door came on, causing us to have to rush inside, with James right behind us, slapping both of our asses.

“That’s good,” he let us know, “Because I’m gonna fuck the shit out of both of you and shoot as much of my fuckin’ cum in you both as I can!  You’re my little fuckin’ cum whores!”

“Sure are,” Jill happily replied, turning around so hard that she almost twisted my arm up, immediately dropping to her knees with no more said, whipping James’ cock out and sucking it, he not even having to mention a request.

I stood there, watching, wondering if I should go down to my knees as well and join, maybe cradle James’ balls with my mouth or lick the side of his dick while Jill sucked most of it.  I didn’t have to make a decision, as Jill promptly grabbed me by the hand and pulled me, without ever removing her mouth from James, in fact, somehow sucking him even harder as she pulled me.  I thought it was all amazing, better than any movie already.  I thought that I was pretty good at sucking a man’s dick and really working all of him, but just watching Jill work made me think that I must have been an amateur. 

I grabbed James’ balls and gently rubbed them, lowering myself just enough that I could also give his shaft some licks, though Jill sucked too much of it for me to really get as much as I wanted.  She was like the women I’d seen in so many pornos, sucking with ferocity and speed that I wasn’t sure I could ever match.  It was beautiful, to say the least.  I loved big dicks and loved to suck them, but watching an expert do it was almost better, in a way. 

Before I realized it, Jill had taken her mouth off of James’ cock, though she pulled me hard by my hair, forcing me over to place me in front of the swollen thing.  It was a little kinky and welcomed but a little painful, too.  I eagerly let the cock slide into the back of my mouth, trying to suck it as hard and fast as Jill had done, but I just couldn’t.  I gave it absolutely everything I had, even fighting the urgings of my gag reflex, though it isn’t as strong of one as some others have.  I really thought that James had fucked my mouth hard during our last time together, but it was obvious that the face fucking this night put the other to shame.  I let him slam his cock hard into my mouth, only sucking as best as I could, making sure to cover my teeth, as much as could be done.  He groaned, but I still worried that Jill did it even better than I did.  I wanted to be like her, in all, a porn star that didn’t get on camera, at least, as much as I knew.

Occasionally, Jill took her mouth off of the side of James’ cock to encourage me to, “Suck that fucking dick, Bitch,” or “Just like that.  Suck him good!  Suck him hard!  Let him cum in your pretty little mouth!”

It was a little strange to me but actually quite a turn on, hearing those words from Jill.  I couldn’t really suck James any better than I was doing, but I was happy to keep going, even willing to let him shoot all he wanted into me.  I would do all I could to fight any gagging and savor the taste as much as I had the last time.

I could feel Jill’s hands sliding all over me, running down the back of my pants, cupping my ass, one of them finally working around to the front, running all over my pussy, rubbing the clit furiously.  I thought I might even cum from it before having the chance to take my clothes off.  Soon enough, James grabbed the back of my head and pulled me further onto his cock, as if I could take more of it, and shouted that he was going to cum, sending hot waves of white cream into my mouth.  It was difficult to take much more than a sampling of it, but I tried and succeeded at getting most of it to go down my throat, the rest, oozing out of my mouth and running down my chin and finally, onto my shirt.  I didn’t really like the last part, but it was a small price to pay.

Jill and I took turns sucking James clean, after which, she stood and asked James if he was ready for “the real show?”  He could hardly speak, trying hard not to fall down backward from weakness.  As he sat down in a chair, Jill and I started to kiss, she even stopping to remark that she liked the way James’ cum tasted from my tongue.  My shirt came off in an instant, my tits now bare and exposed, my nipples so hard that they brushed against Jill’s tits before we could even get close to each other again.  I regretted that she was a little shorter than me.  I thought it would have been kind of cool, interesting, whatever you want to call it, for our nipples to carelessly rub together on their own. 

I wondered if I should remove my pants, but a quick thrust of one hand down them while the other grabbed my right breast and brought the nipple into Jill’s mouth for the first time told me that it didn’t matter yet.  I already had a nipple being sucked on and my clit being treated to reckless abandon, and it was better than I had imagined.  There was something about having a woman’s mouth on me and having her hand down my pants that was, in many ways, better than the same things from any man, though, of course, James came incredibly close.

I caressed Jill’s head, running my fingers through her hair, leaning my head back a little as she continued her work.  Part of me thought for a moment that, if things came to the worse one day, I could possibly become a lesbian.  If the sex was this good before getting to the main course, no pun intended, maybe I didn’t need a man after all.  I mean, there are plenty of manufactured devices to accommodate any feeling of missing something, of absence of basic need of hard cock.  I hardly knew where the hell I was or what was around me, not even that James was in the room.  Jill had already made me forget everything else but her, and it was fantastic!

She must have had enough very soon, slipping her hand from my pants, though not her mouth from my nipple, using her right hand to unhook my jeans (it took a while) and slide them to the floor.  I had to pull her away for a bit to kick my legs out, but when I went to remove my panties, she smack my hands and told me that it was her place to do that for me.  From those words alone, I felt renewed wetness, or really, much invigorated wetness, surge through me.  I love to be forced, but there’s something far different about a woman forcing a woman than about a man forcing a woman.  I love both, maybe even equally, but in vastly differing ways.  Jill methodically worked my underwear to the floor, rubbing my thigh as she allowed me to dance my way out of the confines of the cotton garments, my ass and pussy finally hers.  She was impressed once more, she cheerfully stated, seeing that I was well shaven, save for a small patch I’d left in the middle of my pelvis.  I thought that only men really cared about such a thing, but I guess that some women do, too.

Slowly, I was helped to the floor, and after some very passionate kissing, complete with us flying our hands all over each other’s bare breasts, nipples pinched and rubbed, Jill kissed down my body and after reaching my pussy, slammed my legs apart.  It had been mostly gentle until that point but had just the right amount of roughness to it all to make me lose control.  I couldn’t believe it.  A woman’s tongue was now loving on my pussy, treating it the way that it needed to be treated, quite expertly toying it, playing with it, teasing it, working it already into the beginnings of a frenzy.  I didn’t know what all she was doing down there and only hoped that when my time came to return the favor to her, that I had half of her skill.  Of course, I told myself over and over, she had probably licked a lot of pussy in her time, way more than I had.  In fact, I’d licked hardly any.  I wasn’t complaining, though.  I was certain that from that point on, I would lick many more, maybe every one of them that was ever offered to me.

I let it all go, arching my back, bucking my pussy up to Jill’s mouth, though I know it must have caused a bit of readjustment.  I wrapped my legs around her, resting my feet on her back, my hands running immediately to both of my nipples, pulling on them very hard as I continued to raise up, unable to lower myself. There was far too much pleasure already, way too much to fight.  It had its power over me, and I hadn’t even cum yet.  In only a couple of minutes, I was pulling on Jill’s hair so forcedly that I was sure I would tear some of it out of the scalp, but she seemed to love it.  My orgasm was starting.  I could feel it washing from the depths of my pussy to come out to the opening and right into this woman’s mouth.  It was all still a little new, but I treasured it all.  (I will admit here that I have tasted myself many times while masturbating, and my pussy gets very creamy when I cum.  It tastes amazing.  I’ve tasted plenty of other women since and including Jill, and though most of them compared, not all did.  In fact, only Jill and one other had cum that actually tasted as good as, if not better, than mine.)  I was sure that Jill was going to enjoy what I had for her, and I couldn’t wait to let her try it! 

It came pulsating out of me with the power of the ocean, spewing into Jill’s mouth, making her lick even harder to get it all, mumbling something that, after I questioned, only half audible through my screaming exclamation, turned out to be that she knew there had to be more cum for her somewhere inside of my pussy and that it was her job to find it all, to get every drop.  I couldn’t have been more thrilled if someone had told me that I had the most amazing body that they’d ever seen or that I was the smartest person they’d ever met or anything else incredibly flattering.  Someone had now backed up exactly what I knew about my own cum and truly enjoyed it! 

I didn’t know if I would be able to take anymore of her licking or especially, of a hard pounding by James.  I tried to fight my way away from Jill’s mouth, but she only pulled me back down and made me let her finish licking out all of my cum.  When she was satisfied that she had gotten all that she could, I was very happy to start my lesbian training, to learn the intricacies of eating pussy, but before I could try, Jill announced that she was dying for cock and needed James to “pound the fuck” out of her.

The announcement was received, by James, with great enthusiasm, stroking his upright cock for Jill, as if both knew instantly how it was to be performed, Jill wasting no time in getting onto the chair and positioning her pussy at the tip of James’ cock, slowly sliding down it until the majority of it was inside of her.  Ok, so, I was jealous.  I kind of already wanted a good fucking but more, wanted to eat that sweet, tender pussy that had been teasing me all night.  Strangely, I came to see, I wasn’t jealous of Jill.  I was more jealous of James.  As much as I loved fucking that man, I would have been more than satisfied to spend the entire night exploring Jill’s entire body, every inch, getting to know the inside and outside of her pussy, her mouth, and more, maybe, even to take turns fucking each other’s hungry pussies with a large, strap-on dildo, if Jill had one.

I was, again, amazed.  I watched the two of them fuck, and it had been my understanding that James was the expert, but seeing Jill ride such a massive cock so easily, despite her pussy, from what I could so far see, being just as tight as my own, made me marvel at it all.  How could such a little pussy take such a big dick so well?I was reminded that I had taken it probably almost as easily, but I sure as hell couldn’t fuck like Jill, no matter how hard I tried!  She rode James in that chair like she was riding a bike.  There wasn’t the slightest hesitation, lack of rhythm, or anything!  She slid up and down, up and down, up and down, giving me the greatest show of my life, seeing that veiny, throbbing cock being taken like that!  I could see Jill’s pussy expanded on both sides to allow that cock that was clearly too big to be meant to go inside of her.  She really did fuck like a porn star!

I was hypnotized, my head even moving up and down as I watched the movements of Jill’s slender but very fit body bobbing.  I didn’t know who was really doing the work, but it sure looked to be Jill, not James.  Both of them began to moan and groan, resuming all of the wetness in my pussy that there’d ever been that night, making me really wonder two things, one, if James and I had sounded anything like that the Friday before, and two, if I could have any hope of pleasing either one of them the way that they were pleasing each other.  I sure wanted to.  I wanted both of them to want me, time and again, to make that night a regular party, not necessarily with having to go out for drinks, but to be able to call them both up and meet up at James’, or even at Jill’s, hell, at my place, for that matter, for an amazing, nightlong fuckfest.  I would gladly, however, fuck either one of them anytime I got the opportunity.  I’d prefer both at once, but either of them were definitely enough to get me off.

When James shot his second load of cum, this time, of course, deep inside of Jill’s gaped pussy, both of them stated that things would have to conclude soon, as Jill had to work the next day, and I still have no idea what the hell James had to do.  I was sad.  I still needed fucked the way that Jill had just been fucked, and I still needed to taste that fucking pussy!  (Fuck, writing this is making me wet!)

I demanded that I be let in on the fun before it was over, something that both agreed to, though it was decided that the only way to make short work of it was to let James fuck me from behind while I licked all of his cum out of Jill’s soaked pussy.  It sounded great to me.  Cum slut licks cum from other woman’s pussy, what a thought, what a reciprocal connection to the incomplete cum slut circle, I entertained, throwing myself into position before either James or Jill were ready for me.  I didn’t give a fuck.  I lunged at Jill’s pussy, lapping away, stroking every bit of it as best as I knew how with so little experience.  This was slut training, including lesbian training.  At least, that’s how I’ve labeled it since then.

I was more concerned with clearing away James’ cum to get to Jill’s beautiful pussy, what I could see of it already looking much better than anything I’d seen in pictures or movies or in what was taken of mine by exes.  It was the pinkest pussy I’d ever seen and seemed like it had been perfectly molded by someone, like it was too incredible to even be real.  It didn’t stop me for a second.  I continued at the job, feeling as James forced his way into my pussy, which felt, of course, unbelievable, better than I’d remembered, but somehow, I was more thrilled at eating Jill out than at James fucking me again.  I  was even hornier than I’d thought, cumming so soon that I hadn’t had much chance to clean Jill up and enjoy her flavor, though my mouth was so covered by that lovely, spread out picture of serene beauty that my screams were captured somewhere inside of it, hardly able to escape around my mouth.  I’d dived into it, taking everything I could, afraid to let go of it until I had my face covered in the woman’s cum that I imagined had to taste even better than mine. 

My pussy was taking more than it could handle, my orgasm sending me into spasms of pleasure but too much, my back constantly arching, me thinking over and over again of stopping because I thought my pussy might actually explode into pieces.  It didn’t matter.  Ever the trooper, I waged ahead, fulfilling the mission of making Jill cum, and especially, of getting to taste it! 

Finally, the moment arrived.  Jill arched as hard as I had, slamming her pussy harder into my face, her cum culminating from that lovely spot, dancing on my tongue and bringing realization that it was the sweetest, most delicious thing that my pallet had ever been granted the trying of, more delicate and wondrous than the finest confections, made somewhere deep inside of her, in a place that I could only call Heaven. 

James didn’t stop pounding my pussy, though I think the violent moans of Jill and her words that proved that she had cum on my face sent James over the edge, his third, though much smaller, load erupting in me.  I had already finished my own orgasm, but it was welcome just as much as if I hadn’t.  The three of us collapsed.  Well, at least, James and I did.  Jill slunk back, though if she’d been off of the chair, she probably would’ve collapsed, too.  We were all very happy, all expunged of tension and need of trying each other out.  My pussy had the both of them to thank for the orgasms.  I even, though I don’t even know why exactly now, thanked James for his load of cum.  I told him that it was a great keepsake for the best sex ever and promised that he could give me many more, if he wanted to, but it was time to call it a night. 


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