A Day at the Mall

A Day at the Mall A Day at the Mall

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A fun incident


A fun incident


Submitted: April 08, 2014

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Submitted: April 08, 2014



Through the crowd of people, I see you leaning against the wall.  Our eyes meet for just a second before I look away, hoping that you don’t realize that I’ve been following you for the last five minutes. When I first saw you, looking out at you through the display case at Victoria’s Secret, I was drawn to you by your athletic body and solid jaw.

I sit on a bench down the hall to watch you as you stand there; you appear to be waiting for someone.  I don’t know what it is about you, but I can feel my panties starting to get a little wet and I can’t keep my eyes off of you.  I take my sweatshirt off because the weight of it is arousing my nipples and they are starting to throb. Watching you, I start to sweat.  I cross my legs, but my pussy is so wet and tender that the squeezing just gets me more excited.

Finally, I can’t take it anymore.  I have to do something about this pleasure that wants to release from inside of me. I get up and look for a sign for the bathroom. I see that the closest one is right next to you.  The idea of walking by you sends a wave of heat through my body.  As I walk your way, our eyes meet again.  As your gaze meets mine, I get nervous and slip on a puddle of water that I didn’t see before.  When I hit the ground, everything goes black

As I open my eyes, I sit up and look around.  I am lying on a table in a small room, and you are sitting in the corner.

"Are you ok?" You ask.

"Kinda." I reply.

"Does your head hurt?" You question.

"No." I lie.

"Well then what’s wrong?" you ask, looking confused.

I can feel that the crotch of my jeans is all wet. I look down and feel embarrassed.  Your eyes follow mine and you realize what I am feeling.

"I guess I am a little excited" I say feebly.

You smile at me and say, "It’s ok, you’re not the first girl that’s soaked her pants looking at me." "Do you have any extra clothes with you?" you ask.

"I have a pair of panties and shorts in my shopping bag." I answer.  You go over and grab the bag and as you turn back around, I am already stripping off my pants.  I look at you and see a giant bulge in your pants that wasn’t there before.

"I see you’re a little excited as well!" I say jokingly.

"Well you always need to be prepared." You say as you hand me my bag.  We look at each other in that moment.  You move closer to me. Your hand reaches down to my drenched panties and I crack a smile as I feel your fingers move over my slit. I look deep into your eyes and kiss you hard on the lips. 

Our tongues seem to come alive in a dance that has never been done before.  We break our kiss and you get down and pull my panties off to my ankles. I kick them off as you work to undo your zipper.  I pull off my shirt and get down onto my knees as you get your pants off. I pull your already throbbing cock out of your boxers before you even have a chance to get there.  As soon as I see it, I give you a mischievous smile and lick the tip. Then I take your cock all the way into my mouth and suck you like nobody ever has. I take it all the way in and kiss your base. I tickle your balls as you thrust your dick in and out of my mouth. I can feel that you’re about to explode, so I move back and stand up.

"There is no way are you cumming that fast." I tell you as I hop onto the table that I woke up on. I pull off my bra and let you see my perfectly shaped tits.  Your mouth drops as you drink in my beauty. With my legs spread, and sitting on the edge of the table, I motion for you to come over to me.

"I need a little bit of a warm up before we get serious," I tell you. You take the hint and run your tongue over my smooth, dripping slit. "Mmm!" I moan as your tongue reaches my clit.  You have perfect form.  As your tongue ravishes my sopping pussy, my entire body starts to get really hot.  You are too good at this. I lift your head up and say "I’m ready to get serious now."  I rub my clit as you slide your giant cock into my tight little pussy.  The fit is so tight that I have to bite my lip in order to keep from cumming right away. "Start slowly." I say.  We start rocking back and forth as your cock slowly penetrates me deeper and deeper.

"Ok faster, faster." I pant. I can feel each vein in your dick rubbing inside of me and pleasing me more and more. All of a sudden, my body goes into an incredible spasm as I have my first orgasm. You notice, but keep going. Wave after wave of pleasure ravages my body as you thrust in and out.  I am amazed at your stamina and I can see that we are both starting to sweat.  My pussy is so wet I am going to explode again.

I moan your name over and over again. As I cum again, my love juices squirt around your cock and this is finally too much for you to take. You grunt and thrust deeply as I feel your hot cum rocket inside of me. The feel of that warmth throws me over the edge in the most blissful orgasm of my life.

Now we are both motionless, other than our heavy panting. Your cock is still inside of me and I can feel it starting to relax. You pull out of me and help me onto my feet. I stand on my tiptoes and give you a peck on the lips.  We are both wearing smiles as we get dressed in silence.

We walk out of the room and go our separate ways.  Never to meet again.




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