Tie Me Up, Your In Charge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

My wrists and ankles are tied to the four corners of your bed..

Using red nylon stockings to keep me in place.

I'm naked and spread eagle on the bed.

My girlfriend who is also naked I trust will be in control

First, she gives me butterfly kisses on my face.

My dick is partially erect from this.

Then she takes the tip off her finger nails which are painted candy apple red.

And gently lets them run from my chest to my stomach, stopping at my dick.

She retraces her way back up to my shoulders.

Taking a beige stocking that she was wearing earlier.

She gently dangles it over my face, the smell of her stocking makes my dick grow harder.

I open my mouth as she puts the stocking in.

Sucking on the nylon where she had her toes.

She drags the stocking down my neck and chest, twirling it around my nipples.

Then down to my hard dick she twirls it around in a swaying motion.

The feel of the stocking on my manhood is making me so hot.

She puts the stocking away and picks up a small bowl.

With a small camel hair brush, she stirs the honey that is in the said bowl.

Leaning over me, with her tits dangling in my face, she gently paints my lips with the honey.

Then, she paints a line  of honey from my chin down to my belly button.

Putting the bowl away, she gets on top of me on her hands and knees.

With the tip of her tongue, she begins to lick up the line of honey, from my belly button up to my chin.

When she gets to my lips, she licks the honey off of them with her tongue.

But doesn't put her tongue into my mouth.

My dick is throbbing, the veins fill with blood.

She gets off of me and heads to the dresser.

Another white bowl with a camel hair brush, she comes towards me.

Inside the bowl is chocolate sauce.

She begins to draw a large circle with the brush around my midsection.

She draws a second smaller circle inside the larger one.

Then a third circle, smaller than the first two.

Finally in the middle, she makes a bullseye with the chocolate sauce.

She puts the bowl away, and again gets on top of me on her hands and knees.

She begins to lick the outer ring with her tongue, coounter clockwise.

The middle ring clockwise.

The inner circle counter clockwise.

When she gets to the bullseye, she sucks the chocolate bullseye from my stomach.

I can feel the sperm percolate in my balls.

She gets off of me and heads towards the dresser again.

Another white bowl with camel hair brush is in her hands.

She approaches the bed, me still tied spread eagle.

The bowl has strawberry jam in it.

She begins to paint my hard dick with the jam.

Every touch from the brush gets me closer to eruption.

She teases me, painting my dick to look like a candy cane.

She puts the bowl away and gets on top of me.

She has her ass and pussy near my face as she begins to stroke my dick.

Working the jam all over my swollen member.

I'm looking at her sexy ass and pussy, but being tied up, my lips are out of reach for either.

To have my mouth on her wet snatch as I finger fuck her ass I thought.

She takes the tip of her tongue and teases my cock head as she continues to stroke my dick.

The strawberry jam makes a slight squishy sound.

She moves her mouth further down my jam covered throbbing cock.

As she moves her head up and down, the strokes from her hand completes the action.

Her ass is jiggling so close to my face, but all I can do is watch.

The slurping noise from her mouth are driving me wild.

She pulls her mouth away, but keeps stroking my dick.

Saying, "Baby, cum for me."

She puts her mouth back on my hard cock, ready to spew it's load.

It doesn't take long for me to obey her command.

With her mouth making love to my hard cock, I feel the creamy white liquid coming up it's shaft.

I can't hold back anymore.

"AHH, baby, I'm gonna cum! Oh, take my load... AAAHH ..SHIT.. YES!!"

My back arches as I pump my white jism  into her mouth

5,6,7 spasms from my hard cock.

Fills her mouth with my man juice.

She gags a bit, but takes it all.

My cum mixed with the strawberry jam fills her mouth.

She gets off of me and comes closer, her mouth filled.

She leans over and feeds me my cum mixed with the strawberry jam.

Our tongues twist and turn and intertwine as we mix the jam and sperm in our mouths.

We pull away from the kiss.

We both swallow our share.

She then begins to untie me.

Then says,

"Now it's my turn."









Submitted: March 12, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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What? No peanut butter?
Okay, I'm digging through my pantry trying to find my stockings.
Be on the bed naked when I get back!

(Title correction: "You're in Charge")

Sat, March 14th, 2020 3:58am


You like maple syrup?

Sat, March 14th, 2020 2:55am

Wonder Woman

I love a man that's not afraid to eat his cum, such a turn on Dicky!

Wed, December 15th, 2021 6:34am


Thanks for reading. Had girlfriends who liked to share. :)

Wed, December 15th, 2021 3:09pm

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