Teacher Vs. Parent

Teacher Vs. Parent Teacher Vs. Parent

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


A disagreement between a teacher and a parent leads to a confrontation between two women that can only be solved by sexual combat.


A disagreement between a teacher and a parent leads to a confrontation between two women that can only be solved by sexual combat.

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Submitted: February 25, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 25, 2020



Ms. Van Dyke is a gym teacher at the local high school. She is 34 years old, brown shoulder length hair, and nice firm body. Being a gym teacher, she takes good care of herself. She is proud of her body, and at times doesn't mind flaunting it. Either at the gym, or out in public, or in school. A lot of the boys as well as some of the girls at school have had thoughts of what Ms. Van Dyke looks like without her clothes on. 

She also wants the students in her gym class to have the same idea about their bodies. Limit their sugar and carb intake. Exercise and to treat their bodies as temples, like she does. But not all can live up to her standards. Sandra is one of those who have trouble measuring up to Ms. Van Dyke's values.

In gym class, she had all the student to try and do twenty pushups. She started to do them herself to get the class motivated. As she was on her hands and knees, her firm ass in her red shorts pointed up. She went down towards the floor, her large tits in her tight t-shirt  pressed against the floor, then up she went again, then down again. Her cleavage was there for all to see. It was hard for the boys in her class to hide their boners. As they did their push ups, their hard dicks, now pressing through their shorts where hitting the floor. As for the girls in the class, some would giggle at the sight, a few felt a little moist between their thighs. Either from looking at the boys in the class or checking out Ms. Van Dyke.

Some were having trouble doing the pushups. Sandra was one of them. She has a little on the chubby side, but with a pretty face and brunette hair, nice tits and shapley ass for an 18yr old.  But she wasn't much into exercise. Bike ridng and some jogging, that was about it.

As Sandra grunted and struggles to do her pushups, Ms. Van Dyke stopped doing hers and began to walk around the students to see how they were doing. Most of the boys were having no trouble, maybe one or two. She would give them encouragement. She would kneel down next to a boy who was having trouble with his exercis and say, "Oh come on now, I know you can do it. Push harder, come on push harder, push hard for me!"

That would give that boy that she was talking to some motivation to push it harder for his gym teacher. As for the girls, she had another way of talking to them. She went over to one girl and said, "Make your teacher proud of you. Give her want she's  been wanting from you for a long time." That gave this girl motivation also to do her pushups.  Ms. Van Dyke knew which guys, and also which girls had a crush on her. So she just played it to help her students. But for Sandra, it was another story.

For some reason, Ms. Van Dyke had it in for Sandra. Maybe it was the way that Sandra acted in gym class. Either playing basketball, or softball, or other events, she felt that Sandra wasn't giving it her all. So Ms. Van Dyke would push her a little harder than some of the other students. As for Sandra, it was just another 45 minute of a class in her schedule to take before she went to her French class.

As Sandra was having trouble with her pushups, Ms. Van Dyke came over and whisper in her ear, "Listen you moo cow. Start doing these pushups the right way, or you will be here after school giving me twenty good ones." Then she walked away. This brought some tears to Sandra's eyes.

The bell rings and the students get up from their positions on the floor. "Good class everybody!" Ms. Van Dyke said to her students. Then she added something as Sandra walked by her, "Good class...for most of you." 

As Sandra walked by Ms. Van Dyke, she said in a low tone, or what she thought was a low tone so that her teacher wouldn't hear her say, "Fuck you Van Lezzie."

Van Dyke got in front of Sandra and said, "What was that you said?"

"Nothing." said Sandra as she tried to walk around her teacher.

"No, you said something, Something that sounded like, Van Lezzie."

Sandra, now looking at the floor with her hands clasped together in front of her. Then she raised her head and said, "I'm sorry I called you Van Lezzie. I should have called you Fuckin Van Dyke Lezzie!"

Trying to grab Sandra by the shoulders, but Sandra made a move to her left. Ms. Van Dyke got a handful of Sandra's boobs. She held on to her tits for a few seconds, giving them a squeeze and a little nipple pinch, then she released her hold.

"Is that what you wanted? Did you like they way it felt?" Ms. Van Dyke said. 

Sandra backed away and ran out of the gym. She headed to the showers. She knew that she would be late for French class, but she wanted to clean up. Taking off her gym clothes, Sandra was letting the warm water run all over her chubby naked body. Lathering up with the soap, she wanted to wash off the feel of Ms. Van Dyke on her. But she wasn't alone in the shower.

Ms. Van Dyke walked into the shower room. She heard the water running and she knew who was in there. 

As she walked to the shower stall where Sandra was massaging the soap and water all over her 18 yr old body, thinking that she was alone, she turned around and saw who was there. She dropped the soap and said, "Ms. Van Dyke, get out of her!"

Ms. Van Dyke bent down to pick up the soap. Still in her t-shirt and shorts, the water was now getting her also wet. Her tits were clearly coming throught the wet t-shirt. Her nipples were hard and pressed up against the wet fabric. Sandra just frozed and looked at her teachers tits. Ms. Van Dyke handed the bar of soap back to Sandra and said, "I think you dropped this." Then she turned around and walked out of the shower.

Sandra, piecing together what had just happened. Her gym teacher came into the shower with her. Closing her eyes, she finished up her shower. But with her eyes close, she was thinking of her teacher. The sly smile she had on her face. The way her tits looked  through her wet t-shirt Large and firm with those nipples pressed against the wet fabric. 

Sandra found her hand between her thighs as she was thinking of this. And fantasing of what might had happened if her teacher took off her close and they began to get it on. Sandra was rubbing  and fingering herself as the thought of what could had happened. 

After a few more minutes of playing with herself in the shower, Sandra came. Slight whimpers and moans came from her lips, mixiing with the sound of running water as she held on to the towel bar while her body convulsed in orgasm.

Turning off the water and wrapping a towel around her naked wet body, she knew that she would be skipping the French class. As she went to the locker to get her clothes, out popped Ms. Van Dyke.

"I heard you in the shower playing with yourself. I can't blame you. Maybe I should have turned your fantasy into reality." Then she walked away with a laugh.

Sandra felt embarrassed. She got changes and went to the lunch room. Sitting by herself, trying to eat her lunch, but after what happened in the shower, she just wasn't into food. She went to the rest of her classes, but wasn't paying attention to any of her lessons. She was thinking of being in the shower, playing with herself, not knowing that Ms. Van Dyke was in there. "Shit! Was she fingering her pussy while I was in the shower?" Sandra thought. "Bet that bitch was.

When Sandra got home, she went to her room and tried to get some sleep. She heard her mothers car, (actually her stepmom) drive up.

Coming through the door is Sandra's stepmom, Stacey. She is 47,blonde hair with a nice figure for a woman of her age. A little muffin top, but firm. She came home from work as an office manager.

"Sandra, are you home?" She shouted as she put some groceries on the table.

Sandra came down from the bedroom and ran into her stepmom's arms. Stacey put her arms around her stepdaughter and asked her what had happened.

"I have something to tell you that happend at school today."

"Ok baby. Go ahead and tell me." Stacey said as she wiped the tears from Sandra's eyes.

Sandra backed away and said, "It has to do with my gym teacher, Ms. Van Dyke." Then she collapsed back into her stepmom's arms.

Holding on to her stepdaughter tighter now, stroking her hair, Stacey said, "Tell me what happened and I will make it all better." Then she gave Sandra a kiss on the forehead.

Sandra looked at Stacey and began, "Well it all started...."


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