The Girl With Something Extra

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Back in college, Sean had a group of a dozen friends that Sean was close to. One was a girl by the name of Kelly. But Kelly had something that most women didn't have. And it gave me an awakening to Sean.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Being about 800 miles away from home, this was the farthest that Sean had ever been away from home. Sean was on his own for the firs... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Kelly and Sean were locked in a deep embrace as their tongues and lips were pressed tight against each others. As they were kissing,... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

A day has passed since Sean was with Kelly. It was now Monday and the thousands of students were making their way to classes all thr... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Kelly and Sean have been going out as a couple for a week or so. When they are not in class or Sean isn't not working... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Sean opened the door and in came Kelly. She gave him a kiss as she walked through the doorway. "Were you sleeping? Your hair is a bit mes... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

"Well Sean, would you like me to make your dream become real?" Kelly asked. Sean didn't answer her with words, but with a kiss on the lip... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Its been a few days now since Sean and Kelly got together. Chet and Tamika were together, having sex as much as they could. Dawn, the pre... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Sean arrived at Kellys dorm room at 8 pm sharp. He knocked on the door and Kelly let him in. She knew it had to be Sean. He is always on ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Sean looked at Kelly and gave her a big kiss on the lips and said, "Yes, i want to be inside you." Kelly reached over by her nightstand n... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Sean and Kelly spent the rest of the night together. They woke up early in the morning with the smell of sex still in the room. After som... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Sean said to Kelly," Yes, i want to see what it is like to be fucked by a beautiful woman." They stood under the shower as the water went... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Sean and Kelly spent a good amount of time with each other as the college year went by. Fucking and sucking, exploring their bodies as of... Read Chapter