The Norse Goddess Freya

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

With blonde shoulder length hair braided and tossed, cold grey eyes, moist red lips, the goddess Freya rides into battle on her white steed.

A white dress, down to her knees, battle armour covers her, except for her right breast which is bare and scars from battle for all to see.

Slashing and slaying at her enemies, she wields her sword, her steed dances and kicks during the fog shrouded battle.

When it is done, covered in sweat and the blood of others, some blood of her own.

She takes the brave dead from the muddy blood soaked ground and whisked them to her hall, Folkvangr.

As the sun sinks in the west, the pink, lavender, purple and blue brings on the dusk.

There, the warriors from the days battle are revived by scantily clad valkryties.

Feasting on oxen, and tankards of mead, they feast and tell of tales of that and other days battles.

Freya walks among them, for she has first choice on who will be her lover for the night.

She has chosen, and they head towards her chamber, dimly lit by a fireplace.

Off with their battle dress, they both fall into bed, naked and hungry for each others sexual desires.

Lips pressed, tongues battle as swords do. Hands grabbing, pulling, tugging on each other.

Her lover sucks on her battle scarred tit as she runs her hands through his long woolen hair.

She bites on his hairy chest as he pulls on her blonde hair. Forces her down on his hard dick.

She sucks it, taking it all in her mouth. Up and down, lips, tongue on her lovers man sword.

He goes down on her, spreading her legs to put his lips, his tongue on her wet pussy, her firm clit he fingers.

She grabs his hair and pulls him closer to her, arching her hips upward.

He rolls her over and fucks her from behind, spanking her as with each thrust of his hard dick into her.

"OH...YES....!!" she grunts

Sweat covers their bodies as they fuck the same way they fight... as warriors with the glow of the fireplace casting shadows about the bed chamber.

She straddles him and rides him long and hard. The same way she rides her steed into battle.

He grabs her tits, sucks on one, then the other. Her erect nipples he bites. Thrusting upwards with his hard ramrod to meet her grinding motions.

She arches her head backwards. Squeals, grunts, moans from her lips. Grabbing his hairy chest, pounding her pussy onto him.....


Orgasm ripples through her body. From her legs to her midsection, to her heaving breasts.

Sweat running down her face, her breasts, her thighs, mixing in with her lovers sweat.

She dismounts him and sucks his hard sweaty dick, with her pussy juices mixing to make a salty musky taste.

Up and down she goes. His hand holding the back of her head. It won't take long.


Five, six spurts of his warrior man juice enters her mouth.


Sucking on his cock, long after she has swallowed all his battle harden sperm. The taste of sweat, musk and sperm mixes in her mouth.

She goes to him and they kiss for a very long time.

She lies on top of him. Their bodies, glued by their sweat and love juices. She runs a hand through his hairy chest. He rubs her bulbous ass.

The fire crackles as they drift off to slumber.

For tomorrow, another battle will take place on a fog shrouded plain.

And Freya will take the dead warriors back with her to Folkvangr.

Where they will feast on oxen and drink mead.

And one lucky warrior will feast on Freya.

Submitted: April 12, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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