The Awakening: Yielding to His Every Desire

The Awakening: Yielding to His Every Desire

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Denise leaves us the intricately-detailed narrative of her sexual awakening, at the hands of James, the meeting by chance and becoming lovers by force, eventually, throwing others into the mix, all to teach Denise everything about herself that she had wondered but never come to accept. Thanks to James, Denise can look back, in utmost admiration and joy at what she has become. Denise leaves us the intricately-detailed narrative of her sexual awakening, at the hands of James, the meeting by chance and becoming lovers by force, eventually, throwing others into the mix, all to teach Denise everything about herself that she had wondered but never come to accept. Thanks to James, Denise can look back, in utmost admiration and joy at what she has become, the great, lustful beast that was unleashed by her kismet embrace of passion. What is inside may shock you, though it is far more likely to enthrall and bring to ask some of the same things of yourself, wondering if you, too, can be so awakened. This tale includes steamy one-on-one scenarios, hot fmf and mfm threesomes, and much more.


Denise leaves us the intricately-detailed narrative of her sexual awakening, at the hands of James, the meeting by chance and becoming lovers by force, eventually, throwing others into the mix, all to teach Denise everything about herself that she had wondered but never come to accept. Thanks to James, Denise can look back, in utmost admiration and joy at what she has become.
Denise leaves us the intricately-detailed narrative of her sexual awakening, at the hands of James, the meeting by chance and becoming lovers by force, eventually, throwing others into the mix, all to teach Denise everything about herself that she had wondered but never come to accept. Thanks to James, Denise can look back, in utmost admiration and joy at what she has become, the great, lustful beast that was unleashed by her kismet embrace of passion.

What is inside may shock you, though it is far more likely to enthrall and bring to ask some of the same things of yourself, wondering if you, too, can be so awakened.

This tale includes steamy one-on-one scenarios, hot fmf and mfm threesomes, and much more.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 14, 2016



Chapter 1




From the moment that I met James, I knew that it was kismet.  He was everything that I had ever longed for, had ever dreamed of surrounding myself with, of enveloping my entire being within.  He had a wishful arrogance about him that was intriguing, mystifying really.  His broad shoulders, nearly shoulder-length hair, chiseled jaw, muscular chest, even his starkly thin and almost button-like nose drove me to a state from which I could never hope to return.  Needless to say, he broke me in a way that I had never been broken, forcing me to want something that I was unsure that I could hold onto for all of time, though from the very first moment, that was all that I could desire.  I longed for every bit of his essence.


There I was, stopping by the convenience store near my house for some snacks, never expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen.  I spoke to someone on occasion while I was there, but never for long, never anything exciting.  When I turned around from grabbing my things, planning to head to the counter, I bumped into this exquisitely gorgeous man.  I had seen plenty of good looking men before, but never had I seen one like James.  He was everything that every woman wants, both physically and in behavior.  As I began to apologize, James gave me a cocky little grin and introduced himself.  I didn't know if he was trying to pick me up or what.


I was so breathless that I couldn't even respond for at least ten seconds.  When words finally came to my lips, they sounded to me like gibberish.  I still don't know exactly what I said to him, but whatever it was, it made him laugh.  Even his laugh made me completely melt inside, and much to my surprise, get a little wet.  No guy had ever had that effect on me at all before.  It had always taken a lot more to get me to that point.  I couldn't believe that this unbelievable specimen of a man could do it with just a chuckle.


I tried everything to fight what I was feeling, but I was so weak that I felt like putty in the man's hands.  All of a sudden, he extended his hand and grabbed me by the arm.  I had no idea why.  I then realized that I really had gotten weak, so weak that I had started to fall.  James' arm was obviously very strong because he held me up as if I were nothing at all.  As if I didn't have enough to worry about already.  Now, I knew that he had incredible strength.  I imagined myself being held by those very strong arms, melting in them, holding nothing back, giving my everything to him.


My body cried out for this man.  My soul yearned for his continual presence.  My very being quivered at his nearness.  Once again, so speechless before him, I choked to find words.  This ever-powerful man, this seemingly elusive man, this man of my eternal fantasies, stood before me a mythical, dispossessed entity that called out to me to be consumed.


When I finally spoke again, I think I said something like, "Hey.  I'm Denise.  Are you... ummm... are you... ummm.... who are you?"


James smiled intently, smirking in such a sexy way that I felt myself melt all over again.  What was I to do, I wondered.


James had never let his hand go from steadying me.  I don't know how long the moment lasted, but it seemed like an eternity, a very sensual and satisfying eternity.  My entire body burned and yearned for more of him.  My being and his seemed entwined as one.  I did not know why, how, or even care the answer to either.


"Hey, Denise, why don't we get out of here," James finally spoke. It was amazing.  He spoke.  He spoke to me.  He spoke to me in a sexy way, a mannerism about him that filled me with hope.  He not only spoke, but he asked me to leave with him.


My exact reaction, I'm pretty sure, was, "Hell yeah!  Let's go!"


As we walked out of the convenience store, the bright sun hit me right in the eyes, blinding me, nearly driving full force to the ground.  If it had not been for James steadying me and making sure that I could walk straight, I would have fallen for sure.  It was like I was drunk, yet I hadn't had a drink of any kind in days.  However, I did want to take a big, long drink of this unbelievable man.  He was everything I thought I wanted.


It was all a daze.  To this day, I'm still not sure that I'm remembering everything correctly.  All I know is that James seemed to be the most perfect man on Earth, gorgeous, strong, sensual, suave, calm, collected.  His smile alone could melt an iceberg.  He was exuding not only an incredibly sexy confidence but a strange power over me that I had not let a man have in a very long time.  I hated it.  I almost hated him for what he was doing to me, though I knew that I was swooning at the same time.


We drove back to James' house, not a very long drive.  I realized that we lived in the same neighborhood, about five blocks from one another.  I had driven by his house I don't know how many times before but had never known who lived there.  Now I did.  Now, I would see the inside of it.  Now, I would not only see inside but probably be letting someone else inside somewhere else.


I didn't want to come off as being so easy.  I wasn't easy, at least, not normally.  I couldn't help myself, though.  James could have absolutely anything from me.  He could have asked me to sign my car over to him, and I probably would have done it.  I realized as we were walking into James' house that I had left my car, that car that I would have given him, in the convenience store parking lot.  All I could think about now was that I hoped that it would not end up getting towed; however, I felt like that might be an alright cost to pay to get to know this debonair and oh so sexy man all the more.


I lost myself in my own reckless abandon, giving way to passion that I had not felt for some time.  I entered into a world of which I knew nothing, careening toward ruin and salvation all in one.  The hold that James already held over me was so much more than I could have hoped to ever have yet less than I now wanted.  I wanted all of him, every fiber, every drop, every wanton intent.


James pulled me by the hand, dragging me into the house and straight to the bedroom.  I hoped that he didn't think I would sleep with him right away, although I could not resist.  Every part of my body cried out for his touch and much more.


James threw me to the bed, and try as I might, I could not resist.  I could not pull myself up.  I could not say no.  As he began to remove my shirt, I found myself helping him do it, lifting one side while he got the other, exposing my half-naked body to his full inspection.


There I was, in full view, nearly naked, awaiting his tender caresses, his rough hands, his sensual delight.  James began to thoroughly kiss me all over, working his way slowly up my stomach and chest and then all over my neck, down my jawline, and to my mouth.  His hot breath in my mouth was absolutely intoxicating.  His hands all over my body put me into a deep trance.  I knew that he could do anything at all that he wanted, and I would not even think of objecting.  I did not know if it was love at first sight or just pure, unadulterated animal lust.


Before I knew it, James had pulled my bra up, leaving my breasts bare for his hands to explore.  I did not mind, though, having lost myself completely in the moment.  As James' hands reached my left nipple, I jumped hard, bucking, grinding in ecstasy.  I wanted more, so much more.


My chest heaved into James' hands as he slowly moved one of them away and lowered his mouth to work his way downward, slowly and steadily moving down to my neck and then the top of my chest, kissing, nibbling more and more until he reached one of my nipples, taking it fully into his mouth, sucking, flicking with his tongue, sending my entire body over the edge to the point of no return.


I had not even removed the rest of my clothing, yet I felt an immense wetness soaking me clear through, engulfing me in reverberations of pleasure that echoed throughout all of my being. I longed.  I hungered.  I pained for more of James, for his entirety.  His hands were magic, caressing in ways that words cannot project.  I could feel him pulsating against me, almost trembling, but then I realized that it was me trembling, not him.  He, rippled and hardened, pressing ever so roughly against me, me, anticipating more and more, lingering, longing, hoping, and dying.


It was pure and simple lust that I felt.  I didn't know it then, but I do now.  James pulled me into a world from which I had no hope of return and did not want one.  It was pleasure and ecstasy divine, the likes of which few ever experience but can only dream of, can only long to behold.


My legs gave way.  My hands could reach only for James' back. I dragged my nails gently down his soft skin, yearning for him to continue his ravaging of my body.  His mouth still on my nipple and his fingers gently but methodically working the other, I raised myself, arching my back, leaning deeply into his every caress.


We had barely begun, and I felt both nearly spent and deeply delving into the innermost sensualities of a woman I had never before been.  No one had ever touched me in such ways, had tenderly teased and carefully let loose my every lingering and lustful inclination.


James' hands slowly moved further and further down my body, his lips still placed upon my hardened and very sensitive nipple, sending huge ripples and waves through me.  His hands worked their way down into my underwear and gently but very firmly massaged my clit, working me into an utter frenzy beyond my ability to comprehend.  My mind running amuck, I washed away to a world of pleasure in which I forgot everything I had ever known and from which I did not want to return.


I hoped that the night would never end.  My body still arching and aching, my nipples ever so hardening, my pussy becoming wetter and wetter, I could take no more.  I grabbed for James' hands to pull them away, but he forced himself upon me all the more, shoving me back and working his hands and tongue harder.  I loved it.  It amplified the intensity of it all.  What was I to do really but give in?  James’ power over me was too much.  I was his slave, and there was no reluctance or ability to fight him off, not that I would ever want to do that.


I wondered if this would be more than a onetime thing, if he and I would have any desire to ever see one another again, but in the end of it all, I realized that it just didn’t matter.  We had the moment, the wonderful, life-giving moment.  Nothing and no one could take it away.  It was in this realization that I accepted how on fire James made me and how much my entire body undulated toward his.  I bucked and bolted as a spring calf, both willing and unwilling, taking in everything that was offered yet afraid of it all, afraid only because the ravishingly intense, mesmerizing reverberation of the loving and truly giving mouth caressed every inch of my womanhood.  James’ tongue happily lapped from one side to the other and from the bottom to the top, teasing as it slowly worked back to my clit, taking it within his lips, flicking hard against its swollenness.


As this went on and on, James used one free hand to pinch my left nipple, tweaking and pulling at it still, as he had before, working me to climax before the expectation could unleash itself, truly convincing me even more of what could be than what my mind had fathomed.  The full expression of time and physical demise, a complete and utter inability to hold back, washed over me in waves.  I had not anticipated so much or it to be so soon.  No one before that time had ever gotten me so far in such a short while, causing explosion after explosion before I could take stock of the situation, losing myself fully in his passionate embrace of lips, tongue, and fingers.  I nearly lost consciousness as I also lost all semblance of anything I had ever known.  Something that I had always thought I wanted also felt impossible, now, impossible to comprehend its occurrence, and beyond any pleasure ever hoped to have.  It was wondrous, delightfully dangerous, and taking me somewhere that I was almost afraid to go.


I exploded fully in wave upon wave of sheer excitement, convulsion, and uncontrollable pleasure, sending torrent after torrent of my juices flowing all over James’ eager face, though he seemed to mind none at all.  I was in utter ecstasy, and it sure seemed that he was as well.  I couldn’t take anymore and pulled James by the hair, begging, more, demanding that he relinquish the hold of his face upon my pussy and bring himself fully to me.  He finally relented and pulled himself up, enwrapping me in his very strong arms as he kissed all over my neck, collarbone, and finally, to my mouth, letting me taste myself, and if I must say so, I taste splendid.


“Get up here!  Now,” I screamed at the top of my lungs, not really knowing who exactly was the master in the scenario, he continually having control over my entire body, yet I felt like, as possessor of the body, I should be the one to place orders.  Either way, it was defiantly sweet, and I would have every drop of life’s nectar awaiting the caress and pull of my fingertips.


James took no time in climbing on top of me, placing his mighty arms to the sides of me in wait to attack, biting his lip as he did, slowly lowering to kiss me, to take in all of me into his sweetened mouth as he easily reached his right hand back to place the tip of his very swollen and, I have to say, incredibly and wondrously marvelous and fat cock at the opening of me, sliding in an inch or so to tease as he continued his soft caresses of my mouth.  Slowly, more of him slid inside, sending immediate sensations through my body.  It did not dawn on me for some time that this man was now more and more inside of me raw, exposed, natural.  We had not worried about any consequences, had, in fact, thrown them all callously toward the wind, thinking of nothing but the overwhelming and heartening pleasures brought to us by the moments of intensely-woven passions.


Without knowledge of the true meaning of it all, lost only in the luster of the fragile time, I allowed all of James, every filling and ecstatically unyielding inch of the man to touch parts of my innermost reaches that had not been invaded in such a way for a considerable time.  As the massive member guided heatedly into the backmost of my quivering and now completely engulfed with oceanic currents of loving juice pussy, I gripped onto James’ back for dear life and gave myself to what I knew would be the most incredible ride of my life, yet I could not wait until this position was finished so that I could take over, throw James onto his back and climb onto him, slowly lower myself down the shaft of his tumultuously stiffened cock and treat him as my prey ready for the kill, surround ever bit of him, enwrap that mighty wand of his with the tightened walls of me.  All in all, I was sure, we were both in for a real treat.


“Oh!  Just like that,” I screamed as James lowered his mouth once more to take me in.  Our lips met, enflaming one another, heating up what was already nearly too much for me.  James began to pump harder and faster all the while, lavishing my dripping, soaked pussy with the tender yet violent thrusts of that dick that I had now come to completely love.  I didn’t care where it had been or about anything else, so long as James continued to do what he was doing.  He pumped and pumped and pumped so furiously that I lost all control and began to arch my back as his lips were still on mine, sending his head flying back, though I don’t think he minded.


I frantically reached for my clit as James kept fucking me like that, giving me all that he had, letting loose all of his skill and wantonness into me, all of his manly vigor throwing itself to pleasuring a stranger.  Yes, I was still a stranger, and he to me, despite our current situation and how amazing it all was.  It had been a long time for me, and though I did not want to admit it to myself, I was actually fucking a total stranger.  I did it out of total lust for him, at having met a man so overtaking in his physical appearance, attitude, confidence, and dripping sexuality, all of which manifested themselves to me at our first meeting.


It felt as though James’ unimaginably rigid, affectionate, and immensely satisfying, larger than normal cock filled every small bit of me, hitting so hard in the very back of my pussy that I thought the thing might come out of my ass somehow.  It was both painful and the most pleasurable experience that I’d ever had.  I could only imagine, at that moment, what it might be like if the man had suddenly flipped me over and fucked me from behind, not only penetrating so deeply but running his cock ever so hard and fast across my g-spot.


I longed for it, hoping that this would be the next inclination of the man.  Surely, he had to be enjoying fucking me as much as I was enjoying it with him, quite eager for more.  I was certain that my intense moans, uncontrollable bucking, clawing of his back, and shouts of, “Fuck this fucking pussy!  Tell me what a dirty whore I am!  Tell me what a fucking dirty, cum whore I am” were enough to send him over the edge that I had already gone over myself and felt so soon to return to.  It was almost too much for me, but I wanted more, so much more.  His huge cock only pounded me harder, as though he hadn’t already been giving me the fucking of a lifetime!


Without a word said, only a smile that expressed all of James’ intense satisfaction, I was yanked from the bed, turned over, with a few hard smacks given to my ass, while I felt the large, stiffened member graze carefully all over both of my holes, teasing, touching, stroking me fully, making me nearly beg that it finally be inserted back into my awaiting pussy, or maybe, even inserted into my ass.  From time to time, in the heat of things, I love for a man to deep penetrate my puckered asshole, to show me his power over me, to instill in me a sense of ownership, that I’m being dominated and pushed to my limits, torn apart by someone with rightful place at the helm that is my ass, ready to drive me home, fill me with anxious rigidity and fulfillment.  I felt a little disappointed yet so relieved when James finally guided his thick cock back into my gaping pussy, sliding in perfectly, filling it up entirely, giving me his all with each thrust yet still building back up to the kind of pounding that I had already received.  Each thrust put him further into me, ramming home, feeling as though the very back of my pussy was about to be knocked out by this frighteningly big dick.


I gripped my hands onto the headboard, attempting to steady myself, but every deep thrust of James’ cock was enough to nearly knock my head clear through the thing.  There was no steadying, no hope of getting deliverance from the pounding, not that I minded.  I just wished that I had a helmet or something to protect me.  James fucked with the fury of ten men, it seemed.  I didn’t know if that was all I was to him, just a fuck, but at that moment, I really did not care.  I only hoped that it would continue, that I would have the ride of my life and that there would be many more to come after that, no matter when or where they occurred.


Some of this isn’t that easy to remember in so much detail, except in a general sense, but thanks to keeping a diary of it all, I can recount most of it.  Of course, there will always be remembrance of being fucked so hard by the biggest dick to ever enter me and the monumental orgasms that it sent through me in shockwaves, measured out almost endlessly, still feeling the last of them well after we were finished.  Before I knew what was hitting me, James’ intense penetration of my pussy had me screaming once more, biting my lip, doing all I could to hold back the massive tides of pleasure coursing throughout my entirety, gushing as I was.  I took thrust after giant thrust, filling me totally, barely coming down from one mountaintop before I was sent skyrocketing up another, the feelings a bit too much for me to handle so fast.


I remember my tits bouncing so hard that they kind of hurt, but the sensations in my vagina made it all bearable.  I marveled at how long and hard the man could fuck.  He was a machine, unstoppable, though part of me almost wanted him to stop, having had too much throbbing of my hole and my clit.  Of course, it didn’t help matters for the sensations or for my unease of holding myself up that I kept my right hand on my clit the entire time that James pounded me doggystyle.  I rubbed so furiously that it seemed my very engorged, pink extension might come off in my hand.


It was about that time that James began to groan and grunt wildly, like the animal that he was, exclaiming, “I’m gonna cum!  I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!”  The thought didn’t occur to me anymore than how much more turned on it made me.  I was completely ready and willing to let this man spew fully into me, filling me up to the brim, the great weight of it all to come pouring back out of me like a spout, leaving me sticky with his greatest gift.


I’m not entirely sure what I said back to him at that moment, but I think that it was something like, “Yes!  Fucking cum in me!  Tell me what a fucking cum whore I am!  Tell me!  Make me take your fucking load!”


I thought that there would be more exchanged than, “Take it, you fucking cum whore,” but that was enough.  Between James blowing into me like a trumpet and those words, I found myself back atop another mountain, this one, perhaps, even bigger than the last.  I wondered how it was that the man could make me cum so many times, so hard, and right when I thought that I couldn’t.


I was delighted at what had just happened.  After I finally climbed back down from my monstrous orgasm, I slowly stroked my still-swollen clit and felt the oozing of so much hot, gooey juice dripping from my hole.  I hardly thought of any consequences, only of the immeasurable pleasuring I had just been given and how good it felt to be such a fucking slut every once in a while.  I was mesmerized, transfixed, completely entangled with this man, this man that I had only just met.  Usually, I’d wait a while to let someone new push their cock into me, but this was different, so very different.  I couldn’t hold back, couldn’t control myself, didn’t have any sense of waiting or ability to think the whole thing out before acting.  I was lost in the utmost of animal lusts, getting the object of my desire, making me completely his, and in the end, having the best sex that I’ve ever had, at least, to that point.  I really didn’t think that it could ever be topped, though, eventually, it was.


I remained in the bed, with legs spread, clit enlarged with fiery service done to it, still flicking and caressing it all the more, the other hand slowly pinching and pulling at my nipple as I continued to bite my lower lip, letting the man know just how satisfied I was but how much more I craved.  I craved him, all of him, again and again and again, as much as he would give himself.  He clearly understood it all, shooting me a look of sheer pride, knowing that he had done his job quite well.  I watched as he walked to the bathroom, his not yet limp cock bouncing and bobbing as he went, thinking to myself how lucky I was that that monster had just been inside of me.  I was a little let down, however, wishing that I’d been given the opportunity to suck his cum and mine off of his rigid cock, showing my utter appreciation for the best fucking that anyone had ever brought into my life.


I worried that it might now be time to leave, that James might come back into the bedroom and demand that I get dressed and get out of his house, though, much to my joyous surprise, that wasn’t the case.  When he came back, he suggested that we take a shower together, to get, “cleaned up,” something that seemed absolutely perfect, the chance to get, at least, a little clean, while sampling another round of undeniably sweet treatment from the thing that more resembled a baseball bat than a man’s cock.  I say this because there really are no adequate words to describe it.  I never expected it to be so big when I met the man, and when I first saw it, I was somewhat afraid that I was going to have to take all of it inside of me, but once all of it got into me, I didn’t care anymore that it was bigger than any other I’d ever seen.  It could pound out my insides, and I wouldn’t care, I told myself.


As I climbed into the shower, I felt a little bit nervous, all over again.  I had already had my brains absolutely fucked out by this man, and, of course, there was to be more, but something in me still could not believe it all.  It somehow felt like the first time, all over again.  Before the door could be shut, I felt a hand placed onto my right breast, a thumb slowly grazing my nipple, already erect before entering the shower.  It was all mind-blowing, seeing this gorgeous, rippled man, his incredibly hard and pussy-gaping cock stiffened at my sight, it having gone down but immediately back up at seeing me.  I wasn’t even sure where to begin.  I wanted everything, his beautiful cock in my mouth, its delicious juices streaming from my face, his hands on every inch of me, tweaking, pulling, pinching, inserting fingers, and let’s not forget lips, and then, obviously, that wondrous thing that could be used to club people over the head forced into either of the two holes that awaited its touch.  I didn’t really care where we began, but much to my dismay, James would not kiss me, stating that he didn’t like to kiss after getting a blowjob.  It seemed, at that moment, the only rightful thing to do then, to drop to my knees and give him another.


I sucked away at the swollen cock, first, working my way slowly down the shaft, taking inch after inch, then, faster, working back and forth, though I really couldn’t take all of it.  I’ve heard of women saying that they could take cocks into their throats, and I suppose that some of the others that have been in my mouth got dangerously close to my throat, but James’ cock was too stiff, too straightforward, far too big to curve enough to go down my throat.  Once it reached the opening, it went but only a little more, and it did feel as if the head was banging into the back, but there was still plenty left that I could not work inside.  That didn’t matter much to me, as I was enjoying myself, and I had two other holes that were more than anxious to take every inch of that thing that they could.  In fact, I was determined that I would not leave James’ house until he had finally fucked my ass the way that it deserved, sending spasms of pain and pleasure parading through me.  I knew that the only thing that could have been any better than fulfilling that thought was the possibility of having a second cock inserted into my awaiting pussy, both men to work in harmonious rhythm to fill me up and stroke every small and hopeful piece of everything inside of me.  I doubted that I could suddenly stop sucking James’ cock and look up lovingly at him and get him to accept and grant my request to go call a friend to help fuck me like the dirty, dirty cum slut I knew I was that day.  It was so not like me, but I was so excited at what I was becoming.


I guess I lost myself in sucking James’ cock, thinking that, sooner or later, I would stop, and he would bend me over and fuck one of my desperate holes.  However, that wasn’t the case.  As I knelt, contemplating all of the fun I was having and what I would have loved to add to the mix, James started to push against the wall of the shower, leaning down some and announcing that he was just about to blow his load.  I was a bit saddened that it wouldn’t be shot into my pussy, but I was happy to take load number two in my mouth and let it run its river-like course down the outside and hang off of my chin.  That, I thought, would add perfection, as it would make me feel like even more of a dirty, used fuck slut.


Maybe I was too eager to take the load.  I don’t know.  All I know is that, violently, a surprisingly big was of goo shot into my mouth, much of it speeding down my throat.  I usually didn’t like the taste of cum much and often stopped sucking right at the point when the guy was about to explode and just let him cum on my chin or my tits, but this time, though it was a little startling, it was really good.  That might have just been me being the horniest and most fulfilled that I’d ever been to that point, but it tasted really fucking good!  I wanted more!  I jerked so hard on James’ still hard cock, demanding that he give me more, that I couldn’t live without the taste of his cum on my tongue.  I even started to cry a little that there wasn’t more.  I had completely milked, really, drained, the man.  I would have to wait for him to get his massive cock hard for me again, and the wait, I thought, might kill me.


He did help me some by kissing on my neck and furiously fingering me, first, with two fingers, and then, adding a third.  He finger-fucked the hell out of me, bringing me very close to climax, but when I was right there, he pulled his fingers out, glazed with his cum, and ordered that I bend my “pretty little ass and pussy over” because he was hard again and needed to teach me what he does to bad little whores like me.  I couldn’t get enough of the attention, the words, the forcefulness.  I didn’t even have a chance to turn myself around, as James hurriedly grabbed me and flipped me, almost spinning me, slamming my hands into the shower wall as he glided his cock up and down my pussy for nearly a minute.


I kept silent as he shoved nearly all of his cock deep into me, thrusting me so hard that I knew I couldn’t possibly hold on.  I loved it, but I didn’t want to fall, but then again, fucking on the shower floor was fine by me.  It was a large shower and provided enough room that, quite frankly, I probably could have fucked five or six guys at the time.  I might not have minded that either, but there weren’t four or five other men standing around, waiting to get a chance to force their hard dicks up into my holes.


It wasn’t very long, and I was on the brink of another quaking orgasm.  As soon as I realized this, two more hard thrusts sent me over the edge, unable to hold myself up anymore.  James, I guess, saw this, and quickly grabbed me, much of his cock still inside my horny hole.  He held me tight, his cock still pumping into me, though not as violently as it had, his right arm draped under mine, running clear across to my left nipple, squeezing it hard as he continued to pound, his lips now all over my neck and collarbone.  It was, amazingly, just what I needed to bring me to my second orgasm of the second encounter.  I didn’t care how intense the sensations got, I told myself.  I was going to ride that fucking cock until it fucking killed me!  I began to back myself as much as I could onto it, thrusting myself backward to meet James’ already mighty thrusts forward.  We worked in unison, me still riding out the orgasm that just kept coming and coming, building even more, showing no signs of letting down.  I knew that it was taking away every bit of my strength, but as long as James’ strong arms kept me pinned upward, I was alright.  I could keep riding that fucking huge cock through that orgasm, and I hoped, another, maybe even a fourth.


It turned out that the second orgasm was too much unto itself, the more it built equaling less ability to withstand it by me.  It had total control over my body and refused to allow me to deal with it.  Every nerve ending in my clit and inside my pussy had been over-stimulated, too much sensitivity to be contained any longer.  I fell.  I fell so hard that I nearly hit my head, but as I tried to get back up, James suggested we fuck on the floor.  “Finally,” I thought.  I didn’t know if I could take it, but I told James that not only was my pussy now far too sensitive to take another beating from his club but that I needed a good, hard ass fucking, that I had been a naughty little bitch, and it might be the only thing that could teach me a fucking lesson.  That apparently worked because, with only a second or two to prepare myself, several inches were pushed into my asshole, then, a few more.  There was no way on Earth I could possibly take all of James’ cock in my ass.  I had barely been able to take it in my pussy.Now, I truly wondered how some women were able to get double penetrated, especially if both of the men were anywhere near the size of the man now slowly beginning to pound my puckered hole.


Words have seemed to escape my mind for what was conversed between the two of us in the shower, at least, a lot of it.  I know that it was all really hot and always enough to add fireworks to what was always already a bomb.  I vaguely remember, as James forced his cock in and out of my ass, my hand, as best as I could keep it going while supporting myself, again furiously working my clit, him asking me how much I liked what he was doing to me.  My answer, of course, was that he knew exactly how to teach dirty cum sluts like me their place, and somehow, I must have blurted out how the only thing better would have been to have a second cock to work my pussy, or, better yet, a cock for both of my other holes.  I worried that this was going to scare James, that he might pull his cock out of me and tell me to get the hell out of his house, but it didn’t.  At first, I wasn’t even sure that he noticed what I’d said.  He never lost a bit of his rhythm, still pounding away at my ass, building his thrusts until I must have, somehow, been taking all of that dick in a hole that I didn’t think was capable of doing so.  Realizing that I was ok and hadn’t brought an end to our fun, I continue stroking my clit, my poor, poor clit that hadn’t been given one moment of rest.


To my amazement, James said that he’d be ok with sharing me with some of his friends, that he had plenty of them that would love a go at “such a fine little slut like you.”  This brought a smile to my face, not that all of the intense fucking hadn’t, but the thought that I really was now turning into just that much of a slut exited my mind as I imagined how wonderful it would be to get all of my holes filled by James and his friends and maybe, at times, just passed around like a party favor.


Maybe, it was the thought of it all or the pounding or both, but I felt another orgasm washing up on shore, ready to swallow me up and leave me exhaustedly devastated.  My moans must have filled James with the same feelings, as I started to cum and scream so loudly that I was certain all in the neighborhood heard it, he started to do the same, both of us grunting like beasts, our succored air of entangling heat mixing out to all that would listen.  I didn’t really like letting a man cum in my ass, as it’s so hard to clean out, but that, too, was hardly a thought.  Everything was just a giant commotion of pleasure, overdue explosion, curiosity about more to come, etc.


After a thorough washing (as much as could be done with the remnants of hot water), James admitted that he didn’t think that he could take another session with me, that I was, perhaps, too much for him.  He needed to rest, he said, maybe even ice his balls to get them ready for whenever I wanted to pay him another visit.  I had no idea if he was serious about sharing me with his friends, though the thought had left a smile on my face since the shower, and I couldn’t get it to go away.  I wondered if I would actually hear from James again, if he saw me as, at least, a continual casual fuck.  I kind of wanted to see if there could be even more than that, but at the minimum, I wanted that huge cock to catapult me back to a world beyond my own any time that I needed it.  I collected my things, not even bothering to put my panties or bra back on, and headed back to the convenience store to get my car.  It was then that it occurred to me that James, though an unbelievable fuck, was a real asshole.  After giving him so many orgasms, he hadn’t even bothered to offer me a ride.  It wasn’t an incredibly long walk, but still, the gentlemanly thing to do, even for a woman he sees as just a hot fuck, is to not make her walk, especially when her legs can hardly work.

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